okay okay but what if, Reyes is super stern and foreboding when he’s Commander Reyes, but the instant he’s with friends and can be Gabriel again, he is the most cheerful dork in existence. Like he’s honestly so idealistic and positive and he’s always smiling and he’s basically a giant teddy bear.

And the first time it happens, his friends are completely baffled by the change and even after years of seeing him switch personalities like that, they still get whiplash seeing him go from Gabriel to Commander Reyes and back again in .5 seconds, because seriously it’s like he’s a completely different person.

(Imagine Jack trying to tell the other soldiers and new recruits that no, no Reyes is a total sweetheart honest, and the others give him the most incredulous look in existence, because seriously, Jack, seriously? He glared at me for the entire the day for not being on time and had everyone double our daily training exercises after a prank disrupted the base one night.

And Jack’s like “honestly, he’s really nice and adorable and once you see it guys, you’re gonna want to protect him from everything wrong in the world and cuddle him into submission.”

Disgust on their faces. “Morrison, we really don’t need to know any details about your intimate relationship with the commander” and Jack just flushes red.)

Thanks To Shakespeare

Summary: Alfred has a crush on the campus librarian and a little old timey literature helps him land the man of his dreams!

Rating: G!

The cranky British librarian was the guardian of the campus library. To most he was snippy and prude. To few, he was kind and courteous. Unfortunately, he was not kind to Alfred. The poor student always seemed to have bad luck when it came to setting the other off. He was too loud, he dropped his books, he was being a ‘ninny.’ Alfred was starting to think the green-eyed serpent of a man hated him!

The truth was, Alfred hated studying. He just had the biggest crush on the Englishman and used the guise of studying as a reason to stare at the man over a book. Little did he know the librarian had caught on to his shenanigans a while back and developed a crush of his own…

“Jones. What do you want today, hm?” The short blonde inquired with a frown, pulling his eyes away from a copy of Hamlet.

He had been reading that book since the beginning of the week to Alfred’s recollection. The American had watched him read it for an hour everyday. 

“Well… Well I was… just dropping by to study! As always!” 

Nice save, he thought to himself.

Arthur was not amused.

“Shut it, git. People are trying to read here. Including myself. If that will be all then–”

“Wait! Uh, I… I see you’re reading Hamlet.” Alfred smiled.

The librarian scrunched his eyebrows. 

“Yes, it’s a classic. Certainly someone like you would have no knowledge of Shakespeare’s theatrical masterpieces.”

“That’s not true. I’ve read Hamlet by Shakespeare.” Alfred blushed.

Arthur smirked.

“Oh, really now? Then quote a line.”

“A line? Now?” Alfred asked incredulously.

“Yes. To prove you aren’t a liar.” Arthur’s eyes glistened with amusement.

“O-Okay, I will…” Alfred cleared his throat and paused for a second to think. He smiled. He leaned in close to Arthur and whispered in his ear:

“Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love.” 

Arthur turned red in an instant, a blush staining up to the tips of his ears.

“I-I didn’t know you… enjoy classic l-literature.” He sputtered.

“Oh, I don’t,” Alfred grinned, “I just read it to impress you.”

“You– Alfred… that’s actually… very sweet of you…” Arthur muttered, looking up at him, starstruck.

Alfred blushed too, scratching his neck awkwardly.

“I… It’s okay if you don’t feel the same way but–”

“Meet me at the campus coffee shop at seven tomorrow morning. Don’t be late and dress nice. I won’t be seen dating someone who looks like a git.” Arthur said briskly, turning away, “Now shoo, I have work to do.”

“Thank you, Artie!” Alfred smiled, “Ok, seven, got it! I gotta get back to my dorm. Slacks or no slacks, that is the question!”

The American was out the door and couldn’t stop smiling.

“Thank you, Willy Shakes!” He exclaimed joyously.

For once in his life, Alfred loved classic literature.

elcyanide  asked:

How about RFA reacting to MC getting a tiny pet white owl? Like Hedwig from HP! I find owls really cute 'w') Viva la owl!

