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As the New Years countdown reaches midnight, you look around to find all your party guests have vanished. You think it’s a clever prank until you check your phone calendar which reads, “January 0th”.

You know that thing Colin Firth does when he smiles and he’s slightly laughing and he’s got the lil overbite with the bunny teeth? My god is that adorable. Here, Colin. Have my heart. It’s useless now anyway. It melted at your cute as fuck smile.

Dan Fazio says his phone is “ringing off the hook” these days.

He’s executive director of WAFLA, an organization that helps fruit growers in Washington state find workers — and specifically, foreign workers who are allowed to enter the U.S. specifically as seasonal workers on farms.

Interest in WAFLA’s services is surging for two different reasons. There’s a shortage of farm workers across the country. But more recently, it’s also been driven by fear of the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown.

Fearful Farmers Rush To Find ‘Guest Workers’

THE HUNTERS BECOME THE HUNTED – After being arrested for the attempted assassination of the President of The United States, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) must find a way out of an underground, government-run, detention facility in the middle of nowhere. Determined to find her sons, Mary (guest star Samantha Smith) and Castiel (Misha Collins) seek assistance from an unlikely source. Robert Singer directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb (#1209). Original airdate 1/26/2017.
—  Official synopsis for “First Blood”
Voltron Season 2 Guest Stars

I remember seeing an interview before season 2 dropped saying the Voltron crew had invited a number of guest stars to appear on the show, but I’ve only heard about a couple of them. I was curious, so I went to IMDB to figure out who I’d missed. Here are some noteworthy guest stars you might have missed:

Episode 1: “Across the Universe”

  • Finn Darby and Theo Darby (sons of Rhys Darby, Coran’s VA) as the younger versions of Coran

Episode 2: “The Depths”

  • Blumfump - Weird Al Yankovic
  • Plaxum - Mae Whitman (voiced Katara in Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Florina - Alyson Stoner (voiced Opal in Legend of Korra)

Episode 4: “Greening the Cube”

  • Ryner - Mindy Sterling (voiced Lin Beifong in Legend of Korra)

Episode 6: “Ark of Taujeer”

Episode 7: “Space Mall”

  • Slice Capades Owner - Vince Offer (the ShamWow Guy)

Welcome back to TJLC Advent! On the second day of Johnlock we present… well you have to pull back the flap to find out! Today’s guest really went above and beyond, and we will be thanking them personally later on in the day. Until then, we hope you enjoy! ❤️

  • Miles: I LIKE spiders.
  • Panic: Well, that's good, because there's one on your shoulder right now.
  • Miles: I'm not falling for that!
  • Panic: No, no I'm serious, it's on your left shoulder. It's one of the bigger ones. I want to say...tarantula?
  • Miles:
  • Miles: (glances at his shoulder)
  • Panic: (escapes)
Caffeine Challenge #10

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The woman never offers Toby her name. She falls silent after his warning and stares across the road at the unnameable thing until the sun begins to set. Finally she shakes herself, flowing into motion like water spilling over the rim of a cup.

“Names have to have power somewhere,” she says and turns around to go into his house.

Toby stares after her for a long moment, unsure. Should he follow? Try to find out more about what exactly the Shelter is? Try to find out who his guest is?

The marigolds begin to whine as the sun goes down, unhappy with the chill, and the ivy running backwards along his fence hiss at him to tend to them, they’re not fussy, but they need time too.

Toby whistles a few, short notes and settles into a soothing hum. The woman can wait. He’s got his chores to finish first.

He weeds the blackberries (they hardly need it) with the last rays of light, humming and whistling as he finds thistle and moss. The marigolds begin to fight with the ice plant again, insisting that the ice plant is too close and not the other way around. The weeping willow at the edge of his property sighs.

It’s near the gate that he finds the death cap.

Toby stops in his tracks, mouth going dry as he stares at the greenish mushroom. He’s not– he’s not that type of witch, he’s not and he didn’t plant the death cap there. No, no, of course he didn’t, the thing is arching towards him, arching through a crack in the gate, but its base is most definitely out there.

But it shouldn’t be out there either.

Toby looks back at the house. The woman has lit the stove judging by the glow, maybe gone and lit the few candles Toby’s bought from town. He can hear her walking around in her heels, clicking on the hardwood floor as she crosses the single room over and over again.

He forces himself to swallow, wetting his tongue and throat. Then, he hunches down and growls, a horrible guttural sound that scares the african violets and makes the ivy shudder.

The death cap withers and dies. The small hole it had been opening in his wards dies with it.

