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In freshman English class, we have to explain the book that we're reading to the rest of the class. Luckily for me, I'm rereading the Brick. How am I supposed to explain that in a minute and a half?!?!?!

just list the names of everyone who dies, that should do the trick

somewhat related story: once i tried explaining the story of les mis to one of my friends over text (i had mentioned les mis and he was like “what’s that?”) but i think i may have just confused him

good luck with your presentation/explanation thing!!

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Okay so at first I thought the health sabbatical was kinda odd but then I realized that for the past four years you've written (sal + fae tales) like a million words and that's just. Please take that sabbatical. Rest. I know this is probably Really Late but. You've written A Ton of amazing stuff.

Yeah, in the past four years I’ve actually written 2.1 million words since 2013, which doesn’t include any writing I haven’t put up on AO3 not_poignant (which is 270k on another account, and a couple of short stories, and about two 100k novels). 

It cray.

It’s 2.5-ish million words of cray.

Er, yeah, so the health sabbatical for most of this year has mostly been in response to that mess. I wouldn’t trade it for the world and I’ve had a blast but I have also run my body into the ground just a little bit.

Huntertales Supernatural Rewrite Guide!

A few people have asked me to make a summary of the reader’s storyline for my Supernatural episode rewrites! So, I did that, and just to be warned, these go through each season and I explain everything up until our current episode. I ended up making this way longer than I realized, but I have to be honest, I’m quite happy at what has come of this story. Most of the stuff you read wasn’t made possible by me, but the wonderful people who have suggested their ideas! Obviously, spoilers ahead for the story and Supernatural episodes!

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