find the one who makes our heart smile

I think sometimes we get so comfortable in a relationship we don’t realize the love is fading. Even though their smile doesn’t leave us breathless and we no longer crave their kiss, we stay because it’s what we know. We become content with our mediocre love. But we shouldn’t. Love shouldn’t fade, it should grow stronger with every kiss. So if your love fades, it’s time to find someone new because this person is not for you. Find the person who, in sixty years is covered in wrinkles and grey hair, still makes your heart race. That person is the one you belong with. That person is the love of your life.

IT’S YOU (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: set in season one and bellamy and clarke are getting closer and the reader who is bellamy’s girlfriend gets jealous and then bellamy has to assure her that they’re just friends. hella fluffy!!! thank you i love your blog!!

A/N: aww thanks so much! sorry this took a while to post, my inbox is pretty full xx


Your eyes burn as you watch Clarke and Bellamy sitting together from inside the drop ship. Continuing your work with Raven on the radio, you’re livid. Lately, you’ve been noticing how close they are and it really bothered you. Clarke was taking up all his free time and you’re starting to think that your boyfriend’s forgotten about you completely. 

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she won't ever write about you like i do

people are always saying how things always get better with time, which is true, but everything and every feeling is always here. it will never leave. we all think about our painful experiences and how much they changed us, shaping us into who we are today. we all ask ourselves, who were we before we got our hearts broken? who were we before we cried ourselves to sleep every night? we were untouched. untouched with smiles on our faces, never imagining how heavy the weight of pain would be just from one person. we fall in love, forgetting how we felt the last time we were let down. we’re blind. when all you can feel is love, you can’t seem to find anything that would ever matter more. we make mistakes and hate ourselves for them. we get mad at ourselves, because the thought of what you could have done to get them to stay, but you never could have made them stay if they wanted to leave in the first place. it’s such an empty feelings you know? thinking that if you could turn back time, and start it all over again, then you would do just about anything to keep them, because now you walk past a stranger that you know a lot about. you walk past a stranger that you’re still in love with, and they walk past the stranger that they stopped loving. walking past them and feeling the warmth of their body, but you can’t find the strength to make eye contact with them anymore. at a time, you used to be capable of staring into her eyes for as long as she let you, before she nervously looked away, but now you can’t, because nothing is the same. it never will be. you see everything so differently. you used to walk into school bathrooms just to waste time, or check your hair, but now you walk in and all you can think about is that was where you had your first kiss with her. as you lay in bed, you remember that she was in it before too, and now she won’t ever be again. it hurts to wear some of your own fucking clothes, because you remember that you wore this outfit a night when you were with her. it hurts to hear a song that used to be your favorite, because you remember being in the car, and holding her hand with your heart pounding out of your chest while that certain song was playing. it hurts to go to school dances, because you remember how you danced with her as the light hit her face in the most beautiful angles as you admired her soft skin and beautiful face, and even her shaky hands. now all you want is for that night to happen over and over again, because that’s when you started to fall in love with her, yet you didn’t even realize it. you started to fall at the most simplest moments, like when you were on your way back from an amusement park and you were both so tired, as you laid your head on her lap and she ran her fingers through your hair. staring at each other for the longest time in the back of that car, and you still remember the way her eyes glistened, even in complete darkness. you go to places, and suddenly, you realize that it smells a little bit like her, then you remember the nights in her bedroom as you both laughed nervously and talked while you were laying your head on her chest. you realize that she smelled like home. it hurts to hear your own damn heartbeat, because all you can think about is how it is beating for someone that no longer loves you like the way she used to.

I'll Show You (Part 8) - Theo Raeken Imagine

A/N: Here’s the last part of the “I’ll Show You” series. Theo isn’t really there that much in this part but it still has a lot to do with both Y/N and Theo. I really hope you guys enjoyed this series and the ending. Thank you for all the love, I really appreciate it. PS. sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes etc.


Note: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4,
Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Pairing: Theo x Reader
Warning: None, I think.
Word count: 1932

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Snowfall. Chapter 2



Dust was everywhere.

           In the air.

                       In your lungs.

And the longer you stood in the middle of the vast surroundings of the Washington ski lodge.

The air was cold around you like a thick fog capturing you in a bubble. Your (e/c) eyes look around the lodge in silence as you take in your surroundings. It hadn’t changed at all in the year that had passed. Everything was exactly as it was one year ago.

           An image that caused a chill to move up your spine.

The longer you looked the more you felt sadness creep in, tears threatening to spill over. You stand with your back to everyone, your body fixated on the dust covered counter tops. The dust mocked forever changed.

