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my favorite thing about all the (potential) couples in stranger things- mike and eleven, jonathan and nancy, joyce and hopper- is that their bonds are all formed when they’re working on and trying to solve a problem together. actually that’s true for all the relationships in the show but I feel it’s such an underrated part of romance specifically. it’s so nice when couples have something practical and constructive to do and when all their little moments, accidental hand touches, longing glances, shy smiles, spring up organically around their work. i live for those moments, i really do. i cry over them. but moments can’t exist in a void so i love when a romantic relationship has the strong backbone of shared work and friendship to ground those moments. and stranger things gets that.

Model (Chanyeol x Reader Fluff)

Summary:  Just where in this hell hole were you going to find a model?

(( Notes: This sorry was inspired my friend’s personal encounter. Enjoy the perfection that is PCY ))

You pushed through the heavy doors of the large hall of bookcases, out-of-date computers, and empty desks, determined to find a goddamn model. Just half an hour earlier, your AP Studio Art teacher announced to the class that she wanted to “know our sketching abilities” before “jumping into anything too advanced” and  kicked everyone out with a simple “find a (student) model and finish a sketch before class ends. Pretty spontaneous might you added, but what could you do honestly, other than to run around the entire campus to find your potential model. 

The only problem here was: just where in this hell hole were you going to find a model?

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anonymous asked:

Juss getcha birfchart done sis that's your plan your soul contract look at name numerology and your life path and destiny numbers

Dude I have them all and studied them thoroughly, I’ve read every Liz Greene book. I even paid for my chart. I can even read other people’s. It is potential, not a plan. I know my potential, no one can ever know life’s plan, only God. Destiny is unknown to our ego, only to our soul, you’ve just go to go with the flow and trust. You’ll die before you got to see how your life ended as the great Joseph Campbell said “Life is like arriving late for a movie, having to figure out what was going on without bothering everybody with a lot of questions, and then being unexpectedly called away before you find out how it ends.” You can find your potential, but how it will be manifested and transformed into a legacy will always remain unknown to us, because you have to be dead for a legacy to happen. So no chart how great and full of information, will ever show you fully what Gods plan is for you, it won’t even show what your soul has in store for you, just your ego and what your unconsciously projecting into the environment. I learnt that after many hours, days, months, a year of studying the subject. Wonderful for helping you cultivate your potential and articulating the things you couldn’t express but know are there, but it most certainly does not give you a clear plan. A year later I’m still potentially bewildered 😭 As great as astrology and numerology are, they have their limits, inevitably they’re mortal just like all laws. I mean I love astrology, I really do, a wonderful tool for culmination, numerology helps make sense of certain things to…but I’m too far complex of a being to understand even myself. 

But if anyone’s willing to tell me my life’s plan, if they’re far more enlightened on the subject of I then I, then I would greatly appreciate it. here’s my natal chart:

I’m Mercury, Air, Mutable and Virgo dominant. Born with 3 T-Sqaures, transformed into a cardinal cross by Chiron. Spica conjuncts my Ascendant. Lilith and Psyche are both in my 10th house. Also I’m a Life Path 5 and I’m going through a Personal year 8. 

Adella @ Work

Happy Monday everyone! :D I’m Adella, a rising CD/ID sophomore.

^Amongst nature’s tallest Redwoods

This summer I was determined to get better at drawing. I didn’t want to take an internship quite yet without first gaining more confidence in visual communication and notation. I took a visual communication class and the following are some things I have come to realize and learn about improving. I am obviously not the best drawer but I hope that you’ll be able to gain something from my experience.

1. Whenever I get frustrated with not being able to draw something and I’m on the brink of quitting, I always have to remind myself that improvement is a process. It’s important to look back to old “iterations” or drawings and celebrate the dedication and mileage you’ve made, no matter how insignificant. That way the idea of giving up when you’re frustrated isn’t worth it because you’ll never be able to find out what your potential is, or in terms of the design process that’s like settling for the early iterations of a product and never attempting to push through a problem or reinvent a better solution.

^Here’s the progression of my cube drawings from 1st semester to this summer. I legitimately drew cubes like the left in the beginning of freshman year because I completely didn’t understand how perspective, line weight, and shading worked.

2. Redraw things from time to time to check for improvement.

^Here’s a comparison between my drawing at Phipps Conservatory during 2nd Semester and some summer plant drawings. Better ellipses and construction lines can go a long way!!!

3. Constantly experiment and try to have fun with it. Borrow from those you aspire to draw like and make it your own.

^I tried to draw these animals in different styles (gestural, structural, tone, white colored pencil, ball point pen, microns) in order to see what styles I was comfortable with and liked. 

4. After taking a lot of time to get down the basics I was much more confident in letting my creativity explode and take me wherever :) 

^When redesigning things, my class taught me a great exercise of drawing silhouettes so you think about the bigger picture and shapes instead of getting distracted with details. Then select something that you want to develop and run with it! 

Overall I still have a long way to go but I’m excited to see how I can apply what I’ve learned this summer to sophomore year and hopefully to some future internships.


In addition to drawing I travelled with some friends and family, my roommate Deborah Lee (also in design) visited for a week, I experimented with editing photos, and I am currently learning python.

^With my roommate Deborah Lee @ LACMA

^Noodle Exhibit @LACMA   

^Getty Museum

^Petaluma, CA

^A New Friend

^My Cheagle, Lance @ Redwood National Park

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, comments, etc please don’t hesitate to contact me :D

And with that I hope you all have a fantastic rest of the summer! See you soon. 


7 steps to identify your target audience

Successfully identifying your target audience is a major factor in determining whether your product/service is going to be profitable. It can be an overwhelming task as you separate who you’d like your customer to be from who they actually are.

In our 7 steps to identify your target audience we show you how you can find out more about your potential customers by asking questions, doing your research and digging deep into your data.