The real(?) financial cost of top surgery

I’ve seen a billion or so posts both on tumblr and elsewhere on the interwebs saying that top surgery generally costs $6,000-8,000 (USD). Sometimes it is followed up with an acknowledgement that that price is after insurance pays like 80% of the actual cost. 

So since I recently had top surgery, I’m gonna talk about the price before insurance gets a hold of it. This is only concerning the medical bills sent from the hospital, I am not adding prices of care after leaving the hospital. 

The first and only number I heard pre-surgery was directly from my surgeon. He priced my double mastectomy as $8,000 (USD), and broke it down as $7,000 for the mastectomies themselves, and $1,000 for nipple grafts. I was expecting to pay the $1,000, because apparently my health insurance doesn’t think grafts are important enough.

Then, I assumed the hospital would charge a couple thousand for the anesthesia/immediate post-surgery care/etc. So I was expecting the total to be at the very least $11,000(USD). (Mind you, I’m a young college student who never really had to deal with money/medical bills until recently, and even then I kind of don’t because parents.)

The actual total amount billed was $35,000 (USD).

Let’s break this down, shall we?

My surgeon: $8,000.

Apparently there was an assisting surgeon: $8,000.

And then a special surgeon to help with the grafts: $5,000.

And anesthesia/immediate aftercare/a bed for like 3 hours: $14,000.

So yeah, after insurance, I was billed $8,000. But If I didn’t have insurance, it would have been a loooooot more than that. (note: this is also before the prescription pain killers and anti-nausea the surgeon prescribed).

Please please please ask your surgeon about potential other costs surrounding your surgery, especially if you don’t have insurance. I know that not getting surgery can be life-costing, but the financial cost of surgery could also be life-costing. 

Why Older Men or Why a Daddy/Master?

- Financial stability: A older man is prob further along in his career giving the younger woman a earlier chance in life to progress with her goals and be financially independent later in life. Even being able to afford small things makes a difference such as a hotel room or plane ticket.

- Maturity of sexes: Women mature much faster than men both physically & intellectually. Even a 35 year old woman will have a higher maturity level than a man her age.

- Physical compatibility: Is it nature cuz it seems just meant to be. As men get older they gain more control of their penis & last longer in bed. As both female and males age testosterone & estrogen levels decrease. A women is less wet and a man takes longer to get hard. Putting a wetter younger pussy with a older male or a younger cock with an older female only makes sense.

- Mentor & Guidance: Nobody likes to listen to their parents but Daddy or Mommy Dom know best. Did you make a financial mistake? Maybe Daddy has the answer. Can’t pick a career or choose a school? Daddy can help.

- Spoil you rotten: Although not all Daddies are rich they can still surprise you. Maybe you mentioned you like Target or Macy’s. Daddy will surprise you with a gift card. Maybe even as small as buying you a stuffy or ice cream cone.
Are You Sure You Can Save Enough For Retirement?

25% of Americans aren’t saving anything for retirement. Are you one of them?

Thankfully, it’s not too late to catch up, but whether you’re twenty-two or fifty-two, the earlier you start, the better off you’ll be.

Here are some simple strategies to get you on the path to a more secure financial future, including savings expert Dave Ramsey’s Top 3 recommendations for catching up if you’re behind:

1. Invest in Your Company’s 401K Plan.

A 401K allows you to save pre-tax money in an account that allows you to earn compound interest tax-free. When you retire, you can withdraw the money and it is then taxed like normal income (early withdrawal can carry a hefty penalty, however). Microsoft’s website even offers a helpful Excel-based 401K planning template to get an idea of how much you should start with, what you should contribute, and how raises and company matching can affect contributions.

2. Invest in a Roth IRA.

If your company doesn’t have a 401K plan, think about opening a Roth IRA, which allows you to save after-tax money in a retirement account. Unlike a 401K, money saved in a Roth IRA isn’t taxed when it’s withdrawn, which can have its advantages. If you can afford to, consider investing in a Roth IRA and your company’s 401K.

3. Seek Out Sound Financial Advice From a Certified Financial Planner.

Check out the CFP website for someone in your area, read Yelp reviews and Better Business Bureau feedback, or ask a friend or colleague to recommend someone. A good planner will review your goals and progress with you annually, if not quarterly, to make sure you’re still on track.

