find the pic then the textures then remember how i even colored it

how to create aesthetic graphics

(a tutorial by rihleymatthews) 

so, many people requested me a tutorial on these (x and x) graphics, and since they are not hard at all to create, i decided to try explaining to you guys how they come to life. 

WARNING: this is a long and detailed tutorial. Please keep in mind I tried to show all the tricks I normally use for these graphics, so some steps are optional or extra.

you’ll need: 

  • basic to medium photoshop knowledge (such as cropping, blending and shadowing)
  • a concept (a tv show, a character, something you can pick objects to represent them or their porsonality)
  • patience, a lot of patience. 

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veritatem inquirendam [seek the truth] (frank castle)

(gif source)

(original request: AU in which Frank is younger, and he and reader are college students. There’s a heated debate in class and everyone disagrees with Frank except the reader. After that, Frank starts paying more attention to the reader and hanging out with her after class, until he realizes he’s falling in love but she has no idea he is until her best friend tells her.)

(this is terrible i LOVE college frank i love this soft soft boy. what a nerd. i hate him. no warnings on this one except mentions of food and some sexism early in the story!!!)

(tagslist: @doct0rstrange, @caryled, @kurtwxgners, @atari-writes ! if i’ve forgotten you or you wanna be added to the tagslist, just send me a message!!! <3)

The professor is wrong. She knows it, but she can’t say it. You can’t say “you’re fucking wrong” in front of a classroom of fourty kids. Instead of speaking her mind, she bites her tongue and clicks the cap of her pen up and down, up and down, trying to tune out the professor’s voice.

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You Teach Them How to Draw/Paint (RFA + V & Vanderwood)

The last one got really popular, so here’s a sequel!

▪he can’t see, obviously, but you came up with a solution!
▪finger painting with different textures of paint!
▪You mix some things into paint and then added different objects that’d give it different textures
▪this precious boy is so excited
▪you pull the smock over his head, a plain white t-shirt with paint speckles all over the front and sleeves and hand him a bowl of warm water to wash his hands in
▪you take V’s hand and touch each of his fingers to the paints (some gritty, glittery, smooth, clumpy, anything you could do to make them different from one another) and tell him which of the paints are which colors
▪he immediately goes to work smearing the paint on the canvas almost expertly, taking great care into this painting
▪V gets some red paint in his hair and there’s a smear of yellow glitter on his cheek but his smile is so wide and pure that you just m e l t
▪forgets about the paint on his hands and kisses you
▪your faces are bright yellow and fuscia and that’s the day V seriously considers getting the surgery
▪kind of pains him hearing you so ecstatic and knowing the lengths you’re going through to make him comfortable and happy
▪"MC…you’re so beautiful"
▪he insists the two of you take a selfie to immortalize the moment forever what a cheeseball I love him so much but he doesn’t tell you that when he does get the surgery, he wants to see what you looked like today
▪finally, he adds a signature: the letter V in braille
▪it’s a clunky, glittery mess but you hang it right in the living room where you can see it all the time!

▪dis boy ain’t got time for this
▪he takes the pencil and draws a lovely picture of a middle finger, titling it: “To 707”
▪707 finds it and pretends to be really touched, even goes as far to print out seven hundred and seven copies, and then proceeding to tape them all up on his wall

▪he doesn’t want to learn
▪he wants to model
▪"Draw me like one of your Korean guys, MC"
▪poses provocatively on the sofa and even tries his pose from Promiscuous Jalapeño
Zen pls keep this PG-13
▪Remember that Brandon Rogers quote? “This is my hippity house I like to do a lot of fun and creative poses here”
▪yeah that’s Zen
▪when you do sit him down and tell him to draw YOU instead, he nearly panics
▪turns out his behaivor was just a front
▪he’s not good at drawing and doesn’t want to disappoint you
▪tries his best and when it doesn’t come out quite right, he erases your face and draws a funnier one on to make you laugh

▪when he asked you to teach him, you were expecting him to want to draw an LOLOL character
▪so honestly, you were shocked when he pulled out his phone and snapped a quick pic of you
▪you give him guidelines and things that’ll help him
▪he pulls his bangs back and sticks his pencil between his teeth, scrunching his face up as he studies the drawing
▪something isn’t quite right about it…
▪he tried, at least!
▪he’s really proud of it (and tbh it’s really cute, just also really messed up)

