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honestly, living in a point-and-click/hidden object game must be so wild like

you want to go to the shop to buy some milk? Okay just hop in the car.

except you’ve lost your car keys.

so you look around for them, but they’re nowhere to be found. you’ve recently found there’s a mouse living in your house and you saw it holding something shiny earlier. maybe its got your car keys? so you go to lure it out with some cheese. except you don’t have any cheese in your fridge. so you go over to your neighbour’s house and ask if you could borrow a little bit of cheese. they say yeah but they need to find their handkerchief first. it’s gone missing and they simply must have it. after some looking you spot it caught on a telephone wire. your neighbour has a ladder but most of the rungs are broken. so you go to the forest and gather up some wood. while there, you meet another neighbour who’s lost their favourite necklace, and asks you to tell them if you see it. there’s an a abandoned shed in the wood and in it you find a rusty old hammer. there are nails, but they’re bent and rusty. so then you scout around your house, your neighbours house, the wood, the shed, and your otherneighbours house, and collect up some random shards to metal that are just lying around.

so go back to your first neighbour’s house and fix the ladder with the rusty hammer and random metal shards

using the (dubiously-fixed) ladder, you get their hankie from the phone line. the moment you’re back on the ground, the ladder breaks but who gives a fuck because you got the handkerchief. you give the hankie to your neighbour, they give you the cheese. you go and put the cheese outside a mousehole. the mouse comes out

it’s holding a marble.

it drops the marble, and you pick it up.

you go outside, and there’s a kid searching around. they lost their favourite marble, but they found this nice necklace. you give the kid the marble. they give you the necklace.

you go back to the woods. your necklace-neighbour isn’t there. you go to their house. they’re not there. you go to the handkerchief neighbour’s house. not there. your house. not there. eventually you find them in some ignorable part of the map that has had no relevance to now and will have no relevance again.

you give the neighbour the necklace.

they claim they found your car keys out in your drive.


finally you can go to the shop and get some milk

you go home. read a specific piece of paper to get the code to your garage, and collect three keys.

using the keys and the code, you open your garage.

your car has no wheels.

loud and clear...

Working through my creative block by writing some fix-it fics for things that bugged me in 6B. This is set right after Killian’s conversation with Nemo on the docks after the first proposal. I also pulled two of my kiss prompts into this “surprise kiss” and “I’m sorry kiss”. 

“Seek forgiveness. Because whatever happened, it will always stay with you.”

Nemo’s words churn wildly in his gut long after he’s gone, the man’s friendly advice, while what he knows he needed to hear, putting voice to the only choice he has left. He’s been through too much with Emma to hide from her. She deserves to hear the truth, her entire family does.

Lifting his flask to his lips he takes another long drag of the strong rum, remembering when it had once given him solace, or at least an escape. Now, it just tastes like his past. A past he’s worked hard to forgive himself for.

“There you are.”

Startled by Emma’s voice, fingers numb from the cold lose grip on the flask and it clatters to the wood of the dock at his feet. His reflexes are a bit dulled by the alcohol and she’s moved to pick it up before he’s even thought about bending to retrieve it. Her eyebrows narrow as she obviously notes how empty it is, but she still smiles before taking a sip of her own. Cold muscles beneath his skin tighten slightly at the sight of her as thoughts of Neverland and tasting the same rum on her lips for the first time come rushing back.

When she steps forward to place her free hand on his chest and press her lips softly against his, he’s all at once reminded of how far they’ve come. He feels like a thief in the night when he leans in for more, his hand at her back stealing her warmth and grasping for her love before it’s potentially ripped away.

“Sorry, didn’t meant to startle you,” she whispers, her breath warm against his numb lips.

“Happy surprise, love.” He nuzzles her nose with his in hopes of selling the half truth, despite knowing he won’t be leaving these docks without relieving himself from this guilt that’s threatening to devour everything he holds dear.

Her hands are warm as she burrows them around his back beneath his jacket, but the green of her eyes look a bit icey as she pulls back from his lips to lock him in her gaze.

“So, wanna tell me why you’re hiding out here all by yourself? I knew something was wrong when you didn’t want to come to the loft and now I find you half drunk and freezing your ass off.”

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The Tuilagi brothers talking about their sister Julie and how fa'afafines are seen by the Samoan culture.

(The audio was screwed up; from the point Manu said “our sister" onward, there was loud humming and I could hear almost nothing… I had to go by guessing and lip-reading, so the text might be a little off. I think that is the essence of what they were saying, though.)


Favorite Hairstyles Part II (Female)

( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡  Another list for some of my favorites hairs with my favorite baby Rory ♥ In a couple of hours i’m gonna start with male hairstyles!


Other CC i used:

Tuck in Shirts by @ooobsooo I love all of your clothes

(ノ´ з `)ノ Hairstyles by : @enriques4 @john-sims @rusty-sims @chocolatemuffintop​ thanks for the beautiful CC!

Rusty Nail’s Recipies

Dear Drinkers,

I’ve heard many of you talk about your love for a Rusty classic that he’s brought to and shared at many a con. And I was lucky enough that he gave me the recipe for it in a stream. I think now is a good time to share this simple and sweet recipe in his honor. I’ve preserved the language he used while still trying to mimic the style from his blog. Let’s all pour one out for a really phenomenal, funny, creative, influential, amiable, beloved member of our community. 

