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there’s a girl out there named Pipi who let some nice people airb&b in her house, and i can only imagine she logged onto the internet one day and was shocked to find her cute little custom cross-stitched bedroom sign plastered all over millennial twitters because she forgot to add an apostrophe 

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Bunbun~ You already know who I ship you with in BTS so I have a reaction request~ For when they come home to find their gf baking cookies and dancing in the kitchen lol. I surprised my mom like that the other day so I thought it'd be either funny or cute

(I hope I did this one okay! ♥)

Jin: Would probably find it the most amusing but could go two ways. He’s either the type to sneak over just to join in or just start laughing to ask what you’re doing. It depends on his mood tbh

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Yoongi: Honestly he’d find it cute, taking out his phone to secretly record it (Kinda how he did with Jimin and V in that bts gayo ep.) to tease you later but not one to stop you from what you’re doing. He’s just happy that you seem happy.

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Namjoon: The smell of the cookies as soon as he came into the doorway caught his immediate interest since the last time he smelled someone makes him cookies when he used to live in the dorms with the boys.When he walked in to see you dancing all by yourself he’d laugh and come over to hug you.

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Hoseok: He’s 100% drop everything he’s holding to hug you because you’re so cute. Would also probably cover your cheek in kisses until you were both laughing over his cheesiness. 

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Jimin: You wouldn’t even hear him come home when you were so into listening to the music, dancing away. You’d freeze instantly when you hear your boyfriends high pitched laugh from behind you. After you finally get him to stop laughing he’ll tell you you’re the best girlfriend he could have asked for.

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Taehyung: Would walk over to you as he’s dancing along, taking one of the cookie’s off the hot tray. He’d give you a wink as he bit into the cookie not realize how hot they still were. In the end you’d be laughing at him for being so clumsily cute himself as he fans his mouth.

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Jungkook: He’d just be hella excited you made cookies for him (The boy loves snacks) but when you make a pun about the whole “Kookie is eating a cookie” thing he’d pretend to leave the house again until you jokingly chase him to come back.

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  • *finds drawing of a cute anime girl*
  • me: nice
  • *scrolls down to show her 3D 1080p hi def fully rendered blu ray exclusive sweaty focal point feet pointed straight at me*
  • me: why

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What is your favorite quality about each other?

Sirius: honesty. Remus is always true to himslef and you can trust him with all you have. He his pure and truthfull.

Remus: I would say.. Passionate. He always has that spark in his eyes that make me smile. Exemple, when he listens to his music, he gets all smily and happy. He loves everything he does and i find this really cute.

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For someone who don’t know, clan memberships is always open! You can ask me to sign up as official member here!

As we have built this meeting room for a while now. Clan master would like to introduce all lovely fluffy official members!♥

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