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Jake x MC 🙈🙉🙊


Who said “I love you” first

JAKE. It’s canon ok.

Plus we all know how he doesn’t care about anyone hearing or seeing him be affectionate with MC and he just does it when he feels like it. About to go on a dangerous mission to kill a sea monster? Kiss MC like there’s no tomorrow. About to go to MASADA? Tell MC “I LOVE YOU.”

P.S. “Oh, to hell with, MC, I love you.” implies that he’s loved MC for a while already and just couldn’t find the right time or the nerve to say it.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

Both. Especially if they ever get out of La Huerta. They’ve gone through  a hell of a trip where they could die at any moment. Having each other on their phones to look at whenever things get hard is a necessity.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

MC. Little “I love you’s” or a flirty “Lookin’ good, Joker.” Never fails to make Jake smile. 

Who buys the other cheesy gifts

Omg I see Jake doing this at least once and he’s so awkward about it. Like, he’ll do it he doesn’t care what other people think, but he gets a little nervous if MC will like and appreciate it. Of course they do, and he doesn’t let on, but it makes his heart flutter and he can’t help but crack a small smile.

Who initiated the first kiss

MC. Jake’s the kind of guy who initiates when he’s sure there’s something there. In the beginning he was just flirting with MC, but got so flustered when they made a move like hold his hand. MC knew this, so they kissed him first. They didn’t want to end up dying on La Huerta never having made their move yknow?

Who kisses the other awake in the morning

Both definitely. When Jake wakes up before MC, he can’t help but stare at them sometimes. He’ll just prop himself on one arm stroke their hair while staring at them and thinking about how lucky he is that he found MC and that they ended up together. Then he can’t help but start kissing MC all over their face and it wakes them. MC just grins because what’s a better way to wake up??

MC gets silly about it. When they need to wake Jake up cause it’s time to move or go to work or something, they don’t just nudge him and tell him to get up. They straddle him and pepper kisses all over his face and his neck and his chest. The noisy kind of silly kisses where you’re smacking your lips together. Jake is also ticklish around his collarbone which MC gets a KICK out of.

Who starts tickle fights

MC. Usually as payback for some snarky comment. Jake twists and wriggles uncontrollably and MC has a blast. 

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Both. If you haven’t noticed Jake x MC is a pretty flirty and snarky ship. When the mood strikes and they see the other naked and wet in the shower they can’t help themselves.

“Hey, Princess/Boy Scout, need a hand?” *eyebrow raise and smirk

“I’m probably gonna need more than that, Joker” *eyebrow wiggling intensifies

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

MC. I have this domestic hc where Jake becomes a mechanic. I bet he loved working on his plane Delilah back in the day, and he’d feel right at home doing something similar. Anyway, MC will cook something delicious that Raj taught them, and they’ll drop by Jake’s work.

“Need a little pick-me-up, Joker? Got some comfort food right here.”

“Oh definitely. I guess the food’s good, too.”

Who was nervous and shy on the first date

Both were a little nervous, but mostly Jake. I picture them trying a “real first date” after La Huerta. Yknow, going to dinner, dressing up a bit. Jake gets nervous because they’ve never done anything like that. How do you do normal??? And he fusses with his hair and his clothes. MC tells him to relax, that it’s still them like back on the island. Then they hand him a beer/whiskey and he calms right down.

Who kills/takes out the spiders

Both. After sabertooth tigers and giant crabs, spiders are nothing.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

MC. Usually while dancing. The gang shakes their head and they’re all embarrased for them. Jake finds it cute though.

Jake does it a bit, too, but he’s quieter about it. Like he’ll sit next to MC and drape his arm around them then just slur it in whispers in their ear.

Send me a ship <3

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i kinda have this headcanon that ace sabo and zoro are kinda weak to their s.o wrapping their legs around them (like not even in a sexual sense like they could be cuddling and then legz )

OF COURSE! Sign me the fuck up to this I love wrapping my legs around people, don’t you look at me

Okay Sabo would definately blush a little and finds you amusing when you do that. You usually do this to him when he’s doing his paperwork, you sit on his lap and wrap your legs around his waist. He just chuckles and wraps an arm around you while he works with his other hand

Ace would be flustered, yet he find it soooo cute, you both cuddle a lot so you usually wrap your legs around his and omg you playfully kick each other while trying to cuddle and you’d wrap your legs tighter around his when he wants to get up 

Zoro loooooves when you wrap your legs around his waist? He’s a sucker for legs, so he loves it and he usually massages your thighs or grabs you by the hips or the waist, but he also likes to wrap his arms aroung your torso and nuzzle his face on your neck and maybe take a little nap right there until you wake him up because your legs fell asleep

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Could you link your fave poses my lovely? Im struggling to find cute and natural looking family poses! Most looks really stiff and too serious :( 💜

Hiii, darling!!

