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Fresh Start - Part 1

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: Oliver Queen and Thea Queen

Words: 1120

Warnings: none

Tags: none

Request: none

Notes: This is a new story I had been thinking about for a time now and I finally started writing. I’m quite excited and I hope you like it. Sadly, Barry doesn’t appear on this part yet but in the next one 

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PART 2  /  PART 3  /  PART 4  /  PART 5  /  PART 6  /  PART 7

Your entire life had always looked like a movie. And not a funny or romantic one. More like a drama. At the beginning, it was like a princess story: you were the youngest daughter of the Queen family, you had an easy and happy childhood, you could get anything you wanted just by named it. You even were a bit spoiled if you were honest to yourself. Then Oliver and your father went on the journey and never came back. Your life changed. The life of your entire family changed.  

You became a new person. You were forced to grow up and become a woman so it wasn’t surprising that when Oliver came back out of nowhere, he barely recognized you. You couldn’t blame him but it was too late for you to be the old dreamy (Y/N) Queen. Still, you had hope. Your brother was alive, he was back, so maybe things could go back to the way they were before. But time proved you wrong in ways you would have never imagined.

Before you knew how it happened, you were at Tommy Merlyn’s funeral, then at your mother’s and when you least expected…Laurel’s. It all became too much. Hit after hit, life was taking you down and you didn’t know if you were going to be strong enough to take more tragedy so you made a decision: you had to leave Star City before it changed you in ways you didn’t want to.

“You’re what?” Oliver said when you told him and Thea about your decision.

You had come to the City Hall to talk to Oliver and Thea. You knew Oliver would be too happy. Although everything that had happened had been awful, it had made you, Oliver and Thea come closer than ever before. So you knew it would be hard for them, but you also knew they would be there for you, at least Thea. It would take more time for Oliver to come around.  

“I’m leaving Star City” you repeated. “Before you say anything, Oliver, I’m not asking for permission. I’m telling you. I’m leaving” you added crossing your arms.

“Are you sure?” Thea asked with a frown.

“I know you’re worried. I’m your baby sister and it’s a big step but it’s also something I need to do” you said looking at both of them. “I will be fine but I just can’t stay here any longer. I’ve been through too much and after Laurel…I can’t take it anymore. I need a fresh start” you explained looking down at your hands. “I know it hasn’t been easy to any of you either, but somehow you have managed to be stronger than me” you shrugged.

“You’re as strong as we are. We are the Queen’s after all” Thea smiled at you as she grabbed your hand and gave you a reassuring squeeze.

“I know we are. But I’ve been strong for so long that I need a break from everything” you said looking now at your brother.

“Where are you supposed to go?” He asked looking down at his hands.

You knew this was a huge deal for him. You and Thea meant everything for him, especially after Felicity broke up with him. He had always protected you, he had been your rock, your confident, your best friend. However, you knew he would let you go if it was for your own happiness and wellbeing. Still, it would be hard to watch you walk away from him and out of his sight.

“Central City” you informed them. You saw how they exchanged looks of concern, which made you laugh. “I’m not going there to stop metahumans, calm down” you laughed. “I want to study journalism and I’m going to do it there,” you explained.

“Journalism?” Oliver questioned with an eyebrow raised.

“Hey, you two are doing important jobs in here. I mean…you’re the Mayor,” you said. “I want to do something that belongs to me. I want to make my own name, not the one the family has given to me,” you added looking down at your hands.

“There’s no way we can change your mind?” Thea asked with a small smile.

“I already got my place at the university so…not really” you chuckled.

“You’re unbelievable,” Thea said getting up. “Come here”, she said opening her arms.

Smiling, you got up and hugged your sister with strength. She had always been so comprehensive with you, even when you had the craziest ideas she had supported you, which had made her one of your most important pillars in your life.

“Thank you”, you whispered as you hugged her.

“If you need anything. Anything. Just give us a call and we will be there, you know it right?” She said in your ear. You nodded with a small smile. “And don’t worry about Oliver. He’ll come around” she added.

“I know” you smiled pulling away. “I love you”

“And I love you too” she replied.

She looked at Oliver for a moment before leaving the office. Probably she had a bunch of things to do. Taking a deep breath, you turned to look at Oliver who was now standing and looking out of the window.

“How am I supposed to let you go?” He asked.

“By…letting me take your car?” You teased.        

“No way” he replied quickly. Even when you weren’t seeing his face, you could hear the hint of a smile in his voice. “Are you completely sure about it?” He asked finally turning to look at you.

“I am” you said walking around the desk to stand by his side. He looked down at you for a few seconds before pulling you into a tight hug. “Ollie, I’m going to be fine, I promise”

“Do you really think I’m going to feel better because you say that?” He said.

“I know you won’t” you laughed and pulled away. “But I will. Plus, it’s Central City, not another continent, and The Flash is there” you said with a smile.

“Don’t you dare messing with any metahuman, understand? That’s dangerous” he warned you.

“Oliver, I’m joking. I’m not really interested in them” you shrugged.

“Fine…” he sighed. “When are you leaving?” He asked.

“Tomorrow” you smiled.

“Tomorrow!?” He exclaimed.

“Hey! If I waited any longer I’m sure you would find the way to stop me so yes, tomorrow” you said. He narrowed his eyes at you and sighed shaking his head.

“I hate you” he mumbled hugging you again.

“I know you don’t” you smiled hugging him back. He laughed a little and kissed the top of your head.

“No I don’t, but I hate that my baby sister is leaving” he said making you tear up a little.

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writing prompt - pharmercy, angela is a very flirty drunk

Just a quick note: constructive criticism is always welcome and appreciated!! –

“Want me all to yourself, hmm?” Angela coos as she’s led out of the party and into the warm night air. The grip around her waist tightens for a just a moment before she hears a throat clearing.

“I thought you could use some fresh air,” Fareeha says, eyes forward. After a few drinks, Angela didn’t realize that the woman she was flirting with had a fuming boyfriend just a few feet away. When Fareeha saw him crack his knuckles, she thought it best to intervene. The shirt she’s wearing is new, and she doesn’t want it stained with a jealous fool’s blood.

Angela hums and dips her head back, eyes falling shut as she stretches her arms over her head. “You look nice tonight, Fareeha,” she says, eyes opening into a smolder.

Fareeha swallows as she watches Angela give her a slow and obvious once over. She adjusts the collar of her shirt and stuffs her hands in her pockets. Praise in general makes her uncomfortable, and it’s increased by a factor of ten coming from Angela.

“Sleeveless suits you.” Angela kicks off the wall and steps forward. “May I?”

Fareeha has no idea what she’s asking permission for, but nods anyway. Angela smiles wide, almost arrogant, as if she knew she’d get her way. Fareeha would find it frustrating if it wasn’t so lovely. Pale fingers stretch out to caress to caress a dark bicep, firm even when relaxed. Angela has touched Fareeha many a time, hands careful and gentle as she patches a stray bullet wound or wraps a workout injury. Always it sends a thrill up Fareeha’s spine, fills her already clouded mind with images and fantasies and desires. Tonight, Fareeha is not alone in this. And she knows by the way Angela rakes her teeth over her plump bottom lip. Her thumb traces over a vein, squeezes gently, and slides upwards to her shoulder.

