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Danny is meant to be a savior or something, as he rallies against un-kicked heads and big business alike. But his quest as the chosen one never feels like anything more than your college roommate’s two-week quest to try Tai Chi each morning, especially when he’s paired with Colleen Wing, the owner of a martial arts dojo with actual experience. He shows up in New York, shoeless with an “I traveled abroad this summer and it CHANGED MY LIFE” outfit, and immediately remarks about how he used to skateboard in a skyscraper. You’re so fucking cool, Danny. And did you immediately go to the one dojo in New York City and school the expert female owner in both martial arts techniques and “finding your inner strength”?

Of course you did, because if something exists, whether it’s morality lessons or punching, Danny Rand has got to be the best at it. He’s the ultimate wish fulfillment fantasy for everyone who’s ever talked for an hour to a stranger about finding their zen and then gotten angry when that stranger refused to sign up for Tae Kwon Do lessons. He’s lacks any character traits, but if you have a character trait, Danny Rand could still probably one-up you on it. He’s the guy who tries to fuck a girl after her massage session and claims that it was all about “healing.”

How Iron Fist Killed Marvel’s Winning Streak

🌊 Healing Through Astrology: The 12th House 🌊

Sun In The 12th: Using your alone time to reflect and discover yourself instead of just using it to escape from the world will heal you. Self love and self awareness don’t come easy but it’s what will get you through anything that life throws at you and you will never feel more free then you will in the moment that you embrace this and not let the opinions of others affect you.

Moon In The 12th: Taking the time to dive into your subconscious and finding out what you are feeling and what you truly need is what will heal you. Your deep and porous emotions can be used for good once you are aware of your feelings. Being able to let go of past hurts will wash away all of the negative feelings that you carry along with you on your shoulders and will make you feel new. 

Mercury In The 12th: Speaking up and overcoming your fear of speaking your mind is what will heal you. Your shyness and quietness sometimes doesn’t let others notice you easily. You use writing and art to convey your feelings instead of speaking about them and learning to speak about your ideas and dreams will let you become more noticed and appreciated.

Venus In The 12th: Showing your true loving nature and knowing when to leave toxic relationships is what will heal you. You tend to look over the flaws of others and fall victim to many toxic partners and friends and being able to simply walk away and save your love for people who deserve it will make you more willing to open your heart and love unconditionally.

Mars In The 12th: Standing up for yourself and not letting people walk all over you will heal you. You let your anger boil inside of you for so long or it comes out without you even being aware of it. When you don’t let your anger go inward and you assert yourself you will become stronger and more empowered than you think.

Jupiter In The 12th: Branching yourself out to the world, developing new beliefs and having new experiences will heal you. You have a low faith in others and you fear change and isolate yourself from others from fear of change and craving of safety. When you are able to go out and experience everything the world has to offer, you will be less afraid of it and you can live your life to its fullest.

Saturn In The 12th: Letting go of the past and not feeling guilty or scared in every move you make will heal you. You feel guilt and fear very often and you don’t even know where it comes from and you isolate yourself from everyone to not make any mistakes or expose yourself to the reality of the world. When you are able to forgive yourself from the past and become productive instead of restricted in your alone time, you will finally have learned your lesson and be able to let go of your past self and move on.

Uranus In The 12th: Accepting your uniqueness and going off on your own path through life will heal you. You feel different and isolated from the world and you feel like you can’t connect to anyone fully. Embracing your individuality and not following norms in order to please others will make you less passive and increasingly independent and innovative.

Neptune In The 12th: Facing reality and using your deeply emotional abilities for helping yourself and others will heal you. You tend to escape any kind of possible hurt that comes your way and you have a hard time distinguishing your own feelings because you feel everyone else’s without trying. When you are able to face hardships head on and subject yourself to your own feelings as well as the feelings of others, you will not only be able to help and heal others, but become someone who is openly compassionate and empathic instead of an escapist. 

