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Happy 101st birthday, National Park Service! 

For the last century, the National Park Service has protected America’s Best Idea, ensuring current and future generations can experience the country’s natural, cultural and historic treasures. Established 44 years before the National Park Service, Yellowstone was the world’s first national park and sparked a worldwide movement to protect special places.

I really want an avatar series that follows the gaang after atla and before lok; maybe even a little past Korra’s birth. And I’m not talking about the comic books. I just want to see them grow and transition into adulthood –and eventually deal with getting old. I just have so many questions about their lives. What other crazy adventures did they go on? What other villains did they face? How did Aang find the other air bison? What’s the story behind Aang and Katara’s engagement? Did Sokka and Suki stay together? Who the frick did Zuko end up with? For a girl how hates authority and rules, what inspired Toph to be the chief of Republic City PD? What other whacky inventions did Sokka create? Did he contribute to the technological changes we see in lok? Did everyone in the gaang maintain their close relationships within the group? How did they deal with the inevitable drift away from each other as commitments drew individuals elsewhere? What was domestic life like for the gaang? How did Aang find out Tenzin was an airbender? What was his reaction? What were the first few months of motherhood like for Toph? What was Zuko like as a father? Did his relationship with his own father create fears of becoming one himself? How did Zuko deal with Ozai’s death? How did he deal with the loss of his uncle? Was Azula still alive in lok? How did she live her life? What was her relationship with Zuko like as time continued? When did Appa die? Like the avatar may have sustained Aang’s youth, but what about Appa’s? How did Katara deal with her brother’s death? With Aang’s death? How did she react when she first saw Korra? Etc etc etc…

I just want to know everything there is about these characters I grew up with.


Bison herd in the fields of Yellowstone

If not for the foresight of a few individuals including Theodore Roosevelt, the American bison could have become extinct. Hunted to the edge of annihilation, by the early 20th century only a few small herds remained. In 1956, 29 bison were brought from Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge in Nebraska and released in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. Here they roam freely on 46,000 acres and number in the hundreds. Photo by National Park Service.

Though the Museum’s diorama of American bison and pronghorn is set in the mid-1800s, its contents needed a 21st-century update. In 2012, this bison and its fellow animals in the Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals received touch-ups from a team of artists, taxidermists, and conservators. President Theodore Roosevelt, whose official New York State Memorial is at the Museum, was a major advocate for American bison. As a rancher living in North Dakota, he saw the animals’ decline. To prevent their extinction, he created two big game reserves: Montana’s National Bison Range and Oklahoma’s Wichita Game Preserve. When Roosevelt became vice president in 1900, bison were nearly extinct. Today, thanks in part to the President’s efforts, there are approximately 30,000 wild bison living in conservation on federal, tribal, state, and private lands.

You can find this touched-up bison in the Hall of North American Mammals:

Depth of Field

In the shallow focus

of seemingly infinite darkness,

it is difficult to see. But, be patient.

Let yourself die a little. Live some.

Die a little bit more. Learn how to

 breathe. Know what its like to grieve

for someone. Cultivate empathy.

See yourself through other people’s

eyes. And, one day, in a crowded

room or a deserted street, I will

see you and you will find me.

@thewarlocksbitch ajdhdjksljdjal honestly i used to think the cows were fine bc duh no horns right?? NO those ladies will fuck u UP!! also the calves smell really weird. i’m 100% the ranger akdhsla i love it

The Paper Clip and the Leaf


I am not the type of man to tie
white string to the branches of
trees nor am I the kind of man to
fashion a compass from a paper
clip and a leaf, but as I stand with
my feet in the retreading tide on
the other side of the same ocean
from where I was born—I want to
believe that water does have
memory and after all these years
it might still remember me.


