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Hi please PLEASE talk to me abt the socioeconomic state of japan in bnh verse I am SO interested to hear ur thoughts? I'm a poli theory major and let me tell u im a SLUT for fic that deal w the political/social repercussions of fictional happenings

sure thing! 

disclaimer: i only just graduated high school so i’m pulling all of this out of my ass one semester of macroeconomics i took in senior year. feel free to add onto or correct any of this 

edit: if anyone wants to use this for reference when writing boku no hero japan, feel free! i’d appreciate any credit, but it’s not necessary. 

what really got me thinking about the socioeconomic state of boku no hero japan was probably the difference between orudera junior high (bakugou and izuku’s school) vs. yuuei, both of which are in the same city, musutafu. orudera junior high gives off the feeling of a school that’s a bit run down; not terrible enough that it obstructs the kids’ education, but enough that you think the school probably can’t afford to keep it in good repair. 

here’s a screenshot of bakugou and izuku’s classroom:

and then here’s izuku’s desk, which has details indicating that it’s in slight disrepair: 

if you go back through the chapters and look at the setting at yuuei, it’s spic-n-span. just super clean and well-kept. it’s an entire world of difference… so already there is this huge disparity between the junior high school in izuku’s neighborhood, and yuuei, which is a 40 minute subway ride away (chapter 3).

makes sense that yuuei would be so nice and expensive if it’s the most prestigious hero academy in the country, right? but there’s more details too, like this brief exchange between bakugou & iida right at the very beginning: 

bakugou’s resentful comment about iida being an “elite” really only makes sense to me in the context of economic disparity. let’s infer that soumei junior high is better funded, better equipped, better everything in general. of course bakugou will resent iida for that, especially coming from the more ill-maintained orudera junior high. the difference in their economic status is already apparent. 

this isn’t even going into the difference between yaoyorozu’s incredibly rich status vs the rest of the class vs uraraka, who has decided to become a hero because she wants the financial security, and who also lives in an apartment by herself and skips meals to save on money. so even within the class itself there’s a huuuge difference in economic status. 

you could just think of it as the individual circumstances of the characters, but i think it’s more of a systematic problem – see, again, the difference in infrastructure quality between the different schools (the public school is not doing so great but yuuei is doing fantastic). maybe the city is poor, or maybe all of its funds go towards repairing the constant property damage from villain attacks, or maybe there’s just some areas they don’t care to maintain. either way: just by traversing different parts of the city you’ll probably see big differences in how well the neighborhoods are kept. 

and now, for a different question: if this is the golden age of peace, why are there still so many villain fights? 

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The ISTJ (SiTeFiNe)

Introverted Sensing (Si):

  • Deeply in tune with the physical experience of their environment
  • Very aware of the surrounding physical sensations / how it affects them
  • Often seeks to surround themselves with pleasant stimuli
  • Gravitates toward nature
  • Focused on their personal experiences in the world
  • Rarely frustrated by insignificant or trivial details
  • Prone to project a sense of outward “calmness” and usually relaxed
  • Does not allow external demands to interfere with their experience
  • Somewhat immune to negative sensory influences
  • Their aesthetics can be eccentric or bizarre, depending on their taste
  • Often unconcerned with maintaining appearances or upholding others’ aesthetics (they choose what they like, based on what they like)
  • Can be Spartan in their living needs and prefer function to luxury
  • Prefers to purchase the best product possible
  • Proactive in keeping their environment pleasing to themselves
  • Enjoys being hands-on or mechanical
  • Attentive to the signals their bodies send them
  • Good at mapping out their environment
  • Tends to explore and pay attention to their environment
  • Falls into habitual patterns and annoyed by unnecessary external changes (since it messes up their internal sense of “where things are”)

Extroverted Thinking (Te):

