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what the houses are...

Ravenclaw is… starting that new project without finishing the one from yesterday, messy rooms, 3am talks, theology textbook one day and Stephen King novel the next, cloud watching, star gazing, cups of tea paired with random musings, quirky nicknames, having someone constantly read your feelings, a wonderful kind of sleepy, knee high socks, coffee dates in little cafes, re-reading favourite childhood books, art time-lapses, constant fiddling,

Hufflepuff is… when you grip someone’s hand mid horror-movie, blanket forts, the feeling of taking off your bra at the end of the day, when you find that perfect gift for someone, ice cream dates on sunny days, knowing there’s a shoulder to cry on if you need it, the fuzzy feeling of making someone smile, pep talks, toasting marshmallows, falling asleep on someone’s shoulder, moments of ‘holy crap that’s the time?’, walking on newly fallen autumn leaves, swing sets,

Gryffindor is… when the teacher says you’ll be working in pairs and you and your friend immediately look at each other, the sting of a good hi five, when your stomach drops on a roller coaster, air guitar, laughing until you cry, snowball fights, looking up lame conspiracy theories, talking through a movie, smiling at strangers, getting into bed after a long day, cheesy pick-up lines, running your fingers through your hair, a cold glass of water on a hot day,

Slytherin is… late night drives, passing notes in class, telling awesome horror stories, the glint in someone’s eye when they know something that you don’t, fireworks, checking water temperature with the tip of your toes, truth or dare, marble sculptures, the satisfaction of knowing you’re right, scented candles, walking around in an empty house, hide and seek, collections, being told a secret,

I’ve seen a lot of stories about Newt having Christmas with the Goldsteins but guys, they’re Jewish.

Imagine Newt standing awkwardly close to Tina as Queenie and her recite traditional prayers. About half way through Newt slips his hand into Tina’s. Both turn bright pink and they have butterflies in their tummies. I swear they’re actually middle schoolers. 

Imagine Newt getting quite competitive during the dreidel game but in the end lets Jacob win because he’s having so much fun.

Imagine the Niffler thinking they’re real coins (gelt) being passed around and being quite disappointed when he finds out that they’re chocolate. 

Imagine Newt finally answering Queenie saying he actually really prefers strudel while she’s baking all types of delicious pastries with Jacob. 

Imagine Newt secretly freaking out because oh god he couldn’t even find one gift perfect enough for Tina now he has to find eight?!?

But Imagine on the 25th the girls set up a small Christmas tree for Newt and Jacob and they decorate it and Newt and Tina put the star on top together and Queenie goes around with mistletoe And Tina tells her to knock it off but Newt surprises her with a kiss and Jacob has a bit too much giggle water and is belting out Christmas songs and Newt is really happy he can do so many amazing Holiday traditions with his friends. 

Otayuri headcanons #5

-Already weeks before Otabek’s 19th birthday Yuri is stressing about possible presents. It’s the first time he actually cares enough about someone outside of his family that he wants to give him a birthday present, and he puts in the utmost effort to find the perfect gift

-He keeps sending Otabek these weird cryptic-not-at-all-subtle messages to find out what he likes, instead of just flat-out asking, because that would be totally uncool and embarrassing

-“Beka, if you had to decide would you rather buy a mug that changes colour when it’s filled with warm stuff or would you rather buy a personalised pillow?”

-Beka knows full well what Yuri is trying to do, so he always answers right away and tries to give him hints as good as possible.

-Beka doesn’t want to mock him or spoil his motivation, so he just lets Yuri do what he wants. To be honest, he is really touched that Yuri cares so much. Beka thinks Yuri’s devotion to finding him a present is just completely adorable and totally cute – although he’d never say that to the boy

-The day before his birthday, Beka invites Yuri to come hang out with him the next day and at first Yuri doesn’t text him back. Beka is surprised, since the younger boy is normally always within reach of his phone. After a few hours he gets a little worried and tries calling him.

-Yuri is currently in Yakov’s kitchen trying to bake a cake and it doesn’t go as planned. His coach has already escaped the chaotic flat so Yuri is on his own, trying to make a chocolate cake with vanilla inside, and a glazing in the colours of the Kazakh flag. He also wants to write happy birthday in Kazakh (туған күнің құтты болсын), but it’s not working. At all. (no idea if that’s right, it’s what google translator said!)

