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The Dark Knight trilogy - alternate posters! Available here

How y'all doin?! I’m not allowed to show anything I’m drawing, but I thought I’d share a fun little thing that I’m doing. I love this series called A Movie Poster a Day (google and check it out!). Anyways, it inspired me to do my own little series.

In the style of minimalist, retro/ vintage posters, I’ll find beautiful shots and imagery within the movie itself to showcase. 

The art of being alone is something few have truly mastered. And yet, the whole process is so serendipitous that I wish everyone could. It is not our desire to be alone that leads us to achieve it, but rather, our desire for the exact opposite. It is in searching for company, for someone or something to fill the void within us, that we come to find the beauty of solitude; that we come to understand that not every breathing moment requires noise; that we discover just how beautiful utter silence can be, too.

signs as untranslatable foreign words

Aries: Schadenfreude. German – the feeling of pleasure derived by seeing another’s misfortune.

Taurus: Cafuné. Brazilian Portuguese – The act of tenderly running one’s fingers through someone’s hair.

Gemini: Verschlimmbessern. German – to make something worse when trying to improve it.

Cancer: Mamihlapinatapei. Yagan/Tierra del Fuego – The wordless, yet meaningful look shared by two people who both desire to initiate something but are both reluctant to start.

Leo: Kjæreste. Norwegian – A gender neutral term for girlfriend or boyfriend. It literally translates as “dearest”.

Virgo: Wabi-Sabi. Japanese – “a way of living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting peacefully the natural cycle of growth and decay.”

Libra: L’ésprit d’escalier. French – is the feeling of finding the perfect retort too late, though it literally translates to “staircase wit.

Scorpio: La douleur exquise. French – the exquisite pain that comes from loving someone who will never love you back.

Sagittarius: Fremdschämen. German – Embarrassment you feel on behalf of someone who is too dumb to know they’ve done something they should be embarrassed by.

Capricorn: Geborgenheit. German – the feeling that, when with a certain person or in a certain place, that nothing could ever harm you.

Aquarius: Koev halev. Hebrew – Empathizing with someone else so deeply that it causes your heart to ache.

Pisces: Goya. Urdu – the transporting suspension of disbelief that can occur in a good storytelling.

the ultimate TAZ theory: who is the original red robe?

it hasn’t been easy to crack this one, but oh boy griffin mcelroy, i have cracked it. i’ve angused this one, griffin mcelroy, and i have solved your red robe puzzle.

there are several red robes but there has to be one most important one, one “leader” of the red robes. it was stated by the temporal chalice that the grand relics might have been one person at a point in time before being split up. and through endless clue-solving, i have figured out the identity of this mysterious person, this ‘red robe’, and i now have compiled enough evidence to say for certain who it is.

the final red robe… the original is….

The Final Pam.

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carpe omnia

pairing: reader x min yoongi

genre/components: very light angst & fluff // yoongi has photographs of everyone and everything he loved, except you weren’t in any of them

count: 3360 words

a/n: because i love photographer!yoongi and cheesy yoongi in general; carpe omnia means to seize it all // © image

Min Yoongi, everyone knew, could find the beauty in all the ordinary.

His hands produced magic within every photograph, with every click and shutter of his lens. He could be found standing in the glow of the afternoon sun, scarf wrapped around his neck, beanie on his head, his camera raised to his face as he attempted to seize the little moments. The short, flitting moments in time that went by unnoticed to most but Yoongi saw otherwise.

“There’s always something in all the nothing.”

That was his philosophy. Photography was the reason you managed to find him. When you saw his photographs displayed in an exhibit, your breath had been knocked straight out of your lungs. There was the depth to his compositions, shadows positioned perfectly to highlight his subjects. They were unedited, you had been reminded by the brochure. All of these photos were untouched. Pure. There was beauty in that fact. Too often you’d find photographs altered to enhance the tiny potential. But Yoongi, instead of relying on human-produced tools, had drawn out the potential of ethereal reality through his lens. This was the reason why you’ve been trailing after his work for so long, trying to pick up the puzzles of every piece he made.

“Do you like it?” A man had stood by your side, headphones hanging loosely around his neck. He looked a little young, fresh-faced.

“I love it,” you smiled honestly.

“Why?” He asked, curiosity in his tone.

You had laughed, biting down on your lip, “I honestly can’t say much about technique since my strength isn’t in photography. But there’s something raw in all of these that just gets to you. Something so incredibly normal about it that makes it a little abnormal. In a good way. Does that make sense?” Turning to face him, you had been taken aback by the look of sheer surprise in his face.

“Good to know someone understands,” he murmured under his breath. Before you could respond, he was already walking away, headphones over his ears. You hadn’t known then that the mysterious, enigma of a man, Min Yoongi had been standing right next to you.

