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Buckets of Water

Title: Buckets of Water
Pairing: ThomasxReader
Warnings: Smut
Summary: Y/N disappears into the forest with a bucket of water, Thomas goes to find her and gets a surprise.
Requested Thomas Smut


“Thanks, Newt!” I smiled, hauling up the bucket of water he pumped for me before heading towards the deadheads. 

Newt rubbed the back of his head with a curious smile on his face as he watched me walk away. “What exactly are you going to do with that anyways?”

I looked over my shoulder and raised a brow, I gave him a grin, but didn’t answer his question as I kept walking into the deadheads, disappearing deep into the trees. 

My plan was to get as deep into the forest as I could and find a spot to hide out in and clean the damn dirt off myself that seemed to stick to me like brown glue. I always tried to keep myself clean after a run in the maze, the sweat and dirt just didn’t cut it for me. The guys around the area didn’t seem to care, though they also didn’t seem to care about just wiping themselves down with a wet cloth either. But that wasn’t enough for me. 

I was actually shocked to find a good amount of supplies, shampoo, brushes, conditioner, ect…That the boys never really bothered to use. I didn’t mind taking advantage of the cleaning supplies. 

I finally found a stone nearby that was flat enough to sit on without getting dirt all over my body once I got wet. 


“Hey, Newt…” Thomas jogged over to the blonde and set his shovel down. “Do you know where Y/N went? I needed to ask her about how her run went today.”

Newt grinned cheekily and leaned against a wood post nearby. “I’m sure that’s really the reason. Though I really have no idea, she headed into the deadheads about fifteen minutes a go with a bucket of water.”

“Huh…Why?” Thomas asked, his brow furrowed a bit as he looked towards the deadheads. 

“Not a clue, she wouldn’t tell me, just made me pump her the water and then ran off into the trees.” 

Thomas sighed and nodded to Newt before jogging off into the deadheads to go find the female runner. 


It didn’t take me long to strip down and wet my hair. I moved to the side to grab my shampoo when I heard the branches behind me break. Jumping slightly, I slipped on the wet stone and would have slammed onto the ground if it wasn’t for the strong arms that were suddenly under me to stop my fall. 

I gasped, pushing the arms away when I gained my balance back and then glared at the intruder. My eyes widened when I saw Thomas, his eyes wide as he stared at me and then tried to look in the opposite direction, but his eyes would move to look back at me from time to time. 

“Wh…Thomas, what the hell!?” I gasped, covering my body with my hands and looked for the towel I brought with me. “What are you doing here?!”

Thomas blushed, looking at the floor while he rubbed the back of his head. “I was…looking for you. Newt said you went this way. Y/N, I’m sorry, I had no idea this is what you were doing!”

I groaned and continued to look around for my towel before shaking my head. “Whatever, you already saw everything anyways.” I scolded, crossing my arms over my chest and crossing my legs.

“N-No I didn’t! I promise!” He was a horrible liar and I could see the grin attempting to push through his features. I rolled my eyes. 

“Shank. What do you want??” I was blushing beat red, my hair still soaked as I watched him closely. He shifted his feet and then couldn’t stop the small grin on his face. 

“I came here to talk to you about your run…but now all I wanna do is tell you that running sure did wonders to your body….”


“Sorry!” He yelled back, not even holding back the laugh as he tried to pretend to cover his eyes. “But it did.” 

I dropped my arms down in shock before I shoved him lightly and grabbed my shampoo bottle. “Pervert!” At this point, I went ahead and started shampooing my hair. I was the only girl in the Glade, I had no real self esteem issues and…I did have a crush on Thomas, so I wasn’t bothered by finishing my shower.

“Erm…I…..I can go, if you want.” He stuttered, glancing back over at me slowly. 

“Yeah, you can.” I smirked and looked from the corner of my eyes as he went to walk away and then I grabbed my bucket of water. “Or you can clean up too.” I grinned, tossing the water from the bucket letting it drench Thomas from head to toe.