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Headcanon #44

Mori knits, and really well, in fact. Occassionally, if he finds out a guest to the host club or a fellow student is having a hard time, he’ll knit them a scarf or hat or sweater, depending on the situation. Honey knows this, and has been the recipient of many high-quality alpaca-wool sweaters over the years.

my goals for life

-have a large personal library

-develop secret codes during picnics

-own a spyglass

-go see movies with said spyglass and look at the screen through it and nod and say “mmm hmm” and write things down every once in a while (just to make people uncomfortable)

-have people use anagrams of my own name

-make pasta puttanesca (homemade pasta)

-leave couplets all over the place for people to find

-always offer my guests some aqueous martinis and cordials

-auction off a box of VFD (very fancy doilies)


Running Man - Episode 30

Location: The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts, Seoul, South Korea

Guest: Seungri

First Mission: Find the guest. The Running Men must find and remove the guest’s arm band before he completes his mission. The guest must find the four hidden Running balls. Each time he finds a Running ball two Running Man members will be eliminated. 

  • Seungri finds the first Running ball, eliminating Gary and Haha.
  • Seungri finds the seconds Running ball, eliminating Lee Gwang Soo and Song Ji Hyo.
  • Although it is unclear, it is likely that Kim Jong Kook removed Seungri’s arm band. 
  • The Running Man members win.
  • Ji Suk Jin is referred to as Big Nose Hyung.
  • Gary is referred to as the Monday Boyfriend.
  • Kim Jong Kook is referred to as the Commander and Sparta Kooks.
  • Song Joong Ki is referred to as Hot Blooded Joong Ki, Flower Boy Joong Ki, Innocent Joong Ki, Enthusiastic Joong Ki, and Active Joong Ki.
  • Yoo Jae Suk is referred to as Yooruce Willis and Yoo Hyuk.
  • Song Ji Hyo is referred to as Ace Ji Hyo and the Monday Girlfriend.
  • Haha is referred to as Haroro.
  • Lee Gwang Soo is referred to as the King of Pettiness. 
  • Maknae FD Dong Wan makes an appearance.
  • The caption Life Reduced By 10 Years is shown.

Second Mission: Photogenic time. While one Running Man member is getting their photo taken, the other members may distort their face. The Running Men will decide which picture will win.

  • Haha goes first.
  • Song Joong Ki goes second.
  • Song Joong Ki is announced to be in first place.
  • A photo of Hwang Myeong Seon, an audio staff member, is shown. This picture is announced to be in first place.
  • Gary goes third.
  • Hwang Myeong Seon is announced to be in first place.
  • Seungri goes fourth.
  • Kim Jong Kook goes fifth.
  • Lee Gwang Soo goes sixth.
  • Yoo Jae Suk goes seventh.
  • The Running Men give up, allowing Hwang Myeong Seon to win.

Third Mission: Search for the traditional singer. The Running Men are given traditional instruments to play. The best singer as chosen by the camera director will be exempt from punishment.

  • The Running Man members sing Dooly and Loveable by Kim Jong Kook together.
  • Song Joong Ki sings Late at Night by Crying Nut.
  • Ji Suk Jin sings Raindrops.
  • Yoo Jae Suk sings Tears by So Chan Whee.
  • Lee Gwang Soo sings Cruel Woman.
  • Haha suggests singing the Dae Han Min Guk cheer.
  • Gary fails at his attempt. He then creates a short song about him and Song Ji Hyo.
  • Lee Gwang Soo fails three times, and is hit by Kim Jong Kook as punishment.
  • Kim Jong Kook fails two times, and is hit by Lee Gwang Soo as punishment.
  • Haha fails once.
  • Seungri fails once, and succeeds on his second attempt.
  • Ji Suk Jin fails once.
  • Song Joong Ki fails four times.
  • Song Ji Hyo fails twice.
  • Yoo Jae Suk is hit by Kim Jong Kook for making a drum mistake.
  • Yoo Jae Suk fails twice.
  • Song Ji Hyo wins.
  • Song Ji Hyo is referred to as Blank Ji Hyo.
  • Ji Suk Jin acts as Yoo Jae Suk’s Sunflower.
  • Haha and Gary say Seumdwa.

Fourth Mission: One chance, jump the large rope. While two Running Man members spin the large jump rope, the remaining members must jump into the rope in sequence. Once everyone is in, they must pass the gong from the last member to the first. The first member must then bang the gong. They must do this within twenty seconds to succeed. They are given ten chances. If they succeed, everyone is exempt from punishment.

  • The first attempt fails when Song Ji Hyo trips on the rope.
  • The second attempt fails when Lee Gwang Soo trips on the rope.
  • The third attempt fails when Song Joong Ki trips on the rope.
  • The Running Men succeed on the fourth attempt.

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As the New Years countdown reaches midnight, you look around to find all your party guests have vanished. You think it’s a clever prank until you check your phone calendar which reads, “January 0th”.