Bison herd crossing the road, Yellowstone

Kainora Headcanons part 2

A few other Kai and Jinora headcanons I just thought of! It’s kind of inspiring me to maybe write this in a story

Continuation of my other Kainora headcanons post:

  • Kai always gets Jinora to sneak out to do something fun
  • When they’re 15 they have some more freedom so they go camping a little bit away from the Air Temple
  • When they were sleeping (in separate tents) they heard a crying noise from an animal
  • Jinora immediately goes to check it out
  • They find a baby Bison that was hurt and seemingly lost
  • There was no nearby herd around
  • They help the scared Bison who immediately gets attached to the pair
  • It follows them home a couple of days later
  • They decide to name it since they’ve become the adopted parents of the Bison all of a sudden
  • But the Bison only responded to the word Sora meaning “sky” (it’s a girl)
  • Kai and Jinora train with Sora at night mostly since Tenzin said they couldn’t neglect their other training or chores
  • Sora is growing quickly and in just a few months she’s half grown
  • Some others wanted to ride or touch Sora but she seems cautious of others and growls if too close (Kai and Jinora suspect it has something to do with how they found her wounded)
  • Kai and Jinora routinely sneak out at night to the barn where Sora stays and sleep there to keep her company
  • When they were 16, Kai left for a trip with some other airbenders for 3 weeks and neither Sora (whose now fully grown) nor Jinora took it well
  • Jinora had to sleep with Sora every night
  • Korra and Asami tried to keep her occupied
  • During the 3 weeks, Kai would call for Jinora over the radio every chance he could get (which was only like 3 or 4 times)
  • (she could hear teasing in the background from the other boys)
  • When he came back Jinora kissed him on the mouth then before Kai could say anything Sora tackled the two (that’s how they got together)
  • Kai couldn’t stop smiling for a week (Tenzin was suspicious)

All winter exploration of Yellowstone National Park - volcanic fed hot springs in the midst of a frozen, snowy land, filled with wildlife


We have a regular customer who will buy $500 of merchandise and then returns it all. I’m convinced she’s a scammer because she never has the receipts, though we do sometimes have people who do this return cycle because they’re lonely. Anyways, she comes back in for a return.

Woman: “I need to bring these back because the vet says my dog is horribly allergic to chicken. She’s been throwing up and it’s awful to watch. Can you tell me where to find something with Bison?”

Me: “Well, *BrandName* has a bison food, though I’m not sure if it has chicken in it as well or not. You’ll have to check.”

*Woman goes off in search of food, eventually returns with the right one.*

Woman: “Alright, and I’ve decided to keep these.” *woman grabs half of cans she was going to return*

Me: “Ma’am, just so you know, those all have chicken in them.”

Woman: “SO?”

Me: “You just told me your vet told you that your dog was horribly allergic to chicken.”


Me: *raises eyebrows* “I understand completely, I just wanted to make sure.” *Looks at the Bison food she’s picked out.* “Okay, this food also has chicken in it, Would you still like to purchase it?”

Woman: *sudden change of mood* “Oh no sweetie, thank you for pointing that out. You know, you should really be a vet with your smarts. I don’t know why you’re working here.”

Me: *bangs head against counter*


The amazing folks from More Than Just Parks spent weeks in South Dakota’s Badlands National Park capturing these awesome wildlife, nature, sunrise, sunset, and night sky shots - surrounded by almost barren sediments eroded from the Black Hills and deposited about 30 million years ago, when the land was much wetter. Original caption:

BADLANDS 8K is the culmination of several weeks spent filming in the rugged Badlands of South Dakota. Situated in the heart of the Northern Great Plains, Badlands National Park spans 244,000 acres of spectacular landscapes, diverse wildlife, and the largest undisturbed mixed grass prairie in the United States. Journey with More Than Just Parks to discover the land where bison still roam and towers rise from the prairie in dazzling formations. This is the Badlands. Filmed primarily in 8K.
To see more National Park films or learn more about More Than Just Parks, visit our website:

The Little Girl Who Fell Off Her Bicycle


In a reassuring voice, the doctor told

76 year old Kathy Miller that she had

less than a year to live then excused

himself as he stepped out of the office

to talk on the phone with his youngest

daughter who had fallen off her bicycle.

In the sudden quiet, Kathy smelled

potpourri and what she thought was

burning hair. She heard the squeal of

rolling wheels in the corridor and a

jackhammer in the street below.

A driver leaned on his horn. There was

laughter close by. She wanted to leave.

Her heartbeat clamored with urgency.

And, then she exhaled.

She looked at the clock on the wall.

If she hurried, she could still catch the

6pm bus and be home before dark.

She tried to stand, but sat back down.

She was scared, and alone. That’s when

she heard the doctor’s muffled voice say

I want you to be a brave little girl now.

Daddy will be home soon.