finbarr notte


March 25, 2017


by Fin DAC

Something old, something new. In 2016 for the late Tony Goldman’s Wynwood Walls outdoor museum Fin DAC was one of more than a dozen artists invited to contribute a statement on the theme “Fear Less.” Originally from Ireland but now living in London, Finbarr Notte, aka Fin DAC, decided to mix things up just a bit. His exotic raven-haired beauties with dripping eye-masks are immediately recognizable but while widely appreciated are certainly nothing new. For Wynwood however he added a new dimension. On almost invisible netting, free to flutter in the wind, float a kaleidoscope of butterflies. While assembling this metaphorical piece Fin DAC spoke briefly to “Chop Em Down Films,” saying that for him personally the theme “Fear Less” speaks to his initial “fear of failing or making a fool of himself” which was only overcome later in life when his “fear of never, ever [pursuing art as a career] overtook that fear.”  @findac  @wynwoodwallsofficial  @wynwoodmurals