The Glader stood totally frozen at first, dripping water from his clothes before he slowly turned towards me. “Did you just…”

I gave him a half grin, crossing my arms over my chest again. “What are you gonna do about it?” 

“I’ll show you…” He said, approaching me quickly and backing me up against the large rock I was standing next too. His arms were on either side of me, causing me to blush under his gaze suddenly feeling completely exposed. 

He smirked down at me and then leaned closer. “This is what I’m gonna do.” His wet lips captured my own, water from his drenched hair dripping onto our faces as we kissed each other roughly. 

His soaked clothes pressed against my bared skin and I could feel the water slide down my stomach and my legs as he ran his hands down my hips and pulled them up to grind against his own. 

I moaned softly, my hand resting on his chest as I pulled away from his lips. I searched his face for a moment and then leaned up to kiss the bottom of his jaw with a small smirk. “What did you want to know about my run?” 

The boy glared down at me for a minute before he pulled me up to wrap my legs around his waist, shoving his soaked shirt off his body. “Nothing at this current moment.” He said in a husky tone, his breath ghosting across my ears and making me shiver.

“You sure? Isn’t that what you interrupted my shower for?” I grinned, nipping at his neck. 

“Mm…But this is much better then talking about running.” The gladers hips tilted upwards again, making my core tighten as I pressed up against him. 

I ran my hand down his chest and reached down, my finger sliding across the hem of his pants before resting above the zipper. “Just this?”

His brow raised as he looked down at my teasing fingers and then back up at me. “I think there’s a lot more we can add to this.” He responded, his hand sliding up my hip slowly before he surprised me by slipping his finger inside my wet heat. 

I gasped loudly, moaning again while my back arched upwards with pleasure. I tried to respond to his remark, but my voice disappeared as soon as he began moving his finger in and out slowly, adding a second one after a few moments. 

“What do you think, Y/N?” He grinned, watching my reactions as he tilted his fingers upwards, pressing them against my walls. “Think we can add more to this?”

“Ah…please, Tommy…” I moaned, my fingers moving fast to undo the button of his jeans and pull down his zipper. My hand pressed up against the bulge in his pants. He pulled his hand back from me and groaned, a hand palming my breast. 

He didn’t waste a whole lot of time sliding his wet pants off before he kissed me deeply, sliding himself into me with a deep groan. My moan mixed with the noise he made while we tried to keep up our kiss. 

Eventually, we gave up on the kiss, focusing more on the sounds and pleasure of our bodies moving against each other. His hands gripped at the bottom of my hips, squeezing my plump flesh as he pressed flush against my skin. 

I could feel him shudder, close to his release and once he gave a louder moan, I kissed him roughly. 

It came as no surprise that half way through Thomas’ release, I fell over that same edge. I could feel myself building up, my body was shaking in pleasure and I bucked and pushed against his thrusting hips, one hand embedding itself in his hair in an attempt to push him closer to myself.

I gave another moan. Louder.

Ecstasy enveloped me as I was hit with a wave of satisfaction, my climax hit. I looked at him, my body still shaking and bucking as I came down from my sexual high. My walls contracted around his softening member, my body shaking and trembling in pleasure as I shut my eyes, leaning my head back against the wall as he leaned against my body, shaking and panting.

“That was…amazing, Y/N.” Thomas said breathlessly, his hands helping lower me back down. I held onto his shoulders until I could hold myself up and then grinned a bit.

“Yeah, it was….You should come take showers with me more often.” I grinned, nipping his lower lip.

“I think I’ll just be around you in general more often…Right?” He seemed worried, I’d say no as he searched my face for an answer.

I smiled brightly and ran my hands through his hair again. “Yes…That’s exactly right.” 


