find the gap

Oh fuckkkkk the Gap… man that’s going to fuck up more than just Eyahn it’s going to fuck up Mack’s timeline too, because of Lorene and her family being in the City during it. There’s no way these same characters from a poor sector of the City without much medical access will still be alive a century and a half later. I’m going to have to drop it from their timeline or…. allow them to die long before Towerfall. Before the start of the game. And if I keep them to that old timeline the City is going to have to be much less developed, less amenities for those on the outskirts…

That is, assuming Six Fronts is still a good three centuries back like expected. The time when the City was actually founded and the walls were built. I’d expected the Walls and towers to have been finished by the time the Gap happened but if you push that back a hundred years they really might not be? Orrrr we’re just gonna push Six Fronts back as well, and add a couple centuries onto everyone’s expected age. Saladin, Zavala, the Iron Lords, everyone. That puts Efrideet closer to four or five hundred years away from Saladin. Can people even remember things up to five hundred years? Do Ghosts help with memory retaining?

Be prepared for sunrise splendor at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. It’s a thrill watching the sun paint the sky from the park’s Pinnacle Overlook. Here you have views of Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee. On clear days, you can even see the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina – a sight that’s 100 miles away! Photo by Volunteer Harold Jerrell, National Park Service.

~Lucky Charm~ (here we go again...)

Graves could smell the call of his blood before the boy’s innocence, as he was flat beneath his ford, the only thing that looked as old as he felt most days, and he shifted slightly, emerging out into the dusk of the evening, to find the boy from next door staring at him from behind the fence, white and picket of course.

“Hello little one… are you lost?”

“No sir. M’not supposed to speak to you. But I wondered what you were doing.”

Graves sat up and leaned back against the fender, twirling the wrench in his free hand,

“Just some repairs. Why aren’t you supposed to talk to me?”

Besides the obvious.

“You’re a stranger. Ma says strangers are evil, if they don’t attend church, and I’ve never seen you at Sunday worship.”

Graves smiled, and his mind raced.

What an odd world view to have, and to impose it on such a child?

“You’d be right about that, I don’t go to church. But I’m hardly a stranger if you tell me your name, and I’ll tell you mine?”

The boy blinked, and then nodded.

Graves hadn’t stepped foot inside a church, or been able to, in almost three centuries, but when he got to his feet and walked over to the dark haired and pale skinned being draped over the fence, he wondered maybe if he’d done something right in a past life to be gifted with such an angel.

“I’m Credence, sir.”

Graves took his hand, and shook it, gentle, feeling every individual bone shifting beneath his soft skin, and the warmth of his blood almost sang to him.

“Graves.  No need for ‘sirs’ around here. Delighted to meet you Credence.”

The boy gulped and stared as he held his hand a bit longer than was probably typical, before dropping it and moving back towards the car.

He smelled intoxicating.

“I better get back.”

“Sure thing. You run along now little one, take care of yourself.”

He could still smell fresh blood, but he couldn’t see any visible injuries on the boy, it struck a chord with Graves, giving him a rare pang of curious sympathy.

As the boy vanished back inside his own house, Graves stared after him, wondering why he hadn’t noticed him before.

its a mashup(i borrowed elements) of that American Beauty AU prompt and more vampire!daddy Graves because i wanted it ok??????

Thrift haul. It consists of 46 items including: 16 shirts, 7 sweaters, 1 jacket, 14 jeans, 5 pants, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of overalls and a skirt.

I paid $34.55.

Retail price would’ve been $1,821.


Courtesy of going to see the official DSOD sub in the theatre today! It’s a dub-created plothole.

So first, if you’ve only seen the DSOD dub, you need to know that like … the dub was reasonably good as an adaptation, but literally half the plotline was erased. In the JP version the Plana exist via something called collective consciousness, where the memories of other people are checked against your own to create reality. It’s some pretty heavy philosophy: basically, without other people, you don’t exist. (It’s functionally what happened to Atem canonically, as well.)