You feel your mood start to change at the thought, but it only changes for a moment before you feel the gentle caress of Josh’s hand finding yours. He holds your hand and offers you a small smile, a smile that seems to tell you he was feeling the same way.

Leaning your head against his shoulder his lips find the top of your head as you breathe each other in. Tonight, would be hard for the both of you, but you knew that, but you knew if you both stood together nothing could break you.

“I’m glad I have you…”

You hear him whisper before giving your forehead another kiss. He gives your hand a firm squeeze and dares to look down at you. For a moment, you see something in his eyes, a look that told you something was troubling him. Your brow furrows at the sight, but when you try to ask him what’s wrong he continues speaking. He continues before you have the chance to make him think about whatever is troubling him.

“… Without you I feel like I would’ve lost my mind a long time ago.”

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I just wanna fall in love with a girl so deeply, like I wanna lay in bed with her and for her hand holding my hand and us just cuddle all night as we talk about anything. I wanna just find a girl that makes me feel beautiful, I want to kiss her lips for the first time and feel some magical spark. I wanna have a real deep amazing love that just stays and will wanna try. I wanna find a girl to be happy with and to trust upon for everything I want to tell her. I want to have the best moments with her. Patiently waiting I am to find this right girl… I want to just have a real relationship that will make me feel happy everyday with her, to have adventures and lots of dates. I want to just touch her hand and hold it softly with mine as I smile big at her with my heart beating and say to her “ this is gonna be the hand I will hold for the rest of my life . ” And I want to kiss her lips at a special time to tell her “ these lips.. I want to kiss them everyday. ” I want a girl to make the future of our happiness of love . I want a good deep great feeling kind of love with you. Someone to make me smile truly and who will always accept me who has this loving heart to give happiness to me. I want to find that love. One day I’ll be able to tell her she’s this girl for me. 😍

Seventeen’s Ideal Type’s (in my opinion) Part One

Seungcheol - I can see him going for someone very motherly and mature. Someone who take’s on the role of a protector as well as being his girlfriend/boyfriend. I think he’d suit someone who’s very talkative and can carry on conversations but at the same time he wouldn’t mind if she just sat back and let things flow. A girl/boy who’s practical and well mannered and gives of the vibe of a classy lady/guy. Polite and plans things well yet would still trip and fall in public? Just a fun mixture of both I think would suit our Coups. 

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Jeonghan - A girl/boy who’s very mature yet knows how to have fun? Like, a girl/boy who’s daring and exciting and goes through life spontaneously. I think that would catch his attention. Bubbly and positive with a bright smile that blinds anyone who looks at her/him. Gives good advice and is always there for people when they need her/him to be. Jeonghan would be drawn to her/ him because she’s/he’s a mixture of everything and he’d be very attracted to that. 

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Joshua - I’ve always seen Josh going for the biggest sweetheart on earth! Someone who’s kind, selfless and the cutest little thing ever. A girl/boy who at first is shy yet as you get to know them, she/he comes more and more out of their shell. Not someone who’s in your face but someone who you can have a nice conversation with. Your traditional good girl/boy. Someone who can get along with everyone and is pure and innocent. I think Jisoo would be head over heels for a girl/boy like that. 

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Jun - For me Jun would go for someone who’s intelligent and quick witted. Someone he can have a deep conversation with and it never get boring. A girl/boy who’s comfortable being herself and expressing her/his views on certain things; I think Jun would find that quality very attractive. Someone with a good fashion taste who likes expressing who they are through their clothes. Open minded and creative. Someone who can handle Jun being on tour and still love him just as much as she always has as their relationship progresses. 

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Hoshi: This sunshine would go for the biggest dork on Earth! Someone who makes others wonder if they’re okay yet he’ll sit and find them the most adorable thing to ever grace this Earth. I think he’d go for someone who’s good at dancing like him, they don’t have to be the best dancer ever but have some skill so he can grab them to dance. A person who’s very polite and well spoken on the streets yet at home turn silly and makes our Soonyoung smile. 

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Wonwoo - A very reserved girl/boy who takes a while to get to know someone. Someone who could just happily sit there drawing or reading and let’s the world go by. I think Wonwoo would find their stability to be very enticing. A girl/boy who allows him to put them on a pedestal because I’ve always been one to believe Wonwoo would love his partner with all his heart. Someone quite chilled and laid back yet showers our Garden Fairy with all their love and affection. 

