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Is there a preferred method for tipping servers? Like, should I try to tip in cash, even if I'm paying for my service with a card, or is electronic preferable?

Cash is preferable for tips for a few reasons. The first is that cash is king and the money immediately goes into the server’s pocket. Some restaurants aren’t able to get tips to a server right away and there could be a few days’ delay while all the credit transactions are being processed. When you work a job that is very dependent on tips, that delay could cause a lot of problems.

Additionally, restaurants pay a small fee on credit card transactions in order to process the payment and sometimes the company will charge the server that percentage (like 2%) on the tip. It’s kind of shitty and even though the percentage could only be a few cents, that’s a few cents on every tip, which could add up to quite a bit at the end of the night and especially at the end of the month when rent is due.

Finally, if you tip in cash, the server is guaranteed the full amount and knows what that amount tipped is. If it’s written on a credit card, the server doesn’t always see that receipt and has no idea if the restaurant is giving them the correct amount or not. Cash gives them the peace of mind that they’re employer isn’t screwing them over.

I know not everyone carries cash (I personally carry very little) and it’s almost always easier to just tack a tip onto a card, but if you have both on you and can easily leave a cash tip, it’s better. Your server will appreciate it.

Ok black tumblr can I get everyone’s attention one time.

This may seem boring to talk about but are any of yall keeping up what’s happening in Greece? People can only withdraw roughly $60 dollars out of their own bank accounts. 

Puerto Ricans are leaving Puerto Rico to come to the the U.S because they are in some trillion dollar debt that they may default on like Greece did. 

China’s stock market went up over the past few years….all of it got undone in the past two weeks. And 54% of all chinese stocks are frozen. That’s $2.6 trillion dollars frozen yall. 

I understand we have a lot to do in terms of social justice but uh….yall better hide your purse and hide ya cash because ish is going down world wide. 

Zan Needs Some Help

Hey guys.

So its been a very long while since I’ve sat down and told everyone whats been going on with me! So I apologize the long post but this has a lot of context behind it.

First off: I’m moving to Vancouver

Many of you know: I live in a very abusive household. My mother is emotional and manipulative. She is horrendously racist and homophobic. My father is never around or home and works and slaves like a dog at work. My siblings are spoiled. My household is a mess. I have been diagnosed with depression and only started just last month begun seeing a psychiatrist for it. Its nothing serious, but he agrees that I need to move out of the house because it will help my emotional stability.

I decided to move back in April. I gathered up my college credits, researched and found the correct school I wanted to transfer to. After an interview, audition, and testing, I got accepted into the college. Just last night? I received my visa from Canada. I’ll also be moving in with Addy ( winternightdog) and Logan ( offering-to-renenutet.) Addy has taken on the very massive task of covering my rent, buying me groceries, etc. He’s even buying my plane ticket with zentiorus. So everything is all official except for one big thing…

I’m incredibly fucking poor.

Now for those followers that have been around for a long time and know me personally, this isn’t news to you. But my situation has gotten a lot worse.

Simply put: My parent’s credit score is in the shit and I can not apply for private loans in order to help me go for college.

I have tried multiple different websites and have asked many Aunts and Uncles to be cosigners for loans but none have said yes. I can not get any loans without a cosigner because I’m only 20 and I have no credit history.

Why is this such a big deal?

My college wants $4,000 USD as a down payment from all new international student before being able to sign up for classes. They want this by August 21st, 4:00 PM. If I can’t get this down payment in, I can’t go to this college.

So where does that leave my family?

Well: In a really bad fucking spot.

My mother just picked up a $20/hour job that is only temporary for 6 months and she wont get paid until two weeks from this week - she started this week. We have to save every single dime of that money for the next 6 weeks in order to just have $3,000 alone.

My father works 14+ hours a day and given our other finances, won’t make enough alone within the amount of time needed to be able to afford the down payment.

We’re constantly behind in bills - our phones keep getting shut off, in the winter we don’t have heat or hot water half the time, among many other things.

I’m working my ass off trying to sign up and apply for bursaries and other scholarships for future semesters. The long run of it all is that - It’s actually cheaper for me to go to this college in Vancouver than any of the colleges in my state.

So this brings me to my final point: I need some help.

I fucking hate asking for donations. I do. I really really do. I know a lot of people are in bad situations and barely have money themselves. But it honestly makes me ache on the inside to sit here and have do nothing and just hope and pray that we’ll make enough by the deadline. Which, by the numbers - we won’t.

Even if I can just make $1,000 it’ll help my family and I out immensely. 

