NCT 127 reaction to you blushing easily


Anon: Could you do a 127 reactions where their s/o blushes really easily. Like if they catch them staring at them they blush, or like if they do cute couple things their face gets bright red. Thanks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I hope this is okay anon! I haven’t written for a while and technically I shouldn’t be posting this right now, but oh well lmfao😂Hope you like it anyway! Also thank you for 4k again! Thank u for everything❤️❤️❤️ <3


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Taeil would notice your tendency quite quickly and would try to make you blush as much as he could without making it too obvious lmfao ok. He wouldn’t point it out, he wouldn’t tease you about it nor would he try to embarrass you; but very quickly, he’d notice how easy it was to make you blush and what kind of things would start you off. Like Taeyong, it’d make him feel really good in your relationship, as if he was doing something right and it was working. He’d watch you dotingly, a small smile playing on his lips, as you hid your face in your hands and turned beet red. It would get to the point where he literally couldn’t help but make you blush all the time, especially if he starting singing and serenading you. Sometimes, if you were blushing over something like other people telling you how lucky you were to have Taeil as a boyfriend, or how well he could sing basically blushing over other people gushing over Taeil lol idk it I made it clear enough, he’d coo and pinch your cheeks, finding it adorable about how you reacted. It’d also be very confidence-boosting for Taeil that you only blushed at his words and his compliments and his actions, not anyone else’s - he’d feel quite special.


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Probably the member to tease you the most about this lmfao johnny y r u so mean :(( jks. He’d laugh and point out your blushing cheeks, asking whether or not they were because of him. It’d only make you blush even harder, covering your face with your hands as you tried to hide your cheeks. He’d mimic your protests and defences, flapping his hands about frantically and putting on a silly voice. He’d tease you and imitate you in the moment, but later on when he’s alone, or in times where you weren’t together because of his schedule, he’d think back to moments like these and appreciate them. Eventually you’d both calm down eventually, him reassuring you that he was only teasing and didn’t mean it. But he’d definitely start bringing it up randomly throughout the rest of the day, just to make you blush and stutter again. Being the big masculine guy he is lmfao who am I kidding?, he wouldn’t tell you, or anyone in fact, this, but he’d really like how you blush easily. Not because it gave him an excuse to tease you, but because it just meant you really really liked loved him, and he’d really appreciate that.


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I’m honestly unsure on how Taeyong would be like in a relationship in the first place. On the one hand, he might be able to confide and trust in his significant other easily, opening up to them and being very affectionate and loving. But I also see him as finding communication in your relationship hard, so sometimes he’d close himself off instinctively and distance himself, unsure of his affections and compliments. So, he might react to an easily-blushy S/O in different ways. He might find it a reassuring sign, something that’d boost his self confidence a bit and make him feel special. He wouldn’t tease you like some of the other members, but if you were around them at the same time and they caught you both blushing, there wouldn’t be an end to their teasing (for both of you too lol). He’d blush along too, biting his lip subconsciously and giggling at you. His other reaction might be that he finds it quite awkward and not really have a reaction. If it were early in your relationship, he’d find it even more awkward, not knowing how to react or what to do or say. It’d look like he didn’t care or didn’t like it, but really, he would - he would just be unsure on how to react without making things awkward or doing something stupid.


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He’d spot the colour change your face even before you noticed yourself. Smirking to himself, he’d compliment you just a little bit more, giggling at your hushed thank-you’s and smiles. Eventually, he’d just have to do something to tease you though, leaning down closer to you so his face was only a few inches away. He’d stare at you lovingly, watching as you looked down and your sweaty palms. His hands would cup your cheeks, but quickly retreat as he hissed, blowing cool air on his hands. “Ahhh! Y/N! Why are you cheeks burning so hot? I nearly burnt myself!” He’d tease you playfully, acting as if his hands were actually burnt from touching your skin. You’d gawp back at him, hitting him on his shoulder lightly, rolling your eyes annoyingly but still smiling. He’d laugh, head thrown back, enjoying how you played along and weren’t offended, before bringing you into a tight hug and swaying you from side to side squealing with laughter. His reaction would honestly be so cute and fluffy and he wouldn’t be able to help but fuss and gush over you.


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At first, Doyoung wouldn’t even realise it was blushing. He’d honestly think you were sick or something, looking at you weirdly when you blushed after literally everything he said. He’d be just telling you how he’s proud of the work you’ve been doing for college, praising your writing and hard work, when you started blushing furiously. Doyoung always had a way with words that made them feel more genuine and sincere than anyone else could. But he’d be oblivious of his effect over you, not thinking that his words could make you feel those kinds of things. Raising an eyebrow suspiciously, he’d stop talking and would place the back of his hand on your forehead to check if you had a fever or were ill. “Are you alright, Y/N? Why are you so red?” He’d laugh awkwardly; for once, he wouldn’t actually understand what was going on. You’d hum a reply of reassurance, but your face would only turn pinker at his touch. Eventually, it’d click and he’d realise what was going on. It’d be a little awkward, him looking away from you quietly in thought. Yeah he’d find you cute, but he wouldn’t be able to see the signs and would feel bad for it (honestly it’d always end up like this, but he’d get over it quickly and it wouldn’t feel awkward anymore :) )


