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Reasons why Newt Scamander is exactly like Doctor Who


Appearances: Most noticeably, the facial expressions of Newt and Doctors 10 and 11 are very similar. Their voice patterns are also very similar, the muttered monologues to themselves and the halt between speech where there shouldn’t be one. They are also both somewhat socially awkward, acting slightly out of place. 

Possessions: Newt Scamander owns a very special suitcase, more than Mary Poppins-esque at the very least. His suitcase contains its own miniature world, where a menagerie of beasts live in wildly different climates. It’s almost, bigger on the inside. I couldn’t help but notice the parallel between itself and the Tardis, a time traveling ship that is infinitely big

Companionship: The Doctor often picks up humans from Earth and takes them on adventures so marvelous that its almost magical. Newt Scamander does something rather similar to this during the film, he unintentionally brings a no-maj (muggle) into his wild beast chase. This companion often leaves the series with their memory wiped and living comfortably, just like Kowalski being obliviated and getting his bakery. 

Empathy: The Doctor and Newt Scamander both have a deep empathy for non-human beings. During the series, the Doctor often stands up for and protects aliens from ignorant and fearful humans. The plot centers around Newt advocating for his beasts, saying they’re misunderstood and are really quite friendly. They both are able to communicate at some level with these non-human entities unlike anyone else. 


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9th Doctor

You were at work when everybody around you started gathering around being curious you walked over to see what all the commotion was about only to find the gathered around the TARDIS.

You made your way through the small crowd to see a man ‘Could that be…?’ You thought to yourself.



“Come here (Name)” He walks upto you and wraps his arms around you.

10th Doctor

You were walking back home until someone suddenly grabbed your hand and started running still holding onto your hand making you speed up aswell.


“Just keep running or else the cybermen will get us!” As soon as he said cybermen you hurried up.

“Oh god I really hope the Doctor is here”

“Yeah I’m here” you immediately stopped and looked at his new face"



*pulls you into a hug*

“My Doctor!”

“My (Name)!!”

“Erm I don’t think I wanna get turned into a cybermen so do you have a plan”


11th Doctor

It had been a while since you and the doctor had seen each other and you knew he’d turn up on one of these days

*kock knock*

You made your way to your door and opened it to see a man standing there looking a bit nervous.

“Hello, can I help you”

“Yes. Wait no (Name) it’s me the doctor!” He says with a huge grin.

“Is it really you doctor?”

“Yes it is!”

“Oh my god its really you!”

12th Doctor

Finally after searching for months you had finally found the TARDIS. You approached the blue police box and knocked on the door.


Not long after an older looking man opened the door “Who are you?”

“It’s me (Name)!”

“Oh yes (Name)” A smile grew on his face as he remembered

*You pull him into a hug*

“I don’t think I’m a hugging person now”

“I don’t really care”


Oof, so I really don’t like this drabble at all, but I’m posting it because I’m tired of fiddling with it and I want there to be something coming out of over an hour spent on it. Written for @timepetalsprompts winter fic bingo prompt “ice”. Dimension hopping!Rose, 100 words exactly.

She is ice.

This world is dead, dying, and it will kill her if she lingers. Already is killing her—she can feel the slow poison creeping through her veins, inexorable as the rising tide. The longer she spends in these alternate universes, so alien from her own, the faster it overtakes her.

It means no more saving innocents—she must not spend more time than necessary on each jump. She must find the TARDIS, she must—and so she is ice, cold and ruthlessly efficient, frozen against the dying’s screams.

Ice, after all, cannot feel and does not dream.



Imagine having seemingly the most boring life ever when you hear a loud crash in your backyard.

You run outside to check it out, where you see a man exiting a big police box, waving away the smoke from inside.

“Oh! Yeah, uhm…sorry ‘bout your grass.”


Captain Who

Timelords shouldn’t leave their TARDIS unattended or criminal masterminds steal them right from under their noses. And just like that, Carswell Thorne is flying through space and time, leading soap rebellions and fighting in intergalactic wars against evil queens.

Among his way, he finds the only mechanic that can repair a battered TARDIS, he’s sure of it. He is less sure about her being a lost princess though. And an emperor that absolutely needs a break from all his emperor-ing - who would be better for the job than Thorne? Wolf hybrids and farm girls, guards and princesses and androids  - everyone finds their place in the TARDIS (it’s a good thing that the TARDIS is “bigger on the inside”).

And finally, a damsel in distress he frees from captivity. A girl who has never been anywhere or seen anything and who dreams of deep soul connections and passionate kisses and daring escapades, not that she would tell him that. (But he knows.)

Being a true gentleman and hero in spe, Thorne takes her with him as his companion. It helps that she’s a sonic screwdriver in human form. A good thing to have by your side if you always get in trouble and have to run and escape. Which they do. A lot. If they are not too busy kissing that is.

But adventures can only last so long and eventually, after many, many journeys through time and space, they decide to stay on the planet that Cress loves better than any other they have visited so far - Earth.