Request :  Do a Kai smut!!!x. Will you do a smut where the reader is dating Kai and the reader is wondering what it would be like to be chased down by a supernatural creature so they play hide and seek and everytime he finds her, she has to take an item of clothing off, and he finds her with ease everytime but creeps up on her to make her jump and scares her? A bit long but? Xx

Imagine : Kai chasing you for fun before it turns into hot sex around the house.

Originally posted by umanjopedroc

Sitting on top of Kai, it was nothing new. You ground down hard on his growing erection, his lips kissing roughly at your neck as he palmed your breasts through the fabric of your bra. Every night seemed to end the same. Kai couldn’t keep his hands off you, and who could blame him? You were beautiful, smart, full of life and his. That was the most important thing, was that you were his. 

Kai groaned, thrusting his hips up into you. God, he just wanted you so bad. Was that too much to ask. 

When you pulled away from his touch, he knew that it was. “Let’s play a game,” you grinned.

“Does this game somehow tie to me having my way with you?” he asked you in a hoarse voice. His need was controlling his every thought, his every action.

“Yes. We’re going to play hide and seek, strip. You can find me. Every time you find me, I take an article of clothing off, and every time you don’t find me, you take an article of clothing off.”

To Kai, this game sounded like torture. He just wanted to pin you underneath him and pound into you. Or maybe, maybe he would let you ride him. But his cock twitched at the idea of hunting you down, watching you strip. 

So Kai slapped your bum harshly, biting his lip as he gave you a seductive expression. “Get hiding then, lover,” he told you in a harsh whisper as he finally let go of you, allowing you to leave.

Kai gave you thirty seconds. You thought that you had gotten an adequate hiding spot, but as soon as Kai stood, he could smell your wet core from where he was, and he groaned.

 He rushed up to you, standing directly behind you in the tight space closet. You hadn’t noticed him yet, but Kai made his presence know by gripping you hips, thrusting his hard on into you back. You squealed in surprise, then moaned at the feeling of him. It only made you more wet.

This went on until Kai had found you a total of four times, and now you were standing directly in front of him with only your panties on. You sent him a teasing smile as you slowly pulled down your panties, bending down to show him your ass and wet slit, stepping out of your panties. As you stood back up, you were slammed against a wall, Kai’s mouth pressed against your bare shoulder. “You tease,” he hissed, grabbing roughly at your flesh. “You wanted to play this game just to fucking tease me. Well, I hope you know what’ve you gotten yourself into, Y/N, because I am going to fuck you raw.”

You bit your lip, already panting heavily. You heard Kai drop his jeans onto the floor, and you whimpered as he spanked you bum roughly, kneading the flesh after. “Please,” you whimpered quietly, thrusting you hips out to his. 

Kai pulled you closer, one hand on your abdomen, the other holding his length as he teased your cunt by dragging the tip along your slit, pressing harder into your swollen clit. You shuddered, leaning back into him. “Want my cock, Y/N?” he hummed. “You’re my little cock hungry slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes, yes, just for your cock,” you whimpered back, your hand reached around to pump him, hopelessly trying to get him to enter you. “Kai, baby please.”

Kai grunted, thrusting his hips forward, his length stretching you until you were completely full. You let out a short scream of pleasure, one hand digging into the muscle of his forearm and the other into the wall as Kai didn’t let you adjust.

“Look at you, taking my thick cock like a champ. You like it when I take you from behind, huh? Like it when I pound you so hard you know you’re going to be sore?” Kai cooed into you ear. He bit down on your neck with flat teeth, his hips beginning to move at an inhuman speed. 

You couldn’t manage to speak. All you could manage was short and shrill moans, panting as Kai began to take you over the edge. “Rub your pretty pussy for me, darling,” Kai whispered. “Want you to make a mess of my cock, Y/N,”

That seemed to be all the permission you needed. Reaching down, your hand rubbed your clitoris furiously, in time with Kai’s thrusts. Soon, you were coming, screaming and scratching at the wall as you shook, you mouth opening and closing as your eyes rolled back in pleasure.Yet Kai continued to pound into you. 

