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when cutting onions:

-noct cries and complains about the fact that he’s crying
-prompto cries onto the actual onion
-gladio tears up and asks iggy why he’s doing this when literally anyone else could instead
-iggy doesn’t tear up because he’s a fucking beast

Lover Boy

Summary: Iggy sees Mickey kiss Ian, and confronts Mickey in the most supportive way. He then invited Ian over and tells Ian what Mickey told him. It ends in fluff.

Word Count: 1661

Notes: Thank you for over 1,000 followers! Love you guys so much!

All day, Ian’s last words to him had been running through Mickey’s head. “He isn’t afraid to kiss me.” Mickey did everything he could to stop thinking about the stupid redhead, but nothing worked— he even dreamed about him.

As Ian drove Mickey, Iggy, and Jamie to that nasty geriatric viagroid’s house that he had been fucking, Mickey accidentally kept sneaking glances at the redhead. Luckily his brothers were dozed off in a world of their own and way too dumb to figure anything out, or so he thought.

Once they arrived to their destination of the huge ass mansion, the Milkovich boys started stocking up on guns and ammunition. When Ian realized, he immediately stopped them. “Hey, no! Guys! Guys! No fucking guns, alright? It’s just a drunk old lady in there,” he spoke with a stern look in his eyes.

Being that Mickey practically listened to everything the redhead had to say, he nodded his head. “Come on,” he said to his brothers and put his hands out for them to hand over the weapons.

The three Milkovich’s started to make their way into the house, but all the was flooding through Mickey’s mind was Ian. This is that fucking old geezer’s house. I’m no pussy, I gotta show Ian that. I’m better than that creepy fucking asshole. With those thoughts, he told the other two boys he’d be in in a second, and ran back to the van— not paying attention to if his brother entered the house or not. Luckily the door was left open, allowing Mickey easy access to swing in the car and plant a chaste kiss on Ian’s lips. Though it was quick, they both could feel sparks flying between them. Mickey then proceeded to run back out of the van with a slight grin, chucking his finger at the cute ginger boy.

Ian was smiling like an idiot. He could not believe that Mickey, the most stubborn person in the Southside, had finally given in, and kissed him. The time in the van, where he was left in blissful thoughts, went way faster than expected though.

Suddenly a gunshot came from inside the house. A few seconds later, Mickey came running out of the house with Iggy. On the way back to the van, a bullet lodged itself into the side of Mickey’s ass. “No fucking way!” He hopped back to the vehicle. When he got in he yelled for Ian to drive.

“You got shot, Mickey!” Ian said with astonishment in his voice. He wasn’t necessarily scared, but he was a little wigged out.

“Yes, I fucking know I got shot,” Mickey replied cockily, and Ian finally started to drive away.

What both boys did not notice was the intent look that Iggy was shooting at them. The older Milkovich boy was completely not affected by the gunshot in his brother’s ass— right now he was focused on Ian and Mickey.

* * *

Later that day when Mickey had returned home from the Gallagher house, where his wound was stitched up, Iggy was waiting for him with a beer in his hand. It was odd, it wasn’t like anyone of the Milkovich family ever really bonded or some shit. Mickey raised his eyebrow and took the beer.

Iggy motioned for him to sit on the couch with him and play videogames, so Mickey obliged. They played for a little, but the dark haired boy kept noticing how his brother was peaking quick glances at him every couple minutes. Once enough was enough, Mickey through his remote onto the couch. “Okay, dickwad. Why the fuck do you keep staring at me?”

“Just thinkin,’” Iggy shrugged. His expression was completely unreadable.

“No, what the fuck?” Mickey stood up in confusion.

Iggy lightly chuckled. “I’m trying to figure out the what that redhead sees in you,” he shook his head jokingly.

Mickey’s eyes widen and it felt like he stopped breathing for a second. Holy fucking shit. “What? Who? I don’t even know a fucking redhead,” he babbled in his most convincing tone. He had to make sure he did not make eye contact with his brother or else he might be giving it away.