-Ingredients are everywhere, dough and icing stick to the floor, to the walls, to the ceiling, to the kitchen cabinets, even to Yuri’s face and clothes. He’s getting frustrated with his more than obvious lack of skill, but he’s determined to still finish the cake before tomorrow, so he can give it to Beka. Even if it means baking the entire night.

-His phone is somewhere buried beneath the rolls of wrapping paper and cards he tried and deemed too ugly to give to Beka. Yuri is listening to loud punk to calm his nerves and he doesn’t hear the ringing of his phone at all.

-At some point, Beka goes to Yakov’s house and rings the doorbell. He waits endless minutes until Yuri opens the door, face even paler than usual as he’s covered with sugar and flour, and a wave of homely baking scent reaches Beka’s nose. He tries to bite back a smile.

-“Sorry I just turned up. Yura, you didn’t answer my messages so I wanted to see if you’re ok,” he explains.

-“Ah, sorry, I guess I forgot to reply…,” Yuri says. Beka can tell he’s in pjs and a red apron that’s obviously too big for him.

-“Are you ok?” Beka asks. “Need help with anything? I got nothing else to do this evening.”

-Yuri explains he’s baking a cake for a friend!!!!! and that it all doesn’t go as well as he wants it to. Beka offers his help, internally melting because this is too adorable for words.

-Yuri finally agrees to letting him into the flat – but he’s not allowed to enter the kitchen under any circumstances other than the wish for a quick and painful death. So Beka sits down in the living room and gives Yuri instructions through the half open door.

-Yuri, in the kitchen, does exactly what Beka tells him and yes, it works this time!

-At some point, Beka falls asleep on the sofa and Yuri lets him sleep, weirdly shy and at the same time excited. The cake is ready and the presents are all wrapped and placed in front of Beka on the living room table.

-Yuri lights up nineteen candles on the cake and then slowly takes it into the living room. And then, when the time says midnight, Yuri shakes Beka’s shoulder with a rare gentleness and says quietly:

“Happy birthday, Beka.”

They’ve been paladins for ten months when Hunk’s 21st birthday comes up, and that means they have nothing of Earth around. Keith agonises over what to get him for a week, but no one is helpful in the least.

They’re on a planet with a yellow sky, red plants and black water when he finds it. A gleaming yellow gem, cut almost perfectly by nature, reflecting the light and all sorts of colours, some he hasn’t even seen before. Hunk would love to study it, he’s sure.

Hunk loves it.

They’ve been paladins for two months when Keith’s 20th birthday comes up. Hunk really wants to get him something special, but Earth is so far away and Zarkon is still their first priority.

They’re on a planet with a purple moon where a warrior race has lived for millennia when he finds it. With a blade like silver and a handle like gold, the knife is sharpest than anything he’s ever seen. He’s pretty sure Keith will like it.

Keith loves it.


Queenie and Jacob see something in Newt and Tina before they do… ❤

quote taken from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)

This quote describes their journey so well…

NewtXReader - The Perfect Gift

Request: Newt x Reader where Newt has an immense fear of something (you decide) and he’s approached with it but the reader aka his girlfriend comforts him?



The smell of Jacob’s cinnamon cookies and Queenie’s delicious cooking, woke you gently from your sleep. Stretching your muscles, you sunk deeper into the fluffy pillow. Turning softly on your side you came face to face with Newt’s vibrant green eyes, studying every curve of your body. Let’s just say your nightgown was slightly on the revealing side. Shuffling closer you cuddled deep into his body, running a finger lightly against his broad chest. A gentle hum of happiness coming from his lips.

This was the first year you and Newt had spent Christmas together as a couple and life couldn’t be more bliss. Although personally you wished that it was just the 2 of you in the case, both of you had decided to spend the holiday at the Goldstein’s apartment. Your friends where your family after all.

You really couldn’t complain though as you still got to wake up to the most handsome freckled face in the whole world. Newt pulled the covers further over both of your bodies, making a cosy cocoon. “Merry Christmas”, he huskily mumbled into your hair, still very disoriented in his half asleep state. Giggling at his ticklish actions, you placed a gentle peck on his slightly chapped lips. “Merry Christmas”, you quietly replied, your voice barely above a whisper.