Basically, reality as told by the Plana is like an internet torrent. If the people around you don’t notice things–the buildings, your existence, what the breeze feels like–then you don’t have enough data to compile a world, and it falls apart. So, for example, when Jyonouchi is sent to the other dimension, it begins to fall apart as he finds the gaps in his own memory, not predetermined at Diva’s will. For instance, he can’t remember how long the street is, and the world starts to go white before he goes “oh yeah, it leads to the shopping district” and goes there–only to find that without Sanpei’s memories, their routine of him getting splashed with Sanpei’s bucket falls apart, because Sanpei isn’t there to datacheck the water.

Everybody seems to be vulnerable to this except Kaiba, and even the Plana are surprised by this. Now here’s the thing: HOW DOES KAIBA FIGHT IT OFF?

Well, we see him talk about his databases and the Crystal Cloud, and the Japanese dialogue says if you’re a duelist you have to register your deck to maintain residency in Domino. He literally has the entire world datachecking for him on a regular basis. Where Diva’s datachecking is magical, Kaiba’s is technological–but they’re evenly matched.

So now we go back to the armbands.

Kaiba misremembers them. Maybe he intuits them from his subconscious past memories; maybe he extrapolates them from the whole “he was a pharaoh” thing. At any rate, Kaiba’s memories are fucked. He even tells us as much: the rant in EN about his scars and how Atem humiliated him? Not there in JP. In fact it’s the exact opposite–he’s praising Atem to the high heavens for his dueling and his personality, and if you think about it a little harder you realize he’s feeding information to the system that powers the new Solid Vision to create the AI. He’s actively datachecking the AI against his own memories, and when he realizes he’s reached the limits of his own imagination–that the real Atem would have an out for the situation he’s created, but that he can’t imagine it–he’s hurt and disappointed and screams for Atem to “vanish.” If he can remember Atem’s deck in error, surely he can remember something as inconsequential as an armband in error.

So now you have Jyonouchi in the other dimension. He’s dying. Any moment he’s going to vanish–and then Atem appears, with the armbands. Did the animators fuck up? Was he supposed to have those same bands as pharaoh, to tie his two images together, and someone forgot them?

The answer is no to both.

At the precise moment that Jyonouchi is dying, Kaiba is in Yuugi’s shop picking up the Millennium Puzzle.

Jyonouchi needs a memory that exists in a different dimension. Not the one he just left, but a different one altogether. A memory that touches him. Someone connected to him, but not existing in the real world, because that world is now demonstrably false.

There’s one man who exists under those conditions, and at the precise moment that Jyonouchi needs that man, there’s one other man who’s datachecking him.

The armbands are there because it’s Kaiba’s mostly-complete, but slightly faulty, datacheck that allows Atem to exist in that moment. Jyonouchi is seeing the real Atem, but the real Atem as seen by someone else. The armbands exist because Kaiba remembers them existing, just as Atem is shown as Yami no Yuugi because Kaiba remembers him as Yami no Yuugi.


Kaiba indirectly saves Jyonouchi. With his mind. And his obsessive-compulsive databases.

Okay, shippers, you’re welcome. *salutes*

Malec: The Tale of the Forgotten Dagger. WARNING: SMUTTY


When Magnus returns a dagger to Alec at the Institute he ends up doing one of his favourite things: throwing Alec onto a bed.

So I have been off this for a while due to college work and I have returned to an inbox dotted with some lovely kind words- (THANK YOU!)- and absolutely flooded with requests for Malec smut. I don’t usually do this kind of thing but since there were just so many requests I figured why not give it a go. And hey: the world is always a better place with more malec smut, eh?

***********************WARNING WARNING WARNING***************************


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Have You Ever Seen a Man Break

Request: “Part 2 of Have you seen a heart shatter please!! It was so beautifully heart breaking oml we need a happy ending;_;” among other sweet reblogs and messages from all of you :)

Word Count: 2,521

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by many. This is the sequel to Have You Ever Seen a Heart Shatter. There will be a third part.

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Wind chimes dance and ring against one another in the slight breeze. You latch the screen door behind you and step onto the front porch, glass of iced tea slipping between your fingers, drips of condensation roll down the side of the glass and burst against the red wood beneath your feet. Songbirds chirp in the nearby bushes, passing news of some new visitor rumbling past the house in a flawless black vehicle.

