You know, Allah actually doesn’t talk about happiness in the Qur'an but what He does talk about is contentment.

And i think that is the ultimate goal in this life. Being at peace no matter what the situation.

Because happiness is easy. It’s as simple as meeting your friends or going to your favourite place to eat and you’re happy.

But like everything in this life, it’s temporary. It’s a fleeting emotion. It comes and it goes and it never stays with you.

And that’s the reality of this world. You will neber find true contentment here.

Allah has told us the only place we will find true happiness is in His remembrance.

أَلَا بِذِكْرِ اللَّهِ تَطْمَئِنُّ الْقُلُوبُ


If you are having a very difficult time overcoming sins (whatever it maybe), no matter how much you tried to refrain from it and you gave in each time despite trying your hardest to leave it for Allah but you failed every time. I will advise you with two things & you will find the most strongest and closest connection with Allah.

Firstly, when you commit the sin, seek Allah’s forgiveness as soon as possible. As soon as you realise you have sinned, seek His forgiveness there and then. Don’t give second thoughts about your intentions (stop thinking you will fall into it again) or doubt Allah’s mercy towards you. Just block out everything, breathe in and out until you are relaxed and spend 5 minutes speaking to Allah. Acknowledge your mistake, promise not to do it again, avoid that which brings you to the sin and ask for forgiveness.

After you have done this, don’t think about whether Allah has forgiven you or not. Allah wants to forgive you that’s why He guided you to seek His forgiveness in the first place.

Secondly & this point is very important if you cannot let go of the sin. If you keep falling into this sin, INCREASE YOUR GOOD DEEDS. You done one sin? Do 3 good deeds. You done it again? Increase another 3 good deeds. Don’t focus on the sin here, focus on doing good deeds, why? Because good deeds please Allah, it will bring you closer to Him & they erase bad deeds.

You feel low and filthy because you sinned? Increase your good deeds, let that guilt motivate you to rush you to good so Allah’s mercy and forgiveness reaches you. Allah’s forgiveness is far greater than your sins so let your book of good deeds be greater than your sins too.

Open the Quran & read, cook for your siblings, give them water. Smile at your parents, spend time with them. Help your friend with something, teach someone a Hadith. Give Salam to a stranger. Give charity to the needy.

So if you keep falling in sins, forget the sin. Focus on your good deeds. Sometimes it is in the depths of our sins we find Allah and know Him more than ever.

Shaytaan will do his best to stop you from doing good but do not listen to him, he’s your enemy. He does not want you to have hope in Allah. When you find him whispering to you, remind yourself that perhaps through my sins Allah will bring me close to Him. Perhaps because of my sins, I’m increasing on good deeds which I couldn’t have done otherwise.

Perhaps the effort of striving to please Allah, seek His forgiveness and increase in good deeds will make you a beloved friend of Allah. You are better than your sins, don’t you ever let them get you down. Your Lord is Forgiving, The Most Forgiving, The Pardoner, The Acceptor of repentance, The One who conceals faults. Our Lord is amazing, He loves you so much so love Him back. That’s His right over you, He never gives up on you so please never ever give up on Allah & His mercy.

sana, drop them all, and in this month of ramadhan, cry your heart out and find peace within remembering Allah. forget revenge. forget “getting one back”. forget all that pettiness. why waste time on that?

surround yourself with people who will love you and heal your soul, baby girl.

Here Comes March.

1. hidup adalah penerimaan. sekuat manapun kamu membantah dan selama pun kamu bersedih, itu takkan mengubah hakikat yang sesuatu telah terjadi. dan tiada apa yang kamu boleh lakukan kecuali menangisinya dan membantah tanpa mengubah apa pun. maka kesatlah air mata. bersedia untuk yang akan datang. biarkan yang berlalu. kerana hidup adalah penerimaan.

2. before getting frustrated at a situation remember that you never know Allah plans for you in the future. stay strong.

3. mendung di langit, mentari akan menghapuskan ; mendung dalam hati, doa sebagai cahaya.

4. it’s hard to ask a heart from someone. so don’t. ask it from God, always.

5. nak minta apa-apa, minta pada Tuhan, bukan merayu pada manusia.

6. we all hurt in some way. but stop crying, and keep trying, keep praying.

7. jangan ingat orang yang kita suka tu akan suka kita sebagaimana kita suka kat dia. jadi jangan suka-suka, suka kat orang yang kita suka.

8. all you need to do is just hand it all to Him and He’ll take care of it all and give you, without doubt, what is best for you.

9. kalau datang cinta, jangan gembira sangat. mungkin itu ujian untuk menguji hati.

10. the world is changing. people are changing. environment are changing. the only way to not get hurt, is to learn how to change.

11. kita tak mahu sedar dengan segala perubahan sekeliling. itu yang sering membuat kita lupa, kehendak orang tak sama dengan kehendak kita, hati orang tak sama dengan hati kita, fikiran orang tak sama dengan fikiran kita. dan itu, selalu buat kita terluka kerana harapan kita supaya orang mengerti apa yang kita rasa, seringkali tersasar.