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Kinda tired of the argument that Reylo would be a bad influence for little girls. Let’s be real for a second. This isn’t a new trope. It’s about finding it within yourself to change. “Beauty and the Beast” is a classic example of this. Then we also have movies such as “Tangled” where the love interest was seen on wanted posters for his crimes. And Megamind where he was the villain but wanted to CHANGE. And I also think it’s important that I sent my 6 year old son off to school today wearing his Kylo Ren jacket, gloves, hat, bookbag, and lunchbox. And I’m not the least bit worried that he will murder his dad. So….

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“No matter how offbeat-looking Libra woman is, all she need do is decide to appear beautiful, and everyone within view will find it difficult to keep their eyes off her” woow this is true i must admit 

It was in a bathtub back in New York, reading Italian words aloud from a dictionary, that I first started mending my soul. My life had gone to bits and I was so unrecognizable to myself that I probably couldn’t have picked me out of a police lineup. But I felt a glimmer of happiness when I started studying Italian, and when you sense a faint potentiality for happiness after such dark times you must grab onto the ankles of that happiness and not let go until it drags you face-first out of the dirt—this is not selfishness, but obligation. You were given life; it is your duty (and also your entitlement as a human being) to find something beautiful within life, no matter how slight.
—  Eat, Pray, Love (Elizabeth Gilbert)

This weekend was incredible. I met a group of people that I befriended on this website. One night I posted a link to a together tube room inviting people to come watch some of Jack’s videos with me and these lovely people showed up. We watched and bonded. Then Undertale happened and each new video Jack posted for it, we took time to get together to watch it. During watching, we talked all these crazy plans of meeting though we all lived in different places. We all wanted to go to PAX together and sometimes it seemed like such a surreal idea. This year, it happened. We went to PAX and for the first time since we started talking, all of us were together in this one place bonding over our mutual love for games and YouTube.

Jack has given us this special bond. Jack has helped me through hard times and helped me find so many wonderful, beautiful people within this community and the fact that I was even able to have this moment of meeting them off this website and to sit down and have dinner and talk with them is something I’m gonna treasure for so long.

Post-con sadness is a real thing and I am already planning out year already with everyone. There’s a totally indescribable vibe at PAX and it’s really been a blessing.

As for Jack’s weekend, I’m super proud of the guy. Hosted an amazing panel and was so engrossed with each person he met. Each person who had amazing courage and strength to share their moments of hard times with him at the panel, he truly listened. It pulled on my heartstrings to see that so many people, like myself, were in such bad places in their lives and our light at the end of our tunnel was this incredible man. He showed such kindness toward each person and I hope he knows what an impact that made on each and every one. His kindness also made impacts on those at home as well. On Twitter, I was actually brought to tears watching a video of him helping a fan up out of her wheelchair as she wanted to stand for her picture with him and his genuine kindness and consideration just shined through. I am super privileged that I get to say I am a subscriber to such an amazing person.

You have impacted so many of us. And I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when I extend heartfelt thanks to you, Jack. A lot of us wouldn’t be here without you either. :’)


I drove to a secluded back road and stopped. She asked why we stopped. With a grin i pulled out a sheer dress and asked her to put it on. The leather seat moaned as she slid off her clothes and slid the dress on. The lights tracing her skin like an artist adding careful finishing details to a masterpiece. After a brief photo session she removed the dress and the camera shutter caught a few more moments that very much pleased me. I hope they please you as well. Finding beauty within darkness is quite erotic @100shadesofgry

A Natural Display of Pure Beauty

These spectacular centerpieces hold a presence to captivate and intrigue. Speaking volumes, they are replacing man-made art as more and more people are reminded of the natural beauty within stones. 

In this picture you will find Amethyst, a large Shiva Lingam, an Agate Nodule, Labradorite, Petrified Wood and Smoky Quartz.   

“Shiva Lingams symbolise male and female. They carry a strong fire energy, capable of activating the entire chakra system. Shiva Lingams can assist in overcoming judgement and separation, giving a feeling of unity. They help to strengthen and balance the entire body and are great for those who feel they need a boost of vitality.“

anonymous asked:

What is your definition of beauty? When do you feel beautiful?

Beauty comes in many forms for me especially in art, fashion, music, books, food. I believe it’s truly all around me. I can find beauty within any circumstance and that’s definitely something I enjoy, probably why I feel so deeply for things. Beauty can be as cursory as a pretty face, nice shoes a tailored suit and it’s easy to be swept up in today’s identity of what beauty is. Staying true to who you are, at your core, never faltering or swaying to move with the crowd, living with purpose. That’s beautiful.
Also, I feel most beautiful when I wake up in the morning, no makeup, no pretense, nothing but simply me as I am.