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Sweaters uwu

Rich Goranski’s presquip wardrobe is sweaters ok 


me: i want to draw some self-indulgent pastel goth garbage

my goblin brain: make it mika


how did lena go from “and who are you exactly?” to lets-walk-to-the-press-conference-with-this-rando-girl-i-just-met-and-talk-about-my-torn-relationship-with-my-incarcerated-brother in .002 seconds? 

like, if that’s not instantly whipped, i don’t know what is. 


Doctor/River appreciation day, 22.4.2017 

(quote by Laura Wiess, Such a Pretty Girl)

one thing that bugs me on jtv? the complete lack of acknowledgement of what petra’s been through. petra is an abuse survivor. the one constant presence in her life is a mother who amongst other things has threatened her, belittled her, constantly gaslights her, all for her own selfish gains. struggles through post-partum depression. discovers she has a twin- who could have become the family petra so desperately needs who drugs her, assumes her identity and tries to screw her over. watches her husband who she really does love fall in love with another woman whilst said woman is carrying the child she wanted so much. not to mention being kidnapped, suffering a late term miscarriage and feeling inferior to jane. and like? there is barely any mention of petra’s past. the only thing they bring up are her mistakes- which yes are a lot, and yes she has done some terrible things, but geez. please let petra go to therapy!!!!! please let petra be happy!!!!!!

Dear parents of autistic children,

No, your child doesn’t do weird things “for no reason”. They do it for a reason, you just don’t know it yet. You have different brains, different perspectives, so sometimes things that are obvious to them are a mystery to you. But you don’t have to ignore it and blame it on them. You can make an effort, reach out to them and figure out the reason.

Do they scream in public when it looks like everything is okay? Well, there’s probably a reason for that. Maybe the situation is overwhelming to their senses, it’s too loud, to bright, to crowded, and they need some space and time to recover. Maybe they can’t stim because other people keep telling them it looks weird, so they end up exhausted much faster. Maybe you are breaking their routine by being outside at this time. Or maybe you are going through the supermarket “the wrong way”, not how you usually do it. Maybe they forgot their comfort object at home, and just realized that. Maybe they are in pain and can’t communicate that. Maybe they are very hungry and don’t realize that yet because it’s hard for them to recognize their needs and emotions. Maybe it’s a combination of those, or something different altogether.

Either way, they probably don’t do it “for no reason”. You just don’t see the reason. Make an effort to communicate. If they are verbal, ask them. If they can’t speak with their mouth at the moment or ever, use alternative methods of communication. If they can’t explain it, consult other autistic people, including autistic adults who probably have a bunch of ideas as to why your child does that weird thing. Don’t dismiss it, don’t complain about it, don’t blame your child for doing it. Try to see the world from their perspective. Respect their needs and feelings. Learn more about autism from other autistic people.

And life will be much better and easier for both you and your child.



Logging in to tumblr after the new SnK spoilers hit like

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deckerstar / captain swan

one of the things I noticed after joining the lucifer fandom was the incredible amount of people who shipped both deckerstar and captain swan (OUAT). no wonder as the ships are, in a way, similar (beautiful badass blonde + Bad Boy™) 

does it mean that… we as a fandom… have a type

I’m very curious to find out how many of us are here, so please, reblog if you ship both of them. thanks!

“His arm swing is the same every time. He just changes his grip, and it breaks differently. Is this.. the next level of his moving fastball?”

Diamond no Ace S2 - 22


Summary: Minor characters of Shameless find out about Ian and Mickey’s relationship.

Word Count: 2326

Notes: To the anon who requested this, I love reading about people finding out about them too, so I hope you like this :) Day 7 of Gallavich Week!

It had only been three days since Mickey had started working at the Kash n Grab, and he technically never met Linda face to face, just through the speaker and the cameras.

From what the owner of the store had seen, Mickey seemed to be the asshole that he always portray himself to be, but not as much to Ian. It was strange, but for those first two days, there was no indication as to why. The third day is when she found out.

She watched through the camera as Ian went to lock the door. “What the hell is he doing?” Linda asked herself.

Raising an eyebrow, she felt a wave of curiosity and confusion rush over her. Did Kash come back? Why else would the door need to be locked? Is Mickey still here?

Linda changed the view of the camera to find a nearly completely naked Mickey with a lustful look in his eyes. She couldn’t believe it— a fucking Milkovich is gay.

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does it ever hit you how real and relatable can soy luna be for so many people bc im all emo thinking about it