“Funny thing about nanobots,” she says, taking a step closer. “They filter alcohol out of your system as well. At an accelerate pace.” Angela smiles but Fareeha is lost in those eyes. Hopeful, worried, deeper than Fareeha can ever dream of discovering but she would spend her lifetime trying. “So here I am, finding myself suddenly sober and without the liquid courage to dare any farther. Tell me, Fareeha, what should I do?”

Fareeha blinks. Her tongue feels listless in her mouth and sounds are deafened by the hammering of her heart in her ears. She hopes she’s not screaming and stuttering when she says, “You should let me take over.”

Angela sighs at the feel of Fareeha’s hand sliding around her waist. Better than she had imagined. And she’s grateful that she’s no longer drunk, because she wants her senses keen for this moment she’s wanted for months. Fareeha pulls her in close, elegant neck dipping down as Angela rises on her toes. The only alcohol between them rests on Angela’s tongue, and Fareeha finds she quite likes the taste.

Ride you like my Harley (Trixya) - Chapter 7 - AnnieSantaWifey

A/N - AU world inspired by the TV show Sons of Anarchy. I am actually using some of my favourite scenes in the fanfiction because I just have to.
Everything is told from Katya’s POV.

A/N 2 - Russian words used in this chapter - darling, babe, baby, damn.

T/W - bad language, probably grammar mistakes, mentions of drugs, horrible puns, slight smut.

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[fic] where can i find somebody like that

written for @leojiweek day 4 → pining

if you’ve got a pulse and a decent personality, there’s a good chance ji guanghong’s crushed on you at some point. unless you’re leo. he’s starting to think it’s the pulse.

(on ao3)

I need to tell you something. Can we talk?

Leo scrolls back up through their message history, searching for some clue of what could be so important Guanghong feels the need to call him at 3 am. Not finding anything, he pulls up FaceTime and hits call.

There’s some crackling static before Guanghong’s face come into view, lit underneath by the light from their cellphone as they snuggle with Douhua underneath their sheets. It’s always given Leo a warm feeling to see Guanghong like this - for all it implies about Guanghong’s sleeping habits - almost like they’re having a sleepover.

He immediately feels lame and cheesy for having the thought.

“Hey - ”

“I’m pregnant,” Guanghong blurts out.

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A Baby?

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Pregnant reader, little bit of self hate

Word Count: 1,077

Request:Hello, I love your writing! I waswondering if you could do a deanxreader where they have been together for two years and the reader finds out she’s pregnant. She doesn’t know how to tell Dean so she asks Sam, who’s like her best friend, for advice. You can decide how Dean finds out! Lots of fluffiness and… If you don’t mind, maybe a little smut at the end? If you don’t do smut that’s fine, I love your writing either way.

A/N: Okay so considering this is my first time ever doing this, I just wanna say thanks for the request and I loved writing it! It always fun to write fluffy stuff :) and yes I know that there is no smut in here but I don’t really feel comfortable writing that kind of stuff yet, just give me some time and I just might surprise you… okay anyways I hope it’s what you wanted! Enjoy!! (Request box is always open)

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Not Dead Yet (Part 13)

*Development! If not a little rushed. If you don’t like it then you can sincerely stuff a bag of pixie dust in your cake hole and stay in the corner. (I am a salty kitty today apparently.) Love to those who love! <3 *

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: mild language

“Why couldn’t I have been rescued by a fairy?” I grumbled, “Or maybe some elves? Why did I have to get taken in by a vile imp that struts around this ungodly humid jungle like a ruthless tyrant? Just my luck, I suppose.”

I tripped over some gnarled tree roots and fell against the ground. I hate this part of the jungle. It’s so overgrown that it’s impossible to tell what direction you’re heading. I need to get higher.

I started to climb up the highest tree I could find. The higher I went the thinner the branches became and worse was even with how tall the tree was it did little to stretch above the others. “How am I supposed to find the camp like this?”

“AH!” the tree suddenly shot upwards far towards the clouds. I clung onto the trunk as it continued to soar higher until it finally stopped. I didn’t dare look down. If I did I was sure it would make me nauseous.

“This better?” a tree next to me had been growing as well and on top of it stood Pan smug and smiling.

“It’s not funny!” I barked at him.

“Maybe to you. I thought you wanted a better view of the jungle.” he gestured to the open air.

“Well yes but I don’t need to be this high up.” Keep calm. If I get anxious then I’m going to aggravate my breathing problems even more.

“You have to admit that it is a nice view though. You can see all of the island from up here.” I turned my head to look in the direction he was staring.

“Oh my…” I gasped as I took in the sight. You really could see the whole island from up here. The acres of lush greenery, the rivers that crossed through and spilt back into the sea, the rocky peaks, the Dark Jungle, the mermaid’s lagoon, and even Pan’s enormous Thinking Tree.

I was able to spot the clearing where I knew the camp was. I squinted back at Pan. “What?” he asked when he caught my gaze.

“How do you always know where I am?”

“I’m tied to the island. I can tell when someone comes or goes from this realm and if I need to find someone then I need only to stretch my powers and search for their presence.” he shrugged. “One of the perks of being me.”

“Joy” I made the mistake of looking down and my vision tunneled. I drove my fingernails into the bark. “Can we go back down now?”

“I didn’t think you were scared of heights.”

“I’m not but there’s a limit!” I squeezed my eyes shut. “Just put the tree down…please.”

“I’ll do you one better.” An arm wrapped around my waist and I popped my eyes back open.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I pushed him off. I lost my balance and almost slipped off the branch I was sitting on.

“Whoa there!” Pan grabbed me before I could fall off completely. He rolled his eyes and pulled me back upright. “I was trying to avoid that.”

“Why are you grabbing me in the first place? I told you to just put down the tree!” I growled at him.

“If you just gave me a second to explain and not throw me off then you’d know that I was just going to teleport us out of the tree unless you’d rather take the long way down.” he loosened his grip on me and I started to fall back off the tree again.

“Pan!” I grabbed back onto him. “Okay, teleporting good. Get me out of here.”

There was a rush of wind and we were standing back in the camp. “Better?”

“Yes…” I let go of him, “Here’s your stupid dreamshade.” I shoved the jar at him.

“Thanks.” he tucked the jar away in his pocket. “Where are you going?”

“To catch the last of training.” I went back to my tent and grabbed my club.

“Can I talk to you first?”

“When do you not need to talk to me?” I turned back around. “What now? You don’t need me to get more dreamshade do you?”

“No, nothing like that. The opposite actually.” he sat down with a sigh and motioned for me to do the same. “When someone comes to the island I demand their respect. I have to as the leader. Obviously intimidation is not working with you like it has everyone else. Like someone once told me, fear is the only way to gain some people’s respect.”

