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A Message to Supergirl fans from a Wynonna Earp fan

I’d like to start off by saying I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what you’ve been going through, for what you’ve had to listen to, and for how terrible everyone is treating this situation. I want to make it very clear to all Suercorp shippers and LGBT+ fans that, yes, you are valid no matter what.

I was a part of this fandom some time ago but lost interest when the show’s dynamic shifted (*cough cough mon el ruined everything cough cough*). And now the #supergirl tag is filled to the brim with nothing but homophobic crap and fandom backlash. Everything seems to be spiraling out of control faster than anyone can glue it back together. I know this must be a troubling time for a lot of you…

But I come to you in these dark times with a true beacon of hope…


“Crazy chick with a gun.”

This is Wynonna,

And that is her magical gun that sends demons back to hell.

This is her boss, Xavier-I’m-in-a-relationship-with-my-job-Dolls,

who has a thing for Wynonna. As does this guy

And this little ray of sunshine is Waverly

Wynonna’s little quirky sister (the Earp sisters)

And this is Waverly’s girlfriend, Officer Nicole Haught

(They kiss a lot)

This is our wonderful gay-overlord and holy-mother of all that is good, Emily Andras

She supports us shippers and validates us and our feelings, not to mention she loves to interact with her fans and her twitter game is

Dom and Kat love to talk about Wayhaught (WaverlyxNicole) and they’re probably the biggest shippers in the entire fandom (they are super cute together)

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Right next to Melanie

And Melanie being the rebel youth while mama Emily needs another drink

So This is the cast, who love and support their fans, and who want to be good role models for others as well.

And the best part… it just got renewed for another season!

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This is the show I found when I lost Supergirl. I’m not saying this is going to fix anything or make everything disappear, put a band-aid over a bullet wound and call it all better, but I hope you can find solace and comfort here. I hope this eases the pain a little. I hope you find something here to stick around for. Give it a shot, you’ll be happy you did.

Welcome to Purgatory!


because i believe
as we go through time
that all of the best things
haven’t happened yet

Must be a particularly warm day~

“I deleted your number from my phone month and months ago so that I wouldn’t text you in the late night. I know you sleep well, and fully throughout the night, and you grew sad and distanced yourself each morning you woke to find my frustration, years too late. I unfriended you on Facebook because you liked all the posts I put up, the happy ones, the good ones, the fun ones. I trained my brain to forget your last name. I taught myself not to think of your eyes. Or the shape of your collar bones. I now can proudly say I don’t think of you late at night when I stare at the light coming in my bedroom windows.”

I’m trying to slow time, and stay still enough so that I don’t wreck anything. That I don’t turn any of the good let in my life into something negative. 

I’m writing everything down lately. Because I don’t trust my memory to catch all the good and bad. It’s like a recently mended net, about to test it’s new strength. 

I hate writing K’s and G’s in my handwriting. I like writing L’s and S’s. I bought a spray bottle at the dollar store and filled it up with water and eucalyptus essential oil. I’ve been burning lavender incense and spraying my pillows with the eucalyptus water. I’ve rearranged my bookcase, and listened to an old FM radio. I searched for a station that didn’t have commercials for about 20 mins. My internet had been down some 24 hours at that point and I just needed a little something in my ears.

I’ve been gone 11 days, and now my cats don’t leave me alone. They come, twirling and dancing between my feet as I walk around surveying this apartment I missed. Each tiny and large thing put in a place that feels right, at least for now.  

In college I would repaint my studio apartment’s walls in the middle of the night because I needed a bit of a change. I would rearrange pillows, shelves and furniture because it felt better thinking about how I’d never been kissed. How I’d never known the touch of a trusted lover. Now I do it because it feels good to seek and find solace and comfort here, away from the world outside. 

I’m not sorry that I’ve allowed certain men take root in my memories. Idaho with his grumbling, growling, and breathtaking smile, his declarations. Brown eyes with the way his mouth moved when he talked and his tattoos, and his love of achingly soft music. The midwest gent for his attentive nature, patience, and his stoicism. My southern best friend who made me laugh like no other, with goofy memorable moments of pride and care, his strength. My contractor ex, nationally ranked rugby boyfriend who lived in the Poconos and who made me feel delicate, womanly, but who trusted me with a hammer and power tools. The tall gangly boy who grew into a handsome man, one night to take my hand late at night in his sports car only to whispered beautiful words of praise besides a lake under the moonlight some miles later. 

But that’s because I sometimes forget the bad associated with each. Or the bad I brought to them. 

I’m sitting on the floor, my legs have fallen asleep and I know I should shed my clothes and crawl into my bed. I should make a list of all I want to accomplish tomorrow, and I should, I should, I should, I should. 

