finchel for never

fic i didn’t know I needed until right now

A fan at one of his shows gives Jesse a gift, and tells him it will let him “redo his biggest mistake”. He takes it and doesn’t think much of it, but when he looks at it more closely—

He finds himself holding an egg, about the crack it on Rachel’s head. 30 year old Jesse St. James is now stuck in the body of his 18 year old self.

(Of course he doesn’t crack the egg on her head. Even with all the time travel confusion, she’s his wife, and he’s always regretted doing that to her. VA eggs him instead.)

Now, the whole universe is different. 30 year old Jesse is still stuck in his 18 year old body, but with the knowledge about the future! He knows things that his past self could have never known:

- knowing he’ll eventually marry Rachel, does he stay with ND? Does s1!ND win Nationals (or at least Sectionals) with Jesse leading the charge?

- Jesse awkwardly trying to become friends with baby Kurt before Kurt and Rachel are even friends because HE KNOWS THIS IS COMING

- Jesse making awkward comments that make no sense in season ½ like “MAN I BET WMHS IS GONNA BE A GREAT PERFORMING ARTS SCHOOL”

- Jesse stopping Rachel from doing the dumb TV show

- Does he still go to the University of Los Angeles, which is in Los Angeles? Does he try harder now that he knows he has to take more than just show choir classes? Or does he stay in Lima so he can be close to Rachel? OR DOES HE BOOK IT TO NEW YORK?

- … What happens with Finchel? If Jesse never eggs her, do Jesse and Rachel ever break up? More importantly: Jesse knows he’s going to marry her someday. He’s not ever going to want to break up with her because he knows she’s His One True Love. And yet, Finn.

- and speaking of Finn…does Jesse try to save him? Or does he have a moral dilemma because if he saves Finn, he might not have Rachel forever? Is he a big enough person to do that? Or is this some final destination universe where Jesse stops Finn from dying one way, so he dies another?



Finchel AU: inspired by the movie ‘Never been kissed’ 
↳ Rachel is a journalist who goes undercover as a 17-year old student in her old high school. Unfortunately she didn’t count on falling in love with her teacher, who doesn’t know she’s not actually his student.