“Some being the operative word.” I muttered.

“Exactly. So, while you do still infuriate me beyond reason I have come to realize that in order for this to work, there needs to be some level of tolerance between us.”

“Oh for the love of–would you make up your mind?” I shot at him, “Are you kind or mean?”

He shrugged, “I am both.”

“You are confusing is what you are.”

“As are you.”

“What have I done now?”

“If only I knew.” he gave me this sort of lopsided grin, “So, if you stop trying to pry into my personal business I will not lock you in underground caverns, dangle you over cliffs or hide snakes in your tent.”

“Yeah, that sounds–wait snakes! When did you put snakes in my tent?”

His eyes widened a fraction as he leaned away from me, “Obviously you never noticed them so let’s move on shall we? Do we have a deal?”

“I’m still on the snake thing. We’re they poisonous? Did you hope they would strangle me in my sleep?”

“They are gone. That is what matters now.” he placed a calming hand on my shoulder, “You keep your curiosity to yourself and I will not consider killing you. Deal?”

“If you answer me just one question.” his gaze hardened, “No, I swear it isn’t what you think.” I reached into my other pocket and pulled out the little red feather I had found pinned to the child’s hat back in the cavern. “What bird did this come from?”

“Where did you get that?” he asked, his voice quiet.

“I found it in the cavern.” I shrugged, “Didn’t think it was worth anything, you said you only kept junk in there anyways. So what bird did it come from?”

“It was uh… a phoenix. Phoenix feather.”

“Phoenix feather? You mean the mythical bird that bursts into flames when it gets too old?” I tilted the feather in the light, “I can see that. How’d you get it?”

He was silent for a long time. “Pan? How’d you get the feather?”

“I…I don’t remember.”

“How can you not remember? Surely it must have been an amazing story. Phoenixes are extremely rare.” I scooted closer to him.

“I told you I don’t remember.” he said in a terse tone. “I’ve lived for hundreds of years, you think I can remember everything? If you were to die tonight I’d probably forget you were ever here in a week.”

“Thanks. Glad to know I left such a lasting impression.” I stood up. “Goodbye, pal.”

“Don’t make me regret this!” he called after me as I started to walk back into the jungle.

“I’m your Lost Girl, of course I’m going to make you regret this.” I called back with a laugh. I glanced back at his annoyed face and sighed. “Pan, race you to training?”

He grinned back. “Ready…set…”

“GO!” I shouted and took off ahead of him.

“Y/N!” I heard him pounding behind me as he caught up with ease. “You know cheater’s never win!”

“We’ll see about that after I beat you!”

We ran through the jungle jumping over logs and careening out of the way of trees. We’d call each other names and try to trip the other up, huge smiles on our faces the entire time. This was fun! I stole another look back at Pan and found myself smiling harder than I ever had before. I had a feeling this was going to be the beginning of something senseless, delirious and wonderful.


Years that felt like days passed in Neverland. Ever since Pan and I had come to our little truce things were great. I was still overly curious about his past but never pushed it. Okay, maybe not never but he didn’t get ‘throw-me-off-a-cliff’ angry about it.

Days went by much the same as they always had. I’d wake up early for some quiet time alone, sometimes Pan would join me but it was seldom that it happened. I’d train, play, harvest dreamshade, eat, and sit by the bonfire. I had gone exploring the island so much that I could have navigated it blind.

The boys had become my brothers and there were times where new boys would be brought in. While I loved my brothers dearly and I adored the fact that I could say I was ‘The Lost Girl’ I did sort of wish there was another girl on the island. I never had many friends in my old life, especially girl friends, but when you spend every moment of your day surrounded by adolescent testosterone it can get overwhelming. On more than one occasion I may have snapped and a boy may have lost a toe or a finger in the crossfire.

Devin, Nick and Ben were still my three best friends and even Felix had gone from being a sideliner to a confidant of mine. He trusted me and that was something that took much more time to accomplish than it ever did gaining Pan’s respect. Once in a blue moon I could even get the lumbering giant to laugh.

I wish I could say the same about Pan. The thing with Pan was although we had become great friends, I dare say I had earned a rank as his third in command behind Felix, I didn’t see him as a brother like I did the others. Devin, Nick, Ben, Felix, and all the other boys were my brothers, my family. But Pan? He was a friend, my leader, someone I could run with and joke with and have long talks with. There were mornings where we’d just sit out on the beach and not say a word. So comfortable we were in each other’s silence that nothing need be said. It wasn’t a connection I had with anyone else.

One morning came where I was walking along the beach alone. I sensed someone watching me and didn’t need to so much as shift my eyes to know Pan was walking alongside me in the next instant.

“Come to ruin my morning?” I yawned still not quite awake.

“Never.” he quipped. “Geez, you look terrible.”

“Why thank you,” I rubbed my eyes. “Bit of a sleepless night.”

“Nightmares again?”

We kept on walking on in silence. He knew damn well it was because of my nightmares. The nights they happened were infrequent and far between but left me dead and sluggish in the mornings. I had to admit to what was going on after I had woken up screaming one night and gave half the camp heart-attacks for it.

“Are you ever going to tell me what they’re about?” he asked.

“I don’t see how it matters.” I shrugged. We sat down in the sand flicking stones out into the ocean.

“Y/N,” Pan said in a forcefully soft voice, “you probably don’t remember this but a couple years ago when you had just gotten here we were on this beach. You were fighting with me, I was trying to get you mad, then…”

“I remember.” I answered flatly.

“Then you must remember that I never did get an answer to the question I asked.” he said and I felt my heart drop into my stomach.


“Y/N,” he turned towards me, “Who left you? What happened? I know that whatever it is is connected to your nightmares. If you tell me then maybe I can find a way to get rid of them.”

“Why do you care?”

“This is Neverland. You’re supposed to be happy when you’re here and you’re not.” I stole a glance at him, those dark green eyes burning into my soul searching for the truth.

I took in a deep breath. Years ago I would have just gotten up and left. I would have acted a complete hypocrite and told him that it wasn’t any of his business and to just forget anything had ever been said. But then again, that was then. I wasn’t the same person anymore and neither was he.

“You really want to know?” I mumbled under my breath.

“If you’d please.”

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Short Bruce Wayne Imagine

Everyone thinks you’re the best cook, Alfred disagrees.…

(non-serious short imagine)

The culinary creations withheld in the kitchen were always eaten in one sitting, as the flavours were so divine, the cooking to exquisite.

You owned the kitchen.

You were the master of the Kitchen.

You were a God in the kitchen.

Every vegetable or ingredient you touched, turned into a delectable dish that would call hungry mouths for miles.

You could turn anything into a masterpiece; a potato, into a Mona Lisa.

When you cut into the onions, the onions didn’t make you cry.

You made the onions cry.

The funny thing was, you didn’t even try. Maybe it was just talent of the touch, or possibly a culinary calling, but your food made even Bruce fall to his knees.