You fall onto the two-person porch swing and pull your knees up as the world rambles on around you and the lazy birds. The smell of orchids and freshly turned dirt float by as another short gust of wind sends the wind chime tinkling again. The evening summer sun rains down onto you, warming your cold bones, loosening your tense shoulders.

A sigh drifts out of your mouth as you tilt your head back and close your eyes. Who knew the south could be so peaceful?

Cicadas buzz in the fields across the road as another car thunders past and spits pebbles out everywhere. The entire world is at peace here and has been since you arrived eight days before.

The only missing piece is Newt’s laugh. Which, you remind yourself before the tears can nip at your eyelids, you are perfectly okay with never hearing again.

“Get up.”

“Can’t you see I’m busy, Rosa?”

Your little sister wraps her bony hand around your wrist and tries to jerk you forward. “I’m serious. Get up.”

You pull your arm from her grip and frown. “Are you okay?”

“No. We need to go. Now.”

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Dirty Laundry

Prompt: can you do a one shot where the reader is Rick’s daughter (like early-mid twenties) but she’s really shy and Negan takes a liking to her. He constantly flirts with and compliments her and keeps making excuses to make more runs to Alexandria just so that he can see her. Maybe they eventually kiss in the end. Just pure fluff please. Thank you! – Requested by Anonymous

Pairing: Negan x You, Negan x Ricks!Daughter

Word Count: 2,424

Type: One shot.

Warnings: None

Rating: G

Notes: I struggled writing this, it literally took me like two weeks. But this is what I came up with, I hope it’s okay little nonnie. I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to send me feedback. Anyways, happy reading y’all.

“Well hello kitten, fancy fucking seeing you here.” You hear the oh so familiar voice of Negan say, as he stands in your back yard watching you hang out the washing.

You turn to him, chewing on the inside of your lip. He had taken a liking to you over the past few weeks. Your first encounter with Negan was him trying to start a conversation with you in the kitchen and you fumbling on your words not being able to form a coherent sentence. You weren’t much for talking or interacting with others in general and you definitely weren’t keen on talking with the charismatic chatty villain. But luckily for you, a saviour had interrupted the encounter to show Negan something.

You could probably count the amount of words you had actually spoken to him on both your hands, but even though you showed no sign on increasing the word count he still felt the need to personally greet you every time he visited. Recently his visits had become more frequent, much to your father’s disapproval.

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Dating Jungkook would be like

-always having a good laugh when you remember how he confessed and how you two got together

-actually…you’re not 100% sure if almost breaking your phone while he was taking a selfie of you two because he was way to nervous from being only a few inches from you, suddenly blurting out that he likes you, denying it and trying to play it off as a joke only a few seconds after, only to accidentally tell you he likes you again, actually counts as a…confession

-but you got together after spending half an hour and using some drastic measures to convince him you like him to so who are you to questions his methods

-getting too handsy way too fast like..two days into your relationship but it doesn’t take you a while to realize he actually has no idea what he’s supposed to do

-being way to shy in some other aspects, like almost passing out after your first kiss and you’re like ‘’Your hand wasn’t that shy earlier…’’…your comment obviously doesn’t help

-you find that gap incredibly cute and don’t waist any opportunity to tell him that

-adjective ‘’cute’’ is not exactly the one he wants to hear so he’ll take his revenge by using it against you

-you stopped calling him cute in front of him after your new lingerie for a special occasion was classified as ‘’cute’’ 

-he’s a little devil in disguise 

-despite that, he’s the biggest fan of cuddles

-even though his awkward self has no idea how to start them

-so you’re either being ambushed and suddenly being pulled into a hug while you’re walking to the kitchen

-or facing a century long journey of Jungkook’s hand from its place on his thigh to your waist when you’re watching a movie on the couch

-exercising together and him checking you out when you’re not looking

-almost earning a few broken bones from the struggle of pretending he wasn’t doing anything after you notice him

-blurting out unexpected compliments an the most unexpected times and taking a whole day to stop blushing

-reading comic books together, you sitting between his legs and him hugging you from behind

-having to deal with his constant and loud fanboying when his favorite character appears and constant neck kisses that really don’t help you concentrate on the plot

