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{{ Shockingly, it’s horses. During his youth, Hans spent most of his time down in the stables helping the stable hand tend to the horses. Which is where he was given Sitron, whom was just a colt at the time. Hans always finds peace with them, horses aren’t a judging audience and so he would vent constantly to them. Sitron having grown fond of him would start to respond to Hans, gently nudging shoulder, or resting his head on the prince’s  shoulder so Hans could gently pet the animal.

One of the only animal that Hans finds himself loving immensely, even more so than humans. They don’t judge, they don’t cast blame, and they don’t make one feel like they have to work harder just to garner attention. 

He doesn’t so much mind working in the stables now, he loves being with the horses, but it’s the audacity that he’s still dressed as a Prince (like mocking his title) while tending to the horses. 

But yeah, Horses. Hans adores them, and will always take care of them.  }}


Introducing: Mayors of Tumblr!

I thought it would be lovely to find out more about my fellow animal crossing mayors around Tumblr so I’ve made a little questionnaire for you guys! Fill it out if you’d like - sadly we can’t change text anymore when reblogging after the update (thank you for reminding me about it!) so feel free to copypasta this! :D

And don’t forget that if you feel uncomfortable answering any of these, you don’t have to! Have fun! ♥

Mayor name: Frozen / Sapphire / Maple

Real name: It’s very hard to pronounce properly in English (Ugne, I can 100% guarantee you just pronounced it wrong lmao) so just call me Frozi!

Town name: Everstar / Teaside / Rainford (previous towns: Alternia, Cupcake)

Age: 21

Birthday: November 17th

Pronouns: she/her

Where from?: Originally from Lithuania, now living in the UK!

Occupation: University student + small Etsy shop owner + team member at a cinema! I got my hands pretty full haha.

Favorite food?: Pasta, sushi and pizza are my top three! I’ll protect Domino’s til the end of days bro

Favorite drink?: Whatever is nearby tbh, I’m not fussy about drinks. I love tea though.

Favorite game?: Besides AC:NL which has most hours on record than I’ve ever had in a game (850+ now) I really like Terraria, Don’t Starve, Pokemon, AC:HHD, Undertale, Starbound. I used to be a big Borderlands fan, I still am in a way, but to be honest I kinda got sick of it. From older games I’d pick Spyro the Dragon anytime!

Favorite music genre?: Whatever I’m in the mood for tbh! One day it’s Metallica, another day it’s Nikki and then another - game soundtracks! I ain’t fussy about music.

Favorite movie?: Old: The Fifth Element. New: Mad Max: Fury Road.

Favorite dessert?: BROOOWNIEEES.

Relationship status?: 5 and a half years in! I live with that nerd lmao

Have any pets?: I had a lovely cat named Tigra. She passed away two years ago. I’ve been supporting cat shelters in her name ever since. I don’t have any pets right now but I’d love to adopt a kitten in need and a lizard someday - hopefully as soon as we move in to our own flat because our landlord doesn’t allow pets.

How tall are you?: Last time I checked I think it was 170cm! Or 5.57″ on the weird system lol

What’s the worst thing you’ve done in school?: I faked a grade record book that my mom had to sign every week for an entire year in grade 8. I had an awful year and my grades were going badly downhill and I didn’t want her to know so I bought a second grade book in a store. I ended up faking my teacher’s signatures to show my mom and my mom’s signatures to show my teacher that my mom saw my grades and “signed’ the grade sheet. She never found out. I told my mom last time I visited home about this, since I’ve graduated several years ago and it doesn’t matter anymore (mind you I even got a special thanks from the principal for getting a 98% score on my English exam! I’m not a bad student I just sucked at math and physics) - I haven’t seen her laughing as hard as she when I told her in ages oh my god. Good times :D

What would you want right now?: Money. Cash. $$$. Currency.

What’s the last thing you bought?: A hot-dog on my break at the cinema. That was a good hot-dog.

Tell us five random facts about yourself!

1. I think I finally stopped grinding my teeth in my sleep. I’ve been doing that so much for a few weeks. I’m stressed bro

2. My coworkers are gonna teach me how to play dungeons and dragons I’m so hyped for that!!

3. My best friend lives in the Netherlands and I miss that little nerd so much oh my god??

4. I wanna visit New Zealand and Japan someday.

5. My phone’s lock screen is my one and only waifu, Ryuko Matoi from KLK :D

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