First of all, I just want to say I didn’t knew a kiss on the cheek could be so damn hot. The way his lips are when they touch her face, and how she is clearly turned on by it… Wanky!

Then, could he love her more? Seriously, is it possible for him to love her more and look at her with more tenderness and care? I don’t think so. First, he closes his eyes to feel his lips in her skin, to feel her taste, her heat. Then, he opens his eyes and looks at her like she is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen, like she is the most precious and perfect thing in his life, like she holds in herself the only thing he needs to breathe, to live. He is dying inside about this waiting and so scared that he might have done something wrong. But he just gives the time she wants, the time she needs. No complains, no demands, he just gives what she needs. Because she is his everything, and she is completely worth the wait.

I don't think some people understand the relevance of the Finchel proposal, at all.

First of all, with this proposal, they are celebrating their love and passion for each other. They want to spread their love to the world, and I just can’t get how some people can get mad about it and spread hate over it. Over their relationship, over their choice of being together forever, over their love. I can live with the fact that Rachel and Finn may not be everybody’s favorite couple, although I don’t understand. And I can imagine that it’s not easy for this people to swallow their undeniable and eternal love, specially now. But we’re talking about something beautiful here, something that does not happen so often anymore. When Finn proposed to Rachel, he proposed to her heart, to her body, to her mind, to her soul. By the time he proposed, he chose her for being by his side every single minute of every single day of every single year of his life. He made a promise of being there for her, supporting her, breathing her, honoring her, making her proud of their love and choice, building dreams, building a life. By the time he bought that ring, he was sure she was the only one, he was sure she was his better half, his soul mate, his everything. Finn wants to give Rachel his name. Finn wants to make vows with her. Finn wants her in a gorgeous white wedding dress telling him “I love you so much”. Finn wants to hear her sing for him everyday in bed. Finn wants to follow her wherever she goes. Finn wants to build a house with her. Finn wants to have babies with her. Finn wants to never want to get out a bed with her. Finn wants to be there for her, through ups and downs, and good and bad, and in sickness and health, and by day and night. Finn wants to keep loving her, because he knows nobody can love her how he does. Finn wants to see her shine. Finn wants to hold her hand forever. Finn wants to be as commited with her as he can be. Finn wants to call her “my wife”. Finn wants to celebrate their love and need for each other in the most beautiful and kind way. Finn wants a marriage. And if we know Rachel’s answer, we know that’s everything she also wants. And if we love these two and want them to get a chance of being happy, we shall bless this. This is about love, this is one of the greatest choices of someone’s life. We should be all very glad for them.