But before you could dip your head down for another kiss, Queenie burst into the room, completely unaware of your loved up position. Unable to control her childlike excitement she squealed, “Come on lovebirds! You two can be cuties later, I wanna open the presents”.

Her whines weren’t met with any response as in a blink of an eye, Queenie had rushed back to the living room, not even allowing her to take no for an answer.

Newt’s chest slightly vibrated as he chuckled at Queenie’s immature nature, the sound being sweet music to your ears. Placing one last kiss on those lovable lips, Newt slipped from the sheets off to tend to the creatures. The warmth of his body leaving you completely. It was almost like he was your personal hot water bottle.

Although you desperately wanted to persuade him to come back into bed again, you knew that just because it was Christmas that didn’t mean he couldn’t tend to his duties. The creatures came first and his dedication was always something you had admired about him.

“Don’t take too long love” you called after him. His playful laughter being the only response you received, you decided to savour the residual heat left from him, curling back up under the covers.

5 more minutes wouldn’t hurt?


*1 hour later*

After forcing yourself from the bed and making yourself presentable, you joined Jacob and the Goldstein sisters underneath the decorated Christmas tree. Newt had obviously lost track of time and was still in his case, however it was difficult to get Queenie to wait any longer.

Tina had organised all the presents into little piles according to person, to prevent Queenie from opening the wrong gift. It was easy for her to get carried away in her exhilaration.

Noticing her sister’s eagerness Tina finally gave in, “fineeee, Queenie you go first”,she sighed.

Letting out a quick squeal, Queenie didn’t need to be asked twice before tearing through all her presents. Her hands moved in a blur as she undid the hours of wrapping. To be honest her speed was making you dizzy. 

Her feminine taste was highlighted by everything she received, nearly every present having at least one tone of pink in it. Pink nightgowns, pink shoes, pink scarf, pink hat… was starting to make you feel nausea.

Tina received more sensible gifts such as books and stationary, although she was thankful nevertheless. Jacob was given cooking equipment and recipe books to keep him ticking over (and of course a pink tie from Queenie, which you knew for a fact he’d never wear).

The residue of torn wrapping paper lay scattered all over the living room floor. You were overwhelmed at the beautiful gifts you had received from the others but to be honest your mind was somewhere else. Where was Newt?

Almost as soon as the thought passed your mind, an out of breath, flushed Newt appeared into the room, “sorry the niffler was being extra difficult” he puffed sending a sorry smile in your direction.

“Thought Pickett had taken you hostage!” You playfully teased as you ushered him over to where the gifts lay. Studying his surroundings Newt noticed the expensive presents everyone else had given you. A silver ring with a blue Jewel from Tina, Perfume from Queenie and a baking kit from Jacob. His cheeks redden as worry started to cloud his mind.

Looking into your hopeful eyes, his world started to come crashing down. He saw the excitement laced in your eyes, unaware of what you where about to receive from him. Your hope was tearing Newt apart, what exactly had you been expecting? Designer dresses, expensive fragrances, priceless jewellery?Unfortunately all of these guesses where far out of a Magozoologist’s salary. He couldn’t afford the gifts that most women wanted…

“Do I get to open yours now Mr Scamander?”, you excitedly asked, a warm smile beaming on your face. You didn’t really care what Newt had bought you however Newt remained oblivious to this.

He looked down to the crumpled piece of paper in his hand, before quickly stuffing it back into his coat. It was worthless compared to the fine gifts the others had given you.

Although he knew you would be accepting for whatever he gave you, Newt feared you would figure out the truth. The truth that he would never be enough. Just not in terms of giving presents but as a boyfriend. As the realisation hit him a soft frown washed over his face. He especially didn’t want to face the embarrassment of losing you in front of the others and holding back his tears wasn’t a guarantee.

Unbeknown to Newt, his worries had caught the attention of a certain legilimen. Reading his mind, Queenie shot a concerned glance in Newt’s direction before making a change of topic, “I think the turkey’s nearly ready? Why don’t you open Newt’s present later?” she suggested throwing a sympathetic look once more at Newt.

Although you were slightly disappointed that the wait would be extended, you failed to notice the relief plastered on Newt’s face. He silently thanked Queenie for giving him more time and excuse himself for ‘a breath of fresh air’.

