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Petition for there to be more platonic kisses among everyone in Team Voltron

  • It starts mostly with the Garrison trio cause they’re the most open to each other and physically affectionate together
    • Big Hunk smooches on Lance’s and Pidge’s cheeks
    • Playful Lance pecks in places that’ll get him the best reactions like behind Hunk’s ears or the back of Pidge’s neck
    • Sleepy Pidge kisses to Lance or Hunk’s temples when they find her in the workshop in the middle of the night and carry her back to bed
  • Then Shiro gets in on the action
    • Shiro ducking down to press his lips to the top of Pidge’s head when she’s upset and missing her family whispering “don’t lose hope” into her hair
    • Shiro affectionately ruffling Lance or Hunk’s hair after a job well done and pulling them in for a “congratulations/glad you’re back safe” kiss to the temple or forehead
    • They return the kisses too of course, peppering his cheeks/forehead/temples/nose/whatever with little pecks that say “thanks for looking out for us” and “we appreciate you” and “you’re important to us” and “it’s ok to not be ok” and “we’re here for you”
  • Keith is the last one to get in on the kisses, just because it takes him a little longer to feel comfortable with that kind of physical affection, and the others respect his boundaries
    • Hunk is the first one to smooch him, sweeping him up after a particularly grueling battle where Keith’s warning saved him from being pulverized, planting a big wet one on his cheek in gratitude and relief
      • ((He pulls away quickly at Keith’s surprised look and starts apologizing but Keith cuts him off and says it’s ok))
    • Pidge giving him a little comfort kiss when they’re both up in the middle of the night missing Shiro and Keith returning it without thinking
    • Lance laying the biggest, soppiest kiss he can manage on him to break him out of his head when he gets too focused on a problem, cackling at his shout of indignation
      • ((This of course leads to a chase through the Castle which ends with Keith blowing raspberries into Lance’s stomach, followed by a little thank you peck to show he knows what Lance did and he appreciates it))
    • And of course, when they finally get Shiro back Keith holds him tight, lips pressed to Shiro’s shoulder, Shiro returning the hug just as hard and giving Keith an “I’m home” kiss to the temple
  • The Alteans also adopt the custom at some point 
    • Coran dropping proud kisses onto Pidge’s head when she assists him with something, or worried kisses on Lance’s forehead when he gets injured (again), or excited kisses when Hunk figures out how to fix something that was giving him trouble, or “I understand what you’re going through” kisses when Shiro comes to him with nightmares in his eyes, or comforting kisses when Keith feels overwhelmed with all the responsibility he’s taken on
    • Allura has adopted the “good luck/come back safe” kisses. Once she realizes it’s not a big deal she starts sending them off on big missions with kisses to the cheeks, much to Lance’s delight
      • It takes her a while to relax into giving different kinds of kisses; her royal upbringing and self-appointed role as commander dictate she should hold herself in check around the others. But eventually she starts showing her more playful side and starts giving and accepting kisses more often, for everything from teasing to comfort to  fetching something

Iron Man/Game of Thrones Crossover AU: 

When Robb Stark goes to California for the summer to stay with his eccentric Uncle Tony, he finds his uncle’s workshop raided, and the news is reporting that Iron Man has been shot down in Afghanistan. Refusing to believe it, Robb begins to search for clues and finds a spare suit in his uncle’s garage–a suit that responds to his voice. The more Robb investigates the more he realizes that he’s not the only one in denial about Tony’s death; in order to draw him out, The Ten Rings have captured the Stark family–Robb’s father and sisters included–and they won’t give them back until they have a meeting with Iron Man. 

And Iron Man they’ll get, even if that means Robb will be suiting up himself. 

Ice Kissed, Frost Bitten | A Meihem Oneshot

Summary:  When Mei returns to Ecopoint: Antarctica to retrieve old data and face her demons, she brings Junkrat and Roadhog along for a secret mission

Thanks @rinshi-chan​ for the eyes!


Talon’s hacking of the Ecopoint: Iceland digital archives is the excuse Mei is waiting for.

