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Dad I'm having a really bad day and I'm currently hiding in the bathroom but I was wondering if you could maybe write me a fluffy one shot with like jamilton or what ever please I love your work

“What are you doing?” Alex asked as he watched his boyfriend sit on the bed with his legs crossed as he hummed.

“‘M Makin’ flower crowns Alex!” Thomas grinned softly at him before beckoning him over. “C’mere, Alex!”

Alex smiled softly and waked towards him as he sat next to him. He admired how Thomas’s fluffy hair was a mess and how cute his chubby thighs looked. “What’s up babe?”

“Lay your head in my lap!” He grinned out and Alex complied as he stared up at him.

“ Let’s go in the garden
You’ll find something waiting
Right there where you left it
Lying upside down

When you finally find it
You’ll see how it’s faded
The underside is lighter
When you turn it around

Everything stays
Right where you left it
Everything stays
But it still changes
Ever so slightly
Daily and nightly
In little ways
When everything stays”

Thomas sang out quietly as he finished his flower crown and smiled at him. “I’m done!!”

“You have a beautiful voice, love.” Alex sat up, letting his place the flower on his head.

“Thank you.” He flushed and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. They loved moments like this.

But it seemed like the calm before the storm and maybe it was…

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how and where can I find motivation to write? honestly, I'm starting to give up on writing because it has been really difficult for me to find motivation...

Don’t give up, love! I totally understand losing the motivation, it happens to the best of us. My advice is to take time to maybe start writing about things that you enjoy. All writing is writing. The more you write, the more you can grow to love it again. I always enjoy making up new characters, even if no story goes along with them. I have a whole folder of just character ideas because I love them so much and maybe one day I can attach a story to them. You could do something like that, find your favorite parts of writing and go with doing some of that for a while. It could be map building, plot trees, or whatever. 

I hope you get through this bump!

-Ashley <3

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Hi Sam! Firefly is my problematic fave and I'm really appreciating all your thoughtful posts about it. They're very... fair, lol. Would it be a huge pain for you tag them all #firefly or something? I'd love to bookmark them all in one place for later reference - you do a much better job of explaining than I do!

Nah, it’s no problem! I didn’t tag them firefly because of the unwritten (so unwritten I didn’t know it was a thing until I did it once) rule that you don’t post negativity to the fandom’s tag, but I’ve tagged them all Sam Talks Firefly and you can find them here, including the initial post with the link to the essay.

Creepypasta #1139: I Found New Life On The Deep Web

Length: Medium

Remember when deep web stories were the fad? Every week, you’d find a new tale of someone going too far on the deep web, finding something terrible, and ending up getting attacked for speaking out against it. This story’s a bit similar.

The difference is, I still love the deep web.

Let me explain. I was a senior in high school at the time, and I was definitely no popular kid. My friends were the oddities of the school, the few people who dared to defy the norm. It was them who told me about the deep web – a place on the internet where you are completely unwatched, anonymous, capable of doing whatever you want. Of course, I was intrigued. Most of my friends just used it to buy drugs, but I thought a little bigger. I wanted to know what happened in the darkest parts of the deep web, whether or not my friends were telling the truth when they talked about horrible fetish sites and assassins you can hire to kill anyone you like.

Of course, I wasn’t planning on using any of it. I’ve never been particularly interested in sex, so fetish sites don’t interest me, and there’s really nobody I’d like to kill. It was the mystery of it all that fascinated me.

At the time, I was tired of the monotony of life. I’d get up at the same time every day, go to school, attend the same classes, talk to the same people, go home, play some games, do homework, go to sleep, and then… it’d repeat. I wondered if other people got tired of that.

It took me a while to actually dive into the deep web. As fascinated as I was, I’d been warned of what could happen to me – I read the stories I talked about, too. Who isn’t afraid of being threatened by hackers, or stalked by some creep you piss off online? That kind of shit kept me from actually going on the deep web, until the day I manned up and decided it was time to break the monotony. It was time to delve into the underbelly of the Internet, time to see a world I had only dreamed off.

It was just drug sites, and stuff where people exposed government secrets, or whatever. Nothing as dark as I expected – I don’t even do drugs, so that was useless to me, and I wasn’t into politics. There wasn’t really much I was into back then. So, I was disappointed. The only reason I kept exploring was my sheer desire to experience the world I thought existed on the deep web. That world was darker than any drug site. That world had murder, torture, fucked up porn for fucked up people, and all sorts of nasty shit.

Just when my apathy towards the deep web got to its highest point, I found what I was looking for. The site didn’t have a name – I thought it was a broken link for a bit, since it only led me to a black screen. Right before I could click out, however, a chat box opened on the screen. Someone using the name ‘admin’ typed in the chat box, saying:

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Neurodivergent = NOT normal????? Neurotypical = Normal????

