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SasuSaku Month - Day 14: Even Just for a Moment || [Fanfic] A Step at a Time

Title: A Step at a Time

Rating: K+/PG

Notes: I apologise for the extreme lateness of this story. I had the plot but I’ve been unable to concentrate and at most, I could write a few lines each time I sat down, and suddenly, as I decided to go to bed, frustrated, I got inspired…

There are a couple of references to chapters 2 and 3, I hope you remember them after so long ^^

As always, if there’s something wrong (spaces, brackets…), please, tell me. I hope you enjoy it :)

Words: 4037



Sighing tiredly, Sasuke sat down on his chair, leaning back, closing his eyes and combing his hair back with his fingers. He had just finished his third meeting that day and his head was full of figures, charts and data, all mixed up. He turned his chair and faced the windows behind his desk. From there, he could see most of the relatively near skyscrapers in the financial centre of Tokyo, tall, magnificent with the glass of their windows reflecting the sun.

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If you ever found yourself in the City of London, watch out for the dragons! These statues mark the boundaries of what we simply call “the City”, the historic district where the Romans once founded Londinium. The dragons hold a shield bearing the City of London’s coat of arms (which combines the emblems of St George’s cross, patron saint of England, with St Paul’s sword, patron saint of London). Nowadays the City is home to famous skyscrapers and houses a major business and financial centre, but we’d certainly find plenty of medieval buildings there if not for the Great Fire of 1666. Tragic!

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IDINA MENZEL SLAYED ME TONIGHT OMG QUEEN (at Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land)

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This is an extensive list of careers, with over 1000 listed careers, from small time all the way up to astronaut. Ever had trouble figuring out what your character could be doing for a living, or are you sick and tired seeing the same occupations listed over and over again? This masterlist will help you both in creating a unique original character, or occupationally diverse pre-made- and skeletal bios for your RP.

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Day in Night by MarcusNg_

The flows of tribute into the world’s major financial centres have been astonishing. What, however, is even more astonishing is the habit of treating all of this as a mere and in some instances even unfortunate byproduct of neoliberalization…It has been part of the genius of neoliberal theory to provide a benevolent mask full of wonderful-sounding words like freedom, liberty, choice, and rights, to hide the grim realities of the restoration or reconstitution of naked class power, locally as well as transnationally, but most particularly in the main financial centres of global capitalism.
—  David Harvey, A Brief History of Neoliberalism

(по-русски чуть ниже :)
I’ve finally decided to start my travel notes! And i want them to be in both English and Russian to communicate with my foreign followers more.
My first post is dedicated to Batumi. It’s an exceptionally beautiful seaside city on the Black Sea coast and i’m sure you will fell in love with it too if you ever have a chance to travel there.
Batumi is changing and becoming a new modern city, tourist and financial centre of Georgia. I also found it interesting to walk thought the streets and see old wooden houses or soviet-style buildings and then the closer you come to the sea the more modern buildings you meet on your way. Like traveling though time! Boulevard near the sea is one of the best parts of the city where you can find nearly all types of entertainment and one of them is the ferris wheel which gives you a fantastic panoramic view of Batumi. I think it’s better to go there at night and see all lights of the city. This photo was taken from the wheel, it shows you an Alphabetic Tower which looks like a DNA structure and it’s a symbol of uniqueness of the Georgian people.
There are so many unusual and unique buildings and sculptures in Batumi so one short trip is not enough to see everything. I really hope that this summer i’ll have an opportunity to see and feel this city again and this time i’ll take all my sketchbooks with me to show it to you though my drawings. ❤️

Друзья, я наконец-то осмелилась и решила начать писать небольшие заметки о путешествиях, и первый пост я хочу посвятить Батуми. Думаю, что мои русского-говорящие читатели о нем слышали, но на всякий случай скажу, что это город на черноморском побережье Грузии, который находится недалеко от границы с Турцией. Я уверена, что побывав там, вы, несомненно, тоже влюбитесь в это место!
Сейчас Батуми меняется и перестраивается, становится современным туристическим центром Грузии. Гуляя по городу появляется ощущение, что ты путешествуешь во времени, бродишь по улочкам, вокруг тебя старые деревянные дома или невысокие многоэтажные здания советского типа, но чем ближе ты продвигаешь к морю - центру Батуми, тем больше современных и дорогих зданий вырастает на твоем пути. Бульвар около моря - одно из самых популярных мест в городе, где можно найти практически все виды развлечений, начиная от аренды велосипедов и аттракционов, заканчивая всевозможными барами-ресторанами на берегу моря. На бульваре есть колесо обозрения, с которого открывается фантастический вид на город. Как раз оттуда и было сделано это фото, на котором вы видите Алфавитную башню, по форме напоминающую структуру ДНК с грузинским алфавитом, и являющуюся символом города.
В Батуми огромное количество современных необычных зданий и скульптур, поэтому одной короткой поездки совсем недостаточно, чтобы посмотреть все прелести этого места (о которых я еще расскажу). Я очень надеюсь, что летом у меня будет возможность снова увидеть и почувствовать этот город, но на этот раз я возьму с собой все свои блокноты и постараюсь познакомить вас с ним через мои иллюстрации ❤️


