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What is the deal with seagulls, have they always been opportunistic around humans? I live about 15 miles inland and seagulls would always show up at our schools around lunchtime and could get pretty aggressive over the trash and dropped fries for instance. Crows and finches do the same thing, but the seagulls seem like something is wrong with their natural environment that worries me. That or they just know humans have food

Seagulls are a really great example of what happens when you have a combination of habituation and the ability to adapt well to an urban environment. They’re naturally scavengers with good memories and the ability to fly long distances in search of food - now add in human encroachment on their coastal habitat, human habitations that mimic their nesting sites (sheer edges and flatish roofs) lack of natural predators in cities, and the picnics that come with our beach days and you’ve got a great recipe for a species realizing that it’s way more effective to chill out and utilize humans as a source of food. We’re so many generations into that pattern that they’ve learned how to scout for food-rich areas and time their visits. So it’s not really that there’s something wrong with their natural environment, more that they’ve really adapted to cohabitation with us as their new “natural” state in urban areas. 

(…thinking about it, this is actually probably the closest example I’ve seen to how people think proto-wolves might have started the evolutionary journey into becoming dogs. Hanging out around human settlements for the food, slowly adapting across generations for lower flight distance, and eventually learning to utilize us as a resource…)

—¿Sabes lo que me gusta de ti? Que eres interesante. Que eres diferente. Y que puedo hablar contigo. Pero que no se te suba a la cabeza.
—¿Sabes lo que me gusta de ti? Todo.
—  Jennifer Niven, Violet y Finch.

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Omg your mp100 mob kidnap comic is so sad and so pretty! Is it your own AU or is it based off a fanfiction? Would you be okay with someone writing a fanfiction about this AU?

i just though about that au 

but i am ok if you made a  fanfiction <3 if you finches the fanfiction please tell me so i can read it 

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Person of Interest

my all-time ultimate fave character: 

Root, the love of my life

a character I didn’t used to like but now do:

Fusco tbh

a character I used to like but now don’t:

definitely Finch

a character I’m indifferent about:

also Finch

a character who deserved better:

Root!!!!!!!!!!!! also Carter!!! 

a ship I’ve never been able to get into:


a ship I’ve never been able to get over:

Root x Shaw…I will never be over them I would die for them

a cute, low-key ship:

Root x The Machine are also perfect I love them

an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it:

idk other than root x shaw there isn’t really any romance in the show

a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened:

ummm idk

my favourite storyline/moment:

the “maybe someday” scene in if-then-else, and root’s “the universe is infinite and chaotic and cold” monologue in root path are two of my fav moments

a storyline that never should have been written:

the entire “let’s kill root right after she finally reunited with shaw for harold’s manpain” thing was fake and never happened

my first thoughts on the show:

“ooh apparently this show is kinda gay??? and amy acker is in it?? ok i’ll give the straight white dudes a chance in order to get to the gay”

my thoughts now:

“Person of Interest (2011-2016) is one of the greatest contributions to humanity”

send me a tv show

Porque las personas de mi edad necesitan un lugar donde buscar consejos o ayuda o diversión o simplemente un lugar donde estar sin que nadie se preocupe por ellas. Un lugar sin límites, sin miedos, un lugar seguro, un lugar como su habitación.
—  Jennifer Niven, Violet y Finch.