So I’m singing ‘Love Like You’ to my parakeet (as one does), and she hasn’t learned any of the song yet, but she knows the word ‘love’. So Every time I sing the word love, she says ‘I love you’ and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH I’m just melting.

😻 Molly finally makes art, yay 😻


P.P.S. Also added an archive page, which is obviously more useful to you guys than a stupid cat cursor.

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Mun, what are your ships?

// shizaya and thats really it like idk tom and vorona i find cute but like no one else seems too ship it, just i dont even ship shincelty cause shinra is a lying dick so its kindA unhealthy inb4 shizaya is unhealthy too, the difference is shizaya isnt canon 

I miss living in a sketchy neighbourhood w lots of cats Bc like I might get stabbed?? Might find lots of cute cats?? every night an adventure

BTS reaction to you describing yourself as unicorn


Request open


“Wait, what?”

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“Ah, the drug started to kick in, I see.”

“I didn’t do drugs!”

“Not sure about that one”

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“If you believe hard enough, you’ll be a unicorn in your next life… Let’s be unicorns together!” #wiseWords

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Jiminie would giggle and find it extremely cute

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“Unicorns are amazing, wonderful and very beautiful… They suit you…” *wink wink*

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“And then I am the strange one..”

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I didn’t really take many pictures let alone good ones, but I did do a super super last minute teru cosplay for otakon and matched @baffledprince who was a super cute mob. And also I briefly stole her beautiful dimple for a selfie moment (look at him what a model)

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Idk if you've done this but can you do headcanons for S76, Reaper, Mercy and Hanzo reacting to a short s/o who is super stubborn about their height? (Like they refuse to get help from their taller partner)

sure <3 that’s so me haha 

Soldier 76:

  • He’d adore your height 
  • Would watch you struggle for a while but then help you, even though you don’t want his help 
  • He’d just kiss you and say that’s what he’s there for


  • He’d tease you about it all the time, but still without being condesending 
  • Would love to just pick you up and carry you around, even if you complain about it 
  • He really likes that he can tower over you, and just sneak up from behind 


  • Wouldn’t tease you about your height
  • She’d still find it really cute though
  • Wouldn’t like seeing you struggle to reach something etc, but would just leave it be because you asked for it 


  • He’d love your height and the fact that he can hug you from behind, bury his head in your shoulder 
  • Would find it cute whenever you are stubborn
  • He’d help you most times even though you don’t ask for it

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I mean I'm taken but if I were dating you... you'd have to take care of my bumbling self who is scared of pretty much everything. We'd go and eat food and look at tumblr. Also Pokémon GO dates are necessary... either that or something else that just involves screaming romantically at each other. I would probably also get a lot of gifts for you because I don't know how to be romantic. Cuddles. Lots of cuddles. As long as you were ok with it since I know personal space is a thing.

You’re so cute! I don’t know but I find your message cute. I also don’t know how to be romantic. It’s fine if we cuddle, eat, or just scroll at tumblr all day. It’s okay if you’re almost scared of everything. I could take care of you but I can be sometimes clumsy so… yeah. also im curious how do you scream at each other romantically? sounds fun though.


So I forgot to mention that yesterday and the day before that I was on the PTR with my little brother, and later with @dalishdelight and some of the highlights were:

  • Finding this cute af little board in a coffee shop.
  • Finding this sword on fire in the ground that my brother swears is a Dark Souls reference.
  • Actually getting POTG as Ana.
  • Realizing that they made the Torbjorn AI exactly like a player in that, rather then defend the payload, instead he remains to guard his turret. 
  • Seeing a Roadhog ulting and sending another Roadhog clear over the giant gate.
  • Reenacting the last stand while guarding Dalish’s fallen body, awaiting my own inevitable death.
WINNER’s Reaction To You Being Insecure And Sad

Anon Requested: could you do WINNER’s reactions to you being insecure and sad? thank u ^^

Aigoo… I tried. I hope you enjoy! MINO! MINO! MINO!- Admin Joey


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*Kind of lost* “You’re insecure over the fact that you don’t look like other girls?” He wouldn’t understand why you would be feeling this way doubting your own beauty. “Come on… you are making yourself feel bad. It’s okay if you don’t look like them… actually you not looking like them makes it even better cause you’re different and your beauty is ten times better than theirs okay?” He’d place his hand over check carefully caressing it as he’d smile at you and make sure you understood that there is nothing to be insecure about.


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*Finding you cute AF* “ahhh…how cute… you think that others could compare to you.” He’d chuckle to himself for a little while before speaking again. “You do know that nobody is perfect right? Everyone has flaws and who really cares about it anyway… Look, you’re beautiful either way.” He would be smiling and would just keep glancing at you occasionally. 


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*Reassuring AF* “Stop… Don’t let those thoughts get to you. What a beauty you are… I like you okay? Keep that in mind now.” He would show you constantly that there really isn’t anything to be sad about. Everyone came in all different sizes and since we aren’t the same we should lear to love ourselves. He’d always send small hearts to you the reassure you that he isn’t lying and that he really doesn’t see you the way you see yourself, you were like an angel in his eyes.


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*Irritated af* “Don’t you understand it isn’t good to compare…. The reason why you are sad is probably because you keep on comparing… Please just stop okay? You’re beautiful whether you look like others or not.” He’d be kind of tired of having to have to always tell you not to compare yourself to others. One thing he’d always enjoy doing is in the end of having to have to talk you out of the sad trance you were in he’d get to cuddle with you.


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*Trying to calculate* “You’re sad cause of this right? Why are you sad exactly?” He’d be questioning you why you were sad over your body. Honestly, it would have made no sense to him, you had a perfect body in his eyes. “You do know that none of that is true yeah?” He’d let you know that there is nothing to worry about, you were fine and you shouldn’t care that you look any different from others.