Viva la owl indeed! - mod lux


• he is surprised nonetheless but as long as it’s not a cat he is alright with it

• the owl accepts him as it’s mother because Zen just has this aura around? It feels safe with him 

• he feels so honored that the owl likes him and jokes with MC that it’s their child now


• animal lover this one but is taken back when suddenly MC brings home an owl. where did you come from little bird??

• he starts reading about owls so he doesn’t mess something up or offends it 

• they build up a good relationship and there is trust between them, the owl likes watching him play lolol while sitting on his shoulder


if it’s a cat then l eave it she raises her eyebrows at the sight of the small owl and is a bit confused to why they choose an owl of all things

• she get used to it pretty fast and is happy it doesn’t shed like a certain cat coughElizabeth3rdcough 

• the owl and her forms a mutual respect for each other and when she sits down for a cup of coffee the owl gladly joins by sitting on the table 


• ???? w hoo are you sir…owl? and what are you doing here

• He is wary of the bird at first because he knows how birds and cats doesn’t work well and he don’t want no trouble!

• but is pleased and accepts the owl when Elizabeth 3rd and said owl becomes good friends. 


• animal lover # 2 so he is down for it and hEY! the owl is white jUST LIKE ELLY OMGGG

• when the owl hoo’s he hoo’s with it, when it starts flying he cries because oh my sweet baby is finally leaving it’s nest

• he loves the owl just as much as he loves Elly however this owl lets him do whatever cuddles and hugs he wants. The owl likes him

VIXX Reaction || Their Girlfriend Removing Her Bra Without Taking Her Shirt Off
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*Stares at you, wondering why you’re doing it in such a bizzare way. When you turn to face him, he smiles very sweetly and then goes back to minding his own bussiness*


*It would seem quite innocent in his eyes and he’d find it kind of cute*


“What is it? Did you put on an ugly bra and don’t want me to see you in it or something? You look great either way”


*Just, probably… gets a very random idea to mess with you*
/ What if I hide all her bras? /


“Haha, what are you doing?”

“Did you just take your bra off?”



“I’m not a baby, you know you can do it more comfortably around me?”


10 Days of Servamp: Day 7

Favourite subclass:

Guildenstern - Lawless Subclass

(art by me so please don’t repost anywhere without my fucking permission)

Lol sorry I didn’t post in 2 weeks I totally failed the challenge ahaha~ But I want to finish it anyways. So here’s Guildenstern my favourite subclass. Pretty hard to choose between Sakuya, Bell and him, but the big whales is definetely the funiest. And he kinda acts like a dad or a big bro to Licht and Hyde and I find it pretty cute.

Since we know how he looks under the costume I love him even more lol

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the Sonic crew in Aperture Science

Sonic: pisses off GLaDOS by taunting the cameras; portals himself between two Aerial Faith plates and pretends to snore while being catapulted mid-air

Tails: would never escape due to being fascinated by all the test chambers

Knuckles: still convinced there is a cake somewhere

Amy: carries her Companion Cube around everywhere because it has adorable hearts on it and can protect her from bullets; sometimes smacks robots with it

Shadow: gets stuck with Wheatley the whole time

Rouge: secretly feels bad for GLaDOS

Omega: gets turned into a turret for GLaDOS’ amusement, starts singing all his lines in opera

Cream: GLaDOS would find her too cute to kill and would instead try to turn her into an adorable killing machine

Eggman: fights a cyborg Cave Johnson

Whenever the phone rings and it’s for my bf I always find it so cute when the person on the phone says something along the lines of “could you please inform your husband that….”