-him being determined to go on a trip with you as soon as he can and is coming up with with a different destination every day

-you’re pretty sure he doesn’t care where he’s going as long as you’re with him

-waking you up at 5 in the morning to ask you if you want to go take a walk at the beach and you’re like ‘’is this supposed to be romantic and if it is it’s too early for that’’

-still going with him because it’s Jungkook and you can’t say no to him and he knows it and because he gave you one of his shirts to wear

-sharing headphones which is just another excuse to be as close to you as possible without actually asking for it out loud

-responding to his messages with Jungkook memes

-leaving his shirts everywhere in sneaky plan of tempting you to take them

-realizing a huge mistake he made when you show up wearing one and you two are not alone

-when you’re surrounded by other people his eyes are constantly looking for you and somehow he always ends up by your side again, even if it’s uncounsciously 

-finding him in the middle of the room just staring into space after a tiring day and just bumping into him, making him smile and just silently leading him into your bedroom and in those moments no words are needed because you both know exactly how the other one feels

-chasing him through the house after he ate all your cookies, ‘’You can’t eat your own kind, Jeon Jungkook!’’

-him finding you watching their dance practices and admiring his legs

-him enjoying the show

-also him trying to look fierce af whenever a guy lays a look on you even if it’s a cashier guy around 30 years older than you asking you if you want a bag 

-’He was eyeing you in a weird way!’’, ‘’He was probably trying to signal me that help is on the way since the guy I was with was trying to double his size…’’

-clumsy lover in the beginning

-destroying the bed headboard after a few months

-almost unnoticeable first ‘’i love you’’ but you know, whispered in the dark when both of you were half asleep

-it’s not something he would say often just for the sake of saying it, just like he’s afraid it will lose its meaning…but still a day wouldn’t go by without him showing you how much he loves you even if it’s just an action that goes unnoticed by the other and sometimes even by him

Veep Style - Everyone hates Jonah

I’d meant to include this in my earlier post, but ran out of space - and it wasn’t really relevant anyway, as Jonah’s costuming doesn’t really have anything remotely in common with Amy’s.  But if you want to know why EVERYONE hates Jonah, just look at the way he dresses.

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selahgio  asked:

Do you find the age gaps between siblings in this show weird.? Well maybe not weird but, just kinda big. Like with Prunella and her sister, the gap seems large. I mean its possible, but just seems like a big difference. Prunella is in elementary school, while her sister is in college. Francine and her sister's seem a tad odd too. But not as odd as Prunella's. Fran is in elementary while Cathrine seems to be in highschool (maybe 10th or 11th grade, not sure) Sorry for being so longwinded. Thanks!

that’s an interesting point!! there are significant age gaps between siblings but it kinda makes sense. having teenagers in the casts can add other perspectives/dynamics to the show that you’d miss out on if you just had like adults and kids in the same age group 

Thieves Among Us (3/5)

Let Jon have his armies and his devoted wildlings and the love of their people, she thinks. Let him have his dragon queen. She’s in possession of a secret, tragic as it may be, but at least it’s entirely her own. For Sansa, that’s more than enough. It has to be. Rated M; inspired by content from S7. Previous chapters can be found here.

Sansa’s eyes dawned with realization while she stared back at him, her face a kaleidoscope of surprise and panic that burst wide open before swallowing itself up again as she recovered from his unexpected appearance.  

“Hello, Jon,” she greeted evenly. Sansa may have had the sense to speak first, but her tone was distant—as distant as it had been when she’d spoken to him on the rampart. It was like she had thrown ice water over him, jolting him out of his dazed bewilderment. The fact that she sounded so casual, as if her presence wasn’t anything strange to ponder over whatsoever, only set him off the edge just a little further.

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Twice Reaction To You Being a 00 Liner

Blackpink Ver.

Mina: She would feel a little insecure at first. She would constantly fear that she’s rushing things with you and you would have to tell her everything were okay. She would be really protective over you.

Originally posted by myouiminas

Momo: She would be so caring with you. She would want your opinion in a lot of things and would ask your consent for a lot of things. She would take things really slow with you.

Originally posted by 0ncelovestwice

Dahyun: She wouldn’t think the age gap would be too big for her to worry so much but still, she would be really protective over you.