“Dude, I’m not fucking blind. You’re totally fucking that Gallagher kid,” Iggy said nonchalantly. As Mickey scoffed, Iggy spoke again to cut him off from more lies. “I won’t tell Dad.”

“I-I–” Mickey starts but gets cut off once again.

“Truthfully, I don’t think it really matters who anyone fucks. I’d fuck a dude if they could get me hard. So I say, fuck whatever you need to,” he spoke in an inspirational tone. Anyone else would think it was bullshit, but this was a lot coming from Iggy.

Mickey gulped. “I’m not fucking gay,” he spat.

“Shut the fuck up, dumbass. You’ve been gay since you were born. When we were young and shared a room, you used to talk about guys in your fucking sleep. Plus, I saw you kiss him today when we were at the rich fuck’s house,” Iggy said to his brother and took another swig of his beer. He was acting like it really didn’t matter to him.

Mickey shut his eyes. “Alright,” is all he said. He was completely taken aback by everything that just happened.

“Just tell me one thing,” Iggy said in an actual sincere voice. “I know how you are— you don’t do relationships, and you don’t kiss people. You love him?”

Mickey’s breath hitched at the question, but he found that there was no use in lying anymore. “Yeah,” he said quietly, still avoiding eye contact.

Iggy smirked. “Call your lover boy to come over. Bet I could beat his ass in Call of Duty.” He smirked with an undeniable self confidence.

Mickey jaw dropped open for a second. “I am not fucking calling him to come over—”

Before Mickey could add anything, Iggy grabbed his younger brother’s cell phone and searched for the contact name. Mickey tried swatting the phone out of Iggy’s hands, but this was a time when his short stature was a major disadvantage because he couldn’t reach it due to the fact that Iggy stood up on a chair. “Gallagher! Come over here. Mick wants to see you.” He paused and listened to Ian’s response. “Great. See you soon!”

“Fuck you!” Mickey shouted at his brother.

* * *

About fifteen minutes after Iggy had gotten off of the phone with Ian, a knock came on the door. Iggy jumped off the couch and swung the front door open. “Lover boy, come in,” he said in a silly voice.

Ian looked from Iggy to Mickey with a very confused look. He had no clue what was going on. Mickey was sitting on the couch tapping his foot with his head in his hands. He looked very aggravated. “What the fuck?”

“Sit,” Iggy said and pointed at the spot next to the darker haired Milkovich boy. “You play me in Call of Duty. If you win, I leave you and Mickey alone. If not, I don’t. But first I get the weed,” he went to go retreat the drugs,

Ian turned to Mickey with an expectant expression. Mickey just shrugged and looked at him in a way that says, just do what he says.

Iggy returned fairly quickly with a boat load of marijuana. He rolled a blunt and took a hit before passing it off to Ian. Without any words, Iggy started playing the XBox, and so did Ian. It started off competitively, but as the time went on and they got more high, it got more and more lazy. After about a half hour of playing, they were stoned, and so was Mickey.

“So why am I here?” Ian said as he took another hit.

Iggy threw his controller on the couch next to him. “I forgot! I told you to come because I found out about you and Mickey. I think it’s great, you guys seem good for each other. Did you know Mickey loves you?” Ian and Mickey’s eyes widen at the question.

Quickly, Mickey steals the controller from Ian’s hand, and shoots Iggy’s player. “Oh, shit, Ig. You lost— go the fuck away.”

Iggy’s jaw dropped. “Motherfucker! You tricked me,” he narrowed his eyes at the couple on the couch. “I’ll leave you two alone though. I’m fuckin’ tired,” he said and then got up and headed towards his bedroom.

Mickey looked at Ian with an embarrassed and bashful expression. “Y-you love me?” Ian asked in astonishment. When Mickey nodded, a smile plastered across Ian’s face. “I love you too, Mick.” He leaned forward and kissed the boy.

