• Me:*sees a 80k word fic with 42 chapters*
  • Me:*slowly moves mouse towards it*
  • Me:Nope..Nope nope no! Don't click it!
  • Me:*clicks it*
  • Me:Oh my god look what you've done.

I was going to leave it at Season 1…That’s a lie a I was always going to do all seasons. It gives me a excuse to watch it all again.
(Esther you need to stop, you know how many times you have watched all of POI in the last month)

Tiny ways in which Rinch was a thing in Season 2TWO2 John runs to see if Finch is shot
Episode 1 Bad Code

Finch: John, you need to get away from it right now…John, are you there?      Reese: I’m ok, Finch.                                                                                     Episode 8 Till Death

Reese: Not going to make it, Harold. Sorry I screwed up. But I meant what I said yesterday. So thanks, Harold it was fun.
Episode 10 Shadow Box

I don’t care what anyone says Reese and Finch went on date.
Episode 17 Proteus

Reese gets the motivation to act when the gun is pointed at Finch.
Episode 18 All in

Reese bugs people he cares about.
(Did you hear that? He loves Finch, Reese loves Finch, Reese loves Finch, Reese lo…ok I’m done)
Episode 21 Zero day

Reese: You hid a virus within a virus?
Finch smiles
Episode 22 God Mode



Reese: What was that? Finch get out now. I’m on my way to you now. Please just walk away now.                                                                                             Finch: Nearly done, Mr Reese.                                                                      Reese: Finch talk to me, what’s happening?…Finch are you ok?                      Finch: I’m fine, I’ll be in touch.                                                                               Reese: Well done                                                                                                    Episode 10 Shadow Box.                                                                                       (Pretty sure John forgot to breath through out that conversation)

[podfic] Dangerous If Unbound by Astolat

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by sk_lee

Words: 16, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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