STOP ADDING SO MANY WORDS, ACCEPT REALITY! STOP HIDING BEHIND A SAFE SPACE, and a computer. ITS A DOG EAT DOG WORLD AND YOU’RE LOOKING LIKE CHOP LIVER! I’m diverse, that’s all. A human being living on planet EARTH! How difficult is that to comprehend? Or do you need Dr. Seeus and a NAP TIME to understand it?

PEOPLE, wake up! Stop letting other people control you by adding so many things to describe something. YOU’RE HUMAN! Embrace childhood, love, you won’t find many connections besides more people hiding behind their computers. Make a connection with a soul, a person! A pet!!


You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide, so that whatever you ask the Father in my name, he may give it to you. John 15:16

We’ve each been chosen to do something. We each have something unique and awesome to offer the world. Everyday I’m seeking to find mine, and as a career in music and education quickly approaches, I know I’ll finally be on my way to being the person and woman of God He wants me to be. I hope I can make him proud.

Attracting and allowing what you desire – just find something to appreciate!

“Happy memories do it. Pleasant imageries do it. Noticing lovely things where you stand does it!

Taking in the splendor of one of these magnificent chandeliers and acknowledging the spectacle. The current that flows through it… and the glass that is formed… and the abundance of the glass… and someone’s creative design…  and someone’s willingness and ability to put it there.

In other words, there’s so much to behold and appreciate just on something as insignificant in the scope of your life, as that chandelier.

And yet nothing could put you in a better place 
of allowing your lover,
or allowing your perfect body weight 
or allowing anything that you want,
than beholding and achieving the feeling of appreciation in doing it, you see.

—  Abraham
I am not going to hold you back if ever you’ll decide to let go, or if ever you’ll set your heart to someone else, someone you can call your home. I am not going to make you promise that you won’t leave me, or promise that you won’t change. Just love me, enough to not make promises but show proof that you really do. I am not going to make you promise something to make me happy. But if you find your heart longing for someone else, or your arms wanting to wrap somebody else’s body, promise that you’ll muster the courage to say it to me. Promise that you’ll explain yourself even if the outcome is something I don’t want to hear, not in this lifetime. I’m continuously falling and I am not sure if I can promise myself to stop if you’re no longer there to catch me. I’ve already broken a lot of promises and I’m not sure if I’m going to break a whole lot more but if there’s something I can’t break, it’s the promise to help you fix your wings by breaking mine if it means I’ll get to see you fly.

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I don't know if anyone has told you this, and as much as I love deathslide, magic is a major sin in islam. Her being depicted as using magic, especially demon magic, could be considered offensive to muslims.

Hey! I am aware of this and it will be addressed. I don’t necessarily feel depicting someone as doing something bad and then feeling conflicted by it and working out their views on it as offensive. I find it quite interesting. It’s going to be a major part of her journey and it might go in a direction you’re not expecting. But the problem with webcomics is … veeeeeery slow story telling. So I have to set things up and then leave it hanging for months before it’s resolved.

To me it’s not different from any religious person being depicted as killing someone or stealing things or any other sin. This is actually one of the reasons I chose for it to be Deathslide that learns magic, so I could tell the story I’m going to. Thank you for bringing this up though! I do always seek consultation. I just… think about everything in this comic a whole whole lot.
  • I can’t believe we’re back on the ark this is wild
  • I still don’t understand how we’re getting air back on the ark but that’s okay I guess I don’t need to
  • air?
  • nice. 
  • oh my god they actually made it I don’t believe this
  • and now…piano moments with bellamy blake
  • she’s waiting for them omg she’s been doing this every day 
  • did she say “we?” 
  • wait but something’s going to be wrong right
  • knewwww it she found people where did she find a kid?
  • whoaaaa what the heck 
  • crap it’s not them 
  • aaaand it’s over. it was a wild ride. see you guys next february. 

i hope this summer every single one of you experiences moments of genuine self love, no matter how brief. i hope that at least for one moment you can experience genuine calmness wash over you, that you can be mindful and learn to accept anything that you cannot change.

i hope you wear clothes that make you want to go out just so everyone can see how lovely you look. i hope that you find the perfect summer song that will warm you even during the winter months.

i hope that you will have moments where you just honestly and wholeheartedly fall in love with life. and when you do, i hope you catch them like fireflies in a jar and don’t let them go. hold on tightly and let their light shine through and remember that everything you’ve ever gone through means nothing in these moments.
catch those fireflies and know that this is what you deserve, every day.

i hope that this summer you fall unforgivingly in love with something different every single day. a sunflower. the breeze that keeps you from melting at the beach. just the fact that you’re alive.