12. even if the sun doesn’t appear after the rain, you got to keep walking, because you realize that Allah is always with you.

13. ada sebab Allah menjadikan jalan hidup ini begini begitu. ada benda yang kita tak dapat walau kita cuba sehabis baik. dan itu bukan hukuman. Allah nak kita terus sabar.

14. life is too short to regretting and blaming others. live a happy life.

15. walau sekarang kita semua ditimpa dengan perkara-perkara yang tak baik saya harap nanti kita akan ketemu kebaikan. tak sekarang, nanti.

16. there are times when it seemed like we wanted to just give up, but we already this far. hold your love, take courage, and keep survive.

17. memaafkan untuk tenang.

18. there will come a time where we are going to receive the love we deserve. be patient and stay strong.

19. kadang kita bertanya kenapa kita belum dapat apa yang kita nak. mungkin sebab Tuhan tahu kita belum mampu untuk bertanggungjawab terhadap apa yang kita mahu.

20. maybe nothing ever turned out as we planned. yes, there are things we don’t understand. but we need to just keep on living, keep on praying.

21. right now we are alive & things just keep going. kenapa asyik fikir pasal benda yang dah lepas? say alhamdulillah. be better for tomorrow.

22. maybe things will get worse before they get better. to teach you something. always. have faith in HIM.

23. the aching will fade. things are going to get better or hurt less, over time. find Allah. talk to Him.

24. hidup ni perjalanan. mungkin sekarang awak kehilangan, tapi siapa tahu, di hadapan sana, ada yang lebih baik buat awak?

25. nothing lasts forever, either happiness or sorrow.

26. terlalu mengenang, sebab tu tak nampak hikmah di masa depan. cipta kenangan baru, lepaskan yang dah tak boleh diubah.

27. we always have time to decide. just because we don’t get what we want, doesn’t mean that we are already late. it’s all about time. so have faith in HIM. always.

- sederhanaindah

p/s : times flies so fast. what ever we do, where ever we are, stay good!

This old man is a resident of a small village in Ghana. A Turkey’s news channel was recording a video with their drone, and eventually the drone fell in front of this old man’s house. The journalist ran to get the drone back, and found it in this old man’s hands (can be seen in the left side of the pic). The old man made a very innocent but interesting wish to the journalist:

“Can’t this drone be big enough to take me to Makkah for Hajj?”.

The journalist tweeted his picture with his story, and it went viral in minutes. The Turkish government contacted this old person, and told him that they will pay for his trip to Makkah for Hajj. Yesterday he left for Jeddah.

That’s how Allah calls His sincere servants to His home. It’s amazing how Allah finds ways to fulfill such people’s wishes. Subhanallah

وَمَن يَعْمَلْ سُوءًا أَوْ يَظْلِمْ نَفْسَهُ ثُمَّ يَسْتَغْفِرِ اللَّهَ يَجِدِ اللَّهَ غَفُورًا رَّحِيمًا (النساء )١١٠

 And whoever does a wrong or wrongs himself but then seeks forgiveness of Allah will find Allah Forgiving and Merciful. (An-nisa 110)

It’s extremely difficult to think clearly when you and your spouse are hurting.

When you are hurting, you continue to hurt each other. Slinging words at each other, assuming the worst in the other, and being able to focus on nothing else but what you want and what you aren’t getting and why they are the worst person in the world right now.

The first thing that can break through emotional battles like this, in an instant, is to remember that Allah will hold you to account for what your tongue utters.

You are responsible. Period.

That reminder can help you check yourself so rather than blaming your spouse for deserving the things you say, you can ask “Do I want to say these things which Allah will hold ME responsible for?”

The second thing is to seek refuge from Shaytan. This is tough to do when Shaytan himself is likely egging you on with his whispers, but also because the ego doesn’t want to submit to Allah, for fear it will lose the battle.

But even a half-muttered “‘Autho billahi min-as-shaytan ir-rajeem” will turn your brain back on to being more conscious of what you are doing and why.

Plough through the emotions to find Allah and refuge in Him, and you will be able to change the direction of your argument, bringing benefit for both of you.

Reminder: All Wives of Jannah posts are for women who are in physically and emotionally safe relationships. If you have been physically and emotionally abused, please seek professional help to support yourself. Implementing “general” marriage advice in an abusive relationship can lead you being taken advantage of and further the abuse cycle. You always deserve to feel safe.

—  Via Wives of Jannah
Dua request

On Tuesday night, our home caught on fire. The crazy fire caused us to lose everything we had. Yet somehow we find peace knowing that Allah saved us from a bigger harm. We know this is a big trial from Allah, we somehow try to put a smile on each other’s face and keep each other hopeful. I’d love for you all to keep my family and I in your duas. May Allah make this test easy on us and allow us to move back to our home in few months. It breaks my heart to see the loss but I trust Allah and I know a greater blessing lies in the end of the trial. ✨