How Dubai Transformed From Desert To Dreamland

The UAE recently celebrated its 44th anniversary and it got us wondering about how far Dubai has come in terms of the way it looks. From vast expanses of desert plots to a metropolis of towering skyscrapers, the transformation happened in record time. Here are photos chronicling the dramatic evolution of a once sleepy fishing village into a world-class metropolitan city.

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DAY 3039(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai                 July 26, 2016              Tue  11:29 pm

Birthday - EF - Riki Biswas

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

happy birthday to Riki .. love and wishes from all the Ef .. one does not hear from you these days .. and I do wish you remain well and happy .. love

There is frustration, anger and concern over the non availability of the comment driven application on the Blog .. and not without reason .. it has been misbehaving and has created some degree of disquiet and consternation ..

I have been noting the various complaints to me on varied media gadgetry and have been diligently passing them on to the backend technological team that runs this business - CA Media. They are equally worried on the matter and inform me that, Discus, the performer of the response block has or is undergoing an update worldwide and this has caused the disconnect. However they assure us that slowly but surely the disorder shall be repaired and normalcy shall prevail. While this may take a little more time than an over anxious Ef may desire, CA Media on their part, have been speaking to the US of A, to at least for the next 48 hours put us back on the previous system, till such time as the new one gets functioning ..

We are awaiting results to that conversation !

In the meantime may I recommend a ‘bhutta’ .. the delicious corn on the cob, particularly famous during this time of the year, the monsoons. I devour at least two each evening. I would like to more, but there are certain restrictions for me with respect to my diet, and I lament that, but it does excite me and its appearance during the rains is such a welcome eatable.

Roast one with large grains and those that are hard, I hate the soft ones, apply loads of butter and lime and salt and red chillies and bite into each grain of the corn stem, until it is bald, relish it, take a deep breath of the remainder and break the stem into two with your hands, before you discard everything !

Yes .. smell into the stem of the corn, and thereafter break it in two ! We were told this from a very early age and I still practice it. I have no reason as to why it is done but done it is by me. Some symbolic gesture or practice to remain connected with the earth from where it came .. !! Naa .. that does not sound very credible .. But if someone has any idea, let us know ..

Meanwhile enjoy these two and a half, on sale at the Juhu beach .. soooo tempting !

And here below is the monsoon skyline on another beach .. the people breathing in the fresh rain drenched air and the skies hesitantly parting their ways to allow the sun for a quick peek, and then darkness .. a feature through out these three odd months in the year ..

……and Marine Drive, overshadowed by the large looming skyscrapers behind it, not ominous enough to prevent those dangling legs from the edge of the walls that put a stop to the waters of the Arabian Sea .. a pastime for all Mumbaikars in the evening, looking out into the distance, getting drenched if it rains or if the tide hits those tetrahedrons !!

Tetrahedrons again .. put in some years back to prevent the sea from damaging the walls or from eating into the land mass, which I must add was reclaimed land .. perhaps the Sea did not quite appreciate this trespassed occupation and continues to fight for its right each year ..

Incidentally those tetrahedrons house some of the largest rats I have ever seen. They be as large as cats, which is some kind of an irony, but yes they are extremely large .. when I spent two nights on a bench on Marine Drive, they kept me company .. if you try to ‘hooosh’ them away, unlike others of their clan, they shall stop, turn their heads towards you in super slomo, give an unkind stare and arrogantly walk away ..   

And this be the ‘garam chole’ of the city .. ‘chana daana’ and ‘momphali’ .. I do not have an English equivalent to this, but does it really matter ? About time we stopped doing that - giving equivalents. This is what we call it, period. Enjoy .. its hot and filled with the taste of caring hands over coals .. 

Coals .. yes .. coals .. a rarity in the metropolis world wide I guess .. we still depend on it .. not the electronic ovens often seen replacing these .. my ‘bhutta’ that I consume in the house is roasted over coals , even though there is the electronics and the gas feature that dominates most homes now ..