Mickey grabbed Ian’s face and deepened the kiss. When their faces separated the slightest bit, he felt Ian smile into his mouth. “Wanna sleep here tonight? It’ll just be us and that dumbass.”

Ian nodded. “Fuck yes,” he said with excitement.

Before standing up, Mickey grabbed Ian’s hand and let out a soft smile. He then stood up and led Ian into his bedroom. Each boy stripped down to their boxers and crawled into the bed. Almost absentmindedly, Mickey wrapped his arms around the taller boy.

Ian could not stop smiling as Mickey cuddled him, then the realization him. “Wait, how the fuck did Iggy find out?”

“The fucker saw me kiss you,” Mickey mumbled into Ian’s chest. He then looked up to Ian’s happy face, and his heart melted. Slowly, he closed the gap between their faces with a kiss. “I’m glad he knows.”

Ian nodded. “Me too.”

“Love you. Good night.” Mickey shoved his face back into Ian’s chest, and inhaled his scent.

Ian couldn’t help but let out a giddy laugh. “I love you too. Good night.” He kissed the top off Mickey’s head and tightened his grip around him. They then fell asleep in each other’s arms, with a new outlook on their relationship— it wasn’t impossible.

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Since requests are open, i wanted to ask for a scenario where ignis' s/o would start to be a bit sad but then it gets worse and worse. When iggy finds out, it's because the s/o feels that they don't deserve him because they're not THAT pretty/handsome, not THAT good of a fighter and can't cook for shit. They feel like a huge burden and undeserving of ignis' love. How'd iggy handle that? Wow sorry forthis

You kids are throwing so many emotions at me I don’t know what to do with myself I love it though don’t stop.
Fem!s/o for ease of reading/writing!

Unkiss Me

She flopped onto the motel room bed with a heavy sigh. The mattress was lumpy and uncomfortable, but at least it wasn’t camping.

Through the paper thin walls she could hear Gladio’s deep voice followed by Prompto shrieking something in dismay as Noctis laughed. She could almost see Ignis rolling his eyes.

Her eyes grew hot as emotions began to make themselves known yet again. They were all so perfect. Funny, strong, attractive… everything she felt she wasn’t. How could she possibly fit in with them? Not only that, but how could she be worth Ignis’s time?

She quickly wiped her eyes as the door opened and the four men entered, Prompto chattering away while Gladio occasionally interrupted with sarcastic remarks.

“We missed you at the Crow’s Nest!” Prompto’s voice finally reached her ears as he gave her a playful nudge. He wasn’t quite sure what was wrong, but it was obvious Prompto could tell something was off.

“Yeah, yeah,” she smiled slightly, “I needed a shower and some rest.”

The chatter and card games continued into the early evening, but she didn’t say much. She was much quieter than usual - normally she was in there with the boys, laughing with and teasing them.

Rolling off of the bed, she quietly slipped out of the motel room. She need some time to herself. They had gone on a hunt that afternoon, but things had gone terribly wrong. It ended with Ignis and Gladio both taking harsh blows in her stead. If only she had been stronger…

Wiping her eyes again, she made her way to a bench and plopped down, leaning her head up against the wall behind her. Her eyes fluttered closed in an attempt to stop the tears from rushing down her cheeks.

She didn’t deserve Ignis. Why was he wasting his time on her? She was such a mess… she couldn’t cook, she always forgot which cabinet she had stored the spices in, she was always having to be saved during battle…

The sound of the bench creaking startled her; she hadn’t heard footsteps. Opening her eyes, her gaze fell upon Ignis. He was sitting beside her, a cup of tea in his hand. But he didn’t drink tea.

“For you,” he said with a small smile, “Chamomile with a bit of honey.”

Hesitating slightly, she took the cup of tea, halfheartedly smiling at him in thanks. Chamomile was her favorite. He was always taking such great care of her. Yet another reason she didn’t deserve him.

The two sat in silence, Ignis watching the stars beginning to speckle the evening sky as she quietly sipped her tea beside him.

