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So there was this one AO3 author who just one day deleted their account. I was really curious as to why and when they did it and so I went digging. I found their tumblr and I was so excited bc maybe I could see them still being happy and move on, but the Tumblr hadn’t been updated since December of last year. And the very last post was a song about saying good bye. I started crying so hard. It wasn’t bc they weren’t in a fandom anymore and I was mourning their work. It was because it felt like something had ended and I wasn’t ready for it to end. I’m still crying. The burning need to know what happened left me and all that’s left is this sadness that I didn’t let myself feel bc I didn’t want it to be over. I wanted the fun to continue. I want more memories and I wanted more time that I couldn’t have. I missed my chance. Please people in fandoms cherish your favorite artist and writers. They maybe gone the next moment. So tell them how much they mean to you now before it’s too late. Support them in anyway you can. Be there for them. And the moment they decide to move on to the bigger and bright thing in life you give them the biggest Thank you you can give. Before you just stay with the regret that you never payed them the gratitude they deserve.

Let's talk about LeFou

First, I hate that this is a huge ordeal for many of my Christian friends. You’re boycotting BatB because of homosexuality but Finding Dory is your kids fav movie? I don’t care where you stand, but let’s be consistent.

Second, LeFou is the flaming best friend that all of us need in our life. And yes he is obsessed with Gaston and has a crush on him. That’s not deniable. However, let’s look at the reason why, because we got some new character development and insight from the new movie.

We don’t know how long LeFou and Gaston have been friends, but considering they’re from the same village, we can assume for most of their life. Nevertheless they served in a war together.

War is evil and crazy, and you typically have that one person that no matter what, you have each other’s backs. (See Bubba and Forrest Gump). So LeFou and Gaston survive the war and together due to several scenes. We have no idea how many times LeFou saved Gaston’s life, and more importantly, how many times Gaston saved LeFou’s life.

This dedication is deeply rooted. And the crush is easily explainable. And the even crazier part is that, when LeFou saw Gaston’s true colors outside of the war, he walked away. LEFOU WALKED AWAY. If anything, that encourages healthy relationships (I mean, that’s not a problem that we are still helping others with).

So, let’s appreciate LeFou’s silliness and giddiness that we all need in life. Let’s celebrate that he would be the one to snap and say “girl, that outfit makes your ass look gooooooood.” Because we all need a person like that in our lives. But most importantly, let’s celebrate the character development and that he had the courage to walk away from his infatuation to become a better human being.

All of us could learn something from that.

Sanvers/Supercorp/Katie recap

Hey folks ;) I thought I’d do a little recap ;) Tell me if I forgot something ♥

Matt Mitovich’s twitter

- Gonna be a big night in National City… @MelissaBenoist  @chy_leigh @florianalima   @JeremyMJordan @DavidHarewood #KatieMcGrath

       shhhh super-emotional scene being filmed…..

- 4 interviews down, 2 to go…. (Told ya. Late night!) #Supergirl

Q : so jealous. Can’t wait to read them . Hope sanvers stuff is in them

→    So much.

He interviewed Katie

Q : ask if sanvers did anal after 2x08

→   you spelled Lena wrong.

Q : Finally we are going to hear katie talk about Lena , i’m dying . send help.

→  We just finished. You aren’t ready.

Q :  I’m gonna die because of her am I ?

→   You will.

Q : You’re right I’m not I’ve been waiting a Katie’s itw about Lena since… Well forever so thank you for that

→  It was great. I may have blushed.

Q : So does this mean we can expect some comments on Supercorp? 

→  Oh yes. 

Q : hows Katie like? Spare no detail 

→  #Hearteyes

→  she’s also very saucy


→  When the Q&A eventually publishes, you can (easily) guess when I blushed.

Q : is it a video then?

→  Gosh no. But you will be able to tell. 

Q :  can you tell us when it publishes?

→  Pegged to her big episode. (aka ep 18 - April 3rd according to imdb)

Q : please… you can confirm that she knows about #supercorp and the followers she has? We love her so much #KatieMcgrath 

→  She tells a funny story about finding out about it….

Q : I love when someone got speechless and can’t find words to describe your fav actress  #KatieMcGrath

→   We spent the first minute looking at pictures on her phone of a puppy she had just met in the makeup trailer

He probably interviewed Chyler and Flo

Q : how was meeting chyler? is she prettier in person?

→   Oh, we go back to Grey’s. Delighted to see each other again. And she got me teary.

Q : How’s Floriana’s dimples™ in real life?

Amazing scene is coming in ep 19

@chy_leigh so great seeing you again and meeting @florianalima - and that scene

→  Chyler : SO great to sit with you! Glad you witnessed history with us

Q : can you tell us any more about the scene he’s referring to from last night? or any other sanvers moments in 219? @lemon_buzz

→  Lindsay : The scene is just too good to spoil! (her spoilers are reliable)

Q : Can you at least tell us if it’s going to make us cry happy or sad tears?

→  Lindsay :

Q : can you tell supergirl fans are huge and die-hard and love supercorp and Sanvers

→   Matt : I am picking up on that yes!

Annnnnd that’s a wrap on #Supergirl visit! Which on top of everything else featured puppies


Q : WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?? Is it true there’s a bed involved? Someone said there is. Are they lying? (To the history post of Chyler)

Lindsay : It might be a hospital bed for all you know…….

Jeno as a Boyfriend~!

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Jeno as a Boyfriend~!:

-I know i’ve said this many times




-how ya meet ;3



-I see Jeno doing the cheesy cheese thing when meeting you





-yes he’d spill his ice cream on you and like

-“oh sh-i’m so sorry”

-polite Jeno comes out

-while you’re jacket is ruined

-you got a new number added to your phone (because he needs to text you when your jacket is back from the drycleaners :3)

-very bland, I know

-but I see Jeno as a boy who wouldn’t want to be like “omg guys i met the person of my dream like this blah blah”

-he’s more of a like “yeah we met it was gucci”



-Jeno would be the type of dude to wait and see if he truly likes you instead of rushing into something that he might regret


-ah Jenooo

-Jeno would be such an amazing boyfriend

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Top 10 Favorite Narry Moments | tagged by: angelicnarry

I tag: janos-narry, americanhorranstory madforhoran narryssh, sensationially, narrybeinperf and likeadesserttray (Please do this even if I forgo to tag you!! Let’s share the loooove)

It is so hard to decided!!! My gOD! 

This might take a while.

10. Wishing Harry’s dad a happy birthday *-*

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anonymous asked:

hello!! 🌸 i absolutely love your blog it's so funny and cute and i love how much you love youngjae ♡ i just wonder, what are some of your favorite concepts in fanfics¿? one of my personal favorites is when person A has a massive crush on person B however B knows of A's crush but A doesn't know that B knows ⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄ idk I find it cute~ what's your favs??

ohhh boy i havent read fics in a while but i definitely enjoy any fics that are set in non-canon aus like space, university, etc etc but as for relationship wise i love the classic they-love-each-other-but-neither-knows-but-EVERYBODY-ELSE-KNOWS-au! bc im basic and i love just healthy, mutually beneficial relationships in fics idk im basic ;/

johanrapper  asked:

how did you find monster?when did you watch it??

i was scrolling through tumblr a few years ago when i stumbled across a drawing of johan. i googled him and thought “hey this guy is cute, i might watch this anime”, so i did. all because of johan liebert. oh how the tables have turned