No … this is not giving a 24 hr condition of the city each day .. nor those smart uniforms of the traffic police ..  its the arm sleeve of the guy in the black raincoat .. BEVERLY HILLS in Mumbai ..!!? should read Malabar Hill, or Pali Hill .. but this ..??

Ok … so it is time to wrap up this sales talk on the country’s financial and entertainment centre and move on to the what on the what’s next ..!!

There are Ef reminders of 43 years of ‘Abhimaan’ and ‘Gehri Chaal’ and mutterings about extensive descriptions desired for a few other films - ‘Reshma aur Shera’ and on .. but ..

That for another day perhaps .. right ..?

Love and night night ..

Amitabh Bachchan

A new direction for women's liberation

I am not an ‘equality feminist’. We live in a patriarchal society where standards are determined by institutions of male power and what is male is considered the ‘default’, like whiteness and heterosexuality. Therefore the standard against which women’s progress towards ‘equality’ is measured is based on a male norm. Instead I believe in women’s liberation – in a complete reconceptualization of womanhood as worthy and valuable. And I don’t mean the cartoonish performance of femininity, which reinforces male power. I mean universal womanhood: life-creation and/or the ongoing sustenance and care of the next generation, reproductive health, cyclical notions of time, knowledge sharing, etc.

I feel so discouraged when examples of women assimilating into a patriarchal, white supremacist, capitalist culture are celebrated as a win for feminism: Women on the military front line, women on boards of exploitative companies, women directing pornography. This isn’t women’s liberation, it merely validates hegemonic masculinity.

What would real liberation look like then? I’m not entirely sure, but at 25 and planning to start a family I often think about this question. I think it starts with having real control and power over our bodies. We’ve been made to feel by a third-wave of feminism co-opted by liberalism that sexual autonomy equates to having lots of sex. But in a culture where ‘sex’ invariably means ‘penetration’, despite a majority of women not being able to orgasm from penetrative sex, and where women bear most of the burden of pregnancy prevention/termination, is this too narrow a focus? Academic legend bell hooks was laughed at on stage at the ‘Are You Still a Slave?’ event for suggesting that celibacy might be an option for women seeking sexual liberation. Perhaps that is too far along the other end of the spectrum, but are we so afraid of being labelled as puritans that we can’t see the potential freedom such a choice could bring?

I also think real liberation means returning to a focus on material support for mothers. A majority of women will have at least one child by the age of 40. Under capitalism, the broken patterns of work she experiences because of this will leave her with less money to retire with, and fewer opportunities to access full-time work and promotions alongside her male counterparts who enjoy uninterrupted employment. The abolition of a motherhood endowment once accessible to all women, and the extremely modest allowance for single mothers in Australia, show that the government does not view raising strong, moral, capable children as worthy work. Feminism is guilty here too. Almost all liberal feminist discussions of mothers now centre on financial incentives to get her back into the workforce where she can recommence her duty increasing the nation’s beloved GDP.

Why have we let male culture define the pillars of our lives, including work, sex, and parenting? I am not advocating for a return to the domestic/public binary where women are financially dependent on others and excluded from decision-making. I dream about just the opposite, where womanhood is a source of power – not imagined, subjective power, but real, material power.


Isfahan City Centre - Isfahan, Iran

The largest shopping mall in Iran & the largest shopping mall in the world with a museum, it’s the 5th largest shopping mall in the world overall.

The shopping mall covers 465,500 square metres & it includes over 750 retail outlets, a five star hotel, a museum, a hypermarket, restaurants, airline offices, an international financial centre, a world trade centre, a fair complex, & an entertainment centre with seven cinema screens.

It’s the way in which clothes are worn – a mood, an attitude. If you go to the financial centre of Rome on any given morning, you can watch this sense of easy elegance in action. It’s a fashion parade.
—  The Glamour of Italian Fashion, by Charlotte Sinclair

for real though, i’m just thinking of how many other empires imploded or crashed and burned and by comparison the UK got eased into a retirement that includes being the world’s 5th largest economy, a major financial centre and cultural capital of the world. so i don’t think having to cooperate extensively in europe as part of the giant common market or that thinking of oneself as ‘european’ in addition to ‘british’ is some sort of humiliating climbdown. 

En 3e : “Comment s’appelle le centre financier, à Londres ?” “Ben...” “Allez, je vous donne un indice. Ca commence par un “C”.” “Euh... Capital Punishment ?”