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I was thinking about Matt’s comment, that Logan grew to appreciate what he could get from working with his dad and first of all, I have such a massive appreciation for the fact that he chose a backstory for Logan that did not involve him failing or getting broken by the world, but a positive one that involved some character growth to get him to where he needed to be in the revival. Seriously, that guy is a gift to mankind and most especially fandom and I love how much he not only loves Logan, but seems to understand why everything else would be a truly awful fate.

But I’m still not entirely happy with that story and that’s entirely on the horrid writing. Because I actually think that could have been a great story arc for Logan and for a while I was really rooting for that to happen. For him to stand up to his family and basically say, fuck it, I love doing this and I’m good at doing this and I’m not going to let you ruin that for me, but I’m also not going to let you ruin anything else, so I’ll be over here doing the job I want to be doing and you can all rot over there. 

I wanted him to have the realization that Lorelai had in S7, that rebelling against things just because it’s what your family wants, even if you might really enjoy it, is just as much letting them dictate your life as doing what they want you to do if you don’t enjoy it and that the only way out of that, was to just stop caring about what they wanted from him alltogether and live his life for himself and no one else.

And then S7 happened and he did have that realization, but he took it further than that. He actually walked away from his entire shitty family, not just by not caring what they thought, but by actually cutting them and the family business from his life plan. And that was a MAJOR break-through. That was the cummulation of his growth, the way he chose to go and that’s why having him back in the family business feels like destroying all his growth, even though I once thought it could be a victory. 

And maybe they could have avoided that. Maybe if there had been some explanation on why he was back working under Mitchum, if they had told the story of a succesful career away from his family and Mitchum offering him the chance to do even more in a bigger position, I could smile and be proud of how far he has come.

But as it is, I didn’t get any of that. All I know is that Logan is back working under his dad, after the crowining end of his arc was that he managed to get away from that, and is marrying some girl, because it’s what the family wants, even though he clearly doesn’t want to. And from the insane christopher/’full circle’ talk I’m gathering that was exactly Amy’s intention. 

I love that Matt chose to protect the character by making up a positive backstory, by not letting the shitty and out-of-character script ruin the amazing guy he spent three years help create. But there is no way to deny he was fighting an uphill battle against said shitty script and I think he lost (as did Alexis in her fight to make Rory a not awful person). 

even if it’s only a little bit of hope
it still signifies a   
m i r a c l e

Newt Scamander

giving a whole new level of meaning to the phrase “living out of a suitcase”.

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I agreed to go to a “motion class” at the mauy thai gym and I have absolutely no idea what that means and i said “sure!” only because i have a vague memory that conor mcgregor, ufc mega mega champion, has a “motion coach” he trains with but now I’m supposed to actually go to this thing and i’m like oh yeah wait i have no actual idea what that fucking means.


Don’t 👏🏻 Put 👏🏻 Your 👏🏻 Ship 👏🏻 Hate 👏🏻 In 👏🏻 The 👏🏻 Ship 👏🏻 Tag 👏🏻 And 👏🏻 If 👏🏻 You 👏🏻 Do 👏🏻 You 👏🏻 Are 👏🏻 A 👏🏻 Soggy 👏🏻 Ass 👏🏻 Chicken 👏🏻 Strip 👏🏻 Honey 👏🏻