As everyone sat down at the Christmas table, Newt dashed out the apartment door into the empty streets. Not a single person to be seen. Maybe now he could go out and purchase another gift, one more for deserving of you.

Although after an hour of relentless searching it was clear that all hope was lost. Every store closed for the Christmas break no one in a right mind would be open over the holiays. What was he going to do? He couldn’t return back with what he’d originally planned to give you.

“Bugger” he mumbled, running a hand through his mess auburn hair. Finally giving up, Newt trailed back to the apartment to face the inevitable.

Opening the door, he noticed the empty Christmas dinner plates sitting by the sink. Had he really been away for that long? Looking around he saw that no one else was in the room, only you who was anxiously pacing back and forward.

Noticing you Newt’s presence you rushed over to him, tightly wrapping your arms around his tall frame. Nuzzling into his chest, relief flushed through your body.

“Merlin Newt, where did you go? You missed all of Christmas dinner..” Angry undertones laced your voice, although they were purely out of concern for him. You couldn’t even enjoy your Christmas meal, you were so worried about him.

However upon nothing the solemn look on Newt’s face your anger deceased. “Newt…did you forget to get me something?” You wearily asked, noticing his defeatist attitude. You didn’t really mind but wished that if he had forgotten, he would of told you straight up.

“No - well - it’s just… I did buy you something but - it’s not good enough” Newt downheartedly mumbled the last part under his breath. Sorrow dripped from his voice as he completely avoided giving you eye contact. Is this what he was scared of all along?

An amused smile spread across your face, as you caressed Newt’s cheek, “I’d be honoured to receive anything from you”. Giving him a reassuring look you lightly pressed you lips against his.

Taking a nervous deep breath in, Newt slipped his hand into his pocket, revealing the paper he had been hiding all night. Shakily handing it to you, you unraveled the crumpled edges to find a beautiful illustration.

Before your gaze lay an image of a girl. Each pencil line capturing the uniqueness and beauty of the woman, hours and hours of work obviously had been put into the creation of it. So much life and expression where drawn into her eyes, as though she had seen the entire world. Signed at the bottom was Newt’s name, handwriting you could only identify as his. Running your eyes over the drawing once more, the realisation finally set in.

It was you.

Was this how he saw you? As elegant and alluring as this? Although slightly dog-eared it was perfect. A happy tear rolled down your cheek, slightly staining the paper. Noticing the smudge the tear had caused, you immediately apologised, “God Newt I’m so sorry - I didn’t mean to ruin it”

“It was ruined from the moment a drew it” he muttered under his breath, still avoiding your gaze.

“What are you talking about?” You softly gasped in shock, “shhhhh don’t tell the others but this is my favourite present”. You cheekily whispered, making sure that only he heard.

“But-t it not worth as much as your others presents….” He sighed, still looking upset.

“Newt I don’t need any expensive jewellery, fancy clothes or anything….when I met you I got the perfect gift I could ever ask for”.

Without thought, Newt brought his lips to meet yours. Closing your eyes, you responded equally, loving the safe and passionate feeling Newt provided. He kissed you again and again, each kiss more intense than the last. He couldn’t believe it. You loved the drawing. Wrapping his arms around your frame, Newt’s heart raced wildly as he felt you press against him. Time was lost until a mildly disgusted voice rang behind you.

“Seriously you two? On Jesus’ birthday?” Tina playfully remarked.


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christmas morning!! present unwrapping!! and sneaky mistletoe kisses!! with ushijima, oikawa and daichi please? tis the season to be fluffy!! spread the love, have a magical holiday season and thank you very much :D

Christmas Morning with Ushijima

  • He’s not awake until you start bouncing up and down next to him excitedly, screaming that it’s Christmas.
  • Don’t get me wrong, he enjoys the holidays but you have a bit too much energy this early in the morning.
  • Grudgingly gets up and follows you down to the living room where theRE ARE PRESENTS E V E R Y W H E R E!
  • He’s wondering when you even had the time to buy him that many presents because that huge ass pile over there is all for him.
  • You watch as he opens up each gift from you, a slight smile on his face. You were extremely thoughtful and spent an unhealthy amount of time trying to find the perfect gift for him.
  • When it comes time for you to open up gifts it’s all the things you have pointed out.
  • How did he remember all of this? That one was from like January???