Pluto In The 12th: Channeling your inner power and intensity and transforming yourself will heal you. You feel powerless and helpless frequently and you bury your feelings inward and try to stay cold and detached instead. Being able to find your inner strength and gaining control over your life will help you transform into a more powerful and formidable individual.


I’m going to ask everyone to close your eyes. Embrace this moment. Set your intention. You are here for a reason. Now open your eyes. Your journey toward your best self starts now. Turn up that resistance! It’s time to test what you’re capable of. The journey is as important as the destination, so embrace the climb. Find your inner strength. Whatever that obstacle is, you need to push through it. You are stronger than you think. You are here for a reason. Now stand up for what you want. Third position! You cannot change, unless you power through what is right in front of you. Can you feel yourself growing? You are almost there. Five seconds before we release the resistance. Three, two, one. Now release the torque. It doesn’t matter what you start. What matters is how you choose to finish. If you can do this. You can do anything. This is your ride. This is your life.

a note from someone who struggles with mental illness to another

when you have a broken arm you go to the doctors and they fix and set the bone for you. when you need surgery the doctor performs it.
with mental illness, one thing that is hard to accept is that you have to be your own doctor. psychiatrists can give you meds and therapists can give you advice. but ultimately you are the one in charge of healing you. you are in charge of taking your meds daily and you are in charge of employing your therapists advice. and most importantly, you are in charge of waking up every morning with the will to fight your illness even when you feel like there’s no hope.
it’s terrifying; how are you supposed to save yourself when it’s your own mind that is fighting against you? it’s frankly unfair, but that is the shitty fight that comes with mental illness. you have to realize YOU are the light at the end of the tunnel YOU are the person who will save yourself.
it’s horrible but never give up. take charge of your own happiness, find your own inner strength to rise up and save yourself – you are strong enough.
And please please remember that you are never alone. Message me if you need a friend I’m always here for you

✨Full Moon in Aries ~ October 5th 🌕

The Full Moon in Aries is inspiring us to discover our inner strength, find our independence, and take control of our lives. It’s working to teach us that in order to overcome the obstacles in our lives, we must believe in ourselves. As we work with the Aries/Libra axis, we face the theme of shameless independence versus loving compromise. Are your relationships balanced in terms of power? Are you being needlessly held back from accomplishing your goals? The Aries Full Moon inspires us to ask those questions, but keep in mind that the introspection and reflection we’ve been facing since the September Full Moon in Pisces is coming to an end now, as Pluto has gone direct and the Aries Full Moon is asking us to turn what we’ve learned into action.
For one, the Sun and Moon are squaring Pluto, forming a cardinal T-square with plenty of tension to go around. This will reveal a lot of power balances, especially regarding authority and control. Those who abuse their power are at risk of being outed due to Pluto’s will to uncover hidden truths. If you’ve had power wrongfully taken from you, this is time to reclaim it.
However, this Full moon is also coming with lots of relationship-oriented themes. Mars and Venus will be exactly conjunct in Virgo- could create a lovely balance between masculine and feminine energies, however, Venus is in fall in Virgo which means the feminine energy may not come easily, so being polite and tactful will assist you in finding that balance. There is potential for passion in your relationships, however with Mars/Venus in Virgo, it’s going to be less about sparks flying, and more focused on sharing mutual goals and values with your partner.
We also have Mercury in Libra conjunct the Sun, opposite Moon, and squaring Pluto. Be careful with your words- stand up for yourself, but don’t stomp on others toes in order to do so. Your words have power right now, so use them cautiously. Use the Libra vibes to help you consider the feelings of others and find fair solutions to problems.
In conclusion: Channel your inner-strength, but choose your battles wisely. Needless conflict isn’t going to get you anywhere right now, so use self-awareness to decide what needs to be done to achieve what you desire. Lots of us have had our goals in mind since the Virgo New Moon on September 20th, and since the Full Moon is all about harvest and completion, now is the perfect time to act on them. The conflict between “we” and “me” is being illuminated, forcing us to find a balance between the two, as neglecting one will backfire. Aries Moon wants us to be open about our feelings and express ourselves. There are likely to be some intense realizations coming to the surface over the next couple of weeks, so take time for yourself, channel your passionate nature, maintain your balance the best you can, and be honest with your feelings.