Legends Of Tomorrow Episode 2.12 “Camelot/3000”
ALL FOR ONE — The Legends continue their quest to hunt down the Spear of Destiny before the pieces fall into the hands of the Legion of Doom.  The Legends discover that pieces of the Spear are each being guarded in different time periods by members of the JSA.  Their first stop is the future where they find Dr. Mid-Nite (guest star Kwesi Ameyaw) which eventually leads them to the past and King Arthur’s Camelot, where Stargirl (guest star Sarah Grey) is protecting her piece of the Spear. In order to protect the Spear shard from the now-evil Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill), the Legends must join forces with the Knights of the Round Table.   Caity Lotz, Franz Drameh, Victor Garber, Brandon Routh, Dominic Purcell, Nick Zano and Maisie Richardson-Sellers also star. Antonio Negret directed the episode written by Anderson MacKenzie (#212).  Original airdate 2/21/2017.


Running Man - Episode 34

Location: Hongik University Street, Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea

Guests: Uee and Park Jun Kyu


Jae Suk’s Team- Yoo Jae Suk, Haha, Song Joong Ki, and Ji Suk Jin

Jong Kook’s Team- Kim Jong Kook, Gary, Song Ji Hyo, and Lee Gwang Soo

First Mission: Find the guest. The Running Man members must wear bells on their shoes and search for the guests in Hongdae. The Running Man members must look for the guests in various restaurants. However, once a Running Man member enters a restaurant, they must finish the food that is provided to them. The guests must find five hidden coupons in the restaurants. If the guest has their wristband removed, than they are eliminated from the mission.

  • Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin enter a Ddukbokki shop.
  • Jong Kook’s team enters a beef soup shop. 
  • Jong Kook’s team enters a Japanese curry shop.
  • Park Jun Kyu finds the first coupon.
  • Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin enter a tempura shop.
  • Uee finds the second hidden coupon.
  • Song Ji Hyo and Gary enter an Indian shop.
  • Park Jun Kyu finds the third coupon.
  • Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin enter a spaghetti shop.
  • Uee finds the fourth coupon.
  • Lee Gwang Soo removes Park Jun Kyu’s wristband.
  • Song Joong Ki enters a fried pork chop shop.
  • Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin enter a coffee shop.
  • Uee finds the fifth coupon.
  • The guests win.
  • Song Joong Ki is referred to as Active Joong Ki and Enthusiastic Joong Ki.
  • Haha refers to Kim Jong Kook as Our Hyung.
  • Kim Jong Kook refers to Haha as My Dongsaeng.
  • Haha is referred to as Haroro.
  • Ji Suk Jin is referred to as Big Nose Hyung.
  • Song Ji Hyo is referred to as Ace Ji Hyo.
  • Kim Jong Kook is referred to as the Commander and Sparta Kooks.
  • Song Ji Hyo and Gary are referred to as the Monday Couple.
  • The caption “Life Reduced By 10 Years” is shown.

Second Mission: 1 versus 9, Trick Uee. This mission is disguised as an “I Miss You Friend” mission. All of the members must call up a friend to come and join them. Which ever team has all of their friends come first wins Running Balls. However, all of the members already have friends prepared for them. Uee is the only one who actually calls someone to come over. One her friends are called, the Running Man production team informs them of the mission, stopping them from coming. If the Running Man members are able to fool Uee into thinking that the mission is real, than they will all earn Running balls. If Uee figures out what is happening then she will earn a Running ball.

  • For the rest of the episode, Uee is on Jae Suk’s team and Park Jun Kyu is on Jong Kook’s team.
  • Park Jun Kyu’s friend is VJ Kim Yoo Seok.
  • Ji Suk Jin’s friend is set director Kim Sang Don.
  • Song Joong Ki’s friend is a security staff member Min Eun Ji.
  • Lee Gwang Soo’s friend is maknae FD Dong Wan. Lee Gwang Soo decides to say that Dong Wan is a model friend of his.
  • Gary’s friend is Haha’s coordi Seon Ah.
  • Kim Jong Kook’s friend is Yoo Jae Suk’s VJ Kwon Ryeol. Kim Jong Kook decides to say that Kwon Ryeol is a neighbor of his.
  • Song Ji Hyo’s friend is maknae PD Jung Cheol Min.
  • Haha’s friend is singer Shim Tae Yoon.
  • Yoo Jae Suk’s friend is actor Park Geun Shik.
  • Uee calls After School members Nana and Raina.
  • Haha’s friend arrives.
  • Song Ji Hyo’s friend arrives.
  • Song Joong Ki’s friend arrives.
  • Kim Jong Kook’s friend arrives.
  • Ji Suk Jin’s friend arrives.
  • Yoo Jae Suk’s friend arrives.
  • Gary’s friend arrives.
  • Park Jun Kyu’s friend arrives.
  • Lee Gwang Soo’s friend arrives.
  • The nine Running Man members successfully trick Uee, earning Running balls.
  • Nana and Raina show up.
  • Song Ji Hyo is referred to as Blank Ji Hyo.
  • Gary is referred to as a Corporate Spy.
  • Seon Ah and Kim Yoo Seok are referred to as the Monday Staff Couple.

