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Potential Reasons Obi-Wan Finally Cut His Mullet Off

-His shampoo and conditioner budget was drastically slashed in order to finance the war effort

-Mace made it an “official requirement” for joining the Jedi Council *cough*jealous*cough*

-He lost a bet with Anakin

-He didn’t have time/resources to groom his luxurious mane as well as he would like on the battlefield so he had to give it up

-Anakin kept braiding it to pass the time in between battles

- He lost a bet with Cody 

-Force Ghost Qui-Gon secretly manipulated him into cutting it off because Obi-Wan was pulling off the long hair look better than he ever did

-Once Anakin grew his hair out, he kept pestering Obi-Wan to wear a ponytail with him so they’d be twinsies

-He lost a bet a to Grievous (IT WAS A NEGOTIATION TACTIC)

Who could challenge the contention that the world is an asylum when you observe the place for even a few minutes? – We have bankers lending us money that doesn’t exist (‘credit’) and charging interest on it – We have doctors supposedly healing the sick when the biggest killer in the United States is the treatment – We respond to cancer by killing the patient with chemotherapy and radiation which destroys the immune system and opens the door to even more cancer and much else – We have vaccines allegedly boosting the immune system when they are actually destroying it – We have scientists telling us how everything works, when they have not a clue about the true nature of reality and thus not a clue about how everything works – We have teachers telling children and young people whatever an insane and ignorant system dictates, no matter how flawed and mendacious it may be – We have men in frocks telling their congregations that all they need to know is between the covers of a single book, the Bible, Koran, Talmud, whatever; even crazier than that, we have billions believing them – We have political parties competing for office when behind the scenes all are controlled by the same force, which is why the same agenda unfolds no matter who is officially in government – We eat and drink chemical poisons in food and water and most people appear to think that this is perfectly okay – We have genetically-modified food that is genetically modifying us and yet most people never even consider the possibility or the implications – We have a media with no idea what is going on in the world telling us what is going on in the world – We have our freedoms constantly deleted to protect our freedoms – And we have civilians pepper-bombed from the sky to protect them from violence.
—  David Icke - The Perception Deception

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One thing I find very strange is that Cersei is well aware that the throne is owing a lot of money to the bank and that her house is no longer rich. However, out of nowhere they still manage to keep the army well, finance the war, crown as queen, and still have time to change the weave, and all this needs money.

The Iron Throne is bankrupt, but House Lannister in the books is still stacked. The Crown owes them money.

“You know as well as I do that the treasury has been empty for years. I shall have to borrow the money. No doubt the Lannisters will be accommodating. We owe Lord Tywin some three million dragons at present, what matter another hundred thousand?”

- Littlefinger, in Eddard IV, AGoT

Three million dragons, just loaned to the crown like a fiver. They have plenty. And their goldmines produce more.

If you’re referring to the show, however, then yes that’s absolutely a plot hole.

The history of the distribution of wealth has always been deeply political, and it cannot be reduced to [how free markets “naturally work on their own”].

In particular, the reduction of inequality that took place in … developed countries between 1910 and 1950 was … a consequence of war and of policies adopted to cope with the shocks of war. Similarly, the resurgence of inequality after 1980 is due … to the political shifts of the past several decades, especially in regard to taxation & finance.

The history of inequality is shaped by [how people] view what is just and what is not, as well as by [their] relative power ….…


Capital in the 21st Century by Thomas Piketty (Arthur Goldhammer, trans.)

(highlights, [], and … are mine)

The Rothschilds… they and their banking cartel have also funded all sides in virtually every war since about 1800 - wars that their agents in government, the military and intelligence agencies have manipulated into being. This has cost the lives of at least hundreds of millions (75 million in the two world wars alone) and allowed governments and people to be controlled through debt payments on the loans. When the wars have devastated countries, the Rothschild banking cartel lends more money to rebuild them - plus interest, of course. They also own the armament companies that supply the weapons at staggering profits, secured by direct sales and still more loans to governments to buy them. As Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife, said shortly before she died in 1849: ‘If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.’
—  David Icke - Human Race Get Off Your Kness
1917: Quebec and WWI
  • Quebec: [hiding in bushes while Canada walks past looking for him] hehe
  • Canada: where is Quebec I have all this money to give him for raw materials to finance the WAR EFFORT that he should be HELPING
  • Quebec: [you wont get me that easy mathieu hehe]
  • Anglo Montreal: [yanks him up by his ahoge] FOUND HIM
  • Canada: [grabs him] hello naughty frenchman its conscription time
  • Quebec: [dragged kicking and screaming over to Europe]
  • Canada: shut up its time to fight now
  • Canada: shut up there's Germany now
  • Germany: [collapses]
  • Canada: wow look at that I didn't guess you wouldn't have to actually fight I guess letting English Canadians impose conscription on you was a total waste of time haahaahaha
  • Quebec: [je me souvieeeeeens]
We need to really understand the truth here. First of all, these players, these politicians, are nothing more than puppets - they don’t serve the people. There is no real democracy - they really serve the rich and powerful who run the world, and that would be the bankers who control the money supply. The bankers of course make huge amounts of money, whether they make bad investments or not - wars are great for them - and ultimately they control the politicians - and that is why we see these policies. Obama and Cameron are nothing more than puppets who read the script, and the script is - we need another war. And the reason why we need another war, according to these psychopaths who are running the word, is because more and more people - despite the clueless masses who continue to be entranced by things so ridiculous as X-factor and American Idol - there is larger numbers of people around the world who are realizing the truth and beginning to recapture the capacity to think for themselves. And they can see that these people who have been put into positions of public trust are defying that trust and representing an agenda which they could never speak about openly.
—  Ken O’Keefe -
The banking families have huge investments in the many industries
they own around the world. None are more profitable than those
who feed the war machine. We can say with comfortable certainty
that all the wars in human history have been manipulated by those
who control the flow of money. The Rothschild, Rockefeller,
Morgan, Harriman and Warburg families were some of the primary
funders of the Bolshevik Revolution, World War 1 and World War
—  Michael Tellinger - Ubuntu Contributionism - A Blueprint For Human Prosperity - Unity and Higher Consciousness for a New World

America Is Exhibiting All of the Signs of a Failing Empire

• Relying on massive military force (and using gigantic complexes to support it) as the be-all and end-all of power, and belittling diplomacy
• Maintaining standing armies, instead of disbanding military forces between wars
• Using more mercenary forces than citizen troops
• Spending disproportionately large amounts of blood and treasure in order to counter threats on the status quo … which simply exacerbates the threat against the empire
• Going ethically and morally bankrupt
• Ending up having bankers and financiers running the real power
• Suffering great hiccups in finance and trade
• The leaders no longer really believe in or follow the ideals of the founders
The U.S. is also following the age-old recipe for imperial decline by:
• Creating unsustainable levels of inequality
• Destroying upward mobility
• Incurring staggering levels of debt to finance war and luxury goods
• Debasing its currency
• Military overspending
• Runaway corruption
• Apathy and greed

—  Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson – former chief of staff to Colin Powell