It doesn’t take much convincing to get Winston to approve her mission request. Morrison doesn’t argue either when Mei commissions a hovercraft and requisite supplies for the journey. He knows what it’s like to be weighed down by the past, so he won’t get in her way.

The only person who might object to Mei’s mission is Junkrat. And she can’t go–won’t go–without him.

She finds Junkrat in his workshop, tediously trying to construct a pyramid from grenades. Hopefully, they’re duds. Mei supposes she’ll find out. Roadhog is leaning against the wall, breathing steadily. She can’t tell if he’s watching his partner work or if he’s asleep.

“I’m going back,” Mei declares. Roadhog stirs, cocking his head in Mei’s direction with a silent question. Junkrat’s hand, holding a grenade between two long fingers, pauses in the air.

“Goin’ back? Back where?” he says over his shoulder. “You’ve been all over.” Brow furrowed, he places the grenade at the pinnacle of the pyramid. It’s a rare thing for Junkrat to become fixated on something that requires so much patience. Mei swallows. If he’s so focused, maybe what she’s about to tell him won’t be such a big deal.

“Back to my old ecopoint.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi there!~ I'm still in the process of writing my book and I was wondering if you had any tips for how to get people interested in it before it's published? :)

Yes! So many tips! 

Building “the platform”: how to get a follow before your book is published

These tips apply either if you did not publish yet or if you published, but are relatively unknown.  Readers can’t know your book is a wondrous whirlwind of emotions, action, and insightful bits because, of course, they did not read it yet.

1-The best way to sell your book is to write more books. If people like your style, they will keep reading. The more books (of good quality) you have available the easiest it is to sell them.

Look at the most famous authors out there. Did you read the first Harry Potter as soon as it came out? Likely not. It took years for the word to spread. I read my first one when the fourth one had just been published.

In my personal marketing plan, I started publishing only once I had four books ready to go with the plan of publishing them within one year (accomplished in November 2016, YAY!).

If you look at most Indie Authors who made it big, they did so after publishing eight to ten books. In my personal experience, which I shared with you in this guide, money started to trickle in after book 2 and increased with book 3 :)

2-Develop a presence online, which does not mean scream on social media for people to buy your book(s).

DON’T! Don’t message people you don’t know, don’t bother anyone. Would you buy someone’s book just because the author asked you to? Me neither! So please, stop wasting your time and being a pain in everyone’s arse.

DO! Show readers what you can do.


BLOG. What’s your style? I’m humorous, insightful, irreverent (or at least I try). I like to speak about important topics most people shy away from: hypocrisy, sex (the real thing, not cheesy unrealistic stuff), religion, mental afflictions, gender identity. I post writing advice, I post pictures of the places I talk about followed by lines in my writing voice, I try to entice readers by giving them free samples of what they might expect in my books.

I tried several Social Media: Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc…TOO MUCH.

Select whichever Social Media you enjoy, or dread less, and stick to that. 

Remember that it will take time! People will slowly warm to you, it might take months, even years in some cases!

Personally I have:

1-A main website (about 7,000 visits per week) populated with:

-My blog,

-A shop page that gathers all books and formats and where to buy them,

-Contact info-About section with my bio and some excerpts from various interviews and pictures from book signings and events,

-The Italian Saga section, describing the books, themes, showing reviews (and linking to Amazon, I hate to select only positive reviews, I like my readers to have a clear and complete view of the range of reviews),

-Upcoming events section with book signings, presentations, and other public appearances,

2-A Tumblr blog (3,485 followers) : I post the same content on my blog and Tumblr, but on Tumblr I have a lot of conversations with readers and writers. I love Tumblr ^_^

3-Instagram, because I love photography. To use pictures to my advantage I often write poetic lines or take pictures of my books,

4-Twitter (7,216 followers) where I push my content and try to help other writers,

5-A Facebook Page,

6-I wrote an Indie Author Guide, with all my advice, to help other writers (see below). The advice is sound and based on my experience, but it’s written in a funny, down to Earth voice

What is important: that your “handle”, the name you use, is always the same. Mine is @GaiaBAmman. I hope this helps :)

Who am I to give you advice?

