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My sibkid/nibling looks like a mini Frida Kahlo - and she’s reading up about her!


Comparing Kara and Lena to Korra and Asami

  • A godlike hero dedicated to protecting others meets a stunning classy brilliant billionaire girl. They are quickly pulled into a friendship even though there is distrust at the beginning. The brilliant billionaire girl finds out that her parent is running a secret organization meant to destroy the godlike hero and her kind. The billionaire girl being a good person turns on their parent and captures them personally helping to save the hero and her kind

So far  Kara and Lena overlaps a lot with the first part of the Korra and Asami. Now let’s see if they will follow the second part:

  • Godlike superhero develops a crush on bland boy with powers. Ultimately dumps him and ends with the gorgeous brilliant billionaire girl
How soc characters show affection
  • Kaz: buys inej's contract, gets her a boat to track down slavers, names the boat Wraith, finds her parents for her and reunites them
  • Inej: conscious of kaz' personal space issues, gives him space when necessary, follows him into fights and protects him, gives him sage advice and is his anchor
  • Matthias: accepting of nina's people, fights his own people to protect Nina, treats her with respect and love, brings her lots of sweets and waffles
  • Nina: accepts him for who he is, tries to brighten his day, is gentle with him especially after the life he lived in the army
  • Jesper: reads to wylan, defends him in front of his father, constantly compliments him when he does something smart
  • Wylan: stands up for Jesper to his father, strives to keep that carefree smile on Jesper's face

same software, different case


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Request: Hi :) never done one of these before but could you possibly do another Joker x Harley x Reader again? Where they’re their child? Erm, the child got taken away so they haven’t seen her in years and how they find her randomly is totally up to you :)

Warning: Just a long Imagine.

A/N: I kind of turned it so the Reader finds her parents because I couldn’t get this outta my head. 

Nervously you looked out of the car window of the taxi. The club seemed pretty crowed, people were still waiting in line to get in. 

“You sure, kid, you wanna be here?” The middle aged taxi driver, a dark skinned woman with a worried expression asked you. “That’s not a good place.”  

“Uhm, yeah.” You murmured more to yourself and gave her a small smile. “How much?” 


You gave the taxi driver the money and stepped out of the car, slamming the door shut. With a wave you turned around and walked up to the end of the line. You were too much of a chicken to ask the security to let you in.

“Your I.D.” The security man asked you when it was your turn. 

“Here.” You bit your lip when the bulky man scanned your I.D and then you, to confirm your identity. You were scared, the I.D was fake - your birth date changed to make you older. With a nod he gave you your I.D back and you made your way into the club, releasing a relieved breath.

The music was loud and boomed, flashy and drunk people were dancing and drinking while laughing over the music. Not a place you wanted to be, so you choose to question the bartender.

“Excuse me, I’m looking for a Harley Quinn and… the Joker?” You could have bitten your ass, you did sound so unsure and angsty. Like a little kid. But what could you have expected from yourself? Your parents had weird names and the pictures on the internet were pretty peculiar, let alone the frightening reputation they had. 

The bartender raised his pierced eyebrow perfectly. “What’cha want?” 

For a moment you faltered, thinking over what you should tell the bartender. “It’s uhm… important. Like really important.” Great.

“You’re not a negotiation partner?”

“Not really, no. But it’s really important.” You opened your bag and pulled out your purse, taking out all the money you have in it with a shaky hand. “Here. Around $50.” 

“Keep it, honey.” He shook his head in disbelieve. “Come.” 

“J., there’s a lady. She wants to talk to ya and Harley. Says it’s important.” 

The Joker groaned loudly but waved his hand to bring you into the area. Wary of your surroundings, you entered the lounge and stared at the man before you, how he sat confidentely on the couch, leaning on his cane, legs spread. 

The Joker looked exactly like on the pictures you had found on the internet. 

“I don’t know you.” His voice was calm, kind of deep and serious. “How old are you?” 

