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Title: Sylph of Heart

Character Traits: Big-Hearted, Meddlesome but with Good Instincts and Intentions

Path to Ascension: A Sylph of Heart would go god tier after having their own heart shattered into pieces. Maybe a breakup with a longtime boyfriend, or a friend you thought you knew betraying you. A good example is Jane’s outrage at Jake the day before her birthday. (Such a sad part…) Whatever the cause, the Sylph would desperately be searching for an escape, a distraction to take themselves away from the heartbreak. After trying everything they could think of, they hit upon one idea: go god tier. And they wouldn’t tell anyone either. They’d go and find their Quest Bed in peace and solitude, letting the quiet loneliness heal their soul. Then without much hoopla or dilly-dallying, they’d kill themselves and ascend, almost fully healed except for the scars on their heart.

Powers: A Sylph is a magical healing witch. The aspect of Heart is concerned with souls and the joining of them (AKA love). A Sylph of Heart would have the power to play matchmaker to heal broken hearts. Just imagine it: You’ve recently had your heart broken by someone you thought you could trust. You’ve never felt so broken in your life and it’s only getting worse as you see happy friends and couples all around you. You feel indescribably lonely and can’t function properly. Then along comes the Sylph of Heart, ready to heal your broken heart by leading you to another broken soul. You instantly click, bonding over your shared heartbreak. As you both begin to heal, you whisper a silent prayer of thanks to the Sylph for bringing you together; you can finally start the healing process with your new bestie/signifigant other. Thank you. ~Scene~ A Sylph would be able to do that, fix your broken heart by linking it up with the best person to help. They’d know who it is with their limited Sylph Vision, which can see transparent bonds between two people who need each other. Then it’s a simple magic wave of the hand and they’re on their way to being healed. In the case of physical woulds, they could draw a person with the right medical knowledge to a person’s side. This would save their life and fix broken bones, deep cuts, or even sickness. As a Sylph, they would also be in charge of helping the Maid of Time fix a doomed timeline by making sure the right two people meet, sending the ship sailing down the alpha timeline.

Strengths: These players are perfect for avoiding teenage drama and angst. Instead of having months of moping and “WHY DIDN’T THEY LOVE ME?!?!”, the Sylph can just heal them by bringing them to the one person who can help heal their soul. It prevents unnecessary delays in the game and helps keep morale of the team up. These players are also naturally friendly and approachable, ready to help at a moment’s notice. They’re good people to keep near to your heart. Treasure them always.

Pitfalls: There are three things to address here. One, hubris. The Sylph may end up thinking that they are the best thing that’s ever happened to the team and be cocky and obnoxious, purposefully delaying the healing process by saying “Don’t worry, i know then the time is right.” Even if they don’t. Two, loneliness. After healing many broken hearts, they could feel lonely and insecure, thinking that they’re not good enough to have a friend, only good enough to make other people friends. Three, cockblocking the process of growing up. The Sylph needs to know when not to heal. Angst and sadness in a part of growing up, and if the Sylph heals that right away, the person will lose valuable experience for later in life. It may pain the Sylph to see, but it’s important to understand when not to use their powers. If they trust their instincts, they should be fine. 

Inverted Title: Prince of Mind

How zodiac signs get angry

Aries: When Aries get angry, they do not see big picture, but explode easily. They fight and compete. It is good stay away if Aries are angry. They go into rage if opposed. They also cool down very fast if not challenged. Aries want to have first and last word.

Taurus: It takes a lot to anger the Taurus, but once done, there is no chance to survive! They can be very violent if pushed over the edge. It is best to stay away from the bull when angry. They hate to be reminded about mistakes, they hate losing possessions or being betrayed.

Gemini: Gemini are logical and mentally patient sign. They are generally adaptable, but … If Gemini get angry, they express this emotion by shouting angry and sarcastic words. Their anger is in words. The bigger word, the better.

Cancer: This is introvert sign what holds past and memories for a long time. Cancer are slow to anger and usually start with sulking, the passive - aggressive attitude and may withdraw completely. Cancer can be unpredictable in its temper. They will bring the past, present and future thoughts about the topic when angered. It will end with lots of tears.