4. Check Out These Ten Great Retirement Books.

These books (in the link) will give you some ideas and get you thinking about what you want your retirement to look like. Do you want to be on a beach? Is travel important to you? How many mortgage payments will you have left?

5. Visit the AARP Website’s Free Online Calculator.

AARP gives you a personalized snapshot of your financial future, based on your current lifestyle. The more you know about what you can and can’t live with, the more motivated you’ll be to sow now what you can reap later.

6. Make it Easy.

Planning for retirement doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. If you put systems in place to automate your financial goals, you won’t have to think about them. The system will take care of them for you!

7. Get Your Head in the Right Place.

If saving is hard for you, it might be time to be honest with yourself about your money habits. Do you have any attitudes that might be sabotaging your savings strategies?

8. If You Don’t Already, Get Used to Living Within Your Means.

You’re not going to have a choice when you’re living on a fixed income, so cultivate this habit now before it’s too late.

9. Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt.

Even if you can’t pay off your mortgage before you retire, retiring with credit card debt isn’t smart. The interest you’re paying on your debt is likely to be much higher than the interest you’re earning on your retirement accounts!

10. Learn How to Customize Your Investments.

Did you know that many 401Ks and Roth IRAs offer options for customizing your investments? These customizations allow investors to select the specific funds they want their money going into, which can run the gamut from high-fee managed funds to low-fee Index Funds. The mix you choose to invest in can cost or save you thousands, if you’re willing to do a little homework.

Getting started is the hardest part, but once you take that first step, time will be on your side. Cultivating good money habits, being willing to learn, and putting systems in place to do the heavy lifting for you can ensure that your retirement is secured, and your golden years are happy ones.

Featured photo credit: Markgraf-Ave via

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Alleged identity thief saw details of some 2,200 GM Financial customers

Alleged identity thief saw details of some 2,200 GM Financial customers

GM Financial says information about approximately 2,200 of its customers was “inappropriately accessed” by a former employee who was recently charged in connection with an identity theft scheme, CBC News has learned. 

The charges stem from an incident in May, when an arrest in Burlington, Ont. of two women in a stolen car turned up counterfeit citizenship documents, SIN cards and other…

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30 Things All Women Should Have in Their Arsenal Before 30

Turning 30 is a big milestone because you finally feel like a real adult instead of playing one in your early 20s. Here are some things you probably have accomplished in your 20s:

  1. Eyeliner and mascara that doesn’t smudge.
  2. A bad relationship that will make you treasure the good ones.
  3. The experience of negotiating a raise or asking for a promotion. Because you deserve it.
  4. A love for yourself - flaws and all.
  5. A good mattress.
  6. Enough self-respect to not put up with an unhealthy relationship and friendship.
  7. A home that looks lived in and not like a rental. Which includes a piece of furniture you splurged on that’s not from Ikea and an original piece of art you love.
  8. One international trip experience that took you to another continent.
  9. Wild stories of past shenanigans that you love reminiscing over with your friends. And zero urge to relive it all.
  10. A résumé and LinkedIn profile that you had to struggle to shrink.
  11. Six months of living expenses in your emergency fund and a robust 401(k).
  12. A friend that makes you laugh, lends an understanding ear when you need a shoulder to cry on, and tells you things you need (and not want) to hear.
  13. Forgiveness and letting go of past hurts and grudges. Life’s too short for that.
  14. And the realization that forgiving doesn’t mean accepting that it was OK. Forgiving means accepting the fact it happened.
  15. Go-to recipes for key occasions, from a fancy dinner party to leftovers night.
  16. A backup system for your important documents and photos.
  17. Something you can take care of, be it a plant or a pet (or maybe even a baby!).
  18. The ability to enjoy things alone, whether it be a trip, a dinner out, or a show.
  19. A coffee machine so you stop wasting your money at Starbucks.
  20. A good skin care routine, which includes applying sunscreen.
  21. The confidence to go without makeup, wear a bikini, and have an opinion.
  22. A sewing kit and a set of tools that you’ve actually used.
  23. A reliable dry cleaner and a tailor.
  24. A chic outfit that you can transition from work to play - not to mention, a high-quality bag or purse to bring to work every day.
  25. A safe place for you to relieve your stress and recharge - be it your reading nook or yoga studio.
  26. The resolve and discipline to kick at least one bad habit. Bye-bye, soda and Cheetos.
  27. The satisfaction with what you have and not worrying about if you’re missing out on something better and newer.
  28. An exercise routine beyond cleaning your home or commuting to work.
  29. A credit card that you pay off in full every month.
  30. The realization that life just gets better.