i hope this summer brings every single one of you peace.







goddammit fucking mw why do you do this to my soul


Request by annon:

Can you do an imagine where the reader had dated Harry wells but he broke her heart and left now she’s dating HR and madly in love with him and Harry comes back and it kills him to see them two together. So he finds a way to be alone with her one night and apologizes and revels he loves her tries to hold her/kiss her/ touch her face type thing and she doesn’t let him. Just something very angsty. Thank you

A/N: Hope you like it guys!  I’m so mad about HR death’s on season finale.</3

Harry x Reader x HR

I never thought that I could fall in love with a guy with the same face of the man who used me and broke my heart before returning to his damn Earth; but it happened. I should admit at first I felt a bit intimidated to have HR here; Caitlin, Barry and Cisco didn’t seem to trust him, especially Cisco, but we tried and eventually did trusted him, even after he confessed that he wasn’t a genius like Harry or Thawne; HR could be so kind but annoying at the same time, he always had some joke to brighten my day, or a coffee, that had the same effect.

It had been a long time since Harry returned to Earth 2 and I was more than happy if I didn’t have to see him ever again, but today he was back on Earth 1 with Jesse as a speedster, they need our help.

I was so happy to saw the young girl so excited about becoming a superhero like Barry, even he agreed to train and teach her everything he knows; I decided to keep as far as possible from them, it was not her fault, but I didn’t feel comfortable. Tonight, I would stay with Caitlin helping her to analyze Jesse’s molecular tests.

-are you sure that you don’t want me to stay with you tonight? – HR asked me from the other side of the desk -

-Isn’t necessary – I smiled - but if you make me a Latte before you go I wouldn’t mind – I winked at him  

he smiled back  – You’ll have to pay me later

- I will, my dear -  He kiss my cheek and I watch him leave the lab, Harry was at the door watching us with unfriendly face,  I try to ignore him while I inject the blood sample to the sequencer, HR comes back with the coffee and leaves it on the desk – Thanks handsome -

-Anything for my lady – says putting his hands on my waist and kissing my lips – See you at home -  he gives me one last kiss on the forehead and leaves STARLabs;

Harry still at the door; what’s wrong with him?  I keep ignoring him while I inject another blood sample and turns on the equipment, he still there…

-do you need something? –

-y/n – walks towards me – you and Him… How? -

-What do you mean? – I say as I throw my gloves to the trash and slurp my latte -

-I came to this earth because I made a mistake – says while holding my hands – I love you and I’m sorry for everything I did to you

I begin to laugh sarcastically– And when did you realize that? Before or after seeing us together? -

-When I left six months ago -

-Well Harry… six months is a long time, people change -

-No, What’s wrong with you y/n?  He’s not like you, he’s not at your level – He took me by the cheeks

I let go of his grip – HR may not be brilliant or a genius or whatever you think, but he has something you do not Harry… He has Humanity, he has a heart.

requests still open! (x)

English isn’t my first language, sorry for the horrible grammar!

let me know if you like it! :D

this blog is now on indefinite hiatus.  im currently too preoccupied with other things to find the time to come on here, and from here on out, i see that it’s likely i’ll have even less time to spend on these blogs of mine.  this may very well be a permanent goodbye message–  it’s fairly likely i won’t return to either of my blogs, though i will definitely continue to rp privately on skype and discord, so if you’d like to keep rping with me i would love for us to do something there!!  rping is something i love deeply, and my rp partners are irreplaceable to me, so i’ll definitely continue to do so privately.  

it was really a joy to be able to return as an active tumblr rper in a fun community after some years of absence, but i feel it’s time for me to explore new things, devote more time to other hobbies and work harder to keep up with irl.  if this is a permanent goodbye, i will miss you all so much…  to any and all of you, please feel free to add me on skype or discord if only just to chat, or to rp as well!  i’d love to keep in touch with everyone, even if we didn’t interact a lot, you are all wonderful ;o;  thank you for all the fun times.  it’s been so fun writing with you all. 

skype:  lenzoned   //   discord:  bakubaku#0318

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Seriously? I had no idea I could search for a fic on google and actually get a result!! How did you do that, like what did you put in the search bar to find Somewhere in Neverland? Thanks, Elizabeth

The search that finally brought it up (I tried a couple of other searches, first that brought up completely irrelevant results) was [”somewhere in neverland” “jensen x reader”]

If you remember what site you were on when you were reading, you can specify what web site Google searches, like Tumblr or AO3. For example, if I wanted to find my Cas fic “Love’s Rules” but couldn’t remember that I wrote it, I would search for [tumblr “cas x reader” spanking smut discipline]. Google searches can sometimes bring something up right away, and other times it brings up four million hits that have nothing to do with what you’re looking for. 