ishqbaaz 20.10.16 lb
  • what’s happening!??! what’s happening!?!?! is this a dream sequence????? 😱😱😱
  • ok fwding to not spoil for myself *bouncing impatiently* 
  • he forgot the double bonus also. 
    • guessing he doesn’t find mishraji “cute” anymore either.
      • yep there it is! 😂😂😂
    • shivaay, how many ppl are you stringing along here, you cassanova? tia, anika, mishraji… there’s no end to your list, is there?!?? you stud you.
  • awareness. + sad theme. ow my heart. 💔💔💔
  • my face throughout this all: 
  • don’t hold her hand, asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don’t!!!!!!! *sob* 😭😭😭
  • “…koi matlab nahi tha.” *weeping* 
  • i am just so super impressed with how… in control anika is. i’d be a sad blob. just… an incoherent sad blob of nothingness. 
  • yikes. she’s throwing allllllll his words in his face. but today, she’s the one distancing herself from him. 
  • 911, i’d like to report a MURDER. 🔪🔪🔪
  • his faceeeeeeeeeee. 😿😿😿 (< saddd billu)
  • there’s our date, kids. 2 weeks after diwali. 13 of november. lord knows how long that’s gonna take in the ib universe. expect something to happen around… december? 
  • yes, jhanvi, please. talk sense into this idiot child. 
  • anika’s doing her ‘dead-woman-walking-with-rando-article-of-clothing’ thing again. 
  • is it dhak dhak-ing? is it??????????????????
  • it’s so cute how you two think you can avoid each other! 
  • of course. chand ko toh atakna hi tha. 
    • chand hai ya indian railways ka website, hamesha atak-ta hi rehta hai? 🙄🙄🙄
  • DHAK DHAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *weeping*
  • how convenient rich ppl have such long corridors for such shenanigans. no wonder my middle class ass hasn’t found love yet. lack of corridors. and atakne waala jewelry. 
    • btw, very considerate of makers to time this track with my PMS week. just murder my emotions, why don’t ya? 
  • oh yeah, blame Love Angel. not your own “emotional range of a teaspoon.” (- hermione granger, the brightest witch of her time.)
  • UGH. ROMI. 
  • yes, please, romi devi. use your dubious powers. not coz i want shivaay/tia to break up just yet, i just want to see you try, and lol @ you. 
  • “rudy baby”… oh ho. baat yahan tak badh gayi hai… 
  • are romi’s powers to credit for her amazing hair? 
  • this track is so nonsensical man. like, rudra she’s pretty and all, but haven’t you heard “don’t stick your dick in crazy”?? it’s not worth the hassle, bro. 
  • romi was dating ranbir kapoor. best. 
  • rudra, you’re suchhhhhh an idiot. honestly. where the fuck is om???? you should not be left khulla in the world without om taking charge of you. 
  • what even are these… giant frames with lights hung in them?? it looks weird. 
  • shivaay, for someone who was all… “I REALIZE WHAT I ALMOST LOST I NEED TO MARRY TIA RIGHT NOWWW”, you’re not even willing to give her 5 min to decide your outfits? 
  • arrrrrrrrre waah. anika, itna sajna dhajna, kis khushi mein?
  • shivaay, maybe go take an antacid for your “acidity”
  • bro, your fiancee is here. look less like you wanna bang the wedding planner. 
  • why is tia making anika model HER wedding outfits? 
  • oh tia. ohhhhhhh tia. you naive starfish. 
  • yeah tia. that’s exaaaaaactly what he was thinking. about the border. not that he’d like to examine the outfit at much closer quarters on the model. and maybe examine the model without the outfit too. nope. totally wasn’t thinking that. 
  • “nahi!” *snort* 
    • translation: this one outfit has wrecked me already and i shall not be able to sleep tonight. 
  • “SHE’S BEAUTIFUL.” SHE. SHEEEEEEE. ohhhh shivaay. 
  • “i like her! it! i like the dress!” 
    • bro. get a hold of yourself man. you still have 3 weeks to the wedding. pehle hi din yeh haal hai toh, by the end you’re going to be dead. 
      • either from stress, or tia is going to stab you in the face coz you keep calling the wedding planner hot. 
  • tia, why aren’t you wearing the clothes ON YOURSELF?!?!?!?!??!?! like, what’s the logic here!?!!? how does how the clothes look on anika help you with anything?!!? 
  • *speaking very fast, picking random shit* “this is good. AMAAAAAAAAAAZING! lo final ho gayi!” *snort* 
    • is that black dress the one anika wore for fruit punch party? 🤔🤔🤔
  • “par aap toh sab samajhte hai na?" 
    • that sounds heavy and meaningful, but neither shivaay nor i have any idea what the fuck she’s talking about. you two weren’t in a relationship. you haven’t even acknowledged or identifed your feelings for each other… so???? 
  • ouff pointless romi scene. 
  • shivaaaay can’t stop thinking about anika in the outtttttfit. 😏😏😏
  • ok rudra can’t stop thinking about romi and her weird… idk, is this a sex thing? it sounds like a kinky sex thing to me. 
  • one day. ONE DAY since om’s been gone, and both you assholes have fucked up so royally, it’s not even funny anymore. 
  • aw, sahil. for once he’s doing exactly what’s needed, just giving anika a quiet, understanding hug. 
  • ouffffff, this randhawa and his nonsense. 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 
matchmaker tag!


