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Trailing the Awkward Bonapartist 2

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Looking for Clues at the Café Musain

You question the waitress about the Awkward Bonapartist. She points you towards a Fervid Dandy emerging from the backroom. He’s wearing a fashionable coat and a friendly smile.

“Yes, I’ve met that strange fellow!” he says when you pose your question. “What business do you have with him?” Some of the warmth in his smile seems to fade a bit. Or perhaps it’s only your imagination?

You tell him that the young man’s grandfather misses him greatly and has asked you to look for him. The Dandy shrugs his shoulders. “I haven’t seen him lately. He has indeed disappeared! That is the danger when one takes one’s studies seriously. It is much healthier to play truant rather than to risk getting lost inside books. But not to worry, I’m sure he’ll reappear eventually once he finds the back cover.”

He wishes you good luck and you thank him politely but you can’t shake the feeling that he isn’t telling you everything he knows. You decide to follow him discreetly. First he walks with a purposeful stride through the crowds but then, slowly, his demeanor becomes wary and his route elaborate and nonsensical. He must suspect something. You are forced to give up on the chase for today.


New Fantastic Beasts covers, coming out 14 March 

  1. British Bloomsbury cover
  2. American Scholastic cover
  3. Pottermore ebook cover

These updated editions will feature 6 new beasts, a new foreword by Newt Scamander, and new line illustrations by Tomislav Tomić


Mamma Mia

So I just remembered that 1D did a short ABBA cover a while back. It starts at :34.

Headcanon: Kara always tries to stay awake until Lena gets home late from work but she’s really bad at it. So she always half asleep on the couch with some tv show playing when Lena gets home. And lena just sighs and shakes her head grinning at Kara’s face smooshed into a pillow and she goes to their room to get into pajamas before coming back and turning off the tv and waking up Kara with soft forehead kisses and whispered babes and gently pulls on her hand guiding a half asleep murmuring kara to their bedroom. 


“I will suffer no more.”