I think I’ll soak in the tub, or change my sheets and get into bed and play a song that starts slow and sad, but builds in my chest like road trip views where you get surprised by a great landscape after the same sad thing miles and miles. Just one more hill. Just one more hike, one more mile, until you’re closer. I’m closer.

Everyday, I am thankful for those who have loved me, and who have allowed me to love them, even if it wasn’t enough for either of us in the long run. Because I’m learning to love myself more, and more. Learning to call myself out on my bullshit. Learning that exciting things happen every day, that I can make exciting things happen, worthwhile things.  

That one day, doesn’t matter how soon, all these memories, all this growth will mean a more successful relationship with another extraordinary person. With my extraordinary person. Who will grow with me. That will take me as I am, a person capable of greatness, even if that greatness is just great according to each of us, and the small things I do to affect others positively. 

I just have to breathe in, make several small movements that turn into larger ones, exhale, then do it all over again. 

Dark Lovers [3]

An AU Series

Character Pairing: AU!King of Hell Steve Rogers x AU!Demon Bucky Barnes x AU!Angel Female Reader

Word Count: 2,879

Warnings: NSFW 18+. Fingering. Swearing. Mentions of torture and violence. 

A/N: This wouldn’t be possible without @apolla62200. Most of these ideas have come from her creative mind! 

One - Two

“You are pulled from the wreckage,

Of your silent reverie.

You’re in the arms of the angel,

May you find some comfort here.”

‘Sarah Mclachlan would be proud,’ you thought to yourself as you sang the last notes of the song softly.

Prying your swollen eyes open, you looked up at the ceiling of your tiny cell. You could barely make out the intricate etchings of the ancient binding spell.

You huffed a sarcastic laugh out of your dry, chapped lips.

Shifting your body slowly, you groaned when the cuff around your ankle chafed your raw skin. The heavy metal chain dragged the floor with your movements. You leaned over the side of mattress and grabbed the metal tray your lunch had been on. Lifting it in front of your face, you grimaced when you saw that your bruises had turned to that nasty yellow color.

Sitting the tray down, you rolled over onto your back again. Your body was mostly healed but still sore.

You heaved a heavy sigh. It could have been worse. This was a just a warning. Fury normally didn’t even give warnings, so you considered yourself lucky.

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jungkookayy  asked:

Any sub!Jungkook fics?


Take Care of Me | Consequences | Of One Sided Crushes | Not-so-innocent Innocence | Lil’ Bunny Cotton Tail 


change your mind | Noge Do Poda | Late Night Play Date 


like everybody else | Noge u Zrak |  stronger than love (more dangerous than infatuation) | Bitter taking | “Dance With Me, Hyung” Pt 2 


Touch | You Have 15 Minutes 


good boy | My Master | Addict | Mark Me to Prove you Love Me  | Put Me on a Collar | Bad Boy | Teach me a lesson, Hyung | honey bun, sugar plum | Cologne | a little death 


heat | I’ve Been Waiting For Your Touch | May you find some comfort here. | taste the rainbow 


(Be My) Good Boy. | game changer | Hyungs’ Revenge | good boys get rewarded | Naughty Readings For Naughty Readers 

⚠️The beginning paragraphs may have some triggering content that discuss assault, death, murder, and kidnapping ⚠️


I guess I should first say ye that’s me up there ⬆️🙄I promised myself I’d post a selfie once I hit 1K

I hit 1,000 followers a while ago and I never really properly announced it, not that it’s really a big deal for some of you. But for me, it’s huge. The only social media account I’ve gotten 1K on was my Dan and Phil Google+ account from seventh grade (don’t ask), so this is a real accomplishment. I gained followers from work - my work, and that is one of the most tear-jerking moments I’ve ever experienced in my short life.

As I’ve told you, I’m not the happiest I can be right now. I struggle with social anxiety, extreme depression, suicidal thoughts, and from time to time, voices will haunt me during the late night hours when I can’t fall asleep. It’s becoming more of a problem now, to the point where if one little thing goes wrong, I consider all possible ways to hurt myself. I know I’m strong, but I can’t help but feel weak at times. I already have such a hard time leaving the house because of my fear of being murdered, kidnapped, or assaulted, and even though I barely know anyone that can understand, I’m able to find comfort right here.

I’m gonna be honest: social media is not my thing. It’s full of hate, whether directed towards me or someone else. However, Tumblr seems to be the once place where I haven’t been attacked (yet). This small community that we’ve created has served as a safe haven for all of us. I’ve found new friends, and new reasons to keep fighting for the future. My closest friend, Brian, is one of the few people that are keeping me alive today, the others being my family, BTS and my girlfriend. He’s basically my big brother, and I’m just so glad I got to meet him through here.

