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seemaree  asked:

Dear Maggie, the problem with discovering a band like Alt-J is not being to able to find more bands like Alt-J. Any suggestions for a similar sound?

Alt-J is sort of defined by not being like anybody but Alt-J, but here are things that live in my playlists alongside Alt-J.

1.”Black Mambo“ - Glass Animals

2. “Tremel” - Glasser

3. “Better Man Than He (FTSE Fixed It Mix)“ - Sivu

4. “When You Go” - Silver Tongue

5. “Soup“ - Tuung

6. “Every Night” - Lo-Fang

7. “Time of Dark“ - Tune-Yards

8. “How Many More Times?” - Field Music

9. “Eden“ - Ben Khan

10. “Nite Life” - FTSE

11. “Through Your Bones“ - Lost Lander

12. “No Fate Awaits Me” - Son Lux (also, “Alternate World”)

13. “Counting in C” - Jad Abumrad

14. “Viices“ - Made in Heights

15. “The Shrine/ An Argument” - Fleet Foxes

16. “As I Lay My Head Down“ - Other Lives

17. “The Darkest Day” - Ramona Falls

18. “Ingenue“ - Atoms for Peace

19. “Naruto & the End of the Broken Ear” - Fredrik

20. “Lasted” - Benoit Pioulard

21. “Artifice“ - SOHN

22. “Not the Only One” - William Arcane


This Is All Yours (2014)

An Awesome Wave (2012)

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i want every other freckle

for all those mooshy feelings you get when you meet a special cutie

i want you so bad i can’t breathe//ok go ♡ every other freckle//alt-j ♡ finding something to do// hellogoodbye ♡ little garçon// born ruffians ♡   one direction//night changes ♡ toothpaste kisses//the macabees ♡ bloom// the paper kites ♡ you already know//bombay bicyle club ♡ lovely day//alt-j

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