“This has gone on long enough.”

His voice finally broke the silence. She froze, unwilling to even steal a glance in his direction.

“You haven’t been yourself for quite some time. You need to tell me what’s going on. Are you alright?”

“I…” her voice caught in her throat, so she cleared it, hoping it would come out firmly, “I’m fine.”


That hadn’t sounded convincing.

“You’re not fine. Please talk to me.”

She finally looked over at Ignis; he was looking at her, searching her, his green eyes filled with concern.

“I…” she started again, but this time she couldn’t continue. Tears began streaming down her face, and she let out a small sob, looking away from Ignis.

“Darling…” his voice was soft and quiet, warm and gentle… home.

He gently placed his hand over hers, lacing their fingers together. There was a long silence, only occasionally broken by her sniffles.

“You’re too good for me,” she whispered, still not daring to look at him.

Another pause.


“I can’t cook. I can’t fight; you’re always having to save me. You take better care of me than I do of myself. And I’m not of noble blood. And…” she paused for a sniffle and a shaky breath, “And I’m definitely not pretty or smart or even worth your time in any way. Why do you even waste your time with me? You could find someone so much better so quickly… There are tons of people that would line up just for a possible for a chance with a guy like you. Just… just leave now so you can find someone better… quit wasting your time on me, okay?”

There was another gap of silence as Ignis processed the flurry of words that had spilled out of her. His grip on her tightened, gently stroking the back of her hand with his thumb. He reached out his other hand and touched his fingers to her jaw, turning her face towards him. He brushed the hair out of her eyes, tucking it behind her ear as a soft smile played across his face.

“You don’t need to be spectacular, darling. You just need to keep being you. That’s why I fell in love with you.”

She let out another shaky sob as Ignis pulled her into a tight hug. He kissed the top of her head, allowing her to release her tears for a few quiet minutes.

“Now, are you done?” he said as he leaned back, a glint of amusement in his eyes, “You’re being rather melodramatic.”

Iggy had finally gotten the response he wanted. She gave his chest a playful shove, muttering something to the effect of, “Oh shut up.”

He pulled her in for a quick kiss, smiling slightly after.

“You know it’s frustrating when you’re so hard on yourself. Even if that, there’s no one I would rather walk this life with. Please allow me to bear your burdens with you.”

She smiled and nodded, snuggling in closer to him. She rested her head on his chest, and his fingers were soon gently combing through her hair. He was so good to her. He always had been… how did she get so lucky?

“I love you, Iggy… thank you for loving me even though I’m such a mess.”

“I will always love you so much more than you know, darling.”

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What are the bald realities of traveling with the bros? Things like, who takes all the hot water? Who hogs the covers? Who spends the longest getting ready? Who has the worst gas? Who will take a piss literally anywhere? Who finishes everyone else's uneaten food? Who picks and flicks? Who do you NOT want to follow when they're done with the toilet? Who forgot to put in deodorant today? (I think about road trip realities too much)

Oh god, this is good.


- Noctis wins the award for longest to get ready, naturally. He tries to sleep in until the very last minute. Every. Single. Time.

- He’s tied with Gladio on who smells the worst. He’s not stuck at the Citadel where he’s gotta be cleaned and well-groomed and lookin’ like Picture Perfect Prince. He’s gonna get messy and he doesn’t care.

- Boy’s got no shame when they’re out in the middle of nowhere. Will piss anywhere. The other guys have walked past him without paying attention while he’s peeing enough times to realize that they should probably ask if they see Noct standing alone somewhere before they get any closer. It’s just awkward.

- Will sleep anywhere. Has fallen asleep leaning against a tree so many times that it’s now a rule among the other guys for one of them to nudge him if they see him starting to doze off. Naptime is for when they’re in the tent or in the Regalia. No exceptions.


- Hogs all of the covers. You’d think it’s Noct, but it’s Prompto. He wants to be in a blanket burrito and goddammit he will become that blanket burrito at all costs

- It’s kinda cute at first. He gets cold easily. Doesn’t mean the others aren’t annoyed when he not so sneakily yanks a blanket from one of them in the middle of the night.