He flashed you to the bed, getting you into doggy position, with you ass in the air for him, still pounding deep into you. Your nerves were on overdrive as pleasure began to build up again, and you were seeing white as you clutched onto the duvet.

 There was a faint sound of ripping, but all you could feel was Kai’s cock sawing into your pussy and hitting your spot just right. You felt one of his hands kneading your breasts roughly while the other rubbed your clit in time with your thrusts.It wasn’t long before you were erupting in pleasure again, coming for the second time in a row. 

Kai tried to postpone his pleasure for the second time, but when he felt your warmth flooded round him, your pussy walls contracting tightly around his throbbing cock, he knew he could no longer hold it in.

In seconds he was filling you, pulling your hips flush against his. His mouth hung open as grunts left, leaning over you to kiss your skin gingerly. He thrusted at you a couple more times before pulling out. 

“That was a fun game, doll,” Kai whispered to you. “I hope you’ll be ready for round two soon.”

You couldn’t help but giggle as you straddled his lap, feeling his cock hardening again under your soaking pussy. “Depends,” you said with a wicked grin. “Can you handle me again?”

“Good god I love you, Y/N,” Kai whispered as you slipped him into your core, fucking him yet again.

All I ever had – all we ever had, was a dream close enough to touch. How cruel to find that which seems tangible can crumble away in fleeting dust. I am not yours, though I wish I could be, I am not. However, the certainty of impossibility does not hurt. In fact it is a freeing experience. What hurts is the alternative: “What if we had grown to be the image of all that we could have been?” Without these scars. Without these coping mechanisms. Without these lessons learned throughout life’s mundanity; knowledge obtained in negativism. Tell me now, have you ever contemplated the impracticability of purity and figured you just want to live! – in a life that intuitively doesn’t seem meant for you. Have you ever proactively disenchanted the world around you just to keep pace with the leaders of a pack that deep down inside you know are unfit to lead? Doesn’t it gnaw on you that pragmatism might just be the greatest vessel of lies; that we follow a calculated probability of a life more comfortable, when life is an accumulation of uncertain factors? Anything could happen. My love, have you ever given in to a world of unlimited possibilities, where all these scars, coping mechanisms, and forcefully applied disenchantments no longer matter? – I have. As a matter of fact I could only see your face. Allow me to share with you my reality: You are that one dream that never crumbled as I lay my fingers upon it. You are the reason I return to the core of being. It is so simple, yet so intimidating, that I am yours. That there aren’t any options considering true love; when I am stripped down naked, without any rock to hide under, you are the one to find me. When you are stripped down naked, without any rock to hide under, I do not falter. You are everlasting love. It seems so natural and easy. Two wholes become halves, our souls whisper: you complete me. We disintegrate in bursting flames, our bodies; specks of soot, expand into eternity. Somehow we know our dust will reassemble, again and again in a loop of eternal reoccurrence, until we rewrite the fabric of the universe by virtue of destined creation. The purpose of our existence. I figure when two souls become one in true love, they usher in the existence of a new soul, completely unencumbered. Isn’t that logical? It is evolution, progress; the reason why the universe expands within its already infinite framework. It isn’t our time right now, but one day it will be. And after that, who knows what will happen? All I know is you complete me, when I felt to be complete already.
—  You are everlasting love (excerpt), by M.A. Tempels © 2016

And I wonder
if you meant forever

if the voice leaving
your throat ever
wanted back in

if the heart stripping
from your chest ever
wanted to find me

And I wonder
if you meant

it when you said
that i was the one
but not the one
right now

And I wonder
if you meant

it when you said
that i was the one
but not the one
right now

And I wonder
about your silly
forever and evers

baby, love me
forever and ever

baby, i’d hold you
forever and ever

Forever and ever
with different definitions

Forever and ever
with the same heartbeats

Forever and ever
with the same memories

Forever and ever
with the same butterflies

Forever and ever
with the same smile

Forever and ever
with different lovers

And I wonder
if you see any
pieces of me
inside of him

Because the more I look,
the more I end up getting lost

And the more I wonder,
the more I figure out–

Forever and ever
meant we couldn’t


t o g e t h e r

—  And still I wonder

Part 1

The next morning, after you and Liam had showered you both headed down to the kitchen for breakfast.