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Honestly, he’d find it really hard not to blush too, but would try to contain them just to look cool and chill about it. He’d be a little cocky about it, boasting about it to his members and trying to make them jealous about it. In the moment, he’d want to blush and be flustered too, but would hold back and try to make the most of the situation. He wouldn’t tease you but would just keep trying to make you blush. Playing with your hair, complimenting your clothes, holding your hand and kissing your cheek innocently, were all ways he tried to make you blush, all of which, succeed. Eventually, I think he’d get too embarrassed and wouldn’t be able to hold back in shyness and blushes, so would bury his face into your neck and blushing deeply. This’d only make you blush harder too, gasping suddenly the swift action and skin contact. There’d be a lot of giggling and teasing, and very playful; it’d always end up like this too, no matter how hard he tried to not let his guard down.  


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Sicheng would be the type to apologise every time he made you blush. He’d blush along too, and probably accidentally make the situation more awkward than it had to be. I don’t think he would really know how to act or what to say to make things better, but everything he did try would be genuine and sincere. He’d be quite flustered and probably blush harder and a deeper shade of pink than you! You’d kind of have to take the initiative in these kind of situations and change the conversation subject or something. If you were around other people, the members in particular, the situation would be a little different. WinWin would probably say something quite sassy and sarcastic if anyone started teasing you for your easily flustered state. He’d be jealous if anyone else other than himself managed to make you blush; it’d probably be the only times where he’d get jealous in general too. Deciding to grab your attention and affection, he’d become very clingy and affectionate, which wouldn’t help the situation and only make you, and him, blush even more and even harder.


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He’d be a lot like Doyoung, finding your easily initiated blushes weird and worrying. Although he’d absolutely love it when you blushed at his compliments or touches, he’d be confused and worried when it started happening all the time. Honestly, he’d feel a little bit insulted and offended. You’d not only blush at his words, but also the words of other people including his members. It’d make him doubt your relationship momentarily before he knocked some sense into himself and told himself not to think like that. However, when it got into the further months of your relationship and you were still blushing so easily and frequently like that, he’d be irritated. He’d think that his words and compliments no longer had an effect on you and things that were supposed to be more heartfelt and sincere, were just getting the same usual reaction from you as the smaller gestures did. Why were you still so sensitive and easily flushed this far into your relationship? He’d confront you about this maturely, asking if you were uncomfortable with him or if there was something going on. After a few words of reassurance and explaining how it was literally just something you instinctively did, he’d feel more relaxed and comfortable about it (and be able to enjoy your blushing more too!)


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Contrary to what a lot of people would write him to be like, Haechan would find your blushing state infectious and would quickly flush bright pink whenever you blushed. He’s still really young and would be a little shy in your relationship when it came to the cutesy-sickly-romantic-stuff-that-couples-just-have-to-so. Especially if another member pointed out your blushing, he’d find it hard to not blush too. He’d never use it against you like some of the other members though. Sure, he’d tease you a lot about a lot of things, but never about you blushing. It’d be something he actually rather liked, although you might find it in embarrassing; it’d make your relationship so easily romantic and cute and adorable, which would be something he’d worry about being “bad” at sometimes.

Concept: Cold Topic. The opposite of Hot Topic. You walk in and you don’t immediately feel a thousand goth eyes piercing into you. The music is peaceful and subdued and not destroying your eardrums. Lots of color and pastel shades. You find a ton of cute stuff and the lack of the ow the edge attitude is kinda pleasant. The salesperson offers you complimentary cupcakes. You find yourself in a welcoming atmosphere, but it’s a little too welcoming. Another salesperson appears except they look identical to the first one. You start to feel uncomfortable so you buy your things and head for the door. Then 5 more freakishly identical salespeople appear to obstruct your escape route. They don’t let you leave

I’m happy WTTM is coming out soon but Jesus fucking Christ let me just point something out to y'all: OTAYURI. LITERALLY. JUST. BECAME. FRIENDS. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate the ship I find it cute, but y'all gotta fucking calm down with your “oTAyURi COnfIrmEd1!1!11!!!1!” bs. Yeah Yurio shoving his fingers in Otabeks mouth is some pretty freaky shit, but who the fuck starts a relationship within like 2 days of knowing each other hmm?? 👀
Y'all I don’t hate Otayuri but forcing their relationship when they’ve known each other for legit two fucking days is a bit ridiculous. I’d like their relationship to develop more before I go full on Otayuri–fangirl k? K.