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Invoke Your Inner Goddess - Self Love Spell

 “The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.” - Mark Twain

Invoke your inner goddess and find the strength to be comfortable with who you are, it is time you banish the negativity residing in you and welcome in the love. 

The Ingredients:
Pink Himalayan Salt for self-love
💕Rose Petals or Oil for self-love and passion.
💕Rosemary and/or Sage for purification and cleansing
                 - Essential Oils are fine as well.
💕Lavender for self-love and happiness
💕One White or Pink Candle, whichever you prefer.
💕 Optional Crystals! I recommend rose quartz, selenite or moonstone and it explains why here.

The Spell:
Take some time to meditate, light some incense and center your mind, you want to make sure you are calm and only putting good energy into yourself. When you feel calm and focused mix the salt, rose petals, rosemary, and lavender into a small bowl, mortar, etc. Now crush them all up into a fine powder and remember to focus on healing and loving yourself.

When your magical powder is finished put it aside. Bring the candle of your choice in front of you. If you decided to use crystals in your magick this is the time to get them out and place them in a circle around your candle. If you can make it look like your crystals are pointing towards the candle. Now grab your powder and dip your fingers in it, on your candle either around the wick or on the face of it write your initial. Light the candle and wrap your hands around it (if you can, I just like holding my sigil candle) and focus on letting it all go, the pain, sorrow, doubt, insecurities, as the candle burns away so do all of those things. And you welcome in love, confidence, and strength as your initial fades away. 

Happy casting witches! 🔮💞
Get your own self-love and ritual candle here.

Wynonna Earp Cast, Crew & Fans - a Famdom

,We’ve just began season 2 and as this show gains new fans, new followers on here, twitter and even YouTube, old fans wanna remind the new ones to please see how this fandom has acted and continue that way.

We don’t pry into the actors lives, we support them as they support us. When they have stuff going on in their personal lives we’re happy for them. If they care about a cause then we jump on board with them doing whatever we can to help. In term we’ve raised a couple thousand for different causes and charities. When something bad happens in their lives we dont pry, we give our love and support and the cast all know that we’re there for them whatever they need. 

There are no shipping wars in this fandom, I know from personal experience the 100 fandom and the Once fandom in particular can have one hell of a shipping war if people dont agree on a ship, and personally if everyone supported the exact same ship, itd get hella boring. if someone ships a couple of characters such as Waverly and Champ then we accept this. We all know the most famous ship at the moment is Wayhaught due to the show and it’s show writer defying the ‘bury your gay’ trope ( which FYI included a lesbian character being shot and living cause she wore a BPV). This happened in the middle of the big debate from Lexa being shot in the 100 after finally being happy to Root being shot in POI. It got to the stage where soon as Nicole was introduced people messaged Kat saying that ‘I hope your character has a bulletproof vest), it changed views, it made people remember that all LGBTQ+ people are valid and they can be happy and find love and be all the things in the world.

The cast themselves care so much about their portrayals, Dom and Kat even carrying out research into their roles and what LGBT means in the community right now, they’re researching the struggles, everything a person might go through and it’s changed them as people. The cast is doing anything and everything they can in order to change stereotypes, to give people confidence, to allow people to be themselves and to not be scared or ashamed, to be able to accept themselves and who they are. Its a show where people can be vulnerable, be a joker, be a fuck up, but still have so much inner strength, that we are more than just one thing. that we are more than what people perceive us to be.

Wynonna Earp is a show where people can find themselves, find their voice, find their inner strength, to face your demons, to accept themselves. Wynonna Earp is a show where the cast and crew treat the fans as friends and not just people the other side of the screen.Every con they make sure they talk to everyone, to hear their stories, to make sure our voices are heard too and they’re affected by this. They care so much and give back to their fans.