“Morning guys,” his mother smirked knowingly.

“Morning,” you both groaned in unison, the awkwardness of last night not lost on you.

“Did you kids sleep well?” she asked, her smirk widening.

“Yea Mrs. Geyer.”

“Warm enough,” she asked sipping her coffee.

“Yes mom,” Liam bit out.

“Okay, okay,” she giggled before placing a stack of pancakes before you. “Are you kids headed to the fair tonight?”

“Yea, Y/N and I are supposed to meet Mason later.”

“But I’ll need you to help me find Brett,” you said taking a bite out of a strip of bacon.

“Why are you looking for Brett?” Liam asked with an undertone of jealousy. An undertone not lost on his mother.

“Wait, Brett Talbot?” his mother asked.

“Yea,” you smiled while blushing a bit.

Everyone knew that you had a thing for Brett and Liam’s mother was about to exploit that.

“Brett’s a pretty good looking guy don’t you think?”

“He’s a bit too young for you mom,” Liam scoffed rolling his eyes.

“Yea, I’d say so,” you replied, ignoring Liam’s comment.

“He’s tall, good at lacrosse, you still go to Devenford so you can see him often.”

“What are you getting at mom?”

“Nothing, just that I can see Y/N and Brett together.”

“Nah, I’m not his type.”

“What do you mean you’re not his type? You’re beautiful, smart, sweet, but a little cheeky. I could go on for hours, any guy who doesn’t realise that is an idiot,” Mrs. Geyer replied.

“Brett’s bisexual mom, and he likes older girls.”

“That’s too bad. That height difference would have been glorious.”

“Mom, height difference doesn’t make a relationship.”

“You’re right, but you’ve still got about four inches on Y/N, that’s good enough.”

“Please go back to shipping her with Brett,” he groaned.

“Can we not ship me with anyone? I’m right here.”

“Right, you kids finish up breakfast and I’ll see you later.”

“Kay,” you both replied.

“So, why are you looking for Brett?”

“Satomi said he didn’t come home last night. She’s really worried about him, and so am I.”

“Why is she asking you?”

“Oh, because the last time he didn’t go home he spent the night at my house.”

“Brett slept over at your house?”

“Yea, loads of times actually. I don’t see the problem though. I thought you guys were friends.”

“We are, but everyone knows what a huge crush you have on him. He could’ve easily taken advantage of you.”

“Are you serious right now?”

“Come on Y/N, we all know Brett gets around.”

“And I suppose I’m stupid enough be one his bimbos?”

“You’re not stupid but Brett could easily get into your pants if he wanted.”

“So I’m easy now?”

“No! You aren’t! That’s not what I-”

“Hey guys I realised I was in the living room so I heard your argument. You two need to stop, I don’t need two angry teenagers destroying my kitchen.”

“I’m over my anger,” you both snapped in unison.

“Yea, that’s believeable.” she scoffed. “Both of you, sit,” she commanded.

You both grumbled to yourselves before sitting down.

“Now, Liam, Y/N and Brett are friends. She trusts him, and she cares for him. She’s a smart, self-respecting young lady who knows better than to let anyone exploit her. You need to trust her judgment. And Y/N, Liam really cares about you. He’s only looking out for your best interests. Please forgive his neanderthal approach, he’s a boy.”

“So gets smart and self-respecting whereas I get neanderthal?”

“What can I say, I love Y/N,” she replied causing you to stick your tongue out at him.

But I’m your son.”