I am Gaia B Amman, the author of the Italian Saga (#TIS), a series taking place in gorgeous Italy, and talking about everything I was told is impolite to talk about ;)

I published this article and many more in the Indie Author Guide (below).

Tumblrs can get it free here <3 The following publishing timeline is from the guide. Enjoy!

Dadrien HCs

-He’s a frequent guest to all of Emma’s tea parties, and he commends her brewing skills while sipping from the empty, plastic cup.

-He goes to every school event for the kids. From holiday talent shows to soccer games to art club exhibits.

-He is the king of tickle fights, his skills sharpened after years of teasing Marinette. Hugo and Louis try to beat him every time, but they have not managed to beat him yet.

-He read a lot of parenting books when Mari was pregnant because he wanted to make sure that he was better than Gabriel had been to him.

-He falls asleep often when reading them goodnight stories, and Mari frequently leaves her workshop to find her husband fast asleep in the rocking chair beside Louis and Hugo’s bunk bed. (He won’t admit it, but he drools in his sleep.)

-He always helps with homework, and if he doesn’t understand what they are learning, then he looks it up himself so he can explain it.

-He is very protective of his kids, and when Emma, his ‘Little Lady’, gets her first crush, he freaks out.

-He always takes calls from the kids even when he’s working, and everyone knows that they have priority.

-He gets very protective whenever Mari is pregnant, and he doesn’t let her fight crime when she has someone else to protect.

-He baby talks to her tummy, to the point where she jokes about getting cavities from his sweetness.

-He almost bought an amusement park because the kids asked him if they could live there. Mari stopped him, and told him to stick with the annual passes.

Report to the Embassy.

TO: Justicar Alituari Sunvein
FROM: Netherlady Karrista Felstorm
DATE: March 14, 33.

SUBJECT: Meditech Update Report; Rusty.

     Justicar Sunvein, Rusty’s condition is currently severe but improving.  Samples of the damaged titansteel exoskeleton are being delivered by messenger to the Embassy. Initial estimates by my engineers suggest a weapon of magical enchantment or imbued corruption inflicted the injures sustained by Rusty.  Please notify the Duchess Kiden that Rusty is requesting her assistance in his treatment.

     Due to both safety and health reasons, I am not comfortable allowing Rusty to return to the Duchy at this time.  Specific details are available upon request, as well as disclosed to Her Grace upon her arrival.  In lieu of transporting Rusty to Fenris Isle, I am offering an invitation to the Duchess Kiden to come to the Dreadscar Rift, and to bring any needed equipment and materials that she requires to aid in Rusty’s repairs.  I believe Her Grace will find the workshop I can provide is more than adequate.

     Regards, Netherlady Karrista Felstorm, Mistress of the Dreadscar Rift; Independent Contractor, Dalaran JSOC.

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Contest Winner!! Preference: How They Are After A Nightmare

Tony: Tony is very distant after a nightmare. You often wake up to an empty bed in the middle of the night only to find him in his workshop. You sit with him and just talk about random things. It makes Tony feel better that you don’t push him to talk about the stuff that went on in his head.

Steve: Steve always has nightmares about not being able to protect you. This is why you find him training in the middle of the night after nightmare. Steve feels that maybe if he trains harder then he can protect you better. He always says this to you. You just take him by the hand and back to bed where you kiss some sense back into him.

Thor: Thor is restless when he has a nightmare. He is either pacing or constantly fidgeting in bed. This always wakes you up and so you talk to him. You tell him stories from when you were a child to make him forget the dream. It never fails as his eyes grow heavy and he slowly go back to sleep.

Clint: Clint often has terrible dreams about the battle with Ultron. He dreams that you died trying to save him. This causes him to work on things around the house. He has a million little projects that he started and has never been able to finish. You find him laying hardwood flooring at three in the morning and drag his butt back to bed. You read him his favorite book until he fell back asleep.