The crew behind the show constantly giving back to fans by doing giveaways, creating content to go with the show, to create awesome behind the scenes videos. (Major props to Allison, David, Robbie and all the gang at IDW)

There’s a video called Road to purgatory where the cast and crew talk bout the fans and what they mean to them.

Its a show where the fans have serious no chill from being the main reason why the show got S2, its a show where no chill involves sharing love every single day for each of the main cast and its show runner. A show where no chill involves saying thanks to the people BEHIND the show for everything they do and have done for fans. Its a show where the cast, crew and viewers all want the same thing.

This fandom is more than just a set of people with a similar interest, it’s an environment where people can be accepted, to make friends, to find their partners, when people are going through a hard time the fandom is right there offering support and a shoulder to lean on. Its a fandom where people can go when they believe all hope is lost, no matter what background, what race, gender, sexual orientation, everyone here matters, everyone is valid.  

It’s a famdom that can save people, that can heal wounds, that can make anyone feel at home. Its a place where people can talk about the show, the cast or just anything in general, its a place where people can make friends, find their partners, its a place simply full of love and support and passion.

This fandom is more than just a group of people, it’s a family that’d do anything to give back to each other and to support each other and I hope as it grows it stays this way. Just please if you’re new, see how the fandom has acted in the past and please keep that going so we’re a place of hope, love and compassion for anyone and everyone that might need that certain place in the future,

White Knight // Stiles

Summary: The reader has an encounter with someone that made you scared, anxious and dirty since the day you first saw him. You’re haunted by the memories and the guilt of not telling Stiles but what happens when in daylight that man comes back? With the discovery of the event by Stiles and Scott how will the situation go?

Characters: Stiles x Reader, Sheriff Stilinski, Scott McCall

Words: 1958

Disclaimer: We do not own Teen Wolf or the characters that appear in this.

Warnings: Swearing, fighting, mention of rape (not detailed), angry Sheriff, angst, and fluff

Author(s): Caitsy and Ash

Requested: Yes by anon.

Tagging: At the end. Ask to be added or removed from any lists.

A/N: We both decided we weren’t able to do this request justice alone due to the graphic content of rape. We both agree to write it together and make is so the rape was in the past and not detailed at all. PLEASE REQUEST FOR FICS

Master List

Prompt List


*Four Years Ago*

The night was colder than usual for the end of summer time. It was the last night before Freshmen year started and you were terrified. It was the first year of high school and you were walking from one of your friends houses, it was Beacon Hills. The crime rate was low so you were trusted to walk the short distance home.

You stopped looking back feeling the hairs on your skin stand up. You shook it off before continuing the distance home. You were humming trying to keep your mind occupied when you felt that eerie feeling again. You turned seeing a shadow moving but you once more brushed it off.

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Just Like Animals (Dean Ambrose) *One Shot

Prompt: It’s been two weeks since you broke up with your boyfriend of 4 years. You are doing everything you can to move on and avoid him, but when you least expect it. He finds you and confronts you about why you want nothing to do with him even after your explosive break-up.

*Random inspiration from the song ‘Animals’, by Maroon 5. It all worked out perfectly. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did writing it for you all!

Pairing: Dean Ambrose & Reader

Word count: 2.6k

Warning: Smut. All the smut. Dirty, dirty smut. There is plenty of angst and aggression as well. Also mentions of blood and foul language.

Those who wish to be tagged! @ambrosegirlforever , @valeonmars , @thebadchic , @nickysmum1909 , @vsturgeon5489 , @jade4062022 , @ortonaholic , @fuckingrox, @lakama15 , @southernbelle24 , @wwefangirlllll , @spiderman2289 @toosweetme

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From me to you.

May you find serenity and tranquility in a world you may not always understand. May the pain you have known and the conflict you have experienced give you the strength to walk through life facing each new situation with courage and optimism. Always know that there are those whose love and understanding will always be there, even when you feel most alone. May you discover enough goodness in others to believe in a world of peace. May a kind word, a reassuring touch, and a warm smile be yours every day of your life, and may you give these gifts as well as receive them. Remember the sunshine when the storm seems unending.

