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I’m sorry but this is the best video on the internet :)

A bit of context: it’s the very beginning of our campaign (it’s not d&d exactly, but it’s extremely similar), so all of our characters just met for the first time at this festival in the town one of our characters is from to celebrate three years since a dragon was killed to protect the town. Our warden is a storyteller who was blinded by ash and smoke in that battle, who was supposed to (by initial design) be like a respected veteran kind of character (she has massive bonuses to persuasion and awe and stuff like that as a result) who spreads her story now. Well…

GM (to our ranger): you find Len (the warden) sitting, talking about the battle, with about thirty children sitting around her, listening in awe.

Warden (ooc): I want to sing the song about the battle to enhance my story

GM: ok, roll for song

Warden (ooc): you’re making me roll for singing

GM: just make your roll

Warden: *rolls a 4*

GM: Len opens her mouth and begins to sing, sending all the children running, covering their ears

A little while later…
(We’ve held off a group of goblins trying to sneak into the festival, but one of them screamed really loud and alerted the guards)

Guard: can someone explain what’s going on here?

Warden (ooc): let me do it I’ve got persuasion bonuses

Warden: *rolls a 1, and a 1 on every subsequent bonus roll*

Guard: *interrupts explanation* wait aren’t you that crazy blind lady who scared all of the kids in their classes with your stories and sent them running with your singing a few weeks ago?

Warden: yknow I helped kill that dragon too…

Kiji, Osaka, Japan

We had an overnight stay in Osaka last week and really didn’t make any plans, because as one of the world’s great food cities, reservations are not really necessary. You can pretty much walk into any restaurant here and have an amazing meal. That said, we did have a few recommendations from friends and family. We knew we wanted okonomiyaki, which is a must when in Osaka, and Mutsumi’s uncle recommended we seek out Kiji, a small shop hidden in the back of the Shin Umeda Shokudogai, the “restaurant row” near Umeda station…

You open the door to find that the Power Rangers are big fans of the place…

And must then make your way up a small staircase to the second floor…

Watch your head as you enter this cramped, second floor “cave” under the Umeda train tracks…

Kiji has only six seats at their counter and four small tables. Coats and bags fit neatly inside your box seat to help conserve space. A two-man team runs the restaurant, where like most okonomiyaki restaurants, all items off their limited menu are cooked right in front of you on their flattop grill…

Each table also has a grill on top to keep your food warm once it’s delivered. (This is not one of those “grill it yourself” establishments.)

We stuck to the basics with our order. Started with “modanyaki”, which is basically a cross between okonomiyaki and yakisoba topped with a thin omelet…

We went with mixed toppings/fillings that included pork, shrimp and squid…

A classic “buta tama” okonomiyaki was up next, simply topped with pork belly, mayo, sauce and seaweed…

I never like when okonomiyaki is referred to as “Japanese pizza” as I think it does the complexity of the dish and its flavors a disservice. However, looking at my “slice” here, I can see how it got its moniker…

Enjoying excellent okonomiyaki accompanied by pints of Asahi Super Dry, surrounded by haggard Japanese salarymen in these cramped quarters, our table shaking as trains rumbled overhead… lunch at Kiji was a true Osaka experience!


Shin-Umeda Shokudogai

9-20 Kakudacho

Kita-ku, Osaka



Some random notes on the training outfits which will probably only be useful for cosplayers:

  • The armor is made of foam. It looks like it’s either eva foam or L200. (If you’re making the female armor, I’d use thin pieces of eva foam at least for the breast plate since you can probably get a nicer-shaped breast plate than what they have in the actual show by heat forming it.)
  • The colored insets in the armor are fabric glued to a layer of foam. Then another layer of the foam was then glued on top, creating the insets.
  • The under-suit looks like a mix of matte stretch vinyl and spandex. Note that there are differences in the male and female ranger outfits designs, like the sizing and spacing of the different elements.
  • Fabric details: the “arrow” points on the sleeves, aren’t sewed down on the bottom edge.
  • The hood looks like it’s made out of a sturdier fabric, like a twill, and is fully lined. It’s also probably interfaced/stuffed/has a foam insert of some sort to get it to stand up like that. I hope to see more of it to figure it out.

i miss my dumb samurai kids so i dragged this meme up from the depths of hell to spend some time with them