Bruce: When Bruce has a nightmare he works like Tony. You find him writing some crazy formula that he grumbles at. You walk over and sit on his lap to kiss him. This brings him back to reality and he realizes that you’re safe and sound. You help him back into bed and hold him until he is fast asleep.

Pietro: Pietro is very touchy and not in the dirty sense of the word. He has to be in constant contact with you to make sure you’re real. It reassures him that you’re okay. He is always holding or kissing some part of you until early morning light comes through the curtains.

Bucky: Bucky loves cuddles and noise after he has a nightmare. So, naturally, you hold him close to your body and sing to him. Bucky loves the sound of your voice and thinks your singing is even better. He will hum along and squeeze you a little tighter as you make him forget the scary dreams that haunted him if when he was the winter soldier.

Loki: Loki is talkative after a nightmare. He just talk ms to you to get his mind off of it. You listen and run your hands through his soft locks. You talk quietly with him about random topics. It helps him greatly to forget the nightmares that plagued him.

Wanda: When Wanda has a nightmare about losing her brother she leaves. You don’t see her until morning when she had had enough time to compose herself. You give her an understanding smile and she gives you a small one in return. You kiss her softly and she is glad that you understand.

Natasha: Nat is clingy after a nightmare. Wherever you go, she goes. She has to know that you aren’t a figment of her imagination. You don’t mind because you like the attention. You just wish it was under better circumstances.

Maria: Maria hates the silence that will follow he nightmares before you wake up. As soon as you realize that she is having one, you turn on claiming soft music. You speak sweet nothing into her ears and she smiles as you make her forget everything that happened in her head while she was sleeping.

So when Cisco’s bored and lonely he Vibes over to Earth-2 and finds Harry in his workshop (where Harry might not be bored, but is missing having a cute Latino boy grumbling at him and throwing him pens). Cisco always asks Harry the news, and Harry always says some variation of “Jesse’s fine.” And then Harry always asks Cisco the news, which is a good way to get Cisco to talk while he works.

Today Cisco Vibes over and Harry asks him what’s the latest from Earth-2 (meaning 1). And Cisco launches into the epic saga of Kim, Kanye, and Taylor, with guest appearances from Selena, Justin, Zayn, and basically the entire Twittersphere.

Halfway through the massive explanation, Cisco realizes that Harry actually isn’t tinkering away, mostly ignoring him anymore. Harry’s standing up, eyes wide, looking genuinely alarmed.

“Cisco… if this is happening, why are you here? Is Barry handling it? Are you sure you’re all safe? We should call Jay… You could all be in grave danger.”

“…grave danger? From Kim and Kanye?”

“There’s no telling what could happen with Arch-Duchess Swift’s finger on the nuclear button! Last year Senator Knowles was able to pacify the situation, but now…”

And, thank all the gods, Jesse pokes her head in. “Uh, Dad? Senator Knowles? Kind of a pop star on Earth-1, FYI.”

“Well then she’s definitely not going to be able to save the planet from nuclear warfare! Jess, get my pulse rifle!”

It takes Cisco a worrying amount of time to decide whether he really wants Harry to blast Taylor Swift with a laser.

On Valentine’s day (and his birthday, and their anniversaries), Ruruka tends to make special sweets/desserts for Yoi (they obligatory include strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate ok), but what if one day she decides to give him something… different?

I mean, she makes desserts for him but… what if in this ocassion SHE is the dessert?

So one day Sonosuke comes back home after a long day at his blacksmith workshop and finds his girl sitting on the kitchen counter, wearing nothing more than one of those frilly aprons (and some cute lingerie underneath), with some strawberries and chocolate nearby and saying “happy valentine’s day, Yoi-chan; you must be hungry, wanna go straight to dessert?” or something like thatsfdfhghdhbd

i don’t suppose this question is answerable but it’d be interesting to see what sexual mores about attractiveness were like for the average person in historical periods

like, pederasty in classical greece and rome, or in medieval japan, are pretty well associated with the elite. what did the average gay dude, or for that matter, lesbian, working out in the fields or in an artisan workshop, find bangin’?