After a long night out, the boys would flock into the manor, the smell of warm soup, or roast vegetables with fresh crispy bread controlling their senses. Even with the same energy as a sloth, they would run to the table, ready to eat.

You would all sit down, passing each other dishes to share and glasses to fill, whilst talking about the night and possible future missions. But in the corner of the kitchen, Alfred would watch.

His eyes eyeing the food. He spotted a piece of spare toast on the counter in front of him.

He could toast it better he thought.

But as you looked up, you spotted the jealous man, and you swiftly invited him to sit and eat, a look of confliction on his wrinkled face. Alfred would sit, the boys would keep talking, and passing food to one another, too refill their plates.

You would assemble a plate of food for him, a plate fitting of every dish you made that night. He picked up his spoon and filled it with soup. You watched, as he slowly blew on the soup, taking his sweet, sweet time to finally eat.

The boys were almost done, the dishes almost completely empty of every scrap.

He sipped.

As his lips touched the liquid, his taste buds fell into a blackhole of flavour, each savoy tastebud dancing on salt and warmth, a constellation of flavour.

“Good?” You would ask. Alfred would look to you, conflicting denial on his face. He would clear his throat, and get his spoon ready for more,

“I suppose it’s okay, Mrs. Wayne.”

“Could do with a little more salt.” He would mutter, “And maybe stock.” You would smile, looking back at the boys who were fighting over the last piece of bread,

“Then i guess next time you’ll have to help me,” Alfred would quickly smile, a laugh escaping his lips,

“You could do with the extra help.” He would remark, causing you to gasp a little, you smirked,

“Are you calling me a hopeless cook Alfred?”

“I am saying no such words Mrs. Wayne.” Alfred continued to sip his soup.

“Step carefully Alfred,” You would joke, “If you’re not cautious you might find a toe nail in your food someday.”

Bruce would watch you two. Eyes darting back and forth, moving with every sarcastic comment you two made. He would tap Jason on his shoulder, stopping the bickering between him and Damian.

All the boys would look at Bruce, Bruce’s eyes watching his wife.

“I think if we value our lives, we’d best go somewhere else.” The boys looked to were Bruce’s eyes were traced. They watched as you and Alfred bickerd over food, and who was the better cook.

“The toe nail would indeed possibly make it better than this soup if you ask me.” Alfred said, causing Tim to spit out his soup in shock as he watched the old butler say words he would never dare to say.

“Let’s go.” Jason said quickly.

And as swiftly as the the wind, they were gone, leaving you and Alfred behind at the table. You stopped and looked around to find your surroundings empty. You smiled at Alfred,

“That was easy,” You whisper, “There’s a slice of cake in the fridge i saved for when no one is here, want to share with me before the kids steal it?” 

Alfred would smile, placing the napkin on his lap to the table,

“It would be my pleasure.”

–Okay, so not the most serious imagine i’ve written, but this was just a little fun inspired by a lovely friend.

–Feel free to send me requests or scenarios! But be warned i may or may not write each and everyone as i do have a lot, but it’s nice to get different and fresh inspiration from you guys!

–Have a lovely day! x

unwanted opinions

Summary:  You do not tell Marinette Dupain-Cheng what to do when it comes to her relationship with Adrien Agreste.

Day #7 of Adrinette April, and the topic for the day is dealing with jealous people! (You can check out on @krazy-ky-sta-hatter‘s post here! You can also find other amazing works for Adrinette April on @miraculous-months-of-love!) 

AO3 link here!

“…Miss Marinette Dupain-Cheng!”

The cheers that filled the air upon the announcement of her win might have made Marinette temporarily deaf, but nothing would be able to dampen her spirits.

With shaking knees and a grin slapped frozen on her face, Marinette made her way up to the stage, the host helping her up, squeezing her shoulders as he asked, “Is there anything you’d like to say to our viewers?”

“Uh, y-yeah! Thank you all so much for your support, it’s really been the best, uh, thank you to my family, my friends, everyone who’s been with me since day one! I couldn’t have accomplished this without you guys! This is for all of you!” she giggled into the microphone.

In the audience, she could see Alya and Nino whooping in delight. Her mother and father sat beside them, clapping proudly. And between them, acting like he was already part of the family (and to Marinette and her parents, he was), was Adrien Agreste, Marinette’s boyfriend, the love of her life. He was standing on his chair, clapping wildly, a grin plastered on his face, gesturing for her to look his way.

When she did, he grinned, blew her a kiss, and shouted, “I love you!”

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Karaoke Night

Genre: Fluff/ slight humor
Word count: 1,674

“Oh my god, guys, I am so excited,” Seungkwan said, bouncing in the front seat. “You’re all going down, by the way. Just thought I’d give you a heads up.”

From the driver’s seat, Wonwoo rolled his eyes. “Right,” he said simply. “Keep saying that to yourself.”

“You both are lying to yourselves. I’m going to win,” Mingyu interjected, flashing a smile in your direction.

You sighed in return. You didn’t know why you were here. Actually, you did, but would it be worth it? For the past twenty minutes, your group of friends “debated” on who was going to win that night’s karaoke. Seungkwan kept singing at an incredibly high pitch; he was “warming up”, as he liked to say. Wonwoo was being salty, and Mingyu, well, he was being Mingyu. He kept saying that you would “cheer him on” and “knock out the competition”, even though you were going to sing something yourself.

“So, (y/n), what are you going to perform?” Wonwoo asked, glancing up in the rearview mirror at you and clearly ignoring Seungkwan’s whine.

That was a good question. In all of the… excitement, you haven’t really thought about what you were actually going to do.

“Ooh, ooh! You should do something funky and fresh!” Seungkwan added, twisting around to look in the back seat. “Maybe something from Beyoncé!”

You gave a mock gasp and put a hand over your heart. “But Seungkwan, you’re my queen!” you cried.

Seungkwan grinned and winked. “You got that right!” he said with a laugh.

Mingyu smiled as well, but it didn’t quite reach his eyes. He silently glared at the back of Seungkwan’s head and dared him to wink again. He turned his gaze from the traitor Seungkwan to you. “I think you should do a song that makes everybody remember you. Well, it can’t be better than mine, so you’re pretty limited!”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” you asked, punching Mingyu’s shoulder lightly. “What exactly are you doing?”

“That is for me to know and for you to find out.”

You groaned. “Mingyu! I thought we were friends! Why can’t you just tell me?”

Mingyu sent you a mock offended expression. “Friends?! What happened to ‘best friends’? I thought we were closer than that, (y/n)!”

Wonwoo coughed.

“We are,” you said simply, looking out the window instead.

Mingyu inhaled sharply through his nose. Was he just friendzoned? But… But he was Mingyu. He gets along with everybody, right? Why was he being friendzoned?? Well, you two were best friends. So had he already been friendzoned since the beginning? Or was this just a stage? Would the relationship be able to progress? Oh man, would Mingyu love that. The thought of holding your hand and flaunting you off to the rest of the group made his heart beat faster and his smile bigger. It was a cheesy feeling, but it was a fantastic one.