 I can finally answer this, I hope it’s not too late :-(

My fave poses are these:

Hope it helps!! <3 ILY

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Underrated FBW fight: the broklaski fight. It's adorable, "Kyle's mom is a big fat bitch plays in the background", and what I find funny/cute that the original fight was /Kyle's/ idea, he was siding with you (though he couldn't fight) but once his mom comes in to fight he's like "Wait, no douchbag stop that's my MOM!" And goes on his mom's team because kiddo loves his mom (and is also scared of her)

i just watched that part of a playthrough the other day and god i love kyle and his entire family

also that kyles mom’s a big fat bitch score in the bg had me howling

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im a trans boy. i think im cute. i want another boy to be cute with me, but there is no one where i live 🙁


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i honestly get so emotional over how much craig's dad has grown to support his son's relationship with tweek. he's such a good parent, like "hey can u please find cute art of my son and his bf i would love it a whole lot thanks! i really wish they would get back together craig is so sad :("

Ikr it’s a blessing craig’s family is officially best sp family now

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Hi! I love the two pictures you drew for Uncle Scrooge's birthday! Can I ask you something? In the second picture there are a lot of different sides and traits of Scrooge. What's the story behind the amnesiac!Scrooge? I find it especially cute!

Aw, thank you! o(^▽^)o

Amnesiac!Scrooge was actually inspired by an episode from the original Ducktales show called “Blue Collar Scrooge” in which Scrooge, after falling out a window, loses his memory (and also his accent for some reason?? and also becomes like the sweetest person ever????). He’s taken in by Fenton’s mom, who starts to fall for him and all his sweetness. Needing some money, he starts work at one of his own factories and SPOILER ALERT ends up starting a riot against Fenton who’s disguised as him for better wages and working conditions. 

It’s another one of those “Scrooge is a greedy, penny pinching, good-for-nothing sociopath” episodes where his good, kind, and (sometimes) generous nature is forgotten about for the sake of the plot. Which seems to happen to him a lot in the original series. But still, Fenton is a cutie as always and amnesiac!Scrooge is absolutely the kindest, sweetest duck ever so it’s worth a watch if you can. ^^

The sketch in particular has gotten a lot of responses so I might maybe possibly be working on a thing for it maaaaybe

If you or anyone else was inspired by these drawings of mine, please feel free to drabble/draw/create to your heart’s content! Just tag me so I can see them! ❤︎ ❤︎

Much love,

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Kids au Schneep and Iplier sometimes get called Dr.Dad and they love like oml Host finds it so cute (the kids sometimes call him Mr.Host and that is a d o r able) but Anti has his own names for every adult that he doesn't share bc they're EMBARRASSING OML

ahhh yes

Allura waking up from 10,000 years of cryo sleep to find her world destroyed and the galaxy in peril: My ONE goal in life is to destroy Zarkon and his empire

Allura: -finds out the cute hacker paladin is a girl-

Allura: …. My TWO goals in life are to destroy Zarkon’s empire AND successfully flirt with Pidge Gunderson before i die

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I am currently on a jihope quest. I love to hear how other armys see the dynamic of a ship (platonically or not), so I want to know what makes jihope special for you ? To me j-hope's attraction used to be obvious, I think he legitimately had (has?) a crush on Jimin with which he didn't really know what to do. I'm having a harder time picturing Jimin's side of the ship though, I think he cares infinitely for Hobi but it's Jimin, caring is what he does.

first of all thank you for coming to me i’m kinda honoured?? 

i feel the exact same way you do, i think he’s just got this thing for him he can’t really explain and doesn’t know what to do about it. you can tell he finds him so cute and cannot keep his hands off him. also he literally lives to make jimin laugh/smile. i’m a multi-shipper and jhope’s thing for jimin really sticks out to me for some reason, it just feels so real idk i don’t like to speculate about the boys’ sexualities cause i don’t think it’s any of our business but jhope is so gay for jimin (not saying he’s actually gay)

now as for jimin i literally have no idea dude. sometimes he ignores him, others he instigates it himself and i just??? i literally cannot read him quit playing games with his heart mate.

i wish i could’ve been more helpful, thanks for coming to me tho i love jihope

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Your art is too pure for this world. Did I die and go to heaven?

Lmao thank you, I love hearing that people find my fluff cute.since it’s the only thing I can draw lol thank u again this means a lot