▪Jaehee looooves watercolor painting
▪she has a few books of famous watercolor painters so when you offer to teach her, she’s beside herself
▪"Really? You’d teach me?“
Jaehee I’d eat my own foot if you asked me to
▪tries to paint a watercolor painting with different kinds of coffee and it actually looks pretty good, especially since painting with coffee is kind of hard!
▪her painting is almost as good as yours
▪You’re lowkey jealous since it was her first time but Jaehee was so excited that you let it slide
▪she hangs up her paintings in the coffee shop and her face lights up everytime she passes by them
▪paints Zen a few times
▪but when Jumin asks her to paint a picture of Elizabeth 3rd, she declines faster than Seven consuming a bag of Honey Buddha chips ▪literally lives for the days the two of you sit down at the table and open up all of the windows to paint
▪she thinks that you’re a whole different kind of beautiful when you’re focused, sunlight streaming through and bouncing off of your hair and eyes
▪she actually tells you one day though
▪you were surprised when she leaned over and brushed your hair behind your ears, telling you how pretty you were and how your eyes looked translucent in the pretty light
god Baehee makes me so gayhee

▪you suggest oil painting!
▪he has the best paint, canvases, and easels imported from God knows where just for this
▪how did you even get them here so quick??
“I have my ways, MC”
▪…you mean money.
▪chooses to paint a picture of a landscape
▪Wait, no Elizabeth?
▪"Am I not allowed to have other interests besides Elizabeth 3rd?“
▪the two of you step out for a moment, and that’s when Elizabeth decides to take revenge on Jumin
▪you come back to a green and brown cat, and have to chase her all over the penthouse to give her a bath
▪the painting actually turns out really nice, he doesn’t even wear a smock and manages to stay pristine the entire time
▪however, he does keep Elizabeth’s paw print on the painting, and insists she helped him with it

▪actually begs you to teach him
▪you finally agree and sit him down, pulling out a kit of acrylic paints and a pad of artist’s paper
▪he, for once, looks really happy
▪when you ask him what he’s painting and try to look, he shies away
▪"I-it’s a secret, baka!“
▪"if you must know, it’s a picture of my one true love! She’s beautiful, sweet, makes me happier than anyone in the world….”
▪You’re suddenly really happy
▪Elizabeth 3rd is a cat so she can’t like memes, so he must mean you!
▪*Donald Trump voice* wrooooong
▪turns the picture around
▪it’s a freaking painting of himself kissing a bag of Honey Buddha chips

Since my second Tribute to modders turned out the be so popular, I decided to turn my first post into a Thumblr-post too. I hadnt started a Thumblr yet when I made this one. .

Here on Thumblr some of the pictures might be a littlebit altered since I have fiddled a lot with my screenshots since then, but the shots are the same.

(I have learned a bit more since then about screenshots and tools, this old ones arent the best quality but hey, i`ll make it original, and I will avoid the temptation of editing them (and hopefully I can find them all… :-) )

Tribute to Modders Nr 1 can originally be found HERE on Nexus (copy of this post)

Tribute to Modders nr 2 can be found HERE on nexus and HERE on Thumblr.

Tribute to Modders Nr 1

I would have stopped playing this game a LONG time ago, but..thanks to all you modders out there I keep playing this game, and I still love it.
I make few characters, but when I make them, I spend time on them. I want to develop a kind of relationship with them…and because you guys have dedicated some of your precious time creating mods that makes our toons beautiful, it is easy to fall in love with your character when you see the end result.

Thank you modders, for making this game fun time and time again. And thank you for sharing your art and hard work with us - we - who are completely and utterly incompitent and cannot make them ourself. (Ok, ok, I speak for myself now, tho, but…i KNOW im not alone:P )

- This is a tribute to you modders -

This must be my favorite toon so far. Frost is her name. She started out like this.

In reality she would be something like this….

…if it wasnt for you guys. And this is even with some mods active!! The horror…
In the pic above this you can see a mod active that can change your toons hair-colour, DAI Hair recolor utility by  Legion of the Living. It is indeed a awesome tool.

She started out with  lovely and skilled Ascendia`s Yennifer-complexion, together with a very popular mod made of Zolariel - New and Improved Makeup For All.

Throughout the game I have tested many different complextions. The last days I have used StepShy`s All about the face - Allisa-complextion with makeup, shown here:

In this pictures she is wearing Viviennes armor…How, you might ask? Easy. You download Borglet`s Live like Viv - mod. Then you can laugh in Vivienne`s face too!