I checked my follower count and it literally just spiked up to 1.1K. I’m so incredibly grateful that you guys like my work, and I’m even more grateful to the people who inspire me to write, or just make me smile in general! I’d really like to thank everyone who sends in requests, and I know that I can be super slow with them, but they help spark my creativity, and it’s super fun to let you participate.

So, without further ado, here’s nightskyhoseok’s first Follow Forever!


Well, that’s my list. I don’t know what else to say soo… I really want to get back into writing for you guys, and I’ll try my hardest to get those damn requests finished that have been waiting in my ask box for like 13 years. I’m probably not the most reliable author out there, which is why I’ve listed all of these wonderful authors here! I spent so long going through my ‘following’ list and of course @jungblue was one of the very first blogs I followed. If you don’t know her, which would be very unlikely because she’s so damn popular (and I understand why), go check out her writing right now. It’s far better than mine. Seriously, just go bless yourself. I’m looking forward to the future with you guys ❤️

Guilty Pleasure | Taehyung (M)

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Summary: College au in which Taehyung is an annoying prankster but you’ve always sort of liked him.

Word Count: 8,243

Genre: Smut/fluff/college au

A/N: Idk what this is tbh but it was spurred by a convo I had with @yourcupoftae.

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‘ words better left unsaid ‘ 

Guren’s Birthday Countdown ( Aug 28) (2/3)

( ft. crowgure )

Happy Birthday, Buck (Barnes/Rogers x reader)

Just a little something I cooked up for our favorite assassin’s 100th.

You didn’t really know much about Bucky Barnes, other than the few details that Steve had given you over the years since you had befriended him after joining the Avengers; you knew that they were best friends when they were younger and you knew about Bucky’s fall, but beyond that, the Captain was pretty tight-lipped.  There were a few moments here and there when certain dates that were significant would pass and Steve would feel particularly emotional, sharing just a bit more in his weakness, or sparks of insight flashed in his eyes when a news report would catch his attention, only to see him grow despondent when it gave him nothing to go on in his search.  When the day came that he found his friend again, it wasn’t exactly a joyous time, with the team fracturing under its own strain, fully broken by the weight of Steve’s unwavering commitment to his fugitive friend.

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Tonkatsu Wako, Shanghai

Shanghai has a huge population on Japanese expats, and many fine Japanese restaurants, but sometimes the hardest foods to find are the simplest ones. Like tonkatsu, Japanese fried pork cutlets, which can be a tough dish to get right if you don’t have the proper ingredients, like good pork and panko breadcrumbs, and time-consuming to make at home. But for folks in the know, the “secret” spot for the best fried pork in town is Tonkatsu Wako, a small fry stand tucked away in the basement of the Isetan department store in Jing’An…

Everything here at Wako is battered, breaded and fried to order. So it’s not a quick meal, taking about 15-20 minutes once you’ve paid, but one worth waiting for. Their fried pork cutlet special is my “go to”…

You get a juicy pork cutlet, perfectly fried, with rice, salad and miso soup for $8.50. And their soup is packed with shijimi clams, which was perfect for my week of detoxing yesterday…

Wako also fries up plenty of other cuts of pork, all sorts of chicken parts and plump shrimp, all reasonably priced. I added a side of karaage fried chicken and a cheese-filled pork ball on the side for an extra four dollars…

Wako does have a small four-seat counter you can eat at, but if you choose to get your meal to go, they do include all the sides and condiments, like sauce, spicy mustard and dressing.

Where so many expats find Japanese comfort here!


Inside Isetan, B1

1038 Nanjing W Rd.

Jingan, Shanghai




COME BACK AND HAUNT ME - A canon Chainshipping mix

for when the prince stole his victory
but couldn’t save his pawn
for the real story

[ Listen ]

Imagine you being the one to safe Ivar his horse (part 2)

PART II of the birthday series for @sereniti9

Summary: Where you horse goes, you follow … even if that leads into a fight, or a trap, or a surprice or all three above. Because you aren’t a fighter you go hidding on his command. But the odds aren’t in Ivar his favor so it doesn’t take him long for him to join you in that hiding space. With his men gone and Gyllir away you are his last hope.
Words: 2621
Warnings: Violence

