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I never understood why a girl is always suppose to be that ride or die chick that stays with a man and helps him build and become the man she deserves but a guy is never told to stay with a woman while she finds herself. A guy will always look for that perfect woman but we are suppose to settle for a building project?! Fuck that.

Darling, just hold on ♡ 

date a boy who can’t sit still. date a boy who’s a mechanical genius. date a boy who respects your autonomy. date a boy who will always support you. date a boy with an asshole older brother. date a boy who fed a rival captain’s fingers to his dog. date a boy who is the Ravkan king. date nikolai lantsov.

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Hi! I just wanted to apologize for any crazy fans who harassed you or any of the crew member for the trans marco theory thing. I don't exactly support the theory as well, since I find that 1 guy and 1 girl as protagonist creates a perfect balance that welcome both side of the gender and having 2 girls instead would favor more on the girl side of the demographics. But it's wrong to send hate to the crew or ANYONE over it for that matter. I hope you don't have a bad impression of our fandom :(

Hey! Thanks for writing in! Don’t worry, I don’t have a bad opinion of the fandom–in my experience, every fandom has its own brand of drama, and there are plenty of creators who have experienced much worse than I did. 

But I did want to say something on the middle section of your comment! So: it’s totally fine if you aren’t interested in the trans Marco theory and personally prefer shows with one male and one female protagonist. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions! But when you bring up this particular opinion in a conversation about female and LGBT representation, it makes it harder to have these kinds of conversations.

“Balance” sounds super great … in theory! If this show existed in a vacuum, then I would absolutely agree with you that equal gender representation is ideal. But it doesn’t. This show exists in our world, and our world has some pretty lame stuff in it. 

For instance, you mentioned that having two female protagonists would favor a female demographic. But here’s the thing: animated shows are functionally not ALLOWED to have a show with two female protagonists. Historically, networks have overwhelmingly favored shows with male protagonists because advertisers who support television networks have preferred to manufacture and market toys and products aimed at young boys.

Every once in a while, networks seek out shows with female protagonists–with the caveat that they be accompanied by a male costar. They don’t want to risk losing their “boys” demographic and, at the end of the day, that means that boys are valued more than girls. So when you see a show with a “balanced” show with a female lead and a male sidekick, remember that that “equal representation” is done to cater to male viewers and is usually mandatory. 

And then there’s the trans element.* Trans representation is exponentially rarer than female representation. If you are a trans kid growing up, you will have a very hard time finding your experienced reflected in the media you consume. And when the media you consume–and the culture that creates it–acts like you don’t exist, it’s easy to feel like you yourself don’t exist. That you don’t deserve respect. 

While we are seeing better representation of LGBT folks in media, we still have a long way to go. In the meantime, some people are taking matters into their own hands, either by creating their own stories or through fan theories. And that’s ultimately (to my understanding) what the trans marco people are doing: they see the potential for representation and make it their own. 

So when people post about the trans marco theory, hoping for representation that they badly need and deserve, it’s probably not a good time to jump in and talk about how having two female protagonists would make the show “unbalanced.” The WORLD is unbalanced. We gotta do something to tip the scales back in the right direction. 

And after all, if you wanted male representation, you could easily look to the supporting cast–or any number of animated shows that feature primarily if not exclusively male protagonists. There is really no shortage of them.

Again, I want to stress that if you like the one-boy-one-girl dynamic, that’s fine! But there’s a time and place for that opinion. 

*Disclaimer: I am not trans! And I don’t pretend to speak for trans people. Please feel free to correct or add onto this. 