- Additional reporting by Annie Gabillet

I do not understand how it is that financial institutions could think that they could take taxpayer money and then turn around and act like it’s business as usual. I don’t understand how they can’t see that the world has changed in a fundamental way, that it is not business as usual when you take taxpayer dollars. - Elizabeth Warren

Last Wednesday, I bought 6 books for 75 pesos only. I’m definitely going back there.

  • Quilting the Black-Eyed Pea by Nikki Giovanni
  • Cut Your Bills in Half by The Editors of Rodale Press
  • Keep All My Letters: The Civil War Letters of Richard Henry Brooks, 51st Georgia Infantry edited by Katherine Holland
  • Oh Dear Silvia by Dawn French
  • Almost Doesnt Count by Electa Rome Parks
  • Thank God It’s Monday by Roxanne Emmerich
Binary Options: The Facts And The Fiction

Binary options are a rapidly growing business. More and more brokers with more and more regulations are popping up every day. The problem is that the industry is still operating on the fringes of the internet with regulatory agencies operating on a very localized basis. This, along with the high propensity for scams, has led to a lot of confusion about what binary options are, where they come from, and if you should be trading them.

The good news is: I have been tracking the industry for many years and am here to fill you in on the facts and the fiction surrounding this simplified form of trading.

Fact – Binary Options Are An Easier Way To Trade Financial Markets

As a tool for speculation they are easier to use than most. When compared to equity investing, standardized options, futures and forex it is better described as a simplified form of trading because the account requirements and mechanics of trading are much different. Futures, forex, commodities and standard options all require margin accounts and can expose you to unlimited risk. Depending on the type of trading, leverage can be as low as 10:1 and as high as 250:1 or more at some forex brokers.

Margin accounts are highly levered accounts that can make you a lot of money really fast, but can also completely wipe you out of the market at the drop of a hat. The most difficult aspect of trading futures, forex or options is taking profits. These types of positions are subject to every move of the market, many are affected by the passage of time and all are impeded by slippage. Positions that move as predicted don’t always generate profits.

Trading binary is much simpler than that. You pay a set price at the open of the trade, are only exposed to that amount of loss, and have a fixed return upon expiration of the contract. All that is required is to move the underlying asset in the direction of choice.

Fiction – Binary Options Trading Is Easy

Let me rephrase that, successful binary options trading is easy. It’s easy to trade binary, all you have to do is do it, but being successful is not easy. By reading the average run of broker homepage, you’d think all it takes is to pick an asset, choose a direction and reap the profits but the reality is that more than 90% of all traders get washed out of the market. The same can be said for other forms of trading as well, it’s pretty easy to buy and sell securities, all it takes is an account with a broker and you are in business. Doing it successfully, making consistent profits, is very hard.

Profitable speculators spend years, if not decades, learning the market in which they trade. They have an in depth knowledge of market mechanics, as well as technical and fundamental analysis that allow them to form educated opinions, thus positioning their accounts to take advantage of these opinions. Just because binary trading is simplified in terms of account mechanics, margin and profit structure does not mean trading them is any less hard. The underlying market, fundamental and technical analysis are the same, requiring the same knowledge and experience to produce profits

Fact – All Binary Options Are The Same

In essence it’s true that all binary options are the same. Binary options are a fixed return investment vehicle with a fixed price, a fixed set of conditions to be profitable. and a fixed payout upon expiration. Regardless of the style of trading, all that is required is for the preset conditions to be met.

In the case of call/put and high/low style trading, if a trader buys a call or high position all it needs to profit is for the price of the underlying asset to move higher than the strike price at which the option was bought. The same is true for puts, just in reverse. Prices must fall or move lower than the strike price to profit. One touch options require prices to touch a set strike only one time, while range options require asset prices to remain in a range.

Fiction – All Binary Options Are The Same.

The basic structure of all binary options is the same – if yes, then you profit; if no, then you lose. The reality is that not all binary options are the same. There are at least two major classifications with some smaller categories within those two. The most important difference to understand is the method of trading. One style is based on spot prices, the other is based on strike prices.

The first category is best represented by the CySEC style of trading which is popular in Europe and other international locations. This style has only one strike price, the price of the underlying asset at time of purchase. The price of the option is whatever amount the trader chooses, with payout equaling investment plus a set return.