“See why I love Y/N? Now, kiss and make up. I mean it, kiss.”

“Gross mom,”

“Come on, she doesn’t have cooties. You’re not homosexual are you? Because I’d be fine with that too, Mason is a really-”

“Mom, I’m straight. And stop trying to hook me up with my best friends.”

“You’re right, that’d be awkward. You said Brett was bisexual right?”

“Mom,” Liam yelled.

“Okay, I’m leaving.”

“Your mom’s a riot.”

“I know,” he blushed.

“Wait,” you said as you caught a scent.

“What is it?”

“Not what, who.”


“Brett, he just walked up to the front door.”

As if on cue, Liam’s mother walked into the kitchen with Brett behind her.

“So uhm, I’ll leave you kids alone. If you need me I’ll be in the living room.” She said walking out.

“Hey Liam, Y/N,”

“Don’t nonchalantly tell me hey. Where have you been young man?”

“I was at your house, it was nice to not have you kick me out of the bed for once.”

“Wait, you two sleep in the same bed?” Liam asked.

“Yea, for about an hour,” Brett scoffed.

“You say nothing, we’ve been worried sick about you.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you were at Liam’s? I’d have gone somewhere else.”

“Why not go home?” Liam asked.

“Because he’s always high and/or drunk on wolfs-bane and after the whole dead pool thing Satomi’s weary of wolfs-bane.” you whispered.

“So, you let an intoxicated werewolf sleep in your bed?”

“You let me sleep in your bed,” you argued.

“You weren’t intoxicated.”

“Like you’d have a problem if she was,” Brett scoffed with a smirk.

“I- I could handle her.”

“Please, we all know born wolf or not, Y/N would still run circles around you.”

“And why is that?”

“Because you’re in love with her.”

“See, someone else sees it too,” Liam’s mother yelled from the living room.

“Oh my God, Liam is not in love with me.”

“Exactly, and Y/N loves you, not me.” Liam said causing you to blush.

“You know what, I need to go check my tumblr. You two have fun in here.” you said walking out.

“How can Y/N be in love with me when she turned me down last week?” Brett asked.

“She turned you down?”

“Are you deaf? I asked her out, told her that since we were a part of the same pack it’d be great and she could wear my jersey to matches but she said no. Told me she was into someone else.”


“How would I know? It’s not any of the guys in the pack and the guys at school are all stuck up assholes.”

“Language,” Mrs. Geyer corrected from the living room.

“Sorry,” Brett yelled back. “Can she really hear everything we’re saying?”

“Yes, I can. Mind you I’m a little confused but I understand for the most part.”

“Just ignore her, you’ll get used to it.”

“So, yea. Y/N’s not in love with me.”

“But you’re in love with her?”

“She’s my sister’s best friend. And am not keen on all of Devenford hearing that I got my ass handed to me by my little sister.”

“So why ask her?”

“Because I know you’re too much of pus- wuss. To ask her yourself,”


“If you want her, you’ll need to act fast. And by fast, I mean tonight.”


“Because if you don’t, I’m gonna take her away from you.” Brett said with a smirk.

“What?” Liam asked again, genuinely curious.

“Liam, how much time do you think she’ll have for you if she’s dating the captain of her school’s Lacrosse team?”

“I thought you didn’t like her.”

“I never said I don’t like her. Besides, a girl like that’s worth the beating and humiliation.”

“What am I supposed to do?”

“You can’t ask me, I’m like the least romantic guy on the planet. Ask Mason, or your mom.”

“I’d love to help you sweep you Y/N off her feet,” his mother said running into the kitchen.

“Maybe I should ask Lydia,”

“Lydia’s perfect,” Brett agreed.

Liam came upstairs with Brett and they began talking about some pointless things.

“Uhm, do you guys mind?”

“Sorry, are we interrupting your fanfiction time?” Liam asked.

Yes, you are actually.”

