That’s called mirroring. It means that, whether he knows it or not, he has accepted him as the alpha.


Angelo: “Why couldn’t you sit up front?”
Rosie: *impatient whisper* “It doesn’t matter.”

Angelo: “Oohhh…I see.  I thought you said you were better off without him.  Why are you suddenly feeling dejected?”
Rosie: *mournful* “Can we just not talk about it?  Please?”
Angelo: *studies her in silence* “Finch, should I tell you why Captain Bernard is a much better captain than this Biff Kone?”
Rosie: “Knock yourself out.”

Jones: *internal monologue* I’m a cool dude -  I can drop in on a gnarly wave and totally find the barrel AND I’m in a band for god’s sakes….and yet, here I am at the movies on a Friday night sitting between two clowns while they go on and on about classic arcade games.

Angelo: “-a lug head who favors strength over cunning, while Bernard thinks his way out of challenging situations, uses strategy and intelligence. So you see, there’s really no argument.”
Rosie: “If you’re so against Captain Kone why are you seeing this movie?”
Angelo: *momentarily speechless* “Uh…for the space babes, of course.”

Wine-Feathered-Finch (me) and @marik1mango

You are one of the coolest friends I have ever met on here. Kind, strong-willed, and quite friendly. I never knew how much we have in common and I have wanted to be friends with you for quite a while, to be honest. I love the headcanons that we share and cooperating for our own fanfiction was a lot of fun. I hope we can chat with each other more often, even though you have a busy life. I really enjoy your company, your genuine words, and your content. You are one of the most nicest people ever and you deserve lots of love. You bring so much hope into my life and I’m glad you’re in it. Cheers, friend! 🍻