My paypal:

I can’t give anything back because quite frankly, I don’t fucking have anything to give back. I’ll probably make a big thank you video of some sort by the end of it all. I really wish I had something to give back but I do not. 

Anything I get, I fully 100% appreciate and will be going towards getting my down payment funded. Any reblogs are greatly appreciated as well.

Thank you.



Here’s Why the Bills Don’t Get Paid

ADDers tell me they are busy all day. Great, but busy doing what? People with ADD often tell me they feel like they are always busy with tasks, always doing, and still never accomplishing anything.

If you’re too young to pay bills, then think of this video as “Here’s Why the Homework Doesn’t Get Done”. It’s just as applicable.

(Slightly inaccurate transcript)

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How manage you salary any tips or tricks? And how to treat yourself when you need it. Any way tips to just not blow all your money and remain grounded?

  1. Have a budget. 
  2. Follow your budget. 
  3. Pay off your credit card balance every month.
  4. Minimize the number of things you buy that you can’t pay for completely in cash.  

Really, it ain’t hard. I have an excel spreadsheet for annual and monthly budgets. It’s even color coded to tell me if I’m over, under, or at budget. I can’t say I stick to it rigidly, but I have some hard and fast rules that I don’t break. I went for a financial counseling session at the start of residency, and they were super impressed with me. Money is one of the few areas of my life where I’m pretty organized.

Here’s some general ideas to help you build a budget. All percentages based off net (take-home) pay:

10-15%: charitable giving.

10-15%: savings / investments

15-30%: housing (including utilities, insurance, taxes, upkeep costs)

10-20%: transportation (car payment, insurance, gas, upkeep)

10-20%: Food

5-10%: clothing

<10%: debt

10-20%: personal expenses, expendable income (this may include health insurance if it does not come from your employer), treat yo’self cash dollars

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I really need help. I've been trying for a year to get my first credit card as a college student and I've royally failed. I've looked over your credit card guide and I've followed it almost exactly. First I applied for a student card with discover, then one with Target, then a cosigned one at my bank. All of which got declined. I have no idea what to do now and it makes me feel like a worthless piece of shit.

You were probably declined for the last two because you had too many requests on your credit within a short period of time, which sends up some red flags. You want to start with something like a store card or just a debit card from your bank (which is endorsed by a credit company) and if you get declined, you want to wait a few months before submitting another request. If you get declined and immediately submit somewhere else, you will almost certainly get declined again. Opening/applying for credit cards is something you want to do slowly, to help prove that you are a reliable borrower.

(Here’s the credit guide for those who haven’t read it)

Confidence is the Reward for Hard Work

The result of committing to achieving your goals, building up some courage, and acquiring capabilities leading to success is that you begin to feel confident. There’s a new pep in your step. You’re on top of the world, and nobody can stop you!

Here’s how to achieve confidence on the road to financial freedom.

Attention Broke Students: get a $7 large 1-topping pizza with promo code 1TOP699 at

Do you live near a college campus or even attend college? Chances are, there are little coupon booklets all over town. 

Hoard those coupon booklets, my ducklings.

They are full of coupons for things that you actually buy, like cheap-ass pizza. There are like, at least 20 pizza coupons in my campus’ coupon booklets. Plus other stuff like oil changes and tanning salons and juice bars.

The best part is that online coupon codes almost never expire even if the printed coupon has an expiration date. The 1TOP699 coupon is from a booklet I got last year that supposedly expired in January–but I tested it out on just now and it still works!

Enjoy your cheap pizza, friends!

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A local tattoo artist - he's licensed, I promise! - is giving away free small tattoos so he can get back into practice after taking a several month long vacation. I'm taking him up on the offer ( I know he's good - he's done them for several friends and has about 20 years experience ) but I'm curious: Is it proper to tip a tattoo artist? He's doing this free, so I'm going to tip him 15$ or so just for being awesome, because seriously, free tattoo. He's giving me his valuable time and effort.

Yes, you should tip tattoo artists, especially if they’re doing something for free! Tattoo artists do not get paid by the hour, so they depend heavily on tipping. No one can seem to agree on how much to tip, but it seems to be around 15-20% of the bill. But, since it’s free, it’s hard to choose an amount. I think your $15 will be very much appreciated.
Child care cheques flowing into suburban swing ridings
Most of what is billed as the largest, one-time benefit payment in federal history is likely to hit suburban voters living in federal ridings where the Conservatives can be considered the party to beat, an analysis by The Canadian Press shows. Number-crunching based on the last census shows that many of the ridings in line... Read more »

Number-crunching based on the last census shows that many of the ridings in line to get the biggest cheques