  • Often practical, direct, or formal in their demeanor
  • Prone to a dry, matter-of-fact tone
  • Values clarity and directness of communication
  • Focuses on communicating accurate information (neglects dealing with the emotional aspects or motives in conversation)
  • Pragmatic, and inclined to accumulate a great deal of practical knowledge (this may include: mechanical knowledge, skill with tools, financial information, technical abilities, historical knowledge, medical/scientific knowledge, etc)
  • Often focuses on developing practical knowledge to keep their life running smoothly (what do I need to know, to avoid or fix household problems?)
  • Enjoys organizing their external environment to please their senses (Si)
  • Presents their knowledge in a factual, plainspoken manner, easily accessible to others
  • Enjoys analyzing and comparing different goods and services
  • Prefers to do those things oneself, instead of delegate to others
  • Demands an active, personal role in decision-making
  • Often driven for financial independence and security
  • Dislikes it when their living environment or surroundings are not in harmony with their senses (Si) and driven to correct that
  • Might see unnecessary waste of resources (financial, energy, water, living space, etc) as unacceptable and careless

Introverted Feeling (Fi):

  • Prone to overlooking (or not considering) the emotional elements of conversation
  • Not good at reading people’s emotional states
  • Not inclined to perceive or speculate about others’ hidden emotional states or motives unapparent from their behavior
  • Sometimes comes across as “uncaring” or “insensitive” to others
  • May not acknowledge the importance of their emotions
  • Tries not to let their emotional states influence decisions
  • Sometimes fails to realize how strong their feelings are until they experience them
  • May struggle to develop “new” relationships, and value established ones instead
  • Tends toward strong attachments to chosen family and friends
  • Values a strong work ethic (Te) in others and in oneself
  • May tend toward a desire for peaceful seclusion and underestimate the need for people in their lives
  • Respectful and good-natured, though it takes time for their humor to emerge
  • Has an intense dislike for insincerity
  • Often resists others’ attempts to manipulate or control them

Extroverted Intuition (Ne):

  • Often dismissive of radical ideas or flights of fancy
  • Changeable in their opinions, over time and through different experiences (their own experiences lead them to change, they do not embrace new ideologies or lifestyles for their own sake)
  • Lack spontaneity but may feel like “something is missing” in their life
  • Appreciates people with well-developed imaginations, spontaneity, and new ideas
  • May devalue “hidden meanings,” preferring down-to-earth or “proven” things instead
  • Often does not emphasize the unique aspects of their character

Compiled from MBTI / Socionics descriptions by Charity.

Mercury in the 2nd house.

These natives tend to have minds more concerned with security then most. They will most likely have thoughts that reflect rooted feelings and needs of stability and success. No matter the Mercury sign be it in fiery and self driven Mercury in Leo or silent and observant Mercury in Virgo the native will be very financially driven. These natives are not vain by any means but they more then most have a keen understanding early on in life that without things such as money or frankly even success for that matter one won’t be “stable” Those with this position of Mercury tend to be very excellent talkers! They can be very charming and seemingly resonate with anyone or any audience due to their savy and quick minds. These natives can also paint vivid images and descriptions due to the sensual and Venus ruled nature or the 2nd house. These natives also are drawn to more physical and or visible displays of information and due best learning when they are able to be shown physical examples of things. Much like Mercury in Taurus these natives can be very stubborn and stuck in their own ways. They can also at times process things that Arn’t shown to them physically very slowly. Often times telling them how to do things isn’t as good as showing them. These natives are very sensual and usually are drawn to relationships with a lot of touch! They love touch and truly do feel connected to people through it. I like to say your Mercury placement can show what stimulates and or opens your mind and often times individuals with this position are heavily stimulated by sensual activities or anything that involves earthy themes and sensual touch or the senses. These individuals have minds that are very reliant on their senses and often times they can have strong emotions and feelings in regards to those senses. These individuals can often speak for hours and tend to have a lot of vocal stamina and often can even go awhile before their voices get strained. Celebrities with this placement: Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Elvis Presley. Last note: as these natives get older they develop a sort of age/rasp to their voice and even tend to have a slower pace when speaking as they get older. As these natives master this energy they tend to process energy much differently then they did in their younger years which was in fragments. As they age they gain the energy all at once and tend to process it as time goes by and once it’s been fully processed their knowledge on the subject can seem mastered. The change in pace of their speech from fast to slow has to do with their minds processing their words rather then gathering them. As with the nature of the house of Taurus we learn to slow down to take things in and then act. So natives here in their older stages may tend to think things over a lot more and really analyze information or major choices thrown their way.. they will tend to even take their time making moves or doing anything weighing every option in regards to their own stability and security. So one major difference between youth and elder with this position is a pacing mind-to a walking mind.