Gift Unwrapping with Daichi

  • He’s waited for nearly two months to give you his gift and he’s excited yet nervous. He desperately wants to know your reaction.
  • You spent weeks searching the stores and doing online shopping until you found the perfect gift for Papa Crow. 
  • When he presented you his gift you almost teared up at how beautiful the wrapping was. And the bow was in your favourite colour too??? You almost didn’t want to open it.
  • As soon as your face breaks out into a smile at his gift, you’re attacking him with a hug and smothering Daichi in kisses. He always knows exactly what to get you. Is Daichi Santa Claus???
  • Daichi goes to open his gift and what does he find? Briefs with “Thighchi” written across the ass. He wants to laugh and punch whoever gave you the idea? Probably you because you’re cheeky af.
  • He thinks you’re serious until you pull his real gift from behind your back and he’s slightly relieved. 

Mistletoe Kisses with Oikawa

  • This sneaky bastard sets up mistletoe everywhere. In the bathroom, the kitchen, living room, etc.
  • Somehow you seem to evade every single one of his attacks which makes the poor captain flustered. All he wants is a holiday kiss from his baby.
  • He’s sitting on the couch sulking when you nearly jump into his lap, grinning down at his frowning face.
  • “Babe, what are you doing? Trying to get on the naughty list already?”
  • “I just got tired of you sulking and thought you might like this.”
  • You kissed him for like a good five minuted before you released him. You released the beast and started a make out session . RIP to you.
  • He loves to kiss you when he’s got an audience, Has to wow everyone with what a good couple you two are.
CS Oneshot: The Bookstore Pirate

Day 2 of Ficmas prompted by @kat2609​ you are a fantastic friend and cheerleader MFAMB!

It’s Emma’s first Christmas with Henry and she is desperate to find him the perfect gift. Which is how she ends up in a pirate themed bookstore talking to a complete stranger about the stress of gift giving. Captain Swan Modern AU that’s kind of like a non-cursed AU. One-shot.

Other Ficmas Stories: Day 1

3.6k | T | AO3 |

Emma wasn’t exactly panicked, she still had a month before Christmas, but she was worried about getting the right gift for Henry. So far nothing had felt right as she scoured the internet and the local Storybrooke stores. Probably because subconsciously she was trying to pack ten years worth of gift giving into one day.

Ruby had suggested she try The Pirate’s Cove Bookstore because the owner had the reputation for picking the perfect book just by looking at a person. And although Emma thought that unlikely she had still made time on her lunch break to check the place out. Located on a side street and tucked between a furniture store and a dance studio it’s small display window was filled by a model pirate ship with books cleverly showcased on it’s decks. Emma appreciated the commitment to the theme.

She pushed open the dark mahogany door only to practically run into somebody. She pulled up short of knocking into him. Because it was a him, a him dressed in tight dark jeans, a button-up shirt (that wasn’t entirely buttoned up), and a black leather vest. His hair was dark and his handsome face covered in facial hair that wasn’t quite a beard but more than a five o’clock shadow. Despite his smirk, or maybe because of it. Emma felt like he was trouble

“Sorry.” She mumbled and moved to let him pass by her.

“No worries, love. Can I help you?” Emma gave him a confused look and his smile grew causing her to wonder if she saw a small dimple. “I work here. So can I help you find something,” he clarified as he gestured to the store with what Emma was surprised to notice was not a hand but a silver hook–now that was commitment to a theme.  

“Oh. Right.” Emma gave her head a little shake stopping herself from thinking of dimples, and hooks, and unbuttoned shirts. She had to find something for Henry and it didn’t look like the owner was in. She glanced around at the store. “I’m just looking.”

“Alright. I’ll just be at the register if you need anything.” He gave her another smile and then walked away.

Emma felt relief that he wasn’t a pushy salesman and turned her attention from the strange clerk to the store itself. In keeping with the pirate theme the entire place was covered in dark wood paneling and decorated with various nautical touches. It was bigger than it appeared; the small entrance giving way to a spacious backroom. She wandered to the first shelf and frowned at the hand-lettered sign above it.