Teach love to those who hate, and let that love embrace you as you go out into the world. May the teachings of those you admire become part of you, so that you may call upon them. Remember, those whose lives you have touched and whose have touched yours are always a part of you, even if the encounters were less than you would have wished. It is the content of the encounter that is more important than the form.

May you not become too concerned with material matters, but instead place immeasurable value on the goodness in your heart. Find time each day to see beauty and love in the world around you. Realize that each person has limitless abilities, but each of us is different in our own way. What you feel you lack in the present may become one of your strengths in the future. May you see your future as one filled with promise and possibility. Learn to view everything as a worthwhile experience. May you find enough inner strength to determine your own worth by yourself, and not be dependent on another’s judgment of your accomplishments. May you always feel loved.

My Guardian Angel

Request- Sister imagine where she suffers from anxiety and panic attacks and since Sam and Dean aren’t in the bunker, she calls for Cas to come and help her and once he manages to calm her down, she falls asleep on him on the couch. Sam and Dean arrive to see her sleeping and they take a picture. She later wakes up and thanks him and cute!Cas, maybee? 😘

Warnings-Anxiety and panic attacks. This is how my anxiety works but I know it can be different for different people :)

Word count-1104

Tag- @evyiione

A/n- Just a reminder I now do drabbles and you can view my prompt list here

Alone and scared. That’s all you felt for the last few days. Your older brothers, Sam and Dean, were on a hunt and you stayed back. Being out in public was a massive nope for you at the moment. Of course your brothers knew about your anxiety. Sam wanted you to talk to him about it. Dean however didn’t understand, he always told you to suck it up and move on. But when he had to calm you down from a panic attack he realised how it wasn’t something you can’t just ‘fix.’

It’s been a few days since Sam and Dean left, and they were due back home today. But as soon as you woke up, you knew your anxiety was going to beat the crap out of you today.

It already had begun taking over when you made breakfast. Your shaky hands nearly split the milk all over the floor, and even though you were starving you just couldn’t digest your cereal and ended up throwing up. Today your anxiety will beat the crap out of you.

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a7xjoker33  asked:

So I find myself a bit confused. Over the past two years, I've found myself enjoying green characters more than others: Ajani, Arlinn, Vraska. Issue is I can't quite place what green aspects of them I enjoy, until reading Vraska's portion of today's story. I could be wrong here, but in generic terms if white is about fitting into a group, is green about embracing what makes you unique in that group? IE a gorgon's magic im a guild or a werewolf's strength to protect?

Green is about embracing your inner strength and finding discovering where in the world your place lies.

Ajani’s main power is helping others find their inner strength, which is why he’s a mentor after only being a Planeswalker for a few years. His advice and guidance helped Elspeth on Theros, and I think his presence in the Gatewatch will be crucial for getting them to work better as a cohesive team.

Arlinn embraced her werewolf side, freeing her to control her transformation more than most of her kind. While she’s scarred by the damage her feral side has done in the past, she doesn’t think the future of Kessig has to be one where humans and werewolves slaughter each other moon after moon after moon.

And Vraska’s struggle in today’s story is a great example of the Black/Green conflict that rages inside her. On one hand, she feels defined by her traumatic past, that it’s something that will always force her hand to killing (That’s the Green side.) At the same time, she strives to move beyond her classification as a living weapon and be a leader of the downtrodden (That’s the Black side.) What she’s figuring out is that she can have her past without being shackled by it.


“Okay, before you start, let me just say that it always takes time to find your inner strength. So it’s normal. Everything that’s happening to you is normal.”

“I don’t deserve being your friend…” I looked down. “You’re probably already tired of me being so problematic, yet you’re so nice to me. You came here to search for me. You think of my feelings, Milo.” my voice nearly broke but I handled myself.