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Woozi - A very stable girl/boy who knows what they want from life. A person who could help Woozi stay on his feet and stay’s his rock and his safe place no matter what. I could see him go for someone quite curvy and petite like himself. Someone intelligent and shares their views. A person who’s skillful at many things but prefers not to showcase their talents from shyness. Just your average girl who’s open to loving Woozi. 

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If you’re in the figure skating world, I suppose you heard it already, but if you don’t well hear it goes: Mao Asada announced her retirement today. When I first heard about it (when Johhny Weir posted a pic on his instagram), I thought ‘No this can’t be happening. Not now’ - not because it was sudden (after Sochi, and 2014 she never could come back at her top form, and the injuries didn’t help either) but because after Misha Ge (whom retirement, was sudden, especially before the Olympics, but completely understandable) I didn’t want another of my favourites to disappear. Because Mao was one of the first figure skaters, whom skating I fell in love with. One of my greatest regrets is that I couldn’t see her at her best, because I didn’t watch figure skating back then. I’m really sorry, that she never could have the Olympic gold medal, what she wanted and deserved, but if she thinks, that this is the best decision right now, I’m ok with it. I just hope, that she is happy.
So Mao-chan - what could I say. The Japanese prodigy, the girl who jumped a triple Axel at an age, when no one could, the women who made history, and skated her way into our hearts - thank you. Thank you for all of your hard work and inspiration, you gave for so many others. And that you could make me love this beautiful sport. I hope, that you are going to find a new dream, a motivation again, and I will hear about you soon.
Never forget how to smile,
A fan

Stiles Stilinski-Take care of her (crossover)

Request:“I was gonna ask for a crossover imagen, teen wolf and the vampire diaries where stiles is your boyfriend but Damon and Stefan have been like you’re brother, very protective of you, for a looong time, longer than you beacon hills and the brothers come to visit and Damon always  gets always on stiles’ last nerve bc he thinks it’s fun whereas Stefan is like “omg stop” but when something happens they do anything to protect you. If you don’t to tvd and just replace it:)”

Your name: submit What is this?

You have never expected to fall in love with a human.You learned from your brothers’ experience with Elena that it never ends good.Your brothers were both very protective and both vampires.In fact, they weren’t your real brothers.They were the ones who found you, a new transformed vampire lost in the eternity, and decided to take care of you.

You three were inseparable, until one day. You wanted to go in some city, named Beacon Hills, without any reason.You just felt that you have to do something there.They weren’t really happy for your decision but they respected it.When you arrived in the city the first person you met was a boy named Stiles. Let’s just say that you got intp a fight with another vampire in the city and police came and took you to the station. There you met this boy and you finally understood why you came here. He was the one you were looking for all these long years.

You soon found out that Beacon Hills was full of supernatural creatures: werewolves, kitsunes, werecoyotes, banshees, hunters, anything you want. Despite your differences, you and Stiles became a couple. It wasn’t a perfect love story but it was your story. Stiles accepted your past. He never judged your choices and never asked you to be someone else.

Of course you had to tell your brothers about this little romance.One night you called them.

“Hi, guys! It’s me. How are you?”

“We are great. Stefan just made the whole city believe that we are vampires so we might have to leave.” Damon said.

“Shut up. It was your fault.” Stefan said.

“Anyway, I have really good news. Are you ready to hear them? Maybe you should sit down.” you told them.

“You are not pregnant, are you?” Stefan said laughing.

“Sometimes I think you forget I am a vampire.” you said.

“Sometimes you forget you are our little sis’ and we love to tease you.” Damon said.

“Very funny, Damon. But seriously now.I have a boyfriend” you said.

“What?!” they both said.

“You heard. I have a happy and healthy relationship with a human.” you said

“Ok Stefan, pack everything we are going to meet our soon to be brother-in-law” Damon said.

“Damon, please…I really love him. Don’t do something stupid.” you whined.

“Me? Stupid? Never. Se you soon.” he said and hung up.


The next morning you were standing on the couch with Stiles, watching a movie when you heard a knock on your door.

“Are you waiting for someone?” Stiles asked.

“Trust me, if I could avoid them, I would.” you told him.

You got up and opened the door to let Damon and Stefan get in.

“Pretty house, kid. Who did you compell to let you stay here?” Damon said.

“Actually, is mine. I know you don’t believe but I had had some money and I bought this beautiful house.” you said.

“That’s amaz….”Stefan tried to say but he was cut off by his brother.

“Enough with small talk. Where is prince charming?” Damon said going to living room.

“Damon, please.” Stefan said following his brother. You ran after them.

“Ummm, Stiles they are my brothers,Stefan and Damon Salvatore. Guys he is Stiles, my boyfriend.” you said.