#26 Why Not Me? Part 3 (Harry Styles)

Part 1

Part 2

I sat with tousled hair and a bottle of cold water, thinking about my options. I had two – I could either accept Harry’s sudden want for me which is still unexplained but, I will get him for a few months at max. This could be a way of finding closure for this crush that I have, and enjoy being with Harry like I always dreamed of being. Or, I could tell him to cut his crap, find the reason for this sudden want, slap him because I wasn’t an idiot and then, walk away with pride and a complete heart. Anyway, I had to hear out his reasons first.

I pressed the cold water to my forehead, trying to cool off since, I felt extremely hot and then, got ready for the day. It was raining outside, which wasn’t shocking since it was always raining here. I walked with my umbrella to my workshop to find the gate already open.

“Alex? Are you inside? Why is the gate open?” I walked in, taking off my jacket. Picking up a canvas, as I felt getting inspiration through basics today, I chose my corner and walked to the store to get paints, “Oh my gosh!” I held my chest. “What are you doing here? Step away from there, it’s fragile!” I told him as he raised his hands and slowly walked out. “What is the meaning of this?” I asked, crossing my arms.

“I was looking for tape,” Harry explained.

“You came to my workshop to look for tape?” I raised my eyebrows.

“What? No. No. Tape, I finished all of mine, and I was making something here…”

“This is my workshop. What do you mean by making something here? Where did you get the key from, anyway!” I questioned.

“I kinda took it last night,” He went on.

“You stole it? Great! What are you making here anyway,” I walked to the other corner of my workshop.

“Zuri! Wait! I’m not finished!” He ran behind me but, I entered the area to find a table set in the middle with roses. The entire area had all my painting and sculptures properly organised which they weren’t earlier, and there was an ‘I’m sorry’ banner hanging halfway falling on the ground. “I was going to fix that…” He said, walking in and pulling it to the side.

“What is this? You’re using my space for a date with someone? Are you some sort of sadist or something? This is my workshop!”

“Wow! You think that low of me, don’t you?” He let the banner drop.

“I’m sorry for what?” I asked.

“I’m sorry for ruining things between us. I’m sorry for not seeing your worth and not understanding you. I’m sorry for coming on to you like that without any explanation. Basically, I’m sorry for being an idiot,” He said. “I brought food? For Lunch, your favourite, umm for two!” He picked up the bags and kept them on the table pulling the box out. “Please don’t just stand there, just come and eat lunch,” He sighed.

I unclenched my hands and walked to the table. “How do you even know I like this?” I asked.

“You’re my best friend, why won’t I?” He looked at me, surprised.

“Huh, best friend?” I let out a laugh.

“Well, closest friend…” He backtracked.

“You don’t have many friends then, Mr Styles if I’m what you have, and you don’t even treat me properly,” I watched his face fall, “What? The truth hurts…sit down.”

We ate the lunch in silence. It was weird, but we didn’t mention it. He helped me clear all the plates and kept the table in place. “Thanks for organising this stuff, it was…yeah in a mess before…”

“No worries,” He smiled. I nodded and walked out of the area, back to the store room to take the paints out. “Do I really have no chance with you?” he asked from the gate.

“Why do you want one, Harry? Why now? You’ve embarrassed me, made fun of me, ignored me, literally just left me on the road and told me to choose another way to be with your girls, and all the while I proudly held my head up and my heart out saying that I really liked you. I never questioned this, and I was never embarrassed cause, I kept thinking that it wasn’t intentional but, it was, and it is, and I don’t see why you would want me now when all you could do was run away from me before…” I poured my heart out. I was not crying, I felt like I had cried enough.

