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Sherlock needed Greg’s help to write his best man speech, probably the most important speech he’s had to make in his life, up to this point.

Imagine Sherlock calling Greg once again, only this time it’s not a best man speech for John…it’s how to talk to Molly to prove to her that he’s a good man.  Greg now thinks Sherlock IS that good man, but Sherlock just can’t trust in himself…he needs someone else to tell him how to tell Molly that he’s a man worthy of her love.


percival graves is the reason of my never ending suffering (i love him)

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Some more Plushtrap I did awhile back. It kind of goes with the other one I posted the other day. I don’t know why I did this you all know by now I draw weird things when tired I’m sorry.

i seriously do not understand how anyone can send hate to a person like youngjae……what could he possibly have done for you to take actual time of your day to write hateful messages to him besides being a ball of sunshine? like the guy literally apologized to jackson for jokingly hitting him too hard he’s a literal angel and he deserves the world i wish people would stop being so evil-hearted

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I miss your Graves writing! You're really good at writing

sjdhjfkdkfhkh THANK YOU SO MUCH ANON!!!! Yeah, I should really write again… I have so much headcanons but I don’t write them anymore. Ok so let’s being now!!!

  • Percival has a dog called Lancelot. She’s a bloodhound and she is literally his child. He has a photo of his dog in his pocket watch. He adores this dog. She’s his only company.
  • There is practically no photo of his family at home. He put most of the photos away when his parents died.
  • After Grindelwald, Percival can’t sleep at home anymore. Too quiet, too lonely. So he falls asleep in dinners, in pubs, in restaurants. Anywhere, anywhere where there are noise and people.
hijadepavlov replied to your post: I’m not that surprised with what they pulled with…

i read that the actor playing young alec is latino??? like what kind of mess

people are swearing he’s just white canadian with a tan but he doesn’t look white to me???? but right now no one knows but its still a big mess

Me, while giving RefBoss’s car a jump: I’m going to go get a stick to clean off some of this corrosion around the positive battery post.

RefBoss: I have a paperclip!

Me: I don’t want tO BE ELECTROCUTED. 

RefBoss: I’ve heard you can use cola to clean it.

Me: Not right before we’re going to attach jumper cables to it! I have a stick. We’re fine.