01: ship the person who tagged you

02: answer questions

03: write down the groups you would like to get shipped with

04: tag as many blogs as you want

@bbyluce tagged me… nobody ever ships me back on this so yall better serve up those ships this time (or don’t it’s honestly fine kjsghkfg)

i tag @jeonghelp, @matchalatae (don’t do the obvious ones thank), @woojeez, @17vernsol, @ktvh, @jpghope, @cuteguk, @hopeful-afternoon, @svthansols, @sungmints, @so-taebby, @bfhoshi, @seungkwsn, @arsejimin, @milkyjiminn, @endearings, @taegedy, @jungkooksvt and @ppeachu

now i’ll ship the lovely luce.. smh this is so so hard

seventeen: jun!! you’d make him laugh and he’d find u so cute ok???

bts: jimin… bc again u would make him smile and he’d admire ur kindness and u guys would wear matching!!! clothes!!!

nct: i literally don’t know anyone… but i think taeyong would like u :))

exo: sehun for sure, i can imagine him messing around and making u blush lmao

got7: JACKSON he would be rlly protective and like annoying to u but it’s bc he likes u so much


01: what is your Chinese zodiac/animal? the dragon

02: what is your sun sign? aquarius (i find this funny bc r u guys rlly gonna go through the zodiac signs of all the idols to try and find who’s most compatible w me..)

03: what is your height: 5′8″

04: what kind of body shape do you have: pretty normal, i’d say?? maybe on the curvy side haha

05: describe your fashion type: loose jeans, plain cashmere sweaters that i’ve somehow collected over the years, converse?? i also wear lots of loose button-up shirts and i l o v e scarfs. i like simple earrings and rlly nice, rich colors i guess. velvet!! is my fav thing!!!

06: what are your hobbies: piano, singing, fics (hah), poetry, volleyball, surfing, dancing

07: describe your personality: i’m loud and movies make me cry a lot. i’m very gullible and i tend to say what’s on my mind, apparently i’m sarcastic. but i rlly have no space in my life for ppl who aren’t polite or kind as a general rule. like.. nope

08: likes: music // funny videos // sunny days // the beach // RAIN // hot chocolate // cats // christmas // lemon chicken // the color of raspberries // boys w nice smiles

09: dislike: mosquitoes // when it’s too hot and i’m trying to sleep // people who won’t let things go // my dog who L I C K S ME ALL THE TIME // feeling guilty // people who don’t laugh at jokes on purpose

10: what kind of height do you prefer: taller than me

11: what kind of position do you prefer: lying down, sleeping, with a blanket,

12: what are some turn ons: NICE SMILE // NICE HANDS // DARK HAIR // EYELASHES // collarbones omg

13: what are some turn offs: weird nose! // when they know u like them and u can see it // gross haircut // you know those sports pants that go down to the knees and are completely loose and look like pyjamas.. pls do not wear those // gross jokes

14: what would be an ideal date for you: r o l l e r s k a t i n g // food market at night // theme park

groups: .. bts // seventeen // exo // shinee // red velvet idgaf