“I agree, I didn’t like seeing you with that guy. I hated the way he held your waist, absolutely detested the way he bent down to kiss you and for the first time, I thought, I could actually loose you. I never did before, you know. I liked that you were always there, that I could depend on you. And, I know how this is all wrong cause because all I am talking about is me because I was never there for you. I liked your attention on me but, I don’t know why I didn’t to have you at that moment. In my heart, I always knew, I’d date you, and it would be amazing but, I liked feeding off that…I’m so horrible, I know I am, telling you all of this but, the point is that I can be there for you. I can be your lover, I can have you depend on me and give you back all the love that, you gave me! All I am asking for is a chance. A chance to make things right…” I could see tears fall down his eyes.

I laughed, “all I had asked for was a chance, too. I didn’t ask for anything else, except just one chance to show you. And who says, you’re making it, right? Maybe this,” I pointed between us, “we separate is the right thing, and I have realised that now. You’re a selfish, selfish man who hasn’t even tried to be my friend yet and yes, it’s my fault. I let myself out to be used by you…but, I won’t now. You couldn’t be my friend. You would definitely not be my lover.”

I walked out of the store room to my canvas and exhaled all the air that, I was holding. After sometime, I heard the front door close and, that’s when I started crying.

It had been a month after that day. I was coping better now. I had my art exhibition in the evening and, things were finally working out. For the first time, I was paying attention to me and, loving myself more. I liked being me as I walked through the streets. I liked treating myself which I never did, and I loved this change.

“This is what inspired me to create this showcase. I feel, it’s important to appreciate the people and the things in our life and, I have tried to represent that…”

“That is very well said,” I heard his voice call out. The people in front of me nodded and turned to my work while this man walked up to me. He was wearing an all black attire; he always took my breath away.

“You always take my breath away,” He repeated my thoughts, and I smiled.

“You’re here,” I said.

“Yeah, I love the artist’s work. She’s my favourite. I have parts of all her collections in my house. Hey, I’m Harry,” he put his hands out.

I shook it, “Zuri…” Where was he taking this?

“You are very beautiful, Zuri. Would you like some wine?” He asked and, took two glasses from the server.

“Thank you,” I said, taking it.

“I really like the theme this time,” he said, acting like a complete stranger and I played along. At the end of the night, he walked me to my apartment, and kissed my cheek. “I hope we are friends now, Zuri. I’d like to see more of you,” He smiled.

“What are you doing, Harry?” I asked.

“Shh…” He touched his lips and walked away.

He kept meeting me, randomly the next week. And, we started hanging out, again. This time, I felt, I existed around him. He took me to parties with his hands around my waist, and introduced me to everyone, keeping me close throughout. We went clubbing once and came back sloshed. He didn’t even try anything. Not even once. I didn’t know where this was going. I was like a redo we were offering ourselves but, I didn’t question it.

After three months, he asked me out. “Harry…” I shook my head.

“I know, I know that I have an awful history but, that guy has changed. I realise what I lost, and I have just got it back, I want to take it a bit further. A lot further, please, just please forgive me, and say yes…” He pleaded. I took a night but then, said yes.

We were celebrating our six months tonight. His idea, cause I didn’t remember. “Hey baby,” He kept the champagne on the table and climbed over me on the sofa. Wrapping his hands around me, he pulled me to his lips. It felt so intense, as I finally tasted him, my temperature rising in a second with what he could do to me. I felt his tongue licking my lips, as I let them through to play with mine holding him in my arms against me. Our make out sessions were getting better and better and, I wanted to finally go all the way tonight. I felt his hands wander over my body as I tried taking off his shirt, first.

“You sure, love?” he asked, kissing down my neck.

“Yes, on my yes,” I felt him bite, knowing he was marking me as his own. He loved doing that, as he whispered sweet nothings in my ear. It wasn’t long before, our clothes were thrown off to one corner. I rubbed his bulge from my palms as he moaned, “No teasing, today, please! I’m desperate, today!” He cried in my palms, as I took him in my mouth. “Fuck!” I heard him moan. There was no more pleasure than seeing your man go crazy with you every move in front of you, as he did right now.  I tried to bring him over the edge but, he pulled me off and, then, climbed over me.