Third Mission: Expert in pouring water. Each team selects a representative to be blindfolded and pour the water. The remaining members must hold a glass on top of their heads. On the glass is a red line. The representatives must pour water into the glasses above the red line without spilling. The team with the most successes win, earning Running balls.

  • Jae Suk’s team is referred to as the Local Barista team.
  • Jong Kook’s team is referred to as the Foreign Barista team.
  • Song Ji Hyo and Uee are selected as the team representatives.
  • Jong Kook’s team goes first.
  • Song Ji Hyo is successful in pouring the water in Kim Jong Kook’s cup.
  • Song Ji Hyo fails in pouring the water in Park Jun Kyu’s cup.
  • Song Ji Hyo fails in pouring the water in Gary’s cup.
  • Song Ji Hyo fails in pouring the water in Lee Gwang Soo’s cup.
  • Jong Kook’s team has one success. 
  • Uee is successful in pouring the water in Yoo Jae Suk’s cup.
  • Uee is successful in pouring the water in Ji Suk Jin’s cup.
  • Uee fails in pouring the water in Song Joong Ki’s cup.
  • Uee fails in pouring the water in Haha’s cup.
  • Jae Suk’s team has two successes.
  • Jae Suk’s team agrees that is Song Ji Hyo is successful one more time, given one chance, than Jong Kook’s team will win.
  • Song Ji Hyo fails in pouring the water in Kim Jong Kook’s cup.
  • Jae Suk’s team wins, earning Running balls.
  • Song Ji Hyo is referred to as Miss Mong.
  • Gary is referred to as the Monday Boyfriend.

At the end of the night Kim Jong Kook, Park Jun Kyu, Gary, Lee Gwang Soo, and Song Ji Hyo are punished. They must wear hot pants and red underwear while posing for art students.

Psycho// Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: A relaxing Halloween night turns horrifying as an unwelcome guest finds its way into your home.

A/N: The Halloween/Horror movie loving side of me just had to write something to celebrate this season.🎃 

It was Halloween night and the fall weather had taken a nasty turn as the storm raged on outside. It had been raining for hours, much to the dismay of hundreds of trick-or-treaters that had hoped to set off on a candy filled adventure that night. Only a few souls had braved the horrid weather and so you were left with a substantial amount of candy in the cauldron that was set by the door. Your stomach growled as you took advantage of the leftover candy, biting down on Kit Kat bars and Reeses.

Your cat meowed in protest when you stood from the couch, her warm fluff instantly burying into the blanket you had been using for cover as you watched horror movies alone. Your boyfriend had been called in for work just a few days before, thus ruining your Halloween plans. You didn’t mind too much as you knew how important his work was for the wellbeing of everyone else. Ridding the world of monsters was something that was tough to do and something few were even willing to attempt.

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Dark Heart, Chapter I (JuminxReader)

Author’s notes:

  1. This is the first time I write fanfic that will appear in parts ( two or three parts, I think). And I think this will be my last Jumin’s fanfic for a long time, because then I want to focus on my comics project. But now you do not have to worry, there are still few more chapters awaits you!
  2. No nswf this time. I mean, for now, lol. It will appear in last chapter.
  3. Sorry for the cheesy title, as always I have no freaking idea how I should name my fic.
  4. Again, big thanks to @pansexualtrash, she edited my writing. Check her fanfictions as well here! And visit her blog, she’s also talented at drawing.
  5. This is an AU, so here are some useful facts:
  • you still taking care of finding and inviting guests,
  • but RFA was founded by Seven, not by Rika, so it’s called SFA (Seven’s Fundraising Association),
  • Rika and V lives happily somewhere (I want to believe it) and never met with SFA members,
  • which means that Seven and Saeran have only themselves to deal with their problems, with the result that at some time they parted ways (it isn’t known where Saeran is staying now),
  • it also means that Jumin never meet V and Rika and doesn’t have Elizabeth (so he’s even more lonely),
  • but Jumin is still a “cat person”, lol. He just never allowed himself having a cat, because he thinks he’d be a bad owner,
  • Jaehee still working at C&R International together with Jumin, as his assistant of course (he found her application without no one help),
  • and she has a little crush on you,
  • SFA meeting held in the buildings of Jumin’s company, sometimes SFA members also work there,
  • SFA still organizes charity events,
  • you join them after Seven found your application on the Internet.

Chapter I (You are here) | Chapter II | Chapter III | Chapter IV

Have a nice reading!

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