find my dog please!!!

Cat person or dog person? I KNOW IT’S TOUGH DE-CI-DING!

my gift for @leahdolphin6190!

im sorry im giving it late to you but i hope you’ll like it! you mentionned wanting something with wander and beeza so here they are!


Sometimes I think Kira and Garak are like mirror images of each other.

While Kira has a direct, assertive, truthful, violent, honorable, steady persona, Garak is all about ambiguity, delicacy, politeness, secrecy, instability. Of course he can be threatening, very much threatening, but in a completely different way.

I understand why the DS9 writing didn’t put them to work together a lot in the episodes of the series while it was running, but man, if there was a good 8th season, I wish they could develop their relationship more, specially after The Dogs of War.

MysMe Guest Email Sentence Starters

One MC option from almost every guest email conversation. Feel free to change pronouns as necessary!

“It’s an extravagant and elegant party.”
“Stop playing and take the call. ”
“I want a flower bed of pretty boys.”
“Not sure about bracelets…”
“I want to eat it!”
“A lot of women will be there.”
“Fancy party! Lots of parking space!”
“Everyone has small feet!”
“It’s because you’re a baby.”
“Long enough to do it with my eyes closed!”
“Don’t mess up the party.”
“99 tickets for weapon enhancing!”
“Dragon leather!”
“Just trust the doctors and leave it to them.”
“Why don’t you participate in a game convention?”
“Break his walkman!”
“I’d like a cat instead of a bonus…
"Crush it with a spoon!”
“Buy her handcuffs.”
“Call the zoo! ”
“How about people putting on a show?”
“Compete with your son.”
“Because it’s cool!”
“You thoroughly knead the dough, chef!”
v100% interest rate?“
"Put newspaper on the windows!”
“Maybe… maybe… Tiaranol? ”
“Not Grandma! Grandmother! ”
“Share your feelings with them~”
“I’m allergic to people not attending the party! ”
“I just gave it to my mum.”
“Hey hon… Wanna hang with me? ”
“Threaten them with your skewers!”
“I don’t have time…”
“The seal is unlocked!!! ”
“I want to go see a movie but I don’t have anyone to go with. What do I do?”
“If it’s that difficult, ask for your girlfriend’s permission.”
“Please find my socks my grandma’s dog ate.”
“I think you’ll ride the winds, carry a long cane, and wear sunglasses.”
“Sear the end with a lighter. ”
“You have to leave it up to their conscience.”
“Hire a famous photographer!”
“Well, yeah… They pay your tuition…”
“Use a grandfa- Your face~ ”
“Don’t give them the bait! Just ignore those people!”
“You want to bring Nimtendo to the party?”
“He takes a lot of selfies. ”
“This video is total trash lol”
“There’s no story of a magic girl who’s not violent. ”



My fathers dog Perro got out with his friend and got lost. The other dog came back limping and we can’t find Perro. He is a male shepherd husky mix one blue eye one brown eye. He has a small white spot on the tip of his tail. He loves hot dog wieners but will get excited so please don’t hold you hand too close to his mouth if you give it to him. It doesn’t hurt if he bites but just to be careful. He is usually very friendly but may be anxious around strangers so please be careful and if he doesn’t seem to want to come near you please try to safely trap him or follow him and call my father Paul Campos at (818) 378-5459. I don’t remember if he has a collar on or not as I haven’t seen him in a while before he got lost. He has a Micro-Chip. He was lost in the neighborhood of Culebra Park homes located at Callahan Rd and Culebra in San Antonio, Texas, zip code: 78228
Please call my Dad Paul Campos at 818 383-5459. I miss him and so does his little buddy Chile These two dogs are absolutely best friends and we have all been heartbroken ever since.

(( Heres the pattern for Lesser Dog! 

You can find Papyrus here

As stated in my other pattern please please please don’t sell these. Toby has asked no fan art to be sold, so if you are using this pattern, or rather making any fan art, please do not sell them! 

On another note, if you do use this pattern I’d love to see how yours came out! Feel free to tag me in them! I would love seeing them!))

Cam imagine

“Hi, I love your blog! Can you do an imagine of me and Cam where were next door neighbors and we like hate each other but something happened and we get together and our parents say I told you so or something like that please?”

requested by alltimejensine


“Y/N you’re always on that damn computer and watching netflix all day. You should go out and do something.. Go hang out with the neighbor Cameron, he’s a nice boy.” My mom said.

“Yeah no thanks.” I rolled my eyes.

I decided to at least do something so I went for walk. As I walk further down the road I see Cameron in his car and slowing down by me. Oh great now what.