To my love;
I used to look at other people in relationships and not understand how it was so easy for them to like someone and know that they were the person that they wanted to stand by and give themselves to. I never understood how their emotions just developed and they knew they loved the person, but you, you made it so easy for me. It was like right from the very beginning I knew, but I thought I was being stupid and overreacting because I liked the way you were treating me. As soon as I started to show you all the craziness of what goes on in my head and the stupid things I say and the shitty things I think about myself and you didn’t run, you didn’t say whatever, you stood by me and made sure that I knew I wasn’t fucked up and that I would stop blaming myself, that’s when I knew that you were the real deal. I have never felt any of these things towards anyone but you. I have never wanted to be next to to someone as much as I want to be close to you. I have never craved the presence of anyone as much I do you. I am so utterly in love with you that my mind can’t ever leave the thought of you. I love looking into your eyes on a different day to see what colour they are this time. I love how are hands fit perfectly together. I love seeing your eyes light up when you smile because you’re truly happy. I love the way you laugh at something really funny and then go “what was that laugh” because you thought it was ridiculous when I thought it was adorable. I love when you catch me looking at you and you have a small shy smirk pulling at your lips. I love when we finish eating dinner and you come up behind me and give me a massage. I love the way you smell. I love how even when you’re sad or upset you’re still so considerate. I love the concentrated look you have on your face when you’re playing piano and your little remarks when you mess up. I love singing with you at the piano. I love the little thing you do when you lick your lips. I love the way your eyes follow me when I’m coming towards you from across the room. I love the way you touch me; so delicate and gentle or desperate and passionate. I love the way you hold me like the way you did in church that day. I love the way our lips fit and work perfectly in sync with mine. I am so desperately in love with you I don’t know what to do with myself. You are my everything and I never want you to forget how much you mean to me, how much it would crush me if anything ever happened to you. You are my lifeline, so please don’t ever let me go. Because losing you would mean losing everything good in my life and I know I could never handle that. You have my heart and soul, baby. I love you. xx
—  (Your hopelessly in love girl)
The SLBP Lords React To MC Giving Birth To Their First Newborn (Before And Then After Birth): Headcanon (Requested)

Nobunaga: He’s actually pretty nervous as he waits for MC to give birth but tries his best to maintain his composure (even if he fails miserably)

Once he does give birth though he is so proud. He knows that he will give this child of his a perfect world in a divine rule under him.

Mitsuhide: He is the most helpful and supportive during MC’s pregnancy staying pretty calm and asking how he can best help.

After being there through the entire birthing process he feels especially close to his little one.

Inuchiyo: He is the 2nd most nervous of the lords when MC goes into labor. He loses his shit.

once the little ones are born he is wrapped around their little finger completely. Those are the babies he made with the one and only love of his life. (And yes BABIES because he had a litter of pups)

Hideyoshi:  The gifs say it all in for this guy.

Mitsunari: He tries not to be nervous but he totally is and who can blame him? He’s worried that he won’t be a good father, he never had one, he wasn’t sure what a father was even supposed to do.

After the baby is born however all his fears disappear and he is one of the most dedicated fathers that history has ever known. 

Ieyasu: He has next to no patience, he fidgets and is agitated the entire time he waits for MC.

But as soon as the baby is born he demands that the midwife hand the baby over to him so he can see them.

Kenshin: He is so relaxed and patient while he waits for MC to give birth.

Once the baby is born he realizes he has another favorite thing.

Shingen: So this you can actually read about in Shingen’s main route noble end cause it actually happens. It’s amazing and wonderful and perfect and I could’t capture the right emotions in gifs guys!!! 

Yukimura: he is a frantic mess, hyperventilating, worrying, the whole thing. He is so worried that something will go wrong, after all it happened to his mother.  

He is so happy to be holding his precious little one. He has another reason to come home safely from battles. 

Saizo:  He is so terrified that the baby will be born in the same darkness he was and pleads to the sky for his child to be born in the light like MC.

He is in such shock when he holds their bundle of joy. He is amazed that he and MC could come together and make something so beautifully innocent. It takes him a moment to firmly grasp that this was real.

Masamune: He is a good combination of happy and calm while MC gives birth.

External image

This is his family, he holds the baby and MC so close for fear they might slip away from him if he doesn’t hold on tight.

Kojuro: Kojuro stays in the room while MC is in labor, and while he tries to help, he’d be more helpful if he LEFT the room.

Once his daughter is born he realizes he has 2 precious girls now.

Shigezane: While MC is giving birth he is just trying to focus on not freaking out.

When the newborn is born he is enraptured by the tiny baby who he and MC made together.

I know love doesn’t always get its chance. Sometimes the pretty girl you’ve been dreaming of for years moves away. Sometimes you find the perfect guy and he finds someone else. And sometimes the life you spend years building with someone is destroyed in the blink of an eye. I know this is life. But that doesn’t make it any easier.

Imagine Alois Trancy’s face when he realizes you’re more fucking psycho than even he is.

