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lettherebedragons  asked:

Thanks for answering my ask, I've been wondering about that for a while! Given all that, how exactly did it play out with Toronto being the lead in Star Trek? Did they only find out he was a city when the test footage was all weird? Did Star Trek have to develop newer, better filming tech in order to cast him?

uhhh I don’t know how canon Shatner!Toronto! is I think a lot of us might have been messing around but hey if you like it go for it. They would’ve known he was a City probably maybe he turned up to the auditions for a joke and then they were like ‘ngl he’s pretty charming let’s just do a test run’ 

That said colour television was introduced in the 50s I think?? And then Star Trek began in the 60s?? So you could say that whatever technological strides they were taking then were enough and all connected– suddenly there’s colour and a bunch of other stuff and hey look we can suddenly film Cities woo