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How They Get When They’re Jealous

Anonymous: How the guys get when they’re jealous! You’re such a fantastic writer I love you, thanks :) xxx

A/N: I don’t know how I feel about this one. I’m not sure if it’s exactly what you wanted, but regardless I hope you enjoy it :) 

(and yes I used two gifs of Evan Peters and Ian Somerhalder because they are an addiction)



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When Scott’s jealous he thinks about how much better the other person would be for you; how he’s smarter, how you two have more in common, how he could easily take you away. Scott has to refrain his claws from coming out, literally, and he’s awkward and flustered for the rest of the day. When you question him about it he looks down at the floor and tells you he doesn’t want you to leave him and find somebody else. He doesn’t want you to find someone less busy, someone less dangerous and someone who makes your heart race faster than he does. You’ll dismiss his ridiculous thoughts by grabbing his face and kissing him, letting him know he’s the only you love.



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Stiles never had a very high self-esteem, so when he sees you with another guy that he thinks is everything he’s not he breaks a little. He never understood why you were with him in the first place, you could’ve done so much better and yet you were with him. It baffled him beyond belief, and he was always dreading the day you found someone better. When he sees you with him he runs outside, believing that someone as perfect as you would never settle for someone like him. He feels his heavy tears fall onto his shirt before he sees your shadow approaching from behind. You ask him what’s wrong, he breaks down and asks you why you’re with him, telling you how much better you looked with the fitter jock. You hold him in your arms as he lets out his insecurities, he’s so terrified of losing you, yet he’s convinced he already has. When he’s finally calm you tell him the truth; that you’d never leave him for anyone in the world. He smiles at you before kissing you with all his love, which you returned right back.



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Derek normally always treats you with sensitivity and restraint, but when he becomes jealous it’s another story. He’ll see someone with you, and his mind just goes blank. He’ll stalk right over to the two of you with a sour expression, arms crossed, and he’ll take you away without so much as a glance at the other person. Derek, what the hell?! When you two are finally alone he’ll stop and pull you into a passionate kiss, You’re mine.



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Liam loved you and would never change anything about you. Okay, maybe he would change the number of men you attracted. He could’ve sworn the entire male population in Beacon Hills had tried flirting with you, and he was always having to interrupt suggestive conversations people were having with his girl. Whenever he saw you with another guy he could practically feel his blood boiling. He would come up behind you and deliver the What exactly are you talking about to my girl? line. Liam continued to death glare them long after they rushed away, retreating down the hallway. After they’re out of sight he’d sigh and look at you Why do you have to be so beautiful? you’d playfully punch Liam in the shoulder and he’d smile, pulling you into a kiss.



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Sometimes Theo took things a little too out of hand. One minute you’re helping your friend study, and the next minute Theo comes storming in on the verge of punching him in the face. What’s wrong with you?! it’s been an hour of tense silence before you snap. Why did you cancel on me for him? you were beyond yourself, rage boiling up to a breaking point He needed help Theo, god what is with you? You almost sent him to the hospital this is the point where you’re ready to barge out the door and leave, Theo stops you. Don’t you realise you’re all I all I want? That you’re all I have? If I lost you I don’t know what I’d do, so I’m not going to apologise because I’m not going to lose you to someone else.



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The thought of you being with anyone else made Isaac sick to his stomach. His biggest fear was that one day someone better would come along and you would be lost to him. When you get a little too close to someone else, he panics and starts acting like a jerk in hopes of intimidating the third party. After he makes his third rude remark, you pull him aside and interrogate him for his uncharacteristic attitude. He stays deadly silent, and when you call his name he apologises to you tearfully, admitting he can’t stand the thought of you with anyone else. He was terrified at how strong his feelings were for you, and he would be damned if he ever let you go.



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Brett analyses the guy your with, scoffing as he does. You were so completely out of this guy’s league and he would make sure they knew that. Insult after insult is thrown at the poor boy and he eventually scurries away, defeated. Brett, that was completely unnecessary he just shrugs and puts his arm around you, leading you away from the crowd. Someone’s jealous he raises his eyebrows before dismissing you, whatever. 


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Jackson was normally very cool, calm and collected around people; no matter where he went he carried his dominating aura with him. However, if someone was getting a little too close for comfort to you, his demeanour would falter and he had to break way from his conversation to intervene. Excuse me he’d swoop in attaching his lips to yours in. You’d smile into the kiss, loving the fact that you were the only one who could stir such a reaction from Jackson.



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Parrish was never one for confrontation, so when his eyes lock on you with someone else, he watches from afar until he can’t bear it any longer and walks off to try suppress his anger. Later in the day you spot him, however when you approach him he ignores you. What have I done? He doesn’t reply for a good minute before asking who you were with earlier. Suddenly his attitude becomes clear to you, and you unsuccessfully try and hide your smile Why are you laughing? Your smile widens You were jealous weren’t you? He shakes his head and turns away from you Oh, c’mon, It’s cute you chase after him, laughing.


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