“Something on your mind?” you asked, breaking Mingyu from his train of thought. “You’re just staring off into space with a funny expression. Whatever you’re thinking of must be really good, huh?”

The idea of being able to call you his passed through Mingyu’s mind. He smiled brightly. “You bet.”

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Love How You Hate Me - Sam x Reader

A/N: Ah! This was supposed to be up, and it just didn’t end up working. I didn’t even realize until I saw an ask questioning it when I came back, along with the lack of usual notes. I apologize. I accidentally saved it as a draft rather than publishing it. A dumb move, to be sure. Anyways, I apologize for what’s ahead. But, plot! Hope you all enjoy!

PS. Yes, I know most of this is roughly season 10, and there’s more recent items mentioned. It doesn’t completely follow the show time line. I just really like those little tidbits, and felt the need to include them. ;)

Previously:  One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen | Sixteen

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Warnings: Drunk Sam. Kinda angsty/sad. Nothing huge!

Word Count: Roughly 2400

Two weeks later, and you’d been babysitting for Bane and Alice. Instead of leaving them alone to handle the rambunctious child after they’d arrived home, you’d stayed and woken up with her. It had been the most normal morning you’d had in your life. You loved every second of it.

“You have to keep it quiet.” You lightly scolded the infant who was jabbering at you enthusiastically. Which only led to her getting more amped. “Oh, really?” You chuckled, as she stopped with her lip stuck out as if she was put out that you weren’t understanding her. A loud squeal emitted from her lips in frustration. “Oh my.” You clucked before blowing on her belly to get one of those little giggles of hers. Her feet and arms jerked in response to her laughs.

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G/t idea.

Imagine a giant wandering a city late at night, they don’t expect to see any humans at this hour- besides, even if they do it’s not like anyone would dare bother them, they are a pretty frightening looking giant!

So they are walking down along the road, passing between skyscrapers under the moonlight when all of a sudden they hear a tiny voice…

“E-excuse me!”

Looking down the giant finds a small human standing outside one of the tall buildings, the human waves nervously up with a shy smile as the giant kneels down to see them better.

“What do you want?” The giant asks rather grumpily.

“Oh! U-Uhm, I saw you walking by and I just w-wanted to say….you l-look really cute- I mean cool! I meant you look r-really cool!” The human stammers, cowering back slightly as if they expect to get hit.

The giant however feels a bright red flush come to their cheeks and they go completely silent….

Did that human just say…..they looked cute!?

The giant leans right down, lying with their chin on the ground and staring at the human in confusion- before they even get to ask the human if they were joking they find the tiny person lunging over and giving them a tiny kiss on their nose before running into the nearby building!

The giant sits up in shock, going even redder as they stare across to the building they know the human is hiding in.

A shy smile spreads across their face and they hide their head in their hands, nobodies ever called them cute before!

Meanwhile in the building the human is having a heart attack, they can’t believe they were just so brave!
They’ve been watching the giant almost every night when they walk by and never had the courage to talk to them- and now they kissed them!?

The humans worried the giant thinks it’s weird, all the giant’s thinking about is how cute that human was- it turns out after that incident the giant returns to the same building every night and sits outside, waiting for the human to pluck up the courage to come out and talk to them again….


Just something bouncing around my head after the episode. Trying to fill in a gap : ) 

Walking out from the secluded part of the garage, still trying to wipe the relaxed smile off his face, Toby asks, “Dinner?”

“Already ahead of you, Doc,” Happy says, dangling the keys to her truck.

“Do I want to know what just happened?” Paige turns, smirking as pink begins to tinge Happy’s cheeks.

“I, for one,” Toby says, “would like to say-”


“Good night.” He smiles at the team, hurrying after Happy. She’s already in the driver’s seat, pulling the seatbelt across her chest, when Toby catches up.

“Why is it that you have such a need to share our personal life?”

“I’m just excited.” Toby leans over to peck her cheek. “This is the happiest I’ve ever been.”

She nods. Looking down as she fiddles with the steering wheel, Happy whispers, “I’m happy too.” He smiles at her words, knowing there is so much more that she feels than what she says. Taking another breath, she continues. “And I’m scared.”

Toby remains silent and she’s grateful that he can read her so well. He knows she’s still processing; the words are zipping through her head and she can’t find the ones she wants to use. Still, he unbuckles and slides onto the middle seat, wrapping his arm around her shoulder, letting her know it’s okay to take her time.

“I don’t want to lose you.” She turns slightly to rest her head on his chest. He feels her shallow breathing and knows she’s trying not to cry, but slowly losing the battle.

“You won’t.”

“I keep thinking I will.” Happy huffs. “The gambling and the betting scare me.” She takes a moment to think about how Toby will have to find a new shirt- her tears are beginning to stain this one- and it terrifies her that she has allowed herself to become this vulnerable with him. She promised though, to try to be more open.

“You’re my gamble, remember?” He kisses the top of her head. “I am not going back.”

She nods, murmuring in affirmation. “But what if I drive you away?” He freezes, not expecting the change in tune. “I’m asking you to change. I don’t want us to end up hating each other.”

“Okay,” Toby begins. “Look at me.” He lifts her chin enough so that she can see his eyes. “You are trying to keep me safe. To make sure we’re both okay. The gambling is a problem. You’re not asking me to change who I am. You’re trying to make me better, make us better.”

“The dares, though.” She hiccups. “They’re not dangerous.”

“Fine, that’s fair.” Toby shakes his head. “But they still remind you of gambling and me not being there. I don’t want you to worry.” He uses his thumbs to wipe her cheeks and gives her a tender smile. “You’re not going to lose me. Okay?”

“Okay,” she breathes. She tilts her head up then, kissing him gently. Pulling back, she adds, “Where else am I going to find a stupid-dummy-moron-jerk?”

“Hey!” He tugs a lock of her hair at her smirk. “I guess the same place I would find another honey-bear-kitten-pie.”

“You’re such a sap.” She pushes him back toward his seat.

“Ah, but I love you,” he says.

She doesn’t say it back, nor does he expect her too, but she smiles as a blush stains her cheeks. She knows how she feels about him and she hopes he knows too. Maybe one day she’ll have the courage to say it. This, for now, will have to do. “Dinner?”


Time to Talk Some More About...

Killian, Emma, and Leia. 

This is part 2/2 of the first #CS+L story. Here is the first part if you missed it!
 Hope you enjoy!!


Emma clicked her pen up and down with her thumb, willing time to pass more quickly. It wasn’t Leia she was worried about; she just couldn’t get Killian’s panicked voice off her mind. He’d sounded so upset, more upset than he should’ve. She bit her lip, needing to know why. Before she could talk herself out of it, she stopped clicking the pen and picked up the phone.

“Hey Emma,” her dad said easily, picking up after the second ring.

“Hey, Dad. What are you up to?”

“Your mother and I are just out for a walk with Neal. Is everything alright?”