Got7 React to: You trying to insult them


Anon requested: Got7 reacting to you trying to insult them but they find it cute and funny rather than offensive please. i love your blog so much lol much love

Here is your G7 reaction, I hope it’s just as amazing as you hoped for! I’m back from my short hiatus, my older brother recently left for the army, so we were in the midst of preparing to say goodbye and such. I’ve added Monsta X and Got7 to the mix, as you already know. A lot of these requests are old as this was for all kpop groups before I changed my rules. However, I’m now taking new requests as well, it just may be a while before I get to yours. I love you and I hope you aren’t disappointed in me or these reactions. I do really try my best. Feel free to request again. Thank you for your love and support, I appreciate it so much! All of my love goes back to you ~  A 

Jinyoung: He would stare at you for a few minutes, trying to contain his laughter as your ‘insult’ was hilarious and he didn’t know if you were being serious or trying to make him laugh.

“I love you babo.” 

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Jaebum: Giggles at you and gives you a quick kiss before noticing the annoyed look on your face.

“Sorry, am I supposed to be hurt? Oh jagiyah! How dare you say such mean words to me?!” Tries not to laugh as he pretends to be hurt. 

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Yugyeom: “Aww, I love you too.” 

Would just giggle at you trying to be mean to him then would kiss your pouty lips.

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Youngjae: “Excuse me a moment.” 

He would walk into a different room before dying of laughter and sharing with the other guys that you’d tried to insult him but you just looked like an angry teddy bear. 

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Bambam: “Baby, tell me one I haven’t heard yet. I know I look like a flamingo.” 

Would totally mess up the pronunciation of ‘flamingo’ but would just giggle at your attempt to hurt his feelings by making fun of his legs. Would then apologize because he realized he’d hurt your feelings and you were just trying to get payback. 

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Those godt damn contacts 

Mark: “Yah! That would only hurt my feelings if you were intimidating. But you aren’t so it didn’t!” 

He would tickle you until you apologized for trying to be mean to him. 

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He would be trying to figure out what the hell you were even trying to say because you’re really not that great at speaking Chinese so your insult kinda backfired. 

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Same J, SAME. 

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how do u feel about the jikook size difference 👀 logically i know it's not that big of a big deal but my heart clenches every time...

my friend ;; ; ;;;;; ;;; ………… …..

actually im normally pretty calm about the size diff and i find it more cute than hot; jungkook bending down to listen to jm is fine, jk playing with jimin’s hands is fine, standing next to each other like ok – im not really breathing but im still alive, you know? BUT the moment. jimin climbs on his back

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[on the floor in fetal position] extra plus ordinary

Ok but imagine Stiles

and you find a cute little puppy. You really really want to keep him but Stiles, as the sarcastic ass that he is says “we already have a pack of dogs waiting for us” (referring to Scott’s pack obviously). You give him a loud huff to show you’re annoyance. He gives off a light chuckle and flashes his cheesy smile and says “alright let’s go introduce the others to the new member of the pack.”

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Who is peregrïn and why am I just finding this cute af ship? Khadgar is literally one of my favorite WoW characters and I just love seeing him happy lol

Aw omg ♡ cute message, Anon, you made me smile.
Peregrïn is someone who loves to see him happy, just like you *w*
She loves his smile. (And other things, like the sun, exploring, reading, flying, laughing, warm temperatures, or spending nights talking about all kinds of things with Khadgar, to name a few.)

I was tagged by @rock-paperback-scissors - thank you! ^_^ I’ll tag @slothssassin, @ionswitch, @ntbogoni, @erubadhriell, and @niorah.

One sentence to sum up your favorite thing about your favorite character in Mass Effect! Your words or Bioware’s.

I could put something poetic and meaningful, but this is my fav EDI quote:

“That was a joke.”

Hahaha I just think it shows that she’s trying to fit in with the non-synthetics. I find it endearing and cute. It’s also funny hehe.

you know what’s unfair? we all find chubby babies cute an adorable. what about when we grow up? that chub is still cute and adorable! any size is adorable! why can’t we all just be happy? 

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How do you feel about Otabek x Yurio?

Well, I don’t ship them. I prefer them as friends and I don’t think Yurio is ready to be in any romantic relationship. You’ll still see me reblog the occasional fluffy fanart, but I do that for a lot of things I don’t actively ship but find cute.

That said, I don’t find the age difference to be that big of a deal considering Otabek just turned 18 in-universe (like a month ago) and Yurio is about to turn 16 in-universe so it’s a 2.5 age difference between teens *shrug* They could have gone to highschool together. But if they were to date I would rather they do it further down the line. 

I don’t like any sort of sexualization of Yurio but I also don’t think “dating” necessarily means “having sex”.  

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Part of me wants to go off anon, but the other part just finds it too damn cute that you call us "nonnie" haha. Your blog is one of the best parts of the bughead Fandom here on tumblr. Thank you for being a fantastic writer and your wonderful self ❤

Aww, that’s so cute I love all my little nonnies! Thank you so much, my dear, getting these kind of messages is honestly one of the best things about having this blog and being part of this community <3