- Tied with Ignis for getting up earliest. His reason is for taking pictures while Iggy’s is cooking.

- “Are you gonna eat that? …You sure you’re gonna eat that?”



- He’s a soldier – this comes with the territory. If he’s outside with nobody but a couple of other guys around, he doesn’t give a shit.

- …Don’t go to the bathroom after him. Just don’t. Especially after he’s eaten really spicy Cup Noodles. Your nose and stomach will thank you for it.

- “Look if you’re not going to finish that just let Prompto and I split it”


- Contrasting Gladio, he smells –too much- like cologne. When they’re out, they don’t get a lot of time to bathe, so Iggy just cakes the cologne on. It’s not pleasant, even if the scents in moderation are wonderful. Cologne’s supposed to attract people Specs, not chloroform them.

- Takes all the hot water. Hogs it. Prompto tries to get as much as Iggy does but he loses every single time.

- Will purposely try to dab some of his cologne on Gladio and Noctis while they’re sleeping so they smell at least a little bit tolerable. They get pissed when they find out what Iggy has been trying to do.

- Tries to organize everything while they’re packing up to leave a campsite and takes FOREVER. Tied with Noct for taking the longest amount of time to get ready to go.

China Girl
Iggy Pop
China Girl
China Girl // Iggy Pop

I’d stumble into town

Just like a sacred cow

Visions of swastikas in my head

And plans for everyone

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R ~ !

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I don't recall if you did this already but what if the boys were really into their s/o but learned they were asexual? Not sex-repulsed but just didn't care for it? Love your writings by the way!

I really don’t know anything about being asexual, so I’m hoping it’s alright! I did some research, so hopefully it fits at least a little bit. I debated not writing it, but I thought I might be able to with the description you gave. I’m keeping it a bit short just in case I misinterpreted or I’m totally off base.
So, the way I interpreted this was the s/o would have lovey-dovey feelings, they just don’t have a desire for/enjoy intimacy. Please forgive me if I’m not on the right track - send me an ask/message to let me know!

Still Into You


Honestly, Noct would have just assumed it was a given part of the relationship. Only when they told him they weren’t particularly interested in that way would it start to bother him. Noct would have to work the thought over in his head multiple times. He would take it to heart initially and be rather heartbroken. The prince would assume that it was his fault his partner wasn’t interested - he must be doing something wrong. The whole time this was going on inwardly, his partner would be under the impression that he was fine. It would take them initiating a conversation about it when he was seeming particularly off. Once his partner made it evidently clear that it had nothing to do with Noct directly, he would learn to relax and end up being very understanding of the idea, even if it wasn’t always an easy thing for him to grasp.


Sunshine here will love his partner dearly no matter the circumstances. Even when he is practically dying inside because he wants them so bad, he’ll never pressure them into anything they don’t want. Wandering hands, gentle touches to their back or waist, and soft kisses are about as far as Prompto will go, knowing his partner doesn’t desire for more. However, it would be fairly obvious to his partner that he wants them more than absolutely anything. Being rather insecure, Prompto will need reassurance from his partner that they love him even if they don’t have the same desires as he does. The best way to convey this to him would be a great makeout, pulling him to the edge of his self control. They shouldn’t be surprised if he goes off on his own for a few minutes to take some time to cool down.


Out of all of the bros, Iggy would be the most understanding by far surprise, surprise. Sure, there would be an initial bit of frustration that they hadn’t told him sooner, but he would let it go rather quickly. Everybody has preferences and this is his partner’s - he wouldn’t love them any less. Ignis would never make them feel guilty for not looking to his desires. He would find out what they enjoy - cuddles, time together, words of love, gifts, you name it. Iggy will find out what his partner enjoys and do that for them instead.


