finch x bear



↳ Day 3 [Favorite Dynamic(s)]: In which I can’t really choose. 


  • Shaw has called Root hot and admires her gun handling skills
  • John has called Root pretty and praised her kidnapping skills
  • Zoe said she was cute and knew the picture of Turing’s husband was fake becase she picked up gay vibes from Root
  • Fusco said she has a big brain
  • Harold thinks she’s brilliant
  • Greer wanted her on his team
  • The Machine chose Root as her analong interface and imagined everyone as Root
  • Samaritan agrees that Root is pretty

I’ve never seen a show where everyone praises a character as much as everyone praises Root

Shaw lives out of two bags: one in the subway and one at Root’s place. Root tries to convince her to put her clothes in the closet, but Shaw insists that that’s not necessary since they don’t live together.  Root will make remarks about “our apartment” and Shaw will correct her, “your apartment.”  Root wonders aloud about how come she keeps finding Shaw’s guns stashed all over her apartment, since they don’t live together. 

And then one day Root comes home from a mission and Shaw’s clothes are neatly folded in the spare drawer of Root’s dresser. There’s a toothbrush next to Root’s in the bathroom cupboard, a real one, not a disposable travel-sized one. And Bear is on the bed, which explains why Harold has been frantically calling all morning. 


“I learned everyone dies alone. But if you meant something to someone, if you helped someone, or loved someone, if even a single person remembers you, then maybe you never really die. And maybe this isn’t the end at all.”
- Root/The Machine (Person of Interest Season 5)

Ok when Shaw comes back for real she is gonna be so confused. Like she’s gonna see that Bear, her cute little boy, is fucking giving Root kisses and sitting by her feet. Then something is gonna happen, like John getting capture, and before Shaw can even get a word out she’s gonna see Root loading up on guns and worrying about John. Then she’s gonna hear fucking Harold referring The Machine as a ‘She’ and calling Root by her actual name and not Ms. Groves…

Like she’s gonna laugh and turn away and address the nearest camera like 'this is the fakest simulation you fucks have put me in so far, like you aren’t even trying anymore!’ And Team Machine is gonna be like ???!!???!?

the garage sale au

a collab with @gravelyhumerus

  • the shaws are having a yard sale to clear out a bunch of old junk
  • some of their clientele include: 
  • a lady in a weed leaf-patterned dress. doesn’t speak english. buys all of papa shaw’s old CDs
  • a tiny old white lady who buys an old bong and calls it a vase. shaw doesn’t correct her
  • five different women in big hats who pat shaw on the back, calling her a good salesperson. they don’t notice her physical discomfort, nor do they buy anything
  • a man drops and shatters three tea cups, then walks away like he didn’t do anythingthere are people in their cars waiting for shaw to set up at 7am. shaw doesn’t know why the hell they’re up so early by /choice/
  • some lady asks shaw if the giant old lady bras (her late grandmother’s) are lingerie for her boyfriend
  • john very solemnly tells her yes, they are
  • root lives across the street and has a Big Gay Crush on a certain shaw comma sameen
  • shaw and john are close friends, and root doesn’t talk to anyone at school so she doesnt know that he’s really fucking gay so she thinks he’s flirting with shaw
  • he’s there helping out with the yard sale and root shows up to give him a run for his money
  • she’s too busy tripping over herself and buying all of shaw’s stuff to notice john’s bf harold is there, literally holding his hand
  • she doesn’t even look at what she’s buying, just scoops up an armful of trinkets and drops them on the table in front of shaw
  • “you’re really interested in all this crap?” shaw scoffs
  • “i am………..a hoarder”
  • she had a really smooth pickup line she’d spent hours working on (i see one thing im interested in) but it’s much easier to deliver the line to her shampoo bottle in the shower than it is to sameen shaw’s actual face so she panics and here we are
  • shaw shrugs. it’s hardly the strangest thing root’s ever told her
  • root ends up having to have her own yard sale a week later to get rid of all the stuff she bought from shaw
  • shaw stops by and she’s like wAIT a second
  • “hang on, you’re you making money off my garbage? i had this priced at fifty cents" 
  • "y’know, you really should have a better sense of market values. it’s going for $14.99 on ebay”
  • “it’s an old dog toy”
  • “an old dog toy that’s going for $14.99 on ebay”
  • a couple days later they bump into each other aGAIN and this time root is wearing shaw’s sweater and shaw is like oh shit she looks good in my shit what the hell red alert 
  • only it’s like a really tacky ugly sweater shaw hated bc it made her look shapeless, but on root’s lanky-ass frame it’s very cute and artsy
  • the asshole
  • back to the shaws’ yard sale though! fusco shows up to buy a rusty lamp with no bulb or shade. it belonged to shaw’s great grandmother. when questioned about his intentions for said partial lamp, fusco just shrugs
  • “ya never know. ‘s good to be prepared”
  • harper’s the one who shows up wanting to know the background of each item and shaw’s like "we found it in a drawer who cares”
  • (harper’s really just there to find cool stories and flirt with carter and shaw and root and dani)
  • zoe is the one that pulls up in her car just to give her pal shaw the thumbs up
  • shaw’s like “if you really cared you’d buy something” and zoe just laughs and yells back “if i wanted garbage i’d get it at the dump for free” and drives away
  • carter buys a necklace to support shaw
  • she sells it for a buck and carter looks at it online, sells it for a hundred
  • root wasn’t lying, it’s all about the market
  • john already bought shaw’s old video games, which he cherishes for the childhood nostalgia factor
  • their entire friendship was initially based on crash bandicoot
  • finch and john catch leon pocketing some shit. it’s literally worthless but shaw still punches him just on principle
  • she lets him keep it after that though
  • dani’s the one who spends the whole time playing with bear and doesn’t buy anything or talk to anyone
  • martine shows up with lambert and shaw/john/finch are immediately like “we’re closed”
  • “seriously, shaw? i can see all your stuff–”
  • “say, finch, what time do we close?”
  • “i believe we just did, sameen”
  • martine crosses her arms. “it’s only 9am”
  • “all sold out” john saya
  • jeremy gestures to the rest of the driveway, filled with people and clearly not sold out merchandise. “i can see the tables”
  • shaw finch and john just stare them down
  • literally the second they turn around to leave john calls his baseball teammate michael cole over to check some stuff out
  • shaw’s selling a absurd amount of knives because she needs to clear out space for MORE KNIVES
  • she makes sure to loudly say so as laskey, carter’s lab partner in a&p, walks by with his older brother simmons
  • they’re both Notorious Pricks
  • after a few hours shaw’s mom brings everyone lemonade and iced tea and gives shaw a one-armed hug
  • shaw’s like “mamaaaaaann c'mon, my friends are here”
  • and john’s like “yEA we are can i have a hug???”
  • they all get hugs, and harold gets a kiss on the head
  • sweet boy
  • mama shaw brings out some treats for bear too so dani can feed them to him
  • shaw takes a quick pat on the shoulder because her mom respects her limitations
  • root sees mama shaw as she’s leaving and gets a wave and veritably beams
  • mama shaw only knows root as (affectionately) “that odd girl from across the street”