For A Rainy Day

The shelf was full of books of all sizes and genres; she shook her head and moved to the next one.

Fascinating People

This shelf included the expected biographies but also nonfiction books like Emma by Jane Austen and Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. Emma checked her watch she didn’t have time to wander the entire store hoping for a shelf labeled “books for ten year-old boys who you gave up for adoption and really want to impress”. And even if there were she was pretty sure she would pick the wrong book. She needed the savant owner to just pick a book for her and take the burden of the decision away. She looked over at the clerk. He was leaning on the register appearing to be engrossed in a slim copy of “Captain’s Courageous”.

“Excuse me.” He pulled the book down so fast Emma was sure he had been watching and waiting for her to ask for help. “Do you know when the owner will be around?”

His eyebrow ticked up and he gave a little half bow. “Killian Jones, bookstore pirate, at your service, lass.”

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Imagine Sam Trying to Find You the Perfect Christmas Gift

“You’ve been on that thing all morning. No luck?” Dean questions, setting a beer in front of Sam.

Sam looks from up his computer, pursing his lips and running a hand through his hair. “This is harder than I expected.”

“You’re thinking too much.” Dean cracks his can with a hiss. “Look, I’m the last person that should be giving anyone gift-giving advice but damn, just pick something and go with it. Or better yet get a room, watch a movie and fuck her until she can’t walk straight.”

“Sounds memorable.” Sam waves his hand in Dean’s direction, dismissing him.

“I’m serious, Sam. Don’t tell her I said this, but she’s a cool chick. She’s not expecting diamonds and gold. She’d probably just wants to spend some time with you.” Dean cocks his head confidently and gulps down half his Budweiser.

“Maybe.” Sam concedes, closing his laptop. “It’s just, we’re coming up on a year together, and it’s Christmas. The last time I was really with anyone this long, it was with Jess. I was a kid back then. I had no idea what I was doing.”

“It sounds like you still don’t.” Dean raises his eyebrows.

“Shut up. I’m trying to get this right.” Sam leans back in his chair, ready to give up, at least for today.

“No, you’re trying to make it perfect and nothing that involves you or me is ever going to be perfect. She knows who she’s with, Sammy.”

“I guess.” Sam nods and they both sit in comfortable silence for some time before Dean can’t help himself.

“But if you go with my motel idea, I know the perfect place: vibrating heart beds. You can’t go wrong.”

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Baubles, Books, and Belle

Merry almost Christmas, everyone! Since there’s no episode tonight, here’s some Captain Book Brotp with background Captain Swan. Enjoy!

Belle assists Killian in finding the perfect gift for Emma. (Set during the six weeks of peace.)


When Killian entered the library, he was dismayed to hear the now increasingly familiar instrumentation of one of the many “Christmas” songs that had infiltrated every musical device in the bloody town.

He wasn’t a fan of this type of music. To be honest, he wasn’t a fan of much of what this realm called music, but these sort of songs irritated him so – especially since they had the nasty habit of getting stuck in his head. (“Earworms,” Henry called them.) They were much to merry, and though he enjoyed the sentiment of spending time with loved ones, did all of the songs have to be so focused on this particular holiday?

Killian also wasn’t fond of the forced merriment of the songs, especially when he considered the task he carrying out today, and almost every day since Belle forced the Crocodile over the town line: researching ways to free the fairies. Week had passed, and he was still no closer to discovering a way to save them. As such, his time in the library generally placed in him a somewhat foul mood, or at the very least, a mood that meant he didn’t want to listen to those sleigh bells jingling or whatever else they bloody well did. 

(Maybe this was why Emma called him a Scrooge.)

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Yuri!!! on Ice Fic: In which Leo can’t find a perfect gift for Guang Hong so he opts for the next best thing.

Prompt: Leo having a hard time finding a gift for Guang Hong and decides to tell him his feelings.
Pairing/Character(s): LeoJi; Phichit Chulanont
A/N: Another late birthday fic whut. Phichit being a supportive bro is the best; I also somehow HC him as being a sarcastic little shit if he doesn’t get enough sleep or in the morning before he gets his sugary coffee despite his cheerful/outgoing self most of the time. Could be a continuation to this ficlet?


“Dude, what do I do? His birthday is today, and I’ve got nothing – and I do mean nothing – prepared!”