“Hey Y/N, need a ride.” Cameron laughed.

“Not from you.” I spat.

“Good I wouldn’t give you one anyways.” He smirked and sped off. I can’t stand that smirk of his, I can’t stand him, but he’s so cute. I shook my head out of that thought.

I continued my walk and then went back home to my parents going crazy.

“Um guys what’s going on?” I asked. 

“Your dog ran off.” My mom said. 

“What? and you guys didn’t go looking for him?” I asked.

“We have within the hour you were gone.” My dad said.

“How about you go find him, go ask Cameron if he wants to help.” My mom said.

“Ugh.” I said and walked out the door. When i passed Cameron’s house, I decided that should ask him. I did need the help. I walked up to his front floor and knocked.

“Oh look it’s Y/N, i knew you’d always come to me. My parents aren’t home so we can do whatever we want. But lets not let anyone know about that.” Cameron winked.

“Ugh no Cameron, you know i can’t stand you. But I need help finding my dog Buster. Can you please help me.” I asked.

“Buster ran off?” He asked.

I nodded.

“I love that dog, get in my car.” He said as he quickly got his keys. 

I waited for him to unlock the car. When we got in, we didn’t speak until I did so, “So why were you so eager to help me?” I asked.

“Um I love your dog.” Cameron said not confidently.

“Uh huh.” I said.

“You probably didn’t even lose your dog did you? You just wanted to be with me? We could go to that abandoned parking lot and..” I cut Cameron off.

“Cameron no.” I shook my head and then continued, “Buster is really gone, my parents told me.”

Cameron looked at me like he has never done before, with concern, “Okay.” 

We slowly go down the road and we see a black object in the field. 

“Stop.” I said. 

Cameron parks the car and looks at me. “I think that might be him.” I said. 

I get out of the car and run in the field with Cameron after me. But when I got closer. The object was gone and I came to a stop. “Ugh we lost him if that was Buster. I said.

“It’s okay, lets keep looking.” Cameron said.

We head towards a forest because i think that’s where Buster went. As we were walking, I slip on mud and earning a big laugh out of Cameron.

“Oh my god I can’t believe you literally just did that.” He said.

“Help me up!” I said.

“Alright fine.” He agreed.

As he grabbed my hand, he slipped also and landed on top of me and we were both laughing. Then after we calmed down, he looked into my eyes and I couldn’t help but get butterflies in my stomach. Well shit. No no no I can’t feel this way. The next thing happened was very unexpected and Cameron’s lips were on mine and we moved them in sync. As we parted away we both earned “woahs” out of our mouths. I then felt a wet tongue on my cheek.

“Okay I hope you don’t have two tongues because ew.” I said.

Cam laughed, “No it’s just Buster.”

I quickly got up and gave Buster a hug. “What were you thinking boy?” I said as I messed with his ears. I then put his leash on and walked in back to Cam’s car. 

“Well what an adventure we had.” Cam said.

“Yeah I didn’t think I would end up getting this dirty.” I said.

“Well, we can make it even dirtier later.” He smirked.

I gave Cam a look, “No.” I then smiled.

We put buster into the car and as we were driving back to my house, Buster sneezed on Cam and we both start bursting out laughing.

“Well that was gross.” Cam said.

When we got to my house, I got out of Cam’s car and so did he.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Just want to make sure Buster gets in safe.” He said.

“Yeah Cam, did you know you’re a really bad liar?” I said.

He smirked and looked the other way. 

“Well I just wanted to say tonight was fun, actually and you’re not who I thought you were.” He said.

“Yeah tonight was, and yeah me either. I thought you were some jerk who plays girls.” I said.

“Yeah I don’t do that to girls who actually matter to me. I thought you were some rich snob.” He laughed.

“Yeah i’m totally not that. That’s what i’m afraid of people thinking of me as. Can’t help that my parents are super successful.” I said.

“Well, ill let you and buster go. Hang out again?” Cam asked as he pet Buster.

“Sure, i’d like that.” I smiled.

We both leaned in and our lips connected once again, sweet and passionate and I put my hands behind his neck and his arms went around my waist. 

“Well see ya.” Cam said as he walked off.

“Wait.” I said.

Cam looked at me and licked his lips, “Yeah?”

“What is this now?” I asked.

“Well I know you’re mine.” He smiled as I blushed.

I waved to him and then walked into the house and my parents are blocking the way just smiling.

“What?” I asked.

“Told you you’d end up with that boy.” My mom said.

“Wait, oh no, you seen that?” I asked.

“Not a thing.” My mom said sarcastically.