And in company with the complextion I made her eyes beautiful with StepShy`s absolutely gorgeous eye-mod. I have tested a lot of them. Through the campaign I ended up with number 5, wich has turned out to be my favorite, as pictured here:

I have never liked face-tattoos on my characters. But… not long ago the insanely skilled StepShy came through with a new mod: Sheps Tattoo Collection. I could not stop myself. I had to take a trip to BE and get myself a tattoo!

Needless to say….. the modders are a tad better with tattoos than…you know… ahem… at any rate; this pic will explain it… a pic without a lot of mods enabled… Freshly out of Black Impodium, who, as we know, dont like mods.

There are so many skilled hair-modders out there, and I cannot mention them all here. But, I will admidt I got two favorites. Those who arent mentioned, you are not forgotten, and we love you. Skaramoosh with his extremely popular Hair Pack, I have used his Messy Wavy Bob through my latest game. Kadust is my other favorite, who has made a LOT of hairmods. I rarely play male, feels a bit odd since im a girl, but I did one playthough, and this is the hair I used on him, made by Kadust:

I used a lovely complextion on him, created by Tevinterscum. It was beautiful. And to make his vitaar a TAD more interesting I used  RockingAntelope`s Kieta’s new vitaar-mod.
His butt-kicking armor would not be possible without Atherisz`s Trespasser Skyhold PJ Replacer and Schematics - mod. Aaaand how could I possibly equip a warrior-armor since this toon is a mage? Why, you get the Tirnoney`s Armor - No Class Restrictions Remade-mod of course!

An additional little teaser from Skaramoosh`s hairpack is shown here:

And let us not forget something for ALL the hairmods out there; SK Hair Re-texture by Skaramoosh.

Something that follows all your toons is eye-lashes and eyebrow-mods. I have tried them all. My favorites are
Improved Lashes by xStephyG, Lush Lashes by Sho aka Zirael, and Elongated lashes by Ascendia, wich I have used lately, shown here:

There are also a collection of eyebrows out there, most popular is Settra`s, MrJack900 and Shantia. I have used them all, but Settra`s is shows on this images.

I do not like some of the bodies in this game. Elves are to skinny and dwarves..well..yea… Thanks to Custom Body Models  by Aravasia my last character, who was elf, could have a little more skin on her bones! More to Sera`s taste…. Here shown with StepShy`s lovely Dark Faye PJ.

I also got the Custom body models-mod on my human too, as seen here (and on all the other pics, Doh..). Here I am equipped with Sera`s armor?! How, you say? well.. you can get Sera’s breeches-mod  by Iris!

There are a lot of recoloring / tints out there, and now the brilliant mind tirnoney with his Opulent Tint have figured out how we all can change the colors in a easy way! I gotta admidt, I havent tried. I am so completely incompetent that even that seems overwhelming to me. Therefor I have swore to other brilliand minds and used those instead! I have used colors from  Seasonal Palettes by Berelinde, Dragon (and Other) Crafting Material Recolors by Electricfish mainly, altho I have used others too, I got a huge list of mixes, but I cannot remember them now, unfortunately. Here are some examples on both my quizzys and my companions:

I am a outfit-addict, and love to try on pretty things. (I know, girl-thing) I wanted to show you my favotite PJ`s and at the same time thank the modders for making me something pretty to wear!
This is my favorite. unfortunately it is no longer available, so I will not write who has modded it, but I will honor it with two examples of it:

The Dress by jacknifelee - together with Atherisz`s formal wear replacer - wedding dress.

Human and Qunari female skyhold jammies 18 styles by luna1124

This lovely outfit is made by Kalaheria, from her Kalaheria’s Odds and Ends-mod:

And here is another one from her that I really love:

I dont have a lot of pictures of my companions, but I use mods on each and every one of them. There is a lot of awesome companion-mods out there! An example is this picture, showing a lovely retexture of Blackwalls outfit. Mod is Studded Blackwall, made of OriginOfWaves:

Here is a lovely mod that makes Cullens eyes heavenly blue!

Here is various mods shown on my companions and advisors:

There is a lot of other mod I use, I am a mod-addict. Mods, who lurks in the shadows and cant be seen. It is a bit cheat, but..I love Unlock and change Specializations by MxT–ZS. And I adore the influence-mods from Dheuster and Ghostifish. This is just some example, and I will never be done if I should write them all. At any rate:

A big thanks to all the modders out there, those who mentioned here, and those who arent. You bring this game to the next level!

My toon would never look like this if it wasnt for you!

- VickyDragon

Eight & Eye Post Processing for Emotion

Note: This post spawned a much more detailed examination on the subject, which you can read here :)

In a conversation with schwarmerei1 over here, we got to discussing post-processing on eyes and I had this realization about some effects work and wanted to post more photos to demonstrate.  Also, to commemorate viewing 8.  Obsessed?  naaah.