Emma felt a small twinge of guilt, knowing that what she was about to ask would interrupt her family’s outing. “Well, technically yes, but…” she trailed off.

“Emma, what is it?” her father urged.

Emma sighed. “It’s just, Leia. She’s got this fever, and she’s fine, but I know Killian’s really worried about her, and I just think…I don’t know. He sounded super freaked out when he called to tell me and I just…I just think he’d benefit if I was home with them right now,” she explained. “So I was wondering…if you’d come sit in for me till the end of the day? I’m sorry I have to ask,” she finished.

“Oh Emma, don’t apologize,” he assured her immediately, “Of course I will. You get home and take care of my granddaughter.”

Emma smiled. “Thanks, Daddy. I’ll leave the keys to the station under the stone.”

“Sounds good. I’ll call you later to see how princess is, okay?”

“Okay!” They said goodbye and Emma hung up, grabbed her coat and headed toward the door.

When Emma arrived home she slipped inside quietly and took off her shoes and coat. She tiptoed up the stairs, selfishly wanting to spy on her pirate and princess. She found Leia’s room empty, but could hear Finding Nemo coming from her and Killian’s room. She peeked through the crack in the door and found the two curled up on the bed together, Leia’s head on Killian’s chest, and she appeared to be sleeping. There was a half-empty sippy cup of pedialyte on the nightside table. Killian was running his fingers through her hair, his face set in a worried frown. Emma stood watching for only a few seconds before she pushed the door open, slipping inside and closing it behind her.

Killian’s eyes found hers immediately, relief washing over his face. “Emma, you’re home,” he said, offering her a small but genuinely happy smile.

Emma beamed at him, crossing the room to the bed and brushing his hair back from his forehead before leaning down to kiss it. “Hi,” she whispered, “Is everything okay? Did she just fall asleep?”

“Aye, just a few moments ago.”

“Can I have her?” Emma asked, knowing full well that moving her would probably jostle her awake, but willing to risk it to satiate her innate Mommy need to comfort her sick child.

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A Baby?


Author: Winchester-Writes


Word Count: 1,077

Warnings: Pregnant Reader, I guess a little self hate, and super amounts of fluffiness ;)

Request: Hello, I love your writing! I was wondering if you could do a deanxreader where they have been together for two years and the reader finds out she’s pregnant. She doesn’t know how to tell Dean so she asks Sam, who’s like her best friend, for advice. You can decide how Dean finds out! Lots of fluffiness and… If you don’t mind, maybe a little smut at the end? If you don’t do smut that’s fine, I love your writing either way.

A/N: Okay so considering this is my first time ever doing this, I just wanna say thanks for the request and I loved writing it! It always fun to write fluffy stuff :) and yes I know that there is no smut in here but I don’t really feel comfortable writing that kind of stuff yet, just give me some time and I just might surprise you… okay anyways I hope you enjoy!!

Alright Sam and Dean are gone for now I’ll just hurry and do it so I can prove myself wrong. That’s what ran through your mind as you were quickly rushing to the bathroom after hearing the bunker door close. As soon as you shut the bathroom door, locking it just in case, you searched for the bag with that certain box that contained what you needed inside. Going into the bottom cabinet under the sink and pushing some of the extra supplies of toilet paper out of the way there it was, staring you straight in the face, that little box with its life changing contents.

“Okay, deep breaths…here goes nothing.”

After reading the instructions on the box over and over again, you did everything so now came the waiting part. You had bought the brand that came with two tests inside and laid them both on the sink and waited.  Picking the first one up, your stomach dropped…

“No, no, no, no! Please, please just be a mistake!” After picking the second one up and seeing that it was completely identical to the first made you burst into tears. “How could this have happened?!” Well you know good and well how it happened! “But we used protection every time h-how..?” At this point you were on the floor, waging a war inside your head as to how this could have happened. What is Dean going to think when you tell him? “Oh God, what if he is going to hate me? What if he wants to me leave? This can’t be happening!”

As you were dealing with your new found knowledge you didn’t know that Sam was still in the bunker and didn’t go with Dean on the supply run. He was walking past the bathroom and caught the very last of what you were saying.

“Y/n are you okay?” he waited a minute and didn’t get a response. “Y/n, what’s going on? If you don’t open the door I’m coming in!”

“Go away S-Sam!” at that he knew something was wrong because he heard your loud sob after saying his name.

“Alright, I warned you I’m coming in! Get away from the door.”

Sam came bursting through the door, the first thing he noticed was you on the floor, face red and wet with tears. The second thing he noticed was the two white sticks that you were clutching in your hands so tightly. He sat down next to you and reached over to take them out of your hands, looking at the pink lines on both sticks he now knew what was troubling you.

He looks at you with the biggest smile he can show, he looks the complete opposite of how you’re feeling. “You know he’s going to be super excited when you tell him. Hell I’m super excited right now and I’m just going to be the awesome uncle.”

“Sam he’s going to hate me, he’s not going to want this baby with me, this is not the life a baby should be raised into! I think packing up and leaving is my best bet here.”

Sam grabs a hold of you and hugs you as tight as he can “Bullshit Y/n, he’s going to be ecstatic! You guys are going on what now… almost two and half years? Don’t you dare think about skipping out and leaving, especially with me knowing, because I will tell him and I don’t think he would want to find out that way.”

“Fine. But I just don’t want to flat out tell him, can you help me think of something. It might make me feel better if we make him try to figure it out.” Finally looking at him with a smile on your face Sam laughs “I have the perfect idea, come on!”


After Dean came home that day you and Sam went about the normal routine of things and tried to not act so suspicious. One day when Dean came home from the bar there was a bar of baby shoes on the stairs, he picked them up to look at them “What the hell are these doing here?” shrugged his shoulders, and set them down on the war table. The next day he walked into the living room to grab his drink there was a brown teddy bear and a soft white blanket sitting on the coffee table, once again he shrugged it off. The final thing you two had in mind was to get on his computer and leave it on a baby naming website, and that’s when you finally got his attention.

“Y/N! Can you come here please? Like, now!”

You smirked up at Sam hoping that what Dean wanted was something relevant to your plan.

“Coming dear, I’ll be right there!”

Going from Sam’s room into the living room you saw Dean sitting in his chair with his laptop sitting in front of him. “Hey babe, what’s up?”

Dean got up, turned around and picked you up spinning you in the air. When he set you down all he could do was kiss you. Needing air he looked up “Are you serious?! I-I’m going to be a father!? How long have you known?”

“So I take it you caught on to the little hints I’ve been giving you?” you couldn’t stop smiling and laughing about how happy he was. Mostly laughing at yourself at how stupid you were to think that he would hate you or want to throw you out. “I’ve known for a couple of days now, I still don’t know for sure how far along I am, I wanted you to be there with me.”

“I had no clue what the hell was going on, I was so confused but the baby names, damn it just all clicked! I’m just…God I’m just so happy right now!”

