I just started writing....

Times like this I need you most. I run for the essence of loving you and all your surroundings. All were mine… tucked away from an existence that included self but I didn’t know it… Unknown were the unknowns that were conquered with each breath… i took none of that for granted… lived in the moment as if it were an abyss of never-ending wholeness… loved me… what ifs and sadness on their own plateau…washing vividly over blinded heartbeats driven by emotions…..

Unknown came named Growth… both good and bad… or both light and light?? Another unknown of our existences… another step in a direction that could still lead to you… nah, life doesn’t work like that… so i subconsciously dream daily about certain memories to create with you…. you’d enjoy this and that… your presence fades into sadness… 

New growth… beginnings… lights… just.Lights I struggle to give myself because too much of one thing is bad right?.. Okay. Know this… thoughts.. smile. You. laugh. you. climb. you conquer. you. kind is you. Possibilities. endless. with. you. So I wake up each day choosing you… the best version of self for you…..

. - I just Stopped Writing..-




. Latchkey

if harry had been in hufflepuff
  • Dumbledore:i'm so sorry to leave this task to you, harry. but someone has got to find voldemorts horcru-
  • Harry:found one! its a necklace
  • Harry:oooh and this cup
  • Harry:also this book and ring
  • Harry:*glances around* what about this tiara?
  • Harry:hey i think his snake might be one also my scar
  • Dumbledore:
  • Harry:
  • Dumbledore:
  • Harry:hufflepuffs are particularly good finders