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People really, really don’t give Jody enough credit.  He’s become my favorite character this season, second only to Mindy, in part because he’s 100% hilarious in every episode but also in part because he’s had so much character growth that doesn’t often get recognized because people love to hate him (as I did at first, before he grew on me).

- Goes from having an affair with his brother’s wife and sleeping around with co-eds, to actually attempting adult relationships with women closer to his own age. Is now able to admit that the affair was the worst thing he’s ever done, and feels ashamed enough to tell his brother the truth.  He’s showing genuine remorse for his actions with Anne-Marie.

- In his new adult relationships, he actually tries new things.  I know that Colette was angry that he was changing, but it says a lot that he was doing a lot of things way out of his comfort zone - new clothes/style, trying meditation, was capable of being celibate(…ish) with a girl who he enjoyed spending time with, trying weird restaurants (well, weird by his standards - “BEEF, ON A ROLL?!” bahaha).

- Had a co-dependent relationship with his sister, eventually lets go (in part because Colette forces him), continues to support his sister regardless.  I actually really love how supportive he is of her.  He was shocked but not perturbed that she was gay, goes to all her sportsgames, their older brother states he was always too soft on her, he defends her while Forbes is scolding her, and afterward he has a genuine conversation with her about how he feels. Their closeness is usually played up as a joke (”You always blow me a kiss before pitching!”), but it’s really sweet.

- Goes from insisting that Mindy stay home for Leo because she’s the mom, to encouraging her to do what she herself wants, even if that’s being a working mom instead of a stay-at-home-mom.  He even pushes her to actually communicate with Danny (”I shouldn’t know more about your relationship than your fiance” - “You know what you’re doing [taking BC pills secretly] is wrong”).  And his Leo!support, be still my heart~  He went from not even owning a TV, to struggling to find the episode of the show online just so he could watch her son.  And then, unlike Jeremy’s reaction, he tells her to keep trying and that Leo has “star power” (dude, he’s a baby, acting just involves not crying - but still, adorable and supportive).

- On the topic of not even owning a TV - he watches Cars with Mindy the whole way through (clearly not something he would choose to watch on his own, I don’t blame him), and later on he wants to go see another animated movie with her.  I really don’t see him having done that before Mindy.

- I think at first he was purely financially driven to get involved with the fertility practice, but as time goes on he encourages and supports her in growing her business - he’s only getting a 40% cut of it but he still accompanies her on all her road trips and one can assume they’re both busting ass on their presentation materials, rehearsing their presentation together, business meetings on top of their other clinical commitments, etc.

- I’ve already touched on this, but the way he’s navigated his crush on Mindy was actually really respectful.  And despite Danny having no right to demand that he not make a move on Mindy, Jody actually pulls back.  He’s made a few overtures, but it was Mindy who actually did anything about it while he was busy trying to move on.  He genuinely wanted Mindy and Courtney to get along.  He values her opinion.  And he’s clearly stunned about their kiss, judging by what we can see of his face during it.  His eyes stay open for the most part and he sort of doesn’t move anything (’cept his mouth, ohoho~).  I’m hoping next week’s episode literally picks up at that moment again to see his reaction, similar to how the first Danny x Mindy kiss both ended and started those episodes.

I also think all of this was done on purpose - as I’ve said before, I think Jody was set up to be a foil to Danny’s shitty qualities.  He started pretty overtly where Danny started way back when (misogynist, etc), but Jody demonstrates the growth we want to see from Danny while Danny is busy being an asshole and/or being out of the picture entirely.  I suspect this is going to pay off by the finale in some way.  I actually want Mindy to outright have it out with Danny in that elevator (lay out how supportive Jody has been and how much he’s changed while Danny has been so hyper focused on keeping his family together that he ripped it apart entirely because he was so rigid in his ways). My ideal finale would be Danny walking away from that discussion actually determined to work on his shit - not them having gotten back together, but him realizing he 100% needs to change if he doesn’t want to lose her.  I would also not complain if she and Jody continued to date going into season 5 while Danny works on his shit.

When will commissions open?

I figure it’s about time that I answered this very frequently asked question in some kind of public fashion.

So far, I have only been able to give a very rough estimate of our next opening time - currently that estimate is Late Fall 2015 - but again, it’s very rough and still subject to change. 

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