“Sorry,” Brett smirked, invading your personal space. “But I’m thinking, let’s make our own fanfiction, right here.”

“Sure, how’s the Hunger Games sound? I’ll be Katniss and you be Cato,”

“I’ll get the bow and arrow!” Liam yelled.

“You’re so cute,” he said petting your head.

And you’re a prick,”

“That’s how my ladies love me,”

“That go for your men too?”

“Oh definitely,” he smirked.

“Geez, just kiss already,” Liam groaned dropping himself on him his bed in frustration.

“Sure,” Brett said pulling you towards him and dog piling Liam.

“Get off of me.”

“Come on Li, you’re used to rubbing against guys, what’s so different now?”

“I think it’s because guys don’t have those,” Brett said pointing to your chest.

“Perv, both of you are pervs.”

“Well us pervs are gonna play lacrosse and meet you at the fair.”

“I like lacrosse,” you argued.

“Yea, you can come. But Jared’s gonna be there,” Brett added with a smirk.

“On the second thought, hanging here with Mrs. G, sounds way more fun.”

ill know when i find the right guy for me because ill strip to Rosalina’s Comet Observatory theme from Super Mario Galaxy and theyll still think im hot



John stumbled into the cell, straightened himself out, zippered his pants, and whirled on her. As much as he’d try to convince himself this wasn’t really her fault, it didn’t stop him from being completely outraged. He glared at her, hard, and then gestured at her accusingly with the shirt that was still in his hands. “Trespassing, public nudity- you literally could not have picked a worse place, or time for your silly little experiment.”

John threw his hands up in the air, rage becoming more like frustration. “How many times did I say I can’t just force it to happen? And you took me into woods that wereprivate property, made me strip, and just told me to find whatever the fuck spirit shenanigans is supposed to be inside me.” He noticed the shirt hanging from his balled up fist and pulled it on over his head. “You’re lucky you kept my clothes in your bag like I asked, and also that there’s an officer standing outside this cell to protect you.”

Finn/Rey Secret Santa Fic:

A fill for @thescavengerandthestormtrooper‘s secret santa fic exchange, for @lilshortstackt, who requested: Rey and Finn playing in the rain for the first time together. I know you expressed an interest in angst so I tried to thread that in but unfortunately I’m really not an angst writer - I hope you enjoy this anyway!

This fic is slightly AU because it assumes Finn woke up at some point between getting back to D’Qar from the Star Killer base and Rey leaving.



Twelve hours into Rey’s stay on D’Qar the heavens open and the storm that has been lingering like a headache finally breaks across the back of the sky.

There are Resistance fighters taking shelter from the sudden downpour under X-wings or hurrying back indoors, who, for weeks after, tell the story of how that Rey kid stopped still like a stone and just stood there in the middle of the landing field like a damn ewok waiting to get hit over the head.

Stood there staring at the grey sky like she’d never seen rain before.

Some of them swear up and down that she stood there and laughed still she couldn’t stand straight anymore – there are a couple others who insist she was crying.

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Such As It Ends

I’ve been losing sleep for days.
You’ve been searching through the deserts and the caves.
Your postcards hit me in the waves
sadly stinging me with songs of yesterday.

“Coffee?” His brother’s voice was the only noise in the kitchen that morning. It was eerily cautious in a way that made his heart ache to think of how fragile he was.

“Nah.” Dean’s eyes stayed trained on the photographs slayed on the table before him. His eyes were almost too tear-logged to make out the faces but it didn’t matter, those images were burned pristinely into his memories.

Last night he hadn’t slept, another long night in a row of restless midnight hours. The last thing he remembers was digging out the pictures while the moon hung above him. Now the sun was shining delicately in through the windows illuminating the smiles that were frozen on paper.

“He told me once that he hated posing for pictures.” Dean’s voice surprised him but he knew that if he didn’t talk soon he might forget how to talk altogether. “I’m glad I forced him to take so many.”

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