financial dire need

i know i just made a post like this the other day–yesterday?–but we’re in more dire financial need than i thought now.

my cat’s vet visit ended up being way more than what was estimated, and she’s okay but going in for yet another $100+ visit next week. we just moved so my dad hasn’t been able to utilize his usual source of income which is ebay, he’s disabled and hasn’t been able to get on disability because…well, the state sucks and is slow and constantly “loses” his paperwork. it’s not just moving making him unable to of course, we’ve both been mourning obviously and the depression just totally sucks up all your motivation.

speaking of how the state sucks, since my mom passed there was a mixup in the amount of food stamps we’ll be getting monthly. some kind of error happened and now they’re telling us we’ll only get $16 dollars a month. $16. my dads trying to get on it and fix it of course, but as i said–they’re slow, and in the meantime we’re nearly out of food stamps we had saved up. 

TLDR: my cat had an emergency vet visit, we’re running out of money for food, and won’t be able to make rent. PLEASE consider commissioning me, or donating to my paypal, if you send money to my paypal just submit me a pic of the receipt or the name on the donation and i’d be happy to draw something for you if you wish!

i hate asking for things like this but we’re really in a bad spot right now and need it this time. thank you so much for understanding!