He bent down and started talking to your belly “Hey there little one, it’s daddy, just saying hi and I love you so much, I can’t wait to meet you!” He stood up, leaving a hand laying on your stomach, “I love your mommy too, oh so much, and there wouldn’t be anyone else I’d rather have a baby with than you sweetheart. I love our little family.” Looking into his eyes you could only see utter adoration and love and what better family to protect and raise a baby in this life than the Winchesters.

anonymous asked:

13 sasusaku (: pretty please with cherry on top

,Send me a prompt and a pairing, and I’ll write you a oneshot! :)

13. meeting at the gym AU
rating: K+

Hello beautiful boy deadlifting like, three-hundred-pounds; come here often?

I should start powerlifting, apparently, if all powerlifters look like that: tall, dark, and wow, is handsome even justifiable when talking about this totally flawless hottie? Gorgeous, maybe. Disgustingly immaculate, even. He’s like, basically, the hope diamond or something. I don’t know.

He’s perfect.

He lifts that barbell like it’s a fucking pillow or something. How is that even possible? What are you even doing here, he-who-is-too-faultless-to-even-be-considered-human? Shouldn’t you be at training for the Olympics or something? Who let you grace this gym with your fabulous presence? Who let me be lucky enough to be here today?

Ah, yes, the Gods are on my side.

“Uh, Sakura, you’re drooling a little,” Ino comments from the treadmill next to me, laughing. 

I scowl. “I hope you trip.”

“Hey, I don’t blame you,” she says, and a coy little smile surfaces on her face. Ugh, bitch, don’t even try. “He’s really cute—”

“Dibs!” I quip quickly, with a smile of my own. “Sorry, pig, I saw him first.”

She snorts. “As if you’re going to say anything to the guy,” she says, waving me off with a dainty hand.

I nearly scoff. “I could totally talk to that guy!” I could talk to any guy! I talk to guys! 

“As if!” she squeals, rolling her eyes. Rude. “I bet you couldn’t even ask that guy behind the desk for a towel.”

With a growl, I immediately stop my treadmill, and hop off. “Watch me, swine.” I saunter off towards the stupid desk, quickly turning to flip off my dumb friend. I swing my hips as widely as possible to still be considered normal—hey, if that power-lifting guy is looking at me, I at least want to look cute as hell—and stop in front of the desk. “Hey, uh, excuse me, can I get a towel?”

The guy looks up at me from his paperwork with the darkest eyes I have ever seen in my entire life, and the dullest look. “Yeah, sure.” He grabs a clean towel next to him, and hands it to me, immediately looking back down at whatever he was doing.

I sigh loudly and begin to towel myself off. I can’t even believe her! No faith at all! Like, what’s even stopping me from talking to the ray of sunshine over there that could probably power lift me? “Can you believe my friend over there doesn’t think I could get with that guy?” 

The guy behind the desk looks up at me with a raised eyebrow. “Excuse me?”

I groan, a little annoyed. Obviously I’m talking about the shining star in front of the mirror! “That guy, over there,” I point as nonchalantly as possible toward the object of my affections and future husband or whatever, “My friend thinks I can’t talk to him.”

He nods his head slowly. “Is that so?”

“Yeah like, can you believe that?” I ask, flipping my ponytail over my shoulder. “I totally could.”

He simply nods his head, turning back toward his work, but I’m not particularly annoyed. See, Ino? I can totally talk to guys.

“I mean like, I’m just as flawless as he is, and whatever!” I continue. “What makes him so much better than me?”

He snorts.

Immediately, I whip my head around to look at the asshole behind the counter. “Uh, what’s so funny?”

“Nothing,” he says, but then adds, “There’s nothing uh, flawless about that guy over there.”

“I beg to differ—”

“And nothing makes him better than you, because you’re better than him,” he finishes. “Well, probably.”


“You are kind of annoying, though.”

I feel a blush begin to creep up from my neck, but thank God we’re at a gym because it’s totally natural for people to be red at gyms when they’re working out. “I am not annoying.”

“Do you often make a habit of talking to random guys about other random guys?” he asks me, smirking.

If he’s trying to flirt with me, it is not working! “Do you often make a habit of being such a jerk?” I ask, frowning.

His smirk widens. “Maybe.” 

I shoot him the dullest look I can muster. “Who even are you?”

“Sasuke,” he says, obviously full-well knowing that’s totally not what I meant. Well, Sasuke, arrogance does not suit you well. 

“Ew, that is so not what I meant,” I whine, frowning further. 

He chuckles, and shakes his head, hair as dark as his eyes a wild mess around him. “If you’re so interested in him, just ask him how to deadlift.”

“Ugh, I don’t even want to anymore,” I gripe. “I should’ve just gone straight for him. Thanks, Sasuke.”

“No problem,” he counters. He begins dipping back in his work not a second later.

He’s kind of cute, actually; a jerk, totally, but pretty, nonetheless. Not power-lifting-God handsome, but yeah. He’s got that whole “mysterious, angsty jerk” thing going on, with the dark eyes, and the dark hair, and the apathy that isn’t as cute as he thinks. 

With a loud sigh, I say, “Sakura.”

He looks up at with another raised eyebrow. Don’t question me, jerk. “Excuse me?”

I already regret this. “My name,” I tell him with a glare. “It’s Sakura.”

“Sakura,” he repeats, like he’s tasting it. His voice is deep, and a little sexy. Wow, it’s really too bad about his personality. “That’s nice.”

“It is,” I agree. Of course it’s nice. It’s me we’re talking about. I’m great. “I guess I better get back to the treadmill.”

“I guess you better,” he agrees, and he’s smirking again. A smirk like he knows something. Ugh, who even are you? 

I begin to walk off, but he catches me with his voice one last time. “Do you come here often?”

I smile, a flirty smile, a smile Ino would be proud of. “I guess you’ll have to find out.”

Yo irl Sasuke (y’know if his whole family wasn’t murdered and w/e) would totally be an arrogant asshole flirtin’ it up with Sakura like a JERK, and Sakura would totally be a I ROCK PLEASE TELL ME I DON’T ROCK I FUCKING DARE YOU I’M FLAWLESS BYE

This is a commission for andiyangi, who wanted an opposing restaurant stony AU. This rolls in at 2K :)

Carbonell’s was a classy, established place. Tony had worked his ass off for the past ten years, building his brand from the ground up, giving the people a little slice of five star dining for a reasonable price, and now… well, now he was losing customers to the dive bar that had opened up across the street.

“It’s not a dive bar, Tony,” Pepper rolled her eyes as she looked over the receipts that evening after closing. “Irish Rogers’ Tavern and Eatery is exactly what it says on the sign. Rhodey says that their burgers are pretty good, apparently.”

“Rhodey has been eating over there?” Tony all but yelled, angry and betrayed for what he knew were childish reasons. “That’s it. I’m sending out a staff memo tomorrow morning banning anyone from fraternising with the enemy -”

“You’re being ridiculous,” Pepper replied, not even really paying him that much attention as she tapped away at her calculator. “We’ve got completely different niches, okay? And our customers are loyal – I don’t really think we’re going to lose any to Rogers’ place.”