The second style, found primarily in the United States, is based on strike prices and often referred to 0-100 options. This style utilizes a list of set strikes whose prices range between 0 and 100 depending on whether they are higher or lower than the spot price. Traders choose strike and expiry. If the asset spot price closes above/below that strike they receive $100 and profit the difference between purchase price and pay out.

Fact – You Can Make Fast Money Trading Binary

It is true, payouts for most types of binary options start around 70% and go up to over 500% depending on what type of options you are trading. Believe it or not, US regulated exchanges like NADEX and Cantor Exchange have some of the highest payouts for standard call/put style binaries. An at-the-money option may cost $50 and pay $100 at expiration for a return of 100%, higher than the average 80% return you find at a CySEC/EU style broker. On top of high returns is a high speed of return. Some binaries expire in as short as 60 seconds, others range from 5 minutes to 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week.

Fiction – You Can Get Rich Quick Trading Binary

It is possible to get rich trading but it is not likely. First of all, trading is risky and difficult to do successfully. If it was possible to get rich quick then everybody would do it and no one would be able to make money with get-rich-quick-schemes. The speed of trading is also working against the average trader. It is possible to lose money just as fast as it is to win it. On top of that many brokers brokers have stops in place to prevent any wild successes. These are often found at off-shore style brokers. The most common way is to limit the size of the trades. If you can’t make a big trade then you can’t make a big win. Some will limit trade size to a percent of your account, so any trades above that amount won’t count toward your balance. This is an often overlooked fact that has caused confusion for many would-be traders in the past.

Fact – There Are A Lot Of Scams In The Binary Options Industry

You have to be extremely careful when looking at any broker, offer or service. Scams range from fake brokers to fake regulators and can include complex sales funnels, shady account managers, auto traders, trading software, robots, signals and just about anything else a crafty marketer can think up. One reason is a lack of international standard or regulation. The industry came to life in the gray areas between countries and regulations. Since the industry exists almost entirely on the internet regulating it is very difficult. Anyone with a URL and the money to buy a trading platform software package can open a new broker or signal service in a matter of days.

Fiction – All Binary Options Brokers Are Scams

This is not true. There have always been brokers operating legitimately and the number of those is only growing. At the same time, regulators around the world are stepping up and taking control of the situation in their region. The US was the first to adopt such rules and is the strictest of any jurisdiction. At this time there are only two places to trade, NADEX and Cantor Exchange – although Cantor Exchange is working with top technology providers to create opportunity for even more brokerages to begin business.

Cypress started regulation in Europe when CySEC recognized binary as a financial tool and not just gambling. Since then, several developments have helped to cement this form of trading in the EU including a recent Dutch ruling on binary as well as impending regulation from Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority. Other nations which have adopted regulations include Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

The trouble for would be traders is two-fold. First, there are more website offering scams than there are fighting them and new scams appear every day. The second problem is how the lack of centralized regulation causes as much confusion as it solves. This 24Option scam review is a good example. This broker is well known (more on this below), has been in operation for many years, is CySEC regulated, and yet still receives warnings from the US and Canada.

Fact – Binary Options Is Here To Stay

Many have doubted the longevity of this style of trading but sources show it is only gaining momentum. In Europe, TechFinancials has become the first technology provider and broker to become a publicly traded company. This move shows the public’s acceptance of binary as a viable business model, if not a legitimate form of trading. At the same time, 24Options (the flagship brand of TechFinancials) has partnered with leading sports teams for mutually advantageous advertising, as well as having dozens of other brands. In the US, trading volume at NADEX grows rapidly and Cantor Exchange is on the cusp of opening the market wide open. Cantor is focused on bringing the same type of white label access to the US as is currently seen in Europe. This will allow new brokers to open up shop and provide binary alongside their proprietary products. Three technology providers are part of the process thus far: SpotOption, Tradologic and TechFinancials.

The Bottom Line In Binary Options

Binary options are here and they are gaining in popularity and safety. They are embraced by the worlds financial communities, entering the purview of regulators. Cantor Exchange and NADEX are leading the charge in the US, while at the same time others are making moves to solidify the industry in Europe. CySEC paved the way there and now other countries within the union are getting on board. The decision of the Dutch court to uphold CySEC, the MiFIB and EU Financial Passport is a landmark event and one that will have positive repercussions throughout the EU and possibly the rest of the world. This affect is already being seen in England where regulators and legislators are making plans to establish London as a hub of binary trading.