Ladies and gentlemen,

It’s Honey Vanilla Infused Vodka


  1. 1 750ml bottle of 80 proof Smirnoff
  2. 1 12oz jar of honey. Like the squeezy honey bear from the grocery store.
  3. 1 Actual Fucking Vanilla Bean

Special Equipment:


Making Honey Vanilla Infused Vodka:

  1. Open bottle of Vodka and take a little swig
  2. Squeeze entire bear into bottle
  3. Place a knife about a quarter inch from the tip of the bean, and slit that sucker from bottom to top. Quarter inch stays connected at the bottom. Quarter inch stays connected at the top.
  4. Put bean into bottle.
  5. Screw cap back on bottle.
  6. Shake that motherfucker like you’re trying to become the next goddamned vine meme for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  7. Put it in the fridge for a month. Shake it once a day for about a minute.

You’ve just made Honey Vanilla Infused Vodka!

Cheers, Rusty! We love you, man. You were taken from us too soon, but few people can say they’ve had as much of an impact as they did while alive as you did. And I think that’s worthy of celebration! Raise a glass!

International Car Forest of The Last Church


Bat boys bat boys, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Inspired by this post which made me want to draw my sons together  

Okay but has anyone done a reverse Warriors AU?

Rusty is the son of a rogue cat who wants a simple life and not have to fight the elements. When he stumbles upon a wealthy estate he finds the dream he’s always wanted.  Four rich folk house many cats in a ‘crazy cat lady’ style fashion. Rusty finds himself in ‘Lady Thunder’s’ house and has to prove he can do what it takes to be a pampered house cat.

I’m just enjoying imagining all the Into the Wild characters as plump, spoiled house cats.
Bluestar telling him he has a lot to learn to forget his feral ways
Sandpaw disgusted at his filthiness
Brokenstar wanting ‘Sir Shadow’s’ house of cats to be the most respected, with the most expensive toys and collars
Tigerclaw being declawed or something

Please someone write this for me because I am too busy to …

Time Capsule

Year 20xx

It was sunny, and not a single cloud was in the sky that day. The sunflowers were in full bloom, and the birds and cicada’s cries could be heard everywhere.

Despite the heat beating down his back and the sweat dripping down his brow, Yoosung Kim cheerfully went on with his task, digging at a spot near the flowerbed, until his shovel clashed with a solid object.

Pushing the dirt away with his gloved hands, he finds an old, rusty, rectangular tin box, and carefully lifts it from the ground.

Ecstatic with his find, he excitedly rushes inside, almost forgetting to remove his shoes at the entrance.

“MC, I finally found it!“

He takes a seat on the carpeted floor, and places his treasure on the cloth-covered, low table. Gingerly removing the lid and placing it beside the box, he is filled with nostalgia as he examines the contents of the worn-out box.

He takes out the first item, a neatly rolled gauze bandage, its once white color, yellowed with age.

“Do you remember this? It was the last bandage they used on me before I was released from the hospital. I could still only see with one eye back then, but I was glad that I wouldn’t look scary to you anymore!“

This he placed on the table and proceeded to take out a pair of broken, red-framed glasses.

“You gave me lots of glasses, but these were my favorite pair, you know. I didn’t need them after I underwent the surgery, but I continued to wear them anyway. I was really sad when they broke, you know?“

He smiles fondly as he takes a pair of old model smartphones from the box.

“Up until you joined the RFA, I never thought that there would come a time that I would look forward to receiving a call and text from someone. I’m sorry I compared you to Rika before, but I’m glad you opened my eyes to reality and encouraged me to move on from grieving. I’m just a little disappointed that we never attempted to video call each other; maybe then I would’ve fallen for you sooner!“

The last item to go was a plain, brown letter envelope. He opens this, and takes out a wad of bills.

“We promised to open this time capsule together after 25 years of marriage and spend the money on a date to commemorate our silver anniversary, but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. I don’t know when I’ll be able to meet you again, but I just want to let you know how much I miss you, MC,“ he finally lets himself cry, as he stares up at the buddhist altar containing a framed picture of his wife and a memorial tablet with her name on it.

anonymous asked:

what are some of your favorite shirts ????

wow this has been here forever whoops

im gonna do male and female because you didn’t specify

For females

  1. Nina Top by mysteriousdane
  2. Basic T-Shirt by rusty-sims
  3. Untucked Loose Tank Top by pixelunivairse 
  4. Tucked-In Tee by mylssimblr
  5. Sweet Thing by kismet-sims

1. Bomber Jacket by simsontherope
2. Steal Your Sweater by lumialoversims
3. Basic Long Sleeve T-Shirt by rusty-sims
4. Pullover Hoodie by witch-hammers
5. Apollo Hoodie by cupidjuice


Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1965

Warnings: swearing, smut smut smut.

(Not my GIF)

“Seriously, no one has a match?” you whined into the darkness. Leave it to Sam and Dean to run out of matches during a power outage in a rural cabin.

Dean rolled his eyes. “Sam, go outside and find some rocks to rub together.”

Sam huffed and shook his head. “No way, it’s storming like crazy outside.”

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Half the beings in the galaxy will want you dead. ( Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza. )

Lightning in (the beginning of) Cars: I cannot wait to be free from Rust-Eze I hate rusty cars I hate this company I want OUT

Lightning in Cars 3: *gets teary eye’d when he finds out Rusty and Dusty sold Rust-Eze* “Well I…. I sure am gonna miss racing for you guys…”