Let’s be real. Gladdy would respect his partner, but he would be very obviously disappointed. The only real way he knows how to show his affection for them is physically, so he would be at a bit of a loss as to what he’s supposed to do. It would take some coaxing from his partner for him to realize that their relationship is built on so much more. Eventually, Gladio would become accepting of it and begin lovingly teasing his partner. He wouldn’t hesitate with the innuendos or hints of how much he wants them in that moment with his levels of testosterone, he’d really need to please himself, preferably with his partner. Even though he knows they find no pleasure in sex, Gladdy would be pretty dead set on taking on the challenge of seeing if he could change that.

me entering hell

satan: welcome sinner, are you planning on staying here for long? *evil sarcastic laughter* I recommend our very new masochist chamber downstairs, and on your right you’ll find our asylum for iggy azalea fans-
me: ye I’m just looking for brendon urie where he tho
satan: it’s one of them again patrick show her the door
demon patrick stump: k this way sweetie
*I open a door and find myself in a room full of people with smudged black eyeliner and band shirts. on the corner I recognize gerard way sitting and whispering mama lyrics slowly. I accidentally leave the door open when I hear a familiar sound near me-
me: this is where I truly belong

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“quiet. they can hear us.” for nyxnoct, please.

this was going to be sexy, but then this happened instead, idek

“Quiet. They can hear us.”

Noctis gulped down on a groan as another wave of nausea passed through him. It rolled up from his stomach to burn at the bottom of his throat, and for one horrible moment he feared he was going to throw up on Nyx. But he managed to force away the feeling of bile on his tongue, clamping his teeth down to contain the pained sounds that threatened to expose them. He could see the long, undulating tentacles of the malboros slithering past at the corner of his eye.

Their breath had cleaved through the five of them, knocked them all off their feet, and separated them in a grotesque green fog. It had burned Noctis’s eyes, rushed into his lungs, and tilted his vision until his knees met the swampy water underfoot. The world lurched with his stomach and he had to lean on the hilt of his sword to keep himself from falling face-first into the swamp. He searched frantically through the fog for his friends, only to be met with a shadow colliding into him and dumping him back into the brush at the edge of the water.

Nyx pressed him to the wet earth, his eyes like silver lanterns in Noctis’s fuzzy vision. The poison started to burn then, scalding through his veins in steady pulses, hurting worse and worse after every pass. It shocked through his body until his limbs numbed themselves to the pain. Until he could barely feel Nyx on top of him, worry bleeding through his eyes and hurried whispers pleading for him to be quiet, that they could only get out of this if they stayed low and waited for them to lose interest.

“Shh, baby, I know it hurts, but please…”

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@acaranna @sanguithar @saltrices

I try to explain it the best I can :’)

A TV-show made history sketches and for some they replaced historical figures with Klaus Kinski. Who is Klaus Kinksi? Well…lets say he was pretty unique. He was a actor and mostly famous for his troublesome character. Throwing tantrums and within seconds tame like a pupper.  If you google him don’t dig to deep, it gets unsettling to fast. Afterall he had a degenerated character.

Anyway the sketches! The actor mimic Kinksi perfect! Starting at the speech, facial expression and use of language. I grew up when Kinski was popular, so I think thats why it is so funny to me.

The sketch I original meant was the Cesar one. the language is pretty easy but vulgar. Best one which had me in tears “Ja dann nervt doch nicht mit euren Scheiß!” Seriously that is the funniest thing I have ever seen!

This one is good too! Best”Wir sinken, wir sinken, JA DANN SINKEN WIR HALT!” or “Wisst ihr was Jesus Christus gemacht hätte? Er hätte eine Peitsche genommen und hätte sie euch in die Fresse gehauen!”

Best: “Hier hast du deine scheiß Myree!”

Oh God, there is more! “Du dumme Sau du!”


Iggy: “Oh I’m not worked up over ANYTHING about myself anymore.

I know that Pom loves me for every bit of me. From my concave torso right down to my sickly, subtle green hue.

My eyes are what she especially fell madly in love with, and I to her beautiful, but strangely red ones as well.