If Leo is sounding a bit unhinged at the moment, his friend from the other end of the phone makes no snarky comment about it like he usually would when given the chance; instead, the Grand Prix finalist from Thailand merely releases what must have been the fifth yawn since he’s picked up the phone.  

“You’re calling me at… 3 in the morning just to ask me what to get for your boyfriend’s birthday?” Another yawn interrupts him, and he’s too exhausted to even pretend to be grumpy at being woken up at this ungodly hour.

Leo clears his throat, blood immediately rushing to his cheeks as he trips over his own words, “Okay, first of all, Guang Hong is not my boyfriend, and––”

“Not with that attitude,” Phichit agrees before Leo can even defend himself. “If I weren’t so damn sleepy and had to wake up in three hours for training, I’d be totally touched that I was the first person you’d consult with concerning your romantic endeavors.”

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We’re pleased to announce the release of our 2016 #BestBooks Lists for Kids and Teens! Our expert librarians read through hundreds of books this year and selected their favorite 100 children’s books and 50 young adult titles to share with you. Find the perfect book to give as a gift this holiday season or to add to your child’s reading list.

Pokemon: Hau, What Are You Hiding?

Hey guys! This is for the anon who requested number 16 for the Christmas prompts for Haudion. I really hope you like this anon! So, please enjoy, and thank you for requesting! :D

Hau had a secret that he was hiding. After getting some help from Sun, the young trainer found out about something called The Matsuda Method. His rival was happy to help by giving him a pokemon called ditto. The boy said that it was a special one, and it would help him find the perfect gift for Gladion. Hau could not be any happier. And so, after hatching endless amount of eggs, the brunet was finally able to get what he was looking for. A shiny zubat! Smiling down at the dusk ball he left the small green bat go into, Hau really hoped the mysterious blond would like it.

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etsyfindoftheday 1 | 2.9.17

theme thursday: valentine’s day gift ideas for kids

giant coloring poster: cats! by atelierruetabaga

happy thursday everyone! today’s theme will focus on finds for the little ones in your lives — fun activities and gifts perfect for kids. atelierruetabaga’s giant coloring posters are available in several themes. as a kid at heart, and a former art major, i’d LOVE to get my paws on this bad boy and start scribbling!

Be My Valentine

Summary: Wade rushes to find the perfect Valentine’s gift at the last minute.

Pairings: None

Warnings: C’mon, guys, it’s Deadpool. So obviously strong language, violence, mental illness, obscene language, cringe-worthy violence, insanity.

Word Count: 760

A/N: My beautiful @oneshot-shit launched a Valentine’s drabble challenge. My prompt was chocolate. This is what I came up with. Italics are chaotic bad Deadpool, Bold is chaotic neutral Deadpool, Normal is primary Deadpool. Enjoy, darlings.

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A perk of Shiklah hating me? You don’t have to get her a Valentine? Exactly! What about Ellie? What about her? Do dads get their kids Valentines? Seems creepy, in an incesty way. What?! No! You’re not… No! We’ll be late for dinner if we stop to get her something. Preston will probably kill me for a month if I show up empty-handed. Oh! We can get her one of those plushie bouquets! A Spider-Man one! Shut up! We are NOT getting her a bouquet of Spider-Mans. Can we get one for us? Fuck yes we can. But what about Ellie? Moana? Frozen? Darth Vader? Bea Arthur? Bea Arthur! Sorry Spidey, but I think I have to get me a bouquet of Bea Arthurs. Because. OMG. Get both! Focus!! On what? A Valentine for Ellie! Oh. Right. I’ll just go to the Avengers shop, they’ve got to have something, and I own it! Then stop walking past it. Yeah, pay attention you fucking idiot. You just called yourself an idiot. What? No I—SHUT UP! Idiot.

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etsyfindoftheday 1 | 1.17.17

large leather tote bag by patersonsalisbury

happy third anniversary to my sister and her husband! anniversary no. 3 comes with the traditional gift of leather, so today i’m going to share some perfect leather finds to kick-start some gift ideas … this large tote bag is made from new zealand cow leather in a gorgeous cognac hue and has thoughtful copper rivets. i know kat would love to carry this bag around kansas … just saying, ry.