“Old enough.” 

He narrowed his eyes. “I don’t like liars.”

Your breath hitched and your hands felt sweaty. “I’m seventeen.” 

“What does a kid like you want in a place like this?” 

“It’s complicated.”

The Joker started to cackle and leaned his head back “Miles, tell Harley we have a visitor.”  

Then, you were alone with him.

“Now, what do you really want?” His bright eyes unnerved you.

You opened your bag and pulled out a worn out file. “Some of the papers I found in my foster parents safe and some of them I got throught a friend from a hospital and so on.” You pushed the file over the table to him. 

He titled his hand and took the file, opening it and skimming through the papers. You were nervous, your legs were shaking.

“Puddin’!” You almost gasped when Harley busted in, smiling brightly at the Joker. 

“Come sit down.” The Joker ordered Harley without looking up, and she did how she was told. 

“Who’s that?” She smiled at you and you could see why they were a thing. They looked even weirder and more dangerous in real life. And crazier, so much crazier. 

“Why don’t you look for yourself.”  The Joker said, giving Harley the file. Finally he looked up, an strange expression gracing his face while your birth mother skimmed the file.  

“[Y/N]…”  Harley muttered. She looked up in disbelieve. “You’re our [Y/N]?”

You nodded, your voice gone. 

“It’s been years.” She suddenly teared up. “Where have you been? Who took you in? Where they good? Did they hurt you?”

“It’s a long story.”

“We have time.” The Joker said, leaning back, looking even more threatening with the mood shift. “Don’t we?”

Fanart I made of Tina when I really should have been studying for finals. I think a lot of people probably feel the same way as I do since I see so many new fanfics/art online. We can’t help it…

Feel free to message me to talk about FBAWTFT and HP. (=3=)/ <3

Are they really trying to say Louis is allegedly paying Breep $15k a month and she can’t be bothered to find a new place for herself and her kid so she is just staying at a family friend’s house, or that Louis wouldn’t place them in a freaking hotel at the very least if the situation was normal, genuine, and organic? Suuure Jan.

Okay but...

Do you ever just stop and think about small, tiny, still somewhat innocent 9 year old Clementine watching Lee collapse just after finding out her parents were dead? Do you ever imagine the panic she must have felt when she realized that she was alone and surrounded by walkers? Do you ever wonder how in the world this little, terrified girl found the strength to drag a fully grown man to safety, when it would have been so much easier to just run away? Do you ever realize just how much Clementine and Lee cared about each other? Because I do and I cry.

In other words, I just finished replaying season 1 and I am not okay.

Dating Quinn Fabray would include

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● Knowing about Lucy Caboosey.

● Keeping your relationship a secret, because you know her parents won’t take it well.

● Plenty of sleepovers, because your parents think you’re only friends.

● Only a few people knowing about you and Quinn; two people that know are Santana and Puck.

● Puck found out because you were sick of him flirting with Quinn.

● Santana flirting with you whenever her and Quinn are in a frenemy phase.

● Making out in her room until you hear the front door open.

● Quinn wishing that she could kiss you in public.

● Making it your daily goal to hear her laugh, ‘cause her laugh is amazing.

● Telling her cheesy jokes.

● Going on dates out of town so no one will recognize you two and tell Quinn’s parents.

● Finding her voice super hot.

● Late night phone calls.

● Good morning texts.

● Watching the Cheerios Quinn practice, while doing your homework on the bleachers.

● Making out in the girl’s locker rooms or under the bleachers.

● Going shopping together, which usually leads to kissing in the changing rooms.

● Complimenting each other 24/7.

● Quinn calling you ‘beautiful’ and ‘cutie’.

● Calling Quinn ‘Q’, ‘Quinnie’ and ‘Lucy’.

● Being angry when Quinn starts dating Finn to keep up her reputation and breaking up with her, which leads to her going through her punk phase.
♢ Quinn breaking up with Finn and trying to get you back, eventually she succeeds.