Leo: Leo’s pride is everything, but they can be hurt easily. Leo may get angry if people do not agree with them. Leo explodes very loudly, and the louder they are, the better they feel. They will say everything to shake your confidence. They do not apologize, bet they forgive.

Virgo: Virgo’s anger is about how much they can hold in. They’ll try and suppress their anger as much as they can. Once they can no longer hold anymore in, they will usually explode at something trivial. The violence is so extreme that they can harm themselves. Virgo are hard to control when angry.

Libra: Before getting angry, Libra first will justify their anger. If they decide that anger is justified, they will act extremely irrational. Libras’ angry outbursts can be deadly. Libra’s anger in unmatched to that of any of the zodiac signs. Otherwise Libra are charming, polite and diplomatic.

Scorpio: Anger is very natural response for Scorpio. Still, most of the time Scorpio stay above anger; they are on defensive side. If Scorpio lose control and get weak, their anger is destructive & unforgiving. Scorpio will always seek for revenge; today or in few months. They show their anger through their glaring eyes, they are brutal and sarcastic.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius is optimistic sign, but ruled by fire, Sagittarius can show anger suddenly and it can scale to high levels. Their anger is mostly misunderstood as they use language and metaphors to hurt opponent. Sagittarius do not hold grudges and have healthy attitude to life. Sagittarius basically want to be free and independent.

Capricorn: This is the most serious sign of the zodiac. When Capricorn get mad, they get authoritative. Rather than saying they are angry at you, they will declare that you have disappointed them, that you are horrible at something, or that you have failed them. Capricorn is able to mask their anger, but if challenged they do not care who they are shouting at.

Aquarius: Aquarius are not swayed easily by emotions, they are calm and relaxed. Out of control situations can make them angry. When they get really infuriated, they go to the extreme. They become wild and unsympathetic, with threatening ideas. Some will merely fantasize these ideas while others will say it to your face. They agitate other until they blow up to revolution.

Pisces: Hyper-sensitive, Pisces gets angry very often. However, they try to avoid emotional confrontations and arguments by first talking it out with you. Their creative imagination is at its best when they get angry, and thus they tend to get pretty dramatic… They escape to find solitude and heal themselves from the deep wounds. They can be nasty when upset and will not back down with their insults.

moon signs + emotional needs
  • ARIES MOON: Physical exercise. Walking, running, sports, etc. This is important for health, and also an outlet for emotions and excess energy.
  • TAURUS MOON: Growing things to tend, such as plants in the house or yard. If you don't have a green thumb you might do well with a small pet (fish, hamster, turtle, etc).
  • GEMINI MOON: Long talks with people whose advice you trust when something is bothering you. In person, Skype, on the phone, it doesn't matter.
  • CANCER MOON: Being near water as often as possible restores your peace of mind. It doesn't have to be the ocean. A lake, pond, river, fountain, etc.
  • LEO MOON: Being out in the sunshine warms you and makes you feel alive. If you live in a colder climate it might help to take a trip to a warmer area, even if just for the weekend.
  • VIRGO MOON: A clean, orderly living space. If at all possible, get someone in to help clean it. They won't do as well as you'd like but you can put the finishing touches on without having to do it all.
  • LIBRA MOON: An occasional vase of fresh flowers may be uplifting and calming. You need beauty and harmony in your environment. Find an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.
  • SCORPIO MOON: Times of solitude. Water can be healing for you--a hot tub, sauna, or soaking in a tub. You need personal time to regenerate both physically and emotionally.
  • SAGITTARIUS MOON: Take the time to seriously budget for travel. Traveling gives you a burst of vitality and energy. If traveling is out of your budget explore new dimensions of a familiar place.
  • CAPRICORN MOON: Buying yourself a small, elegant, but practical gift may be comforting to the part of you that works so hard to secure the finer things of life in the future. Let yourself have some of it now.
  • AQUARIUS MOON: All the latest gizmos to free you from dull house or school work and stimulate your mind. Electronics, apps, games anything.
  • PISCES MOON: A strong spiritual connection with "the divine," however you personally may define it, is essential. Without it you feel deeply insecure, lost, and adrift in a confusing world.
  • *These are taken from Moon Signs by Donna Cunningham. Some are directly copied and some are edited a bit.