Meanwhile, the industry is still plagued by scams so it is very important for anyone pursuing this avenue to do their due diligence. There is a lot of gray area in which scammers and shady brokers can operate. There’s no end to depth of scams these people will perpetrate. The only true protection is to stick with reputable brokers that are regulated in the country in which you reside.

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Life-Changing Daily Rituals For a Better Night's Sleep

The things you do right before bed can have a big impact on your life. It’s a great time to start a daily ritual, because the day is winding down and you’re not rushing around to get things done.

  1. Read a self-improvement book: Pick one of these life-changing self-improvement books as some nighttime reading before you doze off. If you pick something too exciting, such as a fantasy or mystery novel, you might not be able to put it down before bed.
  2. Brush and floss: Brushing and flossing your teeth has a huge impact on your health. Unhealthy gums can lead to serious conditions, such as heart and respiratory disease. Further, you’ll have a higher chance of losing your teeth as you age if you don’t start brushing and flossing. Here are other scary conditions you may suffer from if you don’t pick up better dental habits.
  3. Get ready for the next day: Prepare all your things the night before - your lunch and outfit - so you’re not scrambling around in the morning.
  4. Stretch: Stretching is a good habit to pick up. Not only is it better for your joints and flexibility, but it can also help with your sleep.
  5. Go to bed 15 minutes early: Try this simple trick - go to bed 15 minutes earlier than you plan to. People aren’t getting enough sleep, and sleep deprivation can have serious effects on your health and productivity. By going to bed earlier, you can change long-engrained habits and stop procrastinating going to sleep.
  6. Wear your retainer: If you had braces or Invisalign, don’t reverse the good work of your orthodontist by forgetting to wear your retainer. You spent a lot of money on your pearly whites, so don’t let all that time and money go to waste.
  7. Remove your makeup: You may be too tired to take off your makeup, but you need to start putting it into practice if you want healthy skin. Leaving makeup on overnight clogs your pores and prevents sebum, a natural serum your skin secretes to moisturize itself, from working properly. This can also lead to acne. If you don’t clean your face before you sleep, the free radicals from the environment that latch onto you during the day stay on your skin overnight, which can lead to a breakdown in collagen, thus resulting in fine lines.
  8. Write down what you’re grateful for: Name one to three things you’re grateful for every night in a notebook, and it’ll help you think more positively. Gratitude is known to be a really powerful tool that can help you appreciate the things you take for granted. It’s so easy to focus on the negative in your day and forget or dismiss the positive. By calling attention to the good, you can change how your mind works.
  9. Meditate: Meditating is a great ritual to take up. It helps decreases stress levels and give you a peace of mind. It will help you with your impulses and reactions to stressful events. The benefits of meditating are endless and include better memory, more creativity, and less anxiety.
66 Tried-and-Tested Tips For a Frugal Life

It’s easy to say that you want to save more money. It’s harder to actually implement that. Living a frugal life calls for a lifestyle change and a conscious awareness of how you’re spending and saving. It also requires a certain know-how. Learn these tried-and-tested frugal tips from fellow scrimpers cited in Reddit’s subsection for frugal people.

Source: POPSUGAR Photgraphy

Start a Concrete Financial Expect With Financial Help Alberta

Are other self having trouble with your moneys and being hunted by your debtors, asking you to labor under your obligations? If you are in this situation, i myself must already remain experiencing a allocate of stress and hassles. If you are currently under financial stress, this means that you have failed so as to pay your monthly dues likeness as credit royal flush bills, monthly utilities, other debts, and mortgages. Aside without getting an honorable lot as for stressful calls from creditors, myself desideration also suffer from higher rates and other charges such as pains and punishments and back fees. This self-control just add against your financial call of duty because these are nonessential heavy loads towards your finances and these can hunt you until you are drill to settle it.

In dealings like this, he is better to seek stylish help in order up to get rid of your debts. However, before getting the help of any house, you fetidity in advance have the composure and a concrete plan that is in accordance with your professional meddler. In order to enlighten a problem effectively, you must have a deck by step conformation that you must strictly follow. Entryway Alberta, technical adviser financial advisers all in all propose a plan that the clients will follow in order to get rid pertaining to their debts. Financial ministrant Alberta is consecrated versus helping clients become financially stable once again.