“Hi Stiles, nice to meet you.” Damon said and for a second you thought that it could actually go well, but then he said. “So you are with my sister, that’s nice. You know what I’m going to do to you if you broke her heart? I bet you don’t. I will use every method of torture that I have learned in my 174 years on you. And trust me , there are a lot.” he said still smiling. Stiles gulped.”Ok… I don’t think it would be necessary. I’m really in love with your sister.”

“Good. Because..”

“Damon, leave the boy alone.” Stefan said.”I’m sorry for my brother. What we want to say is that we invite you to a lunch and start to know each other. What do you say?”

“As long as Y/N comes too and stops him from killing me, sure” Stiles said.

“Good.Then it’s planned.We’ll see you in a few hours then. Let’s meet at a restaurant. It will be neutral ground.” Stefan said.


You and Stiles entered the restaurant and looked for the two vampires.

“I’m scared.” Stiles said.

“You don’t have. They are just really protective. And remember, they can fell fear.” you said, looking around.

You finally found them.You could see Damon’ s smirk when he noticed you.

“There is the happy couple.” Damon said.

“Hi guys.” you said.

“Hi.” they said.

“I think we should order the food because we can’t stay much.” you said.

“Why? The boy has a curfew?” Damon said.

Stiles rolled his eyes and wanted to say something but you stopped him before this situation would become worse.

“No. We have to study. “ you said

“Yeah, I got it. He is afraid so he wants to leave this place as soon as he can. I understand, sweetheart.” Damon said and winked at Stiles.

“No. I’m actually enjoying this.  I never had the opportunity to talk to a vampire.So tell me old man, what you and your old friends do, huh?” Stiles said.

“I may be 174 old but I still look better than you, kid.” Damon said.

“174? Really? I wouldn’t gave you a day past 300. I guess some vampires look older than others. I’m sorry for you.” Stiles said. You hit his foot under the table, like Stefan did with his brother when all these little sarcastics comments started.

“I will be sorry for you after this lunch. You should know that is not good to annoy a vampire, and right now I’m pretty annoyed.

“Damon…stop.” Stefan said.

“Enough. I don’t want to see you fighting. Why can’t you accept that I have found someone who loves me for who I am” you yelled at Damon. You got up and went straight to the door.Stiles wanted to do the same but Stefan said.

“Please Stiles, stay.Forgive my brother. I want to talk to you.” Stiles did as he was said and sit back down on the chair. “I’m sure you love Y/N. I saw how you look at her when she doesn’t notice. I can hear your heart beats when you are around her. I’m really happy that she finally met someone who cares for her. But understand that we have took care of her long before you were even borned. I don’t say that Damon’s behavior is alright because it’s not, but we just love her very much and we want to be sure that she is safe and happy.”

“I know. I’m sorry Damon, for all those comments.” Stiles said.

“Yeah, I think I’m sorry too for saying that I will torture you. I will find other methodes to punish you if you break her heart. Or maybe she will find. She is one of the strongest vampires so you should be the one who needs protection.” Damon said.

“I will be careful with her and I will make her happy. It’s a promise.” Stiles said.

“Fine. Everything is ok, so we should go back to Mystic Falls or other city since Damon revealed our identity.” Stefan said looking at his brother.

“What?! It was you! “ he said.

You were standing near the front door listening everything. You had a big smile when you saw your boyfriend and brothers getting out without any wound or bite.

“I guess your visit here ended.” you said while hugging Stefan and Damon. “I’m going to miss you,boys.”

“Don’t be sad. Maybe we’ll buy a house here. We could go out in week-ends and spent time as a family. I could teach Stiles some vampire’s things.But until then take care of her.” Damon said and patted Stiles on the shoulder.

“We’ll take care of each other.” you said, smiling and waving to the 2 vampires who got in their car and drove to another town, happy that their little sister found true love and happiness.

  • After being accidentally thrown back in time, Emma meets the Evil Queen, who begrudgingly agrees to help her and "that pirate" find a way back to the present. Along the way, they begin to develop feelings for one another, and Regina doesn't want to let go. So Emma convinces her to make a potion of forgetting.
  • Regina: I don't want to forget you, Emma.
  • Emma: [smiles sadly] You have to.
  • Regina: But I'm finally happy. You did that.
  • Emma: That's exactly the problem. If you don't forget me, your heart won't be broken anymore, and you won't cast the curse. And if you had never cast the curse, I'd be an infant here, and our son would never have been born.
  • Regina: [a tear rolls down her cheek] No. I won't drink it.
  • Emma: The fact that I'm here now means you already have. You have to forget me Regina. You have to cast the curse so I can come back in the future.
  • Regina: [stares sadly at the bottle in her hands] You promise you'll always come back?
  • Emma: Always. I know it's not perfect, but I swear to you, one day, I will heal your broken heart.
  • Regina: [produces another small vile] Give this to me, in the future. It is a potion of remembering. I'll forget you for now, but I won't forget you forever.