“If I lose a single cent,” Tony huffed, “you better tell me, okay? This is a battle, Pepper, and you need to get your war paint on.”

“Why did I take this job?” he heard her sigh as he marched from her office.

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Kylo Ren groaned as he entered the ballroom. “Remind me again why we’re here, Mr. Hux?” “Because you need to have fun once in a while, Mr. Ren.” His ginger haired friend replied. “I do have fun.” Kylo grumbles. “Throwing chairs out the window when you don’t get your way does not classify as fun. Besides, perhaps you’ll meet a girl who can put up with you and your temper at long last.” Hux smirks and walks off to find a girl to dance with leaving the tall, dark haired man to sulk. On the other side of the room, Rey was with her friends and their mother Mrs. Organa. “You see Rey, it’s just as fantastic as I told you it would be!” The older woman exclaimed. “Yes, Mrs. Organa, you were absolutely right as usual! This ball truly is splendid!” Rey giggles in reply as a young gentleman swoops in and whisks her to the dance floor. Some time later, Mr. Hux returns to Mr. Ren, who was still in the corner where Mr. Hux left him. “Come now, Ren! Surely someone must have caught your eye!” “Not at all. You’ve chosen the only handsome girl in the room to dance with.” “But her friend Rey is agreeable!” “Barely tolerable, I dare say. But not handsome enough to tempt me. You’d better return to your partner and enjoy her smiles. You’re wasting your time with me.” Mr. Hux shakes his head at his friend’s words. “Mr. Snoke, can you believe Mr. Ren?” He says to an older gentleman next to them. “Not in the least.” Was the reply. Rey, meanwhile, happened to pass by during this time and was ‘accidentally’ tripped by Mr. Hux and fell into the arms of Mr. Ren. “See there, Mr. Ren! I knew you’d find a partner soon enough! Good luck, Miss Rey!” Mr. Hux exclaims as he shoves the unsuspecting pair onto the center of the dance floor. Awkwardly, they began to dance. “I hope you do not expect me to quote some kind of poetry, Miss Rey.” He says in his deep, emotionless voice. “I’d be insulted if you did, Mr. Ren. I’ve often discovered poetry has the power to drive away love.” She replies. “I thought that poetry was the food of love.” He remarks. “Of a fine stout love, it may. But if it is only a vague inclination I’m convinced one poor sonnet will kill it stone dead.” Rey’s words nearly made Kylo Ren break his stone features to allow a smirk. She had a fire like none of the other women he’d seen. “So what do you recommend to encourage affection?” He asks her curiously. “Dancing.” She replies simply. Here the music ends, and they make their final bow. “Even if one’s partner is barely tolerable.” Rey walks immediately away, a smug little smirk on her face, leaving Kylo Ren alone in the middle of the dance floor, his mouth gaped open in shock. Mr. Hux walks over and claps him on the back. “My dear friend, I do believe Miss Rey is the first girl ever to render you speechless.” “And the last, I assure you.” Mr. Ren replies, his eyes still on the girl. From her circle of friends across the room, Rey looks back and gives Mr. Ren a little wave and he quickly looks away. “Oh you like her.” Hux remarks. “Shut up.”

A Baby?

Word Count: 1,077

Request: Hello, I love your writing! I was wondering if you could do a deanxreader where they have been together for two years and the reader finds out she’s pregnant. She doesn’t know how to tell Dean so she asks Sam, who’s like her best friend, for advice. You can decide how Dean finds out! Lots of fluffiness and… If you don’t mind, maybe a little smut at the end? If you don’t do smut that’s fine, I love your writing either way.

A/N: Okay so considering this is my first time ever doing this, I just wanna say thanks for the request and I loved writing it! It always fun to write fluffy stuff :) and yes I know that there is no smut in here but I don’t really feel comfortable writing that kind of stuff yet, just give me some time and I just might surprise you… okay anyways I hope you enjoy!!

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He wouldn’t just hold me or cradle me. He’d squeeze me, as if testing how tightly he could grasp me before I would make a noise or break his hold. As if I would slip out between his fingers like water. 

One day after the end, when we were still fooling ourselves about being friends, we were standing close, facing each other, me looking up at his face. He looked down at me, and he opened his mouth. I cocked my head slightly to the side, and his hands slid down to my hips. He looked resigned, a little sad, but then his features became set, determined.

You’ll never find anyone better than me.

I immediately felt my hackles rise, and my smile was more of a baring of my teeth. I stepped back, and my chin came up. How dare he. I shuttered my eyes. How dare he fucking try to do this. As if his words were some curse upon my romantic soul. My heart’s future.

No, darling. I laughed inside after that initial shock. 

No. No. No. 

I’ll never find someone like you, but better? Anyone who wouldn’t utter those words is better. 

But then I stopped, again. I realized this was his lame attempt to express some sort of love for me. A lame love, in the way an animal can become lame. I kept my guard up, and I translated the sentence. His sad attempt to tell me that he won’t find anyone better than me, even with my cursing. Even with my laziness. Even with the lack of things in common. Even with the fact I am not, nor will I ever be in love with him. Sure, I love him. That giant beast of a man, who’s more boy than adult. 

You text me asking me to go camping, or hiking, or help you build something. You want to see me. Maybe a beer and a shot. A game of pool.

I decline, like I usually do. 

You say “one of these days you’ll agree to something.”

I say “I did, our first date.” 

You make jokes about how I used to love you. 

I love you, you idiot, just not the way I need to love my mate. I loved you, but not in the forever kind of way, or even the 2pm kind of way. I’ll never fall in love with you again. Not in the morning, not at night. I’ll never be able to look at you and see a partner, a future. I’ll never grasp at you like you do to me. 

I’ll wait for you.

I cringe. I’m sorry. There’s nothing here to wait for. 

I let my hackles fall, and my pretty fur is back in place. I allow my bared teeth to relax. I take a deep breath, and take a further step back. 

I’m not sorry anymore. And that’s really fantastic.

Because, I held hands with a tall and hilarious man just the other night. A man I’ve known for years and years. Who makes goofy faces, and has lovely strong hands. Who looked me in the eye and kissed me, really kissed me. I had a moment with someone, and it was lovely. Really truly lovely. No pleading or manipulation happened, no veiled insults. And that, god damn, that made me feel like I was 19 again, when I hadn’t ever had anyone tell me who or what caliber of man I would find. And if there’s one thing, it’s that I am a grown woman and I know exactly who I do, and especially who I don’t want to be by my side. When no one told me what to do, or how to feel. I went with what felt right. And that was kissing him goodbye, telling him we should get together soon, and walking home and locking the door. Inside I sighed, smiled, took off my shoes and made my way to my bed.

I’m not hunting, I’m not searching. No compromise. I live my life. This life is for no one but me. The only “better” I need to concern myself is my own.