Here is my comment on the other thread [just for clarity, I’m blathering for anyone listening in & interested - clearly schwarmerei1 needs not my lecture!rant :D]:

I just got back from viewing 8, during which (while luxuriating in this dear-friend-of-a-film) I was watching for some specific treatments - eyes and color timing specifically.  (just to eliminate the confusion of my in-camera/in-post mixing-and-matching of terminology, for ‘filter’ I definitely meant the color timing done in post rather than practical filters in-camera :).  The cool thing is, you can mostly use just one filter and get that ochre+teal combo out of earth and sky, plus the creamy skin tones of the actors.  

So with your previous comment about eyes, I tracked effects usage there and went…oh. my GOD!  Miller had Whipp do in post, exactly what I do in post processing photographs.  I’m practically obsessed with a trans-illuminated eye look, with heightened contrast, and filtering to pop color (bet you I can take a still of Charlize’s eyes and bring out exactly those colors :D), and unsharp mask to pop eye-lights/highlight. I’d spent the previous SEVEN VIEWINGS going, maaaan the eyes are amazing - were they using lighting magic or some damn thing??  Nope, they did exactly what I do to my professional shoots.  I had to stifle my shriek of realization in the theater.

And why do I do it?  Because you can read so much emotion in the eyes, but camera exposure has to choose balance based on the brightness of pale skin on pale skinned folk and reflecting highlights on dark skinned folk…meaning the eyes, forever in the shadow of the brow, are always under-exposed.  You can take a perfect photo that looks like… a perfect photo, do this specific subtle treatment on the eyes and suddenly the photo looks extraordinary - because it no longer looks like a photo, it looks the way our eye sees a human face/eye expression combination - because our eyes have so much better dynamic range than any sensor yet does.

My lid - it flipped.  And without your comment about his use of post effects, I would never have figured that one out, because I still consider cinematic post to be some mystical process, rather than remembering I’m pretty damn post-processing literate my own self :)  So thank you!  I loved having that realization - because their eyes are intrinsic to the subtlety of body language both Hardy and Theron brought to their acting and I knew I loved it, but didn’t know why it was so apparent.

(on the flip side, now that I knew what to look for I realized I was cranky about the over-smoothed skin textures on the wives in the first half of the film.  too plastic!  but, you know, different tastes.  The contrast to the lined, textured, gritty look of Furiosa and Max (and the clay textures & scarring on Nux as well) contrasted sharply with the overly smoothed textures on the women, and I’m sure that’s why the treatment on the skin was done.  I’d just…make it more natural.  Because I’m a picky bastard :P) (now I gotta go listen to that podcast - because, fun! thanks for the link!)

Now some photos!

Mostly Lighting:  In this first gif, the lighting is only slightly center off his face, to give us the best natural view of all this emotion.  We need his eyes!  And he is lit for it, for sure; great lighting here, but even so, the contrast on the eyes is boosted a bit I’m betting.  His eye color is really evident and the whites are really bright (sclera & highlights).  If it’s there it’s very subtle, but brings out his crucial emotion in this scene even more.

Help From Post: This one though - look at how shadowed his eyes should be - under the brow, with the light coming almost directly from his left.  I don’t think even lighting under him/a bounce board could have brought out the whites of his eye, and definitely not the eye lights.

Totally Post:  This one - Furiosa’s face goes entirely into shadow, and her eyes especially her off eye stays completely lit?  Without her face being illuminated? Where is this magic light source exactly?  And if her eyes weren’t brought out in post, her fear here would be almost lost.  Max’s visible eye is brought out too - I mean, he’s lit from behind. Very nice.

Post for Heartbreaker Connection:  In this shot his eyes should be almost obscured - he’s a mile away from the camera, no lighting at all!  And yet we can see the whites & highlights of his eyes clearly.

Sharpening or Unsharp Mask, too: And in the companion photo, look how much sharper her eye is than the rest of her face - so not only higher contrast, sharpened as well.  It really stands out.

For Sure No Post:  For contrast - here’s interview-decent lighting. Do either of her eyes pop the same way? Especially the eye in shadow? Can we see her eye color much? or whites?  No, nowhere near.

Going back through my tumblr to find these pics, I noticed that most of the Furiosa art totally over lights the eyes - capturing the visual style of the movie. 

Such cool stuff to realize and enjoy!  Movie magic makes me happy.