Good morning everyone! I hope you guys are having fun this holiday season!

I would just like to give- what?
Oh! How embarrassing…

Anyways, I’m here to give you some holiday tips.
First of all, for those of you who are misgendered- don’t let it get to you. You know who you are. Don’t listen to anyone but you. Dysphoria is pretty awful, but you are beautiful. You are handsome. You are valid and you. Love yourself no matter what they say.

To those of you out there who may be abused, whether physically or emotionally, by family or “friends”, it is only temporary. You will get out of it soon. You are way stronger than you think you are. I hope you can see that one day. Please don’t think you’re pathetic. Scientifically speaking, you are quite the opposite. Don’t be afraid to seek help if you need it. Asking doesn’t make you weak by any means. And most importantly, it is NOT your fault. Please know this. It is not your fault, never has and never will be. You can make it through this. I believe in you!

To those of you who have depression or some other sort of mental illness- you’re reading this right now aren’t you? Good. You’re here. You’re alive. You’re reading this and it’s the end of the year and you have survived. I’m so proud of you. You are wonderful, I hope you know that. And I’m so glad you’re here. Please take care of yourself. I know it may be hard at times but your illness does not define you. It is a scientific fact that you can sometimes trick yourself into being a little happier, even temporarily, just by smiling. try it and see if it works! But know you are very loved. I hope one day you’ll love yourself as much as I love science. You’ve come so far. Please don’t give up now. 

And to those of you who… *ahem* who may not may it home in time for the holidays… Remember you have your voice. You can always Skype, Snapchat, call, or even text… See what you can make of your surroundings. Being without our loved ones really sucks, I know, trust me /I know/. But you will see them soon! And maybe soon in time is a broad definition but you’ll have whomever in mind and in heart. And sometimes, just the thought of them can make you smile more. I hope you find each other in no time.

Anyways um. Braen, is there anything you’d like to add?

Smile. Stay happy.
Also, please, wrapping it before you tap it is the most productive way to go.

Well, he’s not exactly wrong…?

But anyways, I have a challenge for you.
Everyone always makes a New Year’s resolution and then gives up about two weeks later.
This upcoming year, I challenge you to pick one thing. Just one thing that you would like to learn or get better at. Whether it be learning a new instrument, drawing, more science experiments, call your boyfriend more often than you do… or girlfriend or datemate, I mean…you know. Work on that throughout the year. How far do you think you’ll come?

Good luck, stay safe, have fun, and have a very wonderful day. 
Happy Holidays!<3

anonymous asked:

I'm sure you've probably already been asked but a prompt idea for Rory: the school sports day.

Sorry this took me so long! And I kind of mixed two prompts together for this one hope that’s ok.

Other Chapters

‘Rory dinner is ready can you clear away your books so we can eat?’ Holly calls to Rory as he finishes his homework at the table.

Rory and Gail work in silence setting the table and help Holly carry the plates from the kitchen, but as soon as they hit their chairs Rory looks up with a mischievous look on his face. ‘So…’

‘Yes Rory?’ Holly asks.

‘It’s sports day in two weeks’

‘Yeah I saw that, the school sent us a letter about it, what events are you going to do?’

‘Well I want to do the egg and spoon and maybe one other but also will you guys please please do the parents race? Gail you’re super fast at running’

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I chose you.

I chose you, don’t you get that? I chose you. I don’t care if you’re not with me, I don’t want to meet other people. I don’t want to walk around feeling empty all the time. You’re the only one who actually fills that emptiness. You’re the one who understands me without saying a word. I don’t want to see anyone else actually, even if they see me. I still can’t find you in anyone. I wouldn’t care if we spent our boring silent times, you being around will be enough. This silence will only bring us closer, and let our eyes and hearts do their thing. I still can’t find a similar smile like yours and I can’t find the same feeling I get whenever you say something nice. I don’t like it when I hear it from others, it’s just not the same. I want to make you happy they way you make me happy, but this will only happen if you let me. So I want you to let me in, and I want you to trust me. I want you to tell me every single boring detail about your life, and I want you to let me help you. I wont leave, because I chose you, I fucking did. And I want you to know that its one of the best choices I’ve ever made.