Money is inescapably involved in problems about indebtedness, similarly you must think of changing ways on how to take in filthy lucre without getting into another pledging. Using debts to pay other debts is called revolving debts and this should never obtain done. The lie is to reduce your debts gradually. Another goal is in consideration of save money. Passing by assessing your spending habits and budget, this is very achievable. Save a portion referring to your monthly income as things go paying your debts, and you tail more save agreeable to being frugal.

Visit and himself would give brass tacks along how to stir rid touching your financial problems. You john besides schedule for a at loose ends consultation.
Take Charge of Your Bank Account With the 30-Day Spending Hiatus

If your bills are overwhelming and you never seem to have enough cash, take part in our 30-day spending hiatus challenge that will put you and your money on the right track.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to wait until the start of next month to take on this challenge - just start today and keep at it for the next 30 days!

Here are some ground rules to get you started.


I recently joined a company by the name of TOTAL LIFE CHANGES. It’s a company that not only sells weight loss products, that I can say first hand actually work, but more importantly allows you for as little as $50 a month to become a representative for them essentially owning your own business within the company.

My uncle and aunt have earned $2 MILLION since beginning to work for this company a couple years ago.

This is not a scam. This is not a gimmick.


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68 Mostly Free Ways to Entertain Yourself at Home

Staying at home is always fun when you need to recharge. And it has its perks. Not only can you get a lot done, you will also be able to save money since home entertainment is mostly free. Here are some ideas to while away your time in your humble abode:

  1. Watch cute animal YouTube videos. 
  2. Tackle your garden and grow your own greens.
  3. Clean your home, and you’ll feel a lot better coming home to it.
  4. If you have an instrument, then take it out and play it.
  5. Watch old DVDs around the home.
  6. Work out to an exercise DVD if you have one.
  7. Do a newspaper crossword puzzle.
  8. Reread old favorites. 
  9. Organize your room, and make it look fresh by moving furniture around. 
  10. Webcam with someone far away. 
  11. Catch up on recorded shows.
  12. Shop your pantry, and create a meal from your leftovers.
  13. Upcycle something you’re about to throw away into something new and beautiful. 
  14. Shop your closet and create new outfits from clothing you’ve forgotten.
  15. Put a puzzle together. 
  16. Watch the sunset from your window. 
  17. Paint a portrait or a scene.
  18. Create a collage from your photos.
  19. Make a shadow box from your souvenirs. 
  20. Start an Instagram account for your pet.
  21. Create a blog on a topic you’re passionate about.
  22. Catch up on the latest news.
  23. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure. Try out some cool nail art.
  24. Write a letter (remember those?) to someone you miss.
  25. Create a playlist of your favorite songs.
  26. Run a bubble bath.
  27. Experiment with a new hair or makeup style.
  28. Learn how to code.
  29. Brush up on or learn a foreign language.
  30. Plan your next trip. 
  31. Create a bucket list. 
  32. Make your own natural cleaning products from household items. 
  33. Watch a TED Talk.
  34. Listen to a podcast. 
  35. Make s'mores. 
  36. Write in your journal.
  37. Find lots of great ideas and projects to do on Pinterest
  38. Write thank-you cards.
  39. Try to replicate a restaurant recipe.
  40. Give yourself a facial.
  41. Write a poem.
  42. Review restaurants on Yelp.
  43. Review books on GoodReads or Amazon.
  44. Photoshop your photos. 
  45. Dry flowers to make potpourri
  46. Figure out if you can turn your hobby into a money-maker
  47. Research your ancestry online.
  48. Create an online photo gallery to send to loved ones who are far away. 
  49. Invite friends to play board games. 
  50. Learn how to quilt.
  51. Write the next great American novel. 
  52. Surf Reddit
  53. Check out answers to your burning questions on Quora.
  54. Create a time capsule
  55. Turn your favorite Instagram photos into canvas prints
  56. Sharpie a design onto a mug. 
  57. Organize a book-club meeting to talk about your favorite books.
  58. Use the downtime today to explore the apps world, and take advantage of all the free apps available.
  59. Look at different recipes online, and bookmark your favorites.
  60. Make this rum spice aftershave for him. 
  61. Spray-paint old jars to turn them into chic containers to decorate your home with. 
  62. Sort items to give away to friends. 
  63. Mix some cocktails to try. 
  64. Bake cookies. 
  65. Attempt to make a cronut
  66. Play a favorite video game.
  67. Listen to the radio and croon along.
  68. Meditate.