Originally posted by ahnsoboss

Jungyeon: I think she would feel kind of happy that you’re younger cause she won’t have the same worries she would have if she dated someone older. And just like Dahyun, I don’t think she would find the age gap too big.

Originally posted by jeongyeon

Tzuyu: I don’t think she would mind so much cause you’re not too far from age. I think she would find it cool that shes dating someone around her age. It would be nice for her cause she won’t have to worry about rushing things or whatever.

Originally posted by nayeoh

Chaeyoung: She would be just like Tzuyu. Being around her age would be kind of a relief for her. So she wouldn’t even care.

Originally posted by nayeoh

Sana: She would find it really cute that you’re so young but would be extra careful with you. She would fear to make you uncomfortable and sometimes would ask your permission to even kiss you.

Originally posted by misamo

Jihyo: She would feel somehow responsible for you and would take care and protect you at all costs.

Originally posted by jeongyeon

Nayeon: You would be her baby. She would spoil you a lot and would treat you with a lot of caution and respect. She wouldn’t want to do nothing that made you uncomfortable so she would think before doing almost everything with you.

Originally posted by misamo

Originally posted by got7jacksonwang

‘My ideal body weight is yours on mine.’ 

Jackson (got7)

word count: 548

Genre: Fluff/imp. Smut

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The biggest lesson I learned from almost dying of cancer is to love myself as though my life depends on it, because it does! If I could summarize why I believe I got cancer, it’s because I never loved myself.

What does lack of self-love look like? For me, it made me into a people pleaser, and caused me to constantly criticize myself, and beat myself up over every little thing. I was constantly judging myself, making myself small, suppressing my own voice, treating myself like a doormat, and devaluing myself. I never believed that I was worthy or deserving of good things in life. I was always the person on the sidelines, or in the shadows, watching the successes of others, wishing it was me.

As a result, I was always filled with fear and anxiety, because fear seems to find its way into the gap that is left in our heart where love should reside. What did I fear? Many, many things, such as failing, disappointing other people, not being good enough, and I even feared cancer itself. Every decision I’d made in my life up until that that point was driven by fear…a fear of the consequences, fear of not being accepted, a fear of not being liked, etc. I did things out of fear, not out of love and passion. Even if I ate healthy food and did healthy things, I did them out of a fear of illness – in other words, to avoid illness, as opposed to doing them because I loved my life, and wanted to live a long and healthy life.

It took almost dying of cancer to learn the importance of loving myself! I never even realized that we are supposed to love ourselves! I always thought that self sacrifice was a virtue! It was only in death did I realize that self sacrifice is not a virtue, but self love is! We are supposed to love ourselves, because it’s our birth right, and we are supposed to live our lives with passion and gusto, and be who we are fearlessly!

Nowadays, if I ever feel the edges of fear creeping up on me, I know that it’s an invitation to love myself more, because fear can only exist in the absence of love. The best way to transcend fear is to increase love. The world we live in today needs more love than ever!

—  Anita Moorjani, newsletter “The Biggest Lesson”, April 2017

anonymous asked:

So like, I'd like to be able to like crewt (is that the official ship name? Idk) but from what I can find credence is maybe 19, maybe a bit older and maybe younger, and newt seems around 30 ish (didn't look that up, admittedly), so it seems kinda weird for them to be together? Maybe it's just credence's behavior through the movie that's making me view him younger than he really is though, I'm not sure.

Hi! I wasn’t too passionate about Crewt myself before i’ve seen @sadfishkid​‘s art myself, so i don’t have too elaborate thoughts on them yet. Personally, age differences between two consenting adults don’t really bother me, Credence is at least 21 from what we know of him, and Newt is 29 so i don’t find their age gap too wide by conventional standards either. I like the soft, healing, and growing dynamic between Newt and Credence. I think they can really understand and help each other as they’re both people who have difficulty with social skills and interpersonal relationships in different ways. I’d prefer for Credence to have a period of recovery before engaging in a romantic relationship, and for me his relationship with Newt starts as platonic either way. If that friendship were to turn into a romantic one later on, i’d be okay with that. It would be a healthy and supportive relationship as far as i can tell.