@ 20TH FOX CENTURY MOVIES don’t you DARE ignore us this time, DO YOU HEAR ME? remake your PJO movies with CHRIS MCCARRELL as PERSEUS JACKSON. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? i can’t HEAR U, do you GOT IT? GET! ON! THAT! SHIT!

Jealous brothers - Request

Requested by anon: a sister imagine where she randomly showed up in his flat w/a companion after years of not seeing each other ‘cause she’s a genius agent of sort & the reason she’s there is to say she’s getting married & he goes on protective brother mode even getting mycroft to find out some dirt on the guy but apparently he’s perfect. In the end Sher finds out the guy keeps her right.
& anon: where their little sister is dating someone and neither of them deduce it because they think it’s impossible for her to be so grown up, but John figures it out because he understands humans. And Sherlock and Mycroft are completely shocked and get really protective of her.


**No incest**

Word count: 2.377

Warnings: Jelly Mycroft and Jelly Sherlock threatening very gory things.

A/N: Tom Hiddleston who? I wanted to write something light for the angsty stuff that’s coming this week. Also, how else would I express my undying crush on Tom HIddleston but by basing this character on him?


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“What are you doing here?” Sherlock inquired instantly as he caught sight of the girl – woman – sitting on his chair.

“Hello, brother.” She spoke sarcastically as she stood up, “I missed you too, and you look great.”

A warm smile grew on their faces and soon they were hugging. Sherlock let out a raspy chuckle and pulled away.

“It is marvellous to see you, sister.” Sherlock spoke truthfully.

“Brother? Sister?” John asked from behind Sherlock and the woman.

“John, this is my sister (Y/N). Sister, this is my friend Doctor John Watson.” Sherlock introduced them proudly, acting for once like a regular human being.

“John Watson,” she pronounced, “if everything I heard about you is true, I should call you my brother as well.”

She hugged the doctor warmly and, although John hugged her back, he couldn’t help but to mouth a “What does she mean?” to Sherlock who, of course, gave no answer.

“Does Mycroft know you are here?” Sherlock inquired once she let go off John.

“That question is awfully stupid, Sherlock.” She snapped sassily and Sherlock rolled his eyes.

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From top to bottom: Detective Dave Reyes, Deputy Marshal Sam Massey, Reza Fassihi, Nikhil Mantha, Mirasol Bautista, Cassandra Leigh, Ryan Summers

Don’t settle, don’t lower your standards. Wait for the guy who truly loves you.
Well, it’s engagement season. Recently I had a friend tell me in conversation, “What if I never find the perfect guy? I probably just need to lower my standards to get that ‘ring by spring’ like everyone else.”

I’ll be honest, I once thought the same thing… Will I ever find a guy with my, what seem to be, impossibly high, standards? I realized, though, yeah I should probably let go of the physical standards I have but there should be some things, us as girls should never settle on. We should wait it out, because even if it takes longer than expected, God has that perfect guy in store for you.

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The Locket | Draco Malfoy

Requested by anon.

Summary: “Draco x reader. Draco buys the reader a locket for their first anniversary. But when pansy finds it she can’t help but try it on. But Draco finds out.”

February was coming to an end when Draco Malfoy found himself standing on the middle of the main Street of Hogsmeade all alone. Usually, he would’ve told his friends to come along; even better, he would’ve taken his girlfriend, (Y/N), out on a date. But given the events that were due on next month, he had to visit the village with no one but his soul.

On March was going to be his one year anniversary with (Y/N), and he was determined to get her the best gift he could possibly find. He knew that if he told any of his guy friends to help him find the perfect gift for the girl, they would be no use and only waste his time joking around. And as for girls, he could only tell Pansy Parkinson, who was envious and annoying at alarming rates.

Sighing, Draco entered Gladrags Wizardwear. It was, by far, his best option. He had considered buying (Y/N) a book, or candy from Honeyukes, but those seemed to be gifts too lousy for an anniversary. At least here, he could find her a pretty piece of clothing to take back.

Draco looked around the shop, finding dresses that changed color to socks that screamed when they got too smelly. Searching for something to buy, he walked until the jewelry section and stopped dead on his tracks. There, glowing fancily on a showcase was a beautiful golden locket with a small diamond embedded in the very center. In a matter of seconds, the locket was stuffed carefully away in a small box and in the blond boy’s pocket.