“I’m happy to be here for you. You’re a great person and I can’t help seeing you so miserable. So don’t think I’m going to leave. I admit Latona’s words took me by surprise and I probably couldn’t control my emotions at that moment, but I quickly figured out she isn’t worth attention. I vaguely heard you trying to defend yourself, and I regretted leaving so fast, because I knew you’re going to be upset. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m such a fool, Irene,” he laughed bitterly. “But I believe in you. And you can always turn to me.”

Self-Confidence Spell

If you need to find your inner strength or boost your confidence, this spell can help you out.

What You’ll Need:

- A clear quartz crystal

- A rose quartz

- 3 acorns

- 3 white candles


Set the clear and rose quartz before you, side by side. Place the acorn with them. Place the three white candles in a half moon shape around them, leaving the open side toward you. Focus on your intent. See your intended outcome of embracing your inner power, your confidence rising. Light the white candles, as you do say, “By the brightest of days and the darkest of nights, let my inner power rise by this light.”

Focus on the light reflected in the stones, visualize that light growing larger and brighter into a warm white light. Touch your fingertips to the stone and acorn, feel the warmth there, feel the tree inside the acorn. The acorn is small, but it holds the strength of a forest. Feel the forest inside yourself, know the strength and the potential that you hold inside yourself.

As you touch your fingertips to the stones and acorn, visualize the white light running up your hand and your arm, filling your soul, high lighting the strength within. Three times, chant, "By the brightest of days and the darkest of nights, let my inner power rise by this light.“

You can continue to chant this as long as you like, in times of stress or anxiety you can also use this chant to help you out. 

How to lose 40 pounds in 12 months

Integrate exercise into your daily routine
Skip the escalator and start taking the stairs! It might not seem like a lot, but every step burns extra calories.

Set a reasonable diet
You don’t have to count every calorie, but sometimes the answer to “Would you like fries with that?” should be “No thank you!”

Goals, targets, rewards
Set sensible, achievable goals and give yourself small rewards for meeting those goals. Losing five pounds in a month is more than enough, and you deserve a (small!) bag of Cheez-Ohs for the accomplishment.

Get a hobby!
It sounds funny, but sometimes we eat because we don’t know what else to do with ourselves. Try out a hobby! Spending hours by yourself can help you avoid all those calories you’d be spending at meals with friends.

Make smart decisions
Put an “or” where your “ands” currently are. Have a glass of wine OR have dinner, but don’t have both. Save that for one of your cheat days!

Find your inner strength
No one knows you like you know you. You don’t need any help, and no one knows that better than you do.

See a doctor
Drugs remain one of the most effective forms of weight loss available.

Turn lemons into lemonade
Layoffs at work? Don’t let that stress go to waste. Cramp your stomach into a painful knot that won’t accept food.

Ditch the dead weight!
Friends like to gather around meals, which can often be high-calorie affairs. Eliminating friends from your life can get you out of these tricky situations.

Reevaluate your work/life balance
The sedentary lifestyle of the office and the ready availability of snacks can be dangerous! Consider cutting back your hours. The less food you can afford, the less food you can eat.

Try feeling something!
Hunger pangs are a good, effective reminder of your own body’s mortal joys.

Find inspiration in the next generation
I believe our children are the future! Children are small and weigh much less than adults do.

Don’t give up!
Remember, no one knows what the future holds. No matter how much you’re struggling with your weight right now, you will eventually waste away as time consumes your human flesh.

Healthy snacks
That bag of almonds might have as many calories as that bag of chips, but one will keep you full for hours while the other will leave you wanting more. These small decisions add up!

July’s ‘Wanderlust’ Owlcrate has made it’s journey to me. I like that everything can fit into the handy Lord of the Rings pack.

👹Next month’s box is ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ [the book is about dark deals and demons, but also about the power of friendship and finding your inner strength]


This comic by Kata Kane ( @altar-girl​ ) from the book is all about finding your inner strengths through D&D. It flows so nicely into this illustration by rock star @careydraws, one of the five fab artists contributing splash pages to Dirty Diamonds #7: Imagination! GAIN XP AND SHARE!