“Can we skip this?” I asked, panting. “I want you in me,” I said, kissing his lips as he felt him brush up and down, soaking himself with me. I arched my back as he entered me, going slow and kissing all over my neck, knowing exactly what gets me crazy. “Fuck, oh my, fuck,” I moaned as he increased his pace. He slammed into me, my head falling out of the sofa, as I held onto him, and took support from the table beside. His hands caressed my body, his lips kissing every part of skin he could reach, while I loved the feel of him inside me.

“Please don’t stop, please…” I said, as he picked me and, I bounced on his dick, wrapping my legs around him. Our lips met in a frenzy, as I lost my mind with him.

“Fuck, Zuri. Come for me baby, cmon,” He moaned, biting my chest. I came all over him, as he spurted his come, coating my insides. He fell down, on his back, pulling me with him, as I took a breath, my head on his chest. “I love you.”

“Do you, now?” I giggled.

“I’m serious. I love you. It’ll always be you, I’m very serious.” He said as he kissed my lips, once again.





Also when you interact with the Goner kid with an umbrella they thank you but then they ask:

“Please forget about me.”

In the new patch when you talk to the clam girl about Suzy and go to Sans workshop, you find a drawing of three people and a message written in all lower case, likely from Sans:

“don’t forget.”

((what I’m getting at is that Suzy totally drew that picture of their family and she is indeed a skeleton))

i will never get tired of fics where steve and tony dance around each other even though it’s obvious to literally EVERYONE that they should just get married and adopt a ton of puppies already

like steve goes to tony’s workshop and finds his propoganda posters on the wall, or collectible captain america comics or toys or whatever, and when tony tries to explain his huge childhood crush/hero worship he gets all flustered and steve just thinks “adorable”

tony going up to the kitchen and finding a fresh pot of coffee and a plate of food on the table waiting for him after every all-nighter he pulls at the office or in his lab and he knows it’s steve because… well, steve

tony painstakingly making improvements/alterations to steve’s uniform and gear after every time he’s hurt even though steve insists “it’s just a scratch, tony, even you can’t make my uniform indestructible” which tony of course takes as a challenege

steve kidnapping tony from work and taking him out to lunch and walking in the park because, yeah, tony isn’t ceo anymore but he’s still president and the only avenger with a real day job, and steve knows that even iron man needs an escape from his job every now and then

tony dropping whatever he’s doing for steve to have an impromptu 80’s movie night when steve doesn’t get a john hughes reference

steve keeping a close eye on tony after battles and administering first aid himself because tony hates medical if he really doesn’t have to, but steve knows that tony probably won’t take care of his minor injuries himself

tony remembering things like steve’s favorite kind of bagel, his favorite song and movie, his obsession with reese’s peanut butter cups, the way he takes his coffee, and his birthday (so what if it’s also a national holiday, tony still counts it as a win)

steve fretting over what gifts to get tony because what do you get the man who has everything? but regardless of what steve gives him, tony loves it and uses/wears it (tony still wears that blue scarf steve knit for him three years ago)

steve stumbling upon a folder titled with his name in the computer system, and finding everything from his uniform specs to his favorite music and videos from holidays and birthdays

tony finding one of steve’s sketch books in the entertainment room and flipping through it and seeing page after page after page of just him 

steve looking for his sketchbook and finding it in tony’s hands 

both of them slowly walking up to each other until they’re at arm’s length, and then steve reaches out and pulls tony against him, and they finally kiss 

they don’t say anything: actions speak louder than words, after all


The Great Dunes of Scotland by David Langan
Via Flickr:
To me this photograph is all about fringes. It is on the fringe of dawn, the fringe of winter and the fringe of the land. Incidently this photograph was taken looking North towards Menie and Donald Trump’s controversial golf course development. The dunes in this area were renamed by Trump to “The Great Dunes of Scotland”. Details of my website can be found on my flickr profile. From the website you can find information on my workshops, blog, prints and other social networking profiles.