A perfect match, don’t you think?”

"Jotaro is emotionless”

This is Jotaro smiling and cracking a joke with Kakyoin 

This is Jotaro breaking down laughing

This is Jotaro expressing his annoyance 

Genuinely smiling 

This is his reaction to finding out about Avdol & Iggy (it’s HIDDEN)

BUT this is his reaction after he found out about Kakyoin and we can actually see his eyes 

So don’t fucking tell me he’s emotionless and only reacts angrily when punching people when there’s a hundred more gifs I could add of this emotional dolphin man proving otherwise 

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Okay but can you imagine Noct, Gladio, and Ignis all have keys to each other's apartments, just in case of emergency. Noct, Glad, and Prompt decide to surprise Iggy for his birthday so they turn up unannounced, only to find a woman in Iggy's kitchen, clad in one of his shirts and pyjama short shorts. And that is how they first meet the girlfriend they swore Iggy had but could never prove because the dude likes to keep it quiet. I want to write for this sometime but WORDS. How does one word XD

A/N: You should totally write it because it is a hilarious idea. I hope you don’t mind if I expand on it though? I need to practice my blunt humor that I’m pretty sure only I find funny. This has a female reader specifically to match the imagine.


Originally posted by ffxvcaps

It was meant to be a surprise for their dearest Ignis, but instead they were the ones who were surprised.

You stood staring at the three strangers who had let themselves into Ignis’ apartment sometime early morning; lucky you were already up making yourself a cup of hot tea. Unlucky for the boys—or maybe also lucky depending on how you wanted to look at it—you were clad only in one of Ignis’ shirts and that’s pretty much it. The hem of the shirt just barely passed the middle of your thighs and you had left the first few buttons undone. 

It wasn’t like you were expecting strangers to waltz in through the door.

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Playing with the boys hair?? Wouldn't that be cute

Playing with Their Hair (Chocobros)

yes, yes it is


See that messy bundle of hair? Who would not play with that hair? Out of the four, Noct seems to have the softest hair and that’s the best kind of hair to play with. It would be enjoyable running your hands through his hair, and he wouldn’t mind his S/O doing it. Actually he’ll enjoy it. Though for some reason, it’ll make him feel sleepier. Like, give it a minute when his S/O’s playing with his hair and he’ll be fast asleep.

Then his S/O would plant a small kiss on top of Noct’s head then sleep with them.

Ohho my god. He’d love it when his S/O plays with his hair. Best done? On a couch when or after cuddling. There were times when they just purposefully mess with Prompto’s hair just to hear him whine a bit about it before laughing then messing his S/O’s hair as well. This blondie spends time combing and styling his hair like that, so it won’t be fair for him if he doesn’t mess their hair as well. ‘Ya know, his “perfectly-styled hair” XD

Until— in the end, the hair-thing turns into the aforementioned cuddling session XD

I’ve always pictured Gladio’s S/O doing small braids with his hair. It’s just adorable. He has a fairly long hair for a man and his S/O would definitely play with it. When this happens, usually after a training session, Gladio would probably be laying down on his S/O’s lap as they played with his hair; twirling it around their fingers and just simply sliding it. That is, until they also purposefully mess with his hair.

Thing is— if they did that, they’d best be prepared. Because this man’s not letting his S/O go until he ruffled their hair to his heart’s content. Oh and he’d also be smirking and chuckling as he does that with his poor S/O trapped in his arms; unable to escape XD

Before anything else, I often ponder on the thought on how many pomades or gels or something this man uses erryday. He manages to keep his hair up in that style and still keep it that way despite the strong winds when driving.

Anyway, Iggy would find it relaxing when his S/O plays with his hair. It feels like a head massage for him or something. This is especially evident when they’re relaxing at the end of the day. His S/O would twirl some of his hair in their hands and he’d let out a satisfied sigh— particularly when they run their hands through his hair.

It’s one of the most relaxing thing his S/O can do for him.