If you go into advanced search options, you can narrow your search until you find what you’re looking for by specifying the site, and listing you words that appear commonly in results you don’t want. So, say you’re searching for threesome fics with the brothers, but you keep finding Wincest,and you don’t want Wincest. Using the advanced search in Google, your search would look like this: [threesome dean sam winchester smut -wincest].

What’s usually helpful when I’m looking for a specific fic is remembering something that makes that fic unique. If I can find one word that makes that fic unique, then I can find the fic. I’ve tried for several minutes, now, to prove this with a very distinctive Destiel fic I love over on AO3, but it’s not working. Apparently there are more panty kink fics with cats in them than I previously thought.

Anyway, hope this helps! Happy searching!


TFW you realize your boss is a large intelligent predator…

Dixie: Tell me where to find Skavak so I can fry him

Risha: Don’t get your hopes up. He’s not on Taris - just his mercenaries. From what I overheard Skavak’s men aren’t have much luck in their search for the vault. Something out there is eating those mercenaries alive. Literally. 

Dixie: I’d love to be around for that slaughter.

Risha: You don’t actually eat people, do you? On second thought, don’t answer that.

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I can't believe Dania just gave her heart away to some low life like you. I hope she breaks you and finds someone way better who actually deserves her

Honestly I avoid answering shit like this but let me tell you something. I cherish all the things that Dania does in our relationship. Every “I love you” makes me smile and gives me a reason to be happy. Every heart that she sends makes me giggle and blush knowing that someone wants me here. Every time she checks up on me to make sure that I’m doing okay makes me feel better because I know that someone cares without me pleading for help. Those moments will stick to me for a long time. If the day ever does come when she “breaks me” then I will just sit there remembering all the good things that happened between us because I will always know that she cares. End of discussion, Goodbye

ARMY I gotta say something

BTS won, yes but there’s no need to be arrogant or rude or start shit with other fandom. Bc here’s the thing: K-Pop won tonight. How many ppl, who never heard of K-Pop before, do you think are gonna check out BTS after tonight? And find more great Korean artists to love? Like legit, stay humble, don’t be bratty. You can be proud without being shitty. This is a victory for K-Pop and a landmark in K-Pop history.

and then there was me, a queer girl in the catholic church with traditional parents. i grew up with a fingernail caught in my throat. i changed the words to songs so i’d be singing about boys. i was scared of “gay”. my mother told me it meant happy but i knew it meant being pushed to the floor of the bus. i remember my bible school teacher telling us that the greatest sin a woman can have is not giving a man her love. i remember realizing i liked girls and putting it in a box i labelled dirty and couldn’t bring myself to touch. when i came out i had to ask if my parents still loved me, like the idea of their acceptance ended where my sexuality began. they pull back when i accidentally slip and admit i like a girl. they promise the church doesn’t hate us, just doesn’t let us get married under god’s roof with god present. oh it’s a fine marriage, we accept it, but technically in the eyes of the church i’m living in sin. it would be better if i liked men. when i was 7 i was sure i was going to unhappily marry a man just to make my parents happy. at 23 i might marry a man just to make my parents happy.

god was this hard thing we couldn’t figure out how to handle. god came beyond the doors of the church. my god answered me at night but reminded me to cower. my god killed my brothers and sisters in the hands of others. how am i to reconcile that god that felt like love and belonging with the god called down in conversion camps. how am i to say i love the light of god when i have seen it burn the flesh of others.

i watch it still. for a while i was spitting and hissing and wouldn’t let god near me. i think it was better then, when i had shut my doors to the idea of it. once i tried to find god again i found myself desperately lost in the forest.

i was always so alone in church. always different. it wasn’t until i mentioned it once in an online chat that i found someone else who had gone through the same thing. how terrible, to form a community of people who have all been cast out. how powerful.

we, together, discussing at two a.m if god is real and if she is where she begins and ends. my brothers and sisters and family - we are all so strong for having survived this. for having been spat out by what should have accepted us. that first community. that first slap. the book that taught us not all books are homes. the book that i spent hours combing over looking for where my flaws were entombed. that curse that keeps following us, doggedly, just when we thought we shook it off - watching others take god as an excuse to punish us, to put into law our discrimination, to enact and enforce violence against us. “god loves you,” we were told. is this what god looks like? our first relationship with abuse?

i am stuck with an eternity of questions. can we find our own god? can we find her in each other? do we leave god entirely, and just find love in the stories of us lost lambs? is god worth it? was the word of god really to ruin us? is god even to blame for any of this, or is this how humans are when they find something to hit? 

all i know is this: i am not alone. and if you’re like me, come to me. talk. i’ll listen. god only knows nobody else did.