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I hope nobody thought I was joking when I say my McDad was going to have the same beard as Babewall :))) ,,, also;;;;;

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strawhat-giraffe  asked:

Hello there! Would it be alright to adopt a small, Parade!Karamatsu that could help remind me to that it's okay to take time for myself, and that self care is just as important as caring for your friends? < 3 And also loves giving smooches.

This tiny parade!kara will make sure you take time for yourself, he will help you to remember your important tasks and provide all the support you need! Friends are important, but youre important too! To make sure you’re happy he will be extra cuddly and smooch you whenever he feels you need love. All you need is to give him some small instruments for him to play with and your love, then he will be super happy with you!

“Levi doesn’t care about anyone”

okay, so, please explain this

and this

and what about

I mean look at his facial expression, does he look happy to you?

Oh, and let’s not forget about

and to those who say he’s a heartless son of a bitch,

in your face

And don’t even get me started on “Levi is so ruthless” because

I am prepared, motherfucker


No one gets left behind if there’s a chance to save their life

and why does no one talk about how he puts his life in Erwin’s hands

He’s always portrayed as the lone wolf but i’ve never seen anyone pointing out how he trusts someone

ah, and for those of your who call Levi an “abusive asshole”, look what I’ve got here:

What if he hadn’t beaten Eren up in front of the judge? The kid would’ve been shot in the head. Levi saved his fucking life

but I guess you already knew that, because you’re such an expert on the “abusive Levi”, right?


I KNOW THAT THE LEVI HATERS “do NOT SEE” THIS ON THEIR DASH haha YEAH I know that u r reading this u lil bitch

have a nice day

What the fuck is wrong me ?

Everyone has cute and beautiful boyfriends (thumbs up to my homie boo who has a girlfriend;) ) and I’m here single and and I’ll stay like that for the rest if my life it seems

soft-almond  asked:

ariel!!! omgggg will you be putting any of your townie makeovers up for download because!! the free spirits are to die for ;___; ily jelly bean 💕💕 and thank youuuuu

Wow I haven’t checked my inbox in approx. 16637376920 years lollll!

Of course, just for you my sweet muffin 😘❤️. I’ll pop them on the gallery, buttttt idk about the cc lists, bc phew. I might make a resources page idk idk, but they’ll be on the gallery tonight, only bc ILY OK 💘


The Okie Dokie Karaoke Bar: A City Living NoCC Build

I mentioned a while back that I wasn’t really crazy about how well the karaoke bar in the Spice District fit in with the rest of the neighborhood.  Before I ended up building my Diner/Pizza Joint in my CC game save, I created this alternative Karaoke Bar for the neighborhood in my NoCC game save.   (click on images for hi-res version)

You can find The Okie Dokie in my SimDoughnut Gallery.  Just use the hashtags  #karaoke #cityliving, or #spicedistrict.  I hope you enjoy the build.

Have fun :)!


Takane: You are discusting , Shintaro…

Shintaro: S-SHUT UP!! I misunderstood the question!!!!!!

this blog is turning into askHaruTaka/ShinAya??fuckisthisgood???

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend me yoonmin fanfics? I can't find any good ones :///

oki doki anon

so my ultimate fave is Heaven Bakery  masterpiece really

Out of my system is good too

Of clueless mates and stupid best friends

Metro Cutie

Sleeping in Yoongi’s Hyung Bed

Camera lens and you

In Between Here and There (and Nowhere and Everywhere)

Vanilla Latte

when you’re in love all the lines get blurred my sec fave after heaven bakery

Why Are You Shaking Up My Heart?

the pink envelope

How To Seduce Your Basketball Coach: A Completely Insane Memoir By Park Jimin

i’m sorry it’s 4 am here and i can’t really remember all of them sighs

if you want more pls come and tell me what kind of fics you like , fluff?? smut??? angst ??? one shot, really long i will answer to it tomorrow


This is the end of my Tumblr Takeover. I thought I’d wrap up a great day with my favorite Tumblr comic ever. 


I can’t find the original post but it was originally done by Jo Scribbles. She’s done a ton of gorgeous comics and illustrations. It’s been saved on my Desktop as HATER.jpg.

BUT I’LL BE BACK THURSDAY for an exclusive Tumblr Comics Q+A sesh with questions from YOU GUYS so send in some questions now!

Thanks to Marlene and everyone at Tumblr for letting me play on their awesome blog, I had a blast. Thanks to Ryan, Adri, Joe, and Xander at Marvel for their support!

Don’t forget: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. X-MEN. BLACK VORTEX: ALPHA. Tomorrow! At your favorite comic book store or online!

Thanks for all the love today! See you Thurs!


  • *shopping for clothes for my birthday*
  • Me: *Throws in some shirts I like*
  • My Aunt: you have a thing for plaid?
  • Me: *realizes everything I've picked is all different colour plaids*
  • Me: shhhh Plaid is on sale
  • My Aunt: I'm not sparing expenses honey, get whatever you want, it doesn't have to be on sale.
  • Me: okie doke. *finds a plaid hoodie and throws it in the basket* That's expensive.
  • My Aunt: Supernatural is getting to you isn't it.