● Cuddling when her parents are out of the house.

● Quinn telling you about glee rehearsals.

● Holding hands under the table.

● Sitting near each other in class.

● Quinn pulling you into empty classrooms, because she missed you.

● Quinn blushing and smiling whenever she sees you looking at her.
Jace and Alec?

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like Jace and Alec are the worst parabatai. Will and Jem’s relationship was so beautiful. Jem loved Will so fiercely, almost as if he was his father. They worked so well together that they both shared the love of Tessa. Emma and Julian are perfect warriors in battle together. Julian makes things that Emma cares about a priority (like finding the killer of her parents) and Emma treats the blackthorns like they are her family. Comparatively Jace and Alec don’t have as strong a connection. Despite growing up together, they don’t regard each other in a manner that makes me think they are brothers. Alec is cold and Jace is distant. I think I get this feeling from them because The Mortal Instruments focuses on Jace’s life with Clary and Alec is left to hang on the sidelines with only small subplots. The other books had the parabatai in question as the characters of the majority of focus. I don’t know I just never found their paratabai bond to be as strong as everyone else. Thoughts?

spencer is gonna wake up to find out that her parents lied to her for 20+ years, the first love of her life could be dead, the second love of her life who just broke her heart is back together with the girl he cheated on her with, and they’re still be stalked by some asshole who is trying to ruin their lives. like jfc somebody pROTECT SPENCER HASTINGS AT ALL COSTS

Man, Clementine is a complete different person now.
When I first saw Clementine in season 1, she was this innocent little girl determined to find her parents. Her personality was like any little girl in real life.

When we get to play as Clementine in season 2, she was somewhat the same girl we knew. Though throughout the course of that season, she slowly changes with the people she’s with. Her personality changed.

Now in Season 3: New Frontier, Clementine’s this cold-as-steel teenager. Same girl we all knew, complete different person throughout the years she’s survived.

I bet Kanan has a hell of a time keeping track of his hair ties.

ginnys  asked:

YOOOOOOOOOOO Do u have any fave theomione hc's?? cause i actually lowkey really ship it cause im multi shipper trash™

okay alice, yess!! of course i do. this is going to end up probably just being a one scenario type of headcanon rather than a ton bunched together, but it basically sums up their relationship as a whole.

  • so, i love to think that theo tutored hermione in potions while they were at hogwarts.
  • and they had like this secret friendship for the longest time.
  • they never really dated while they were at hogwarts; they got together sometime after the war.
  • but they were always sort of a constant in each others lives?? even if it was just a background thing.
  • i like to think that theo helped hermione find her parents in australia, and that is where they really got together.
  • hermione and ron did not last long once the war ended, so hermione just needed to get away.
  • it wasn’t like she ended on bad terms with ron or anything, but she really just needed to forget everything that happened for awhile.
  • and theo also needed to escape.
  • so he went with her when she asked, and they traveled for a few months to multiple places.
  • and when she found her parents and retrieved their memories.
  • theo overheard hermione’s father telling her that theo was the guy for her.
  • and her mother asked hermione in a hushed tone if this was the theo she talked about cause he was handsome.
  • hermione didn’t say anything to theo about this, and of course he acted like he didn’t hear anything.
  • cause he wasn’t the type to embarrass people; he knew that he would never want anything like that outed about him to his face.
  • it was when they were about to go home after retrieving her parents.
  • they were by the ocean at midnight talking about a lot of random things.
  • and theo just randomly asked her, “have you thought about us and what our relationship has always meant?”
  • he expected hermione to pause more, but she didn’t. it was as though the answer had been on the tip of her tongue her whole life.
  • “yes,” she replied, “it means more to me than you’d ever know.”
  • and then they share this super adorable kiss.
  • and i just feel like they had their relationship on the down-low for a long time cause hermione didn’t want to upset ron.
  • but once ron found out he was really happy for them, because he always knew hermione had a secret thing for theo.
  • and just yes!!
  • give me this super intellectual couple that helps each other grow but they’re also each other’s safe haven. 
WARNING for ADOPTIVE / FOSTER PARENTS (and Children) about the Finding Dory movie