A group of Slytherins were sitting in the common room, all admiring a beautiful golden locket in a small gift box at the center of the table.

“Wow, (Y/N) is going to love it,” said Blaise Zabini, making Draco smile smugly.

“How much?” asked Theodore Nott.

“Twenty-five galleons” Draco said, and Theodore raised his eyebrows.

“I didn’t know you could find such good stuff at Gladrags Wizardwear.”

“Not to mention expensive,” Blaise said, taking a close look at the diamond. He then proceeded to put the lid on; the ribbon automatically re-doing itself.

“Boys,” said a girl, Pansy Parkinson, as she sat in the armchair “Pucey told me that you need to go to Quidditch practice.” she told Draco. He sighed and stood up.

“Right, see you later then –Zabini, return the gift to my room.”

And with that, Draco left. Pansy was sparked with a bit of curiosity, and as she chatted with Blaise and Theodore, she couldn’t take her eyes off the box lying on the table. Soon enough, Balise and Theodore were off to their dormitories, and Pansy realized that the small gift box was left behind. In a blink of an eye, she grabbed the box and stuffed it in her robes, standing up and headed to the Prefect’s bathroom.

Pansy undid the white ribbon on the gift box and took the lid off, staring in awe at the beautiful locket sitting under her nose. She carefully took it on her slim fingers and held it up, taking in every single detail of the piece of jewelry. Not wanting to waste so much time, she quickly placed it around her neck, admiring the way it looked so classy over her collarbones.

Pansy kept admiring the beauty of the locket on the mirror, as well as hers; it seemed as the necklace, somehow, transferred its beauty to the owner once it was worn. Sighing, she reluctantly took it off and placed it once again inside its box, tying the white ribbon.

In a matter of minutes, she was now entering the common room and sitting once again in the arm chair. Just a couple seconds after, the Quidditch team entered, Draco clutching his broomstick and looking tired.

“Oh, Draco,” she called, standing up and fetching the box inside her robes “Blaise left the box here so I figured I would take it so no one else could,” she handed back the box to the boy, who kept staring at it with furrowed eyebrows.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“You used it, didn’t you?” Draco accused angrily. Pansy’s eyes widened.

“What? No, I –I didn’t…”

“Don’t lie,” he spat, a few Slytherins across the room stared at him. He shoved the box in her face “Look at this ugly ribbon –you made it yourself, didn’t you?”

“What are you talking about?”

He grunted “The ribbon does itself again until the gift is used! Once it’s out of its box, you have to do it by hand!”

“Okay –I took it out, but it was just to-”

Before Pansy could finish, Draco had pushed her out of his way and made his way to the boy’s dormitories. He stopped at the middle, and turning back, he snarled.

“Don’t touch things that aren’t yours, Parkinson.”

  • joaquin: *is a serpent, all around bad boy, has probably convinced himself that he'll never find the perfect guy in riverdale, doesn't want to find the perfect guy in riverdale*
  • kevin: *shows up*
  • joaquin: goDDAMMIT

So we are going to be moving this summer. It kind of sucks but is also really exciting (it’s going to be our 4th move in 5 years) But it’s necessary to keep the business growing. Since my mom and sisters moved in with us and the shop has grown so much, we are desperately in need of more space. (Seriously, I need like at least two rooms just for the shop LOL) This is going to be an amazing and probably stressful move hahah! 

Today we’re visiting a small mountain town that I’ve been looking at and hopefully talking to some brokers/realtors (we’re renting, not buying so I’m not sure what to call the people..) that can help us find the perfect place for us! 

It would be awesome if you guys could send a little luck our way! :) 

Recently Viewed - Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return

My brother and I started watching Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return today. Digging it so far. The host segments haven’t quite clicked for me yet (mostly because they’re harder to justify, what with Netflix’s lack of commercial breaks), but the riffing—which was always the real meat of the show, as far as I was concerned—has kept us in constant hysterics, despite a few rushed deliveries and clumsy punchlines. Considering it took the original cast years to discover the perfect rhythm, I’m willing to cut the new guys some slack. And when the bots find the perfect running gag or drop a reference so obscure even I have to force laughter to save face, it’s just like old times, and those minor flaws seem a lot less important.

It’s just a show. I should really just relax.