Tag: @whenimaunicorn @burningsunshin3 @lumpyqueen97 @belle-scarre

You didn’t knew it was this far traveling, you didn’t knew it was a village like yours you would raid, you didn’t knew that you had to spend a night among these ruthless men … along, in the dark, with him. At least you had Gyllir, the horse had worked half a day and was sweating, tired resting his head against the tree. It wasn’t that Ivar treated him wrong, it just was a long journey, for the both of you. And it wouldn’t end anytime soon. Before the night would start they were planning on taking over that village. You sat aside Gyllir against the tree when he dragged his body back over, handing you an axe. You looked at it, confused for what he wishes you to do.
‘Wouldn’t you fight to protect him?’ He asked, pointing his finger up to Gyllir. You followed his finger to your horses and then looked back to the axe.
‘Well, than you will fight to protect me to.’ He noted joyful. But you still weren’t taking that weapon, you never used one before so why now. He signed, pushing it against your chest, keeping his hand just there. You held in your breath, looking to those blue eyes scouting your face. He seem to enjoy it, looking at you. ‘Breath.’ He advised you softly. You let slowly some breath out and he pulled his hand back, leaving the axe in your hands who were gripping for it. ‘I like it, that you are here.’ Was he playing you? You just looked back to him, not wanting to give him the enjoyment of your presents. ‘But I don’t like that you are so boring. Do something about it,’ he made himself ready to crawl away but he hesitated, looking back to you over his shoulder. ‘or I will.’ He said with a serious straight face. You swallowed, looked how he crawled away, asking yourself how those legs must look underneath those clothes.

‘Find my brother, get him out, kill whoever who’s trying to get in the way. Take what you want,’ Ivar was silent for a moment, looking over his shoulder to you. ‘Or who you want.’ He followed his command with a look over your body. One hand held on to the chariot, another to the axe, not sure if you wanted to release one of the two.
‘They have your brother?’ You asked, reminding yourself to be not boring. You all stood on a little hill, it was dark, the fires from the small village colored the night a little.
‘Maybe he had already half of the slave girls in this village for his amusement, maybe he is already gone or made a deal. Either way,’ he felt silent again, gazing his blue eyes over that village. ‘Nobody captures a son of Ragnar and lives to tell about it.’ And  there it was again, that wicked dark smile. You looked from him to Gyllir and then back to the village. ‘Ready farmers girl?’ He asked you. You scrapped your throat.
‘I have a name.’
‘Ahh,’ he looked at you, enjoying the little courage you showed. ‘Then tell me and I will honor that.’ He whispered.
‘Y/n.’ You murmured, not wanting to give him more details than necessary.
‘You ready Y/n?’ He asked you again. Your name sounded so different over his lips, something Norse turned under the ease in which you could say your name.
‘Good.’ He smiled, clicking his tongue towards Gyllir. He obeyed and all the men started to walk towards the village. Great.

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The Chive Cart (spray booth for faceups)

Most of the problems associated with sealing sprays occur during the action of spraying itself. If there is a lot of moisture in the air (which can also be brought about by cold temperature) during those few seconds while you release the spray, it can get trapped underneath your sealant layer which causes the layer to later crack, craze or chip.

Staying indoor, at least during the spraying action, allows me to control my room temperature, source of lighting and I do not have to deal with annoying wind which can cause dust and other particles to get sprayed onto the doll as well. However, I needed a way to encapsulate all that toxic fumes I am about to be spraying.

The idea of using a spray booth for this purpose is definitely not new, but thought I’d show you one I made out of am archive box:

I chose this box because it’s not too big and has handles on the sides for portability.

Below is a second version of the spray boxy: I’ve cut out the arm holes at differing heights. Because of the way I hold my spray bottle, I just find this position more comfortable.

Here is me putting my spray boxy to use: Video . Right after i finish spraying, i wait a few minutes until the sealant layer settles and solidifies a bit, then i gently place the head on the tissue i got inside the box, take both of my hands out and carry the box by the handle outside of the house. Only when I’m outside, I open the lid of the box to take my doll head out. While i’m out there, i let my boxy air so the fumes dissipate (fanning it helps), sometimes i wipe the inside of the box too to get rid off the sealant that has stuck to the sides. I then put the lid back down and take everything back inside the house. If I need to do another spraying, I repeat this process but start with being outside when I place the object inside of the box, then bring the box inside and wait until the temperature of the air inside the box matches my indoor condition before I begin spraying again.

Another Video showing the two designs.

Some photos showing how the box was made:

First I cut out some arm holes. I started with same level, but later I figured out that I am more comfortable having the arm holes at differing heights.

Cut the top of the box as well as a bit of the side so I can see a lot more inside the box.

I just used this clear plastic from the back of an old booklet to make my window.

Stick the plastic with duct tape. Also, I make sure the lid opens this way (toward the back), it’s just more practical having it away from me while I spray.

Now I attach some gloves

I use the cardboard from the old booklet to make reinforcements for the arm holes.

I make sure the angle of the gloves will be comfortable for the angle of my arms for when I spray.

I then duct taped the crap out of it. Put all my object and spray in it and I’m ready to go.​