I saw this posted on facebook and hadn’t seen any info about this, so sharing since it can be triggering due to the themes. Below it is discussed how it can be triggering for young children but it could also be triggering for older kids who watch it, so just a heads up, stay safe <3 

WARNING! Before seeing Finding Dory, all foster/adoptive parents should preview the movie first! We thought our teenage bio kids & 9 yr.-old adopted son (we’ve had him for 4+ yrs) could see it without us previewing it. Our kids sat in the row in front of us. Halfway through the movie, our 100 lb., very tall son, got up and came and sat on my lap for the duration of the movie. Dory has childhood flashbacks throughout the movie as she seeks to find her birth parents. The movie deals with multiple levels of abandonment and loss. While the ending is sweet as she is reunited with her birth parents & we realize her birth parents were looking for her too, there are elements of the ending that can have detrimental results for our adopted kids.

1) It was Dory’s forgetfulness that caused her to be separated from her parents…. basically, her separation was her fault.

2) Her birth parents were physically, emotionally, & mentally stable and ACTIVELY seeking for her. This is not the case for MOST of our tender-hearted kiddos. This birth parent ‘fairytale image’ can create a false image in their forming minds.

3) At the end of the movie, once Dory, Marlin & Nemo find Dory’s birth parents, they ALL (including the birth parents) travel back together to Dory & Nemo’s home and all live TOGETHER Happily Ever After. Some young foster/adopted kids might think that is the end goal.

So, bottom line… preview the movie first & evaluate for each child. There are some heavy topics brought up in the movie that are difficult for every foster/adopted child to deal with even at older ages, so don’t think this cute Disney movie is for everyone.“

Soon we’ll be found again - August

A/N : This is it, FINALLY! The last chapter of this post Australia summer from Hermione’s POV. I will work on her 7th year and hopefully begin posting that soon. In the meantime you can go ahead and read @tenpointstohufflepuff‘s Reunited fic as she is ahead in the timeline ;-)

Read on or AO3 (and if someone can tell me how to replace that stupid ? after 3/? I’d gladly appreciate it and yes I’ve been writing everywhere in there that it’s 3 chapters long but it doesn’t listen to me!!! SUCCESS! I had too many drafts that created themselves when I began posting this chapter…)


Her parents find a new place for their practice. The place is a mess and needs to be repainted. She offers to do it with a switch of her wand but instead they invite Ron and her to help, the muggle way.

She laughs more during those two days that she has in a while.

It feels good.

Her parents notice her brighter mood and can’t help but comment on it. She hugs them tightly after they do.

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Holly walked over to Grace, careful not to intrude on Grace’s conversation.  The man did not look like he appreciated Grace’s questioning judging by the tone of his voice.  As Holly came closer, she began to overhear part of the conversation.

‘Look, all I’m asking is if you know my parents? I’m trying to find them!’ 

‘And you think I would know? I’ve never met you before.  I don’t know you’.

‘But you may know my parents!’

‘Is everything okay here?’ Holly interrupted.  Grace was beginning to look increasingly stressed.  Holly felt that she needed her help.

‘No, not really.  Are you this child’s guardian?’ the man demanded.

‘She’s my niece.  Is there a problem?’ Holly asked politely.

‘Yes, this child is asking strangers if they know her parents.  Please will you make her desist. If she wants to find her parents, may I suggest the adoption agency?’

‘Thank you, we will bear that in mind’ Holly had heard enough.  She grabbed Grace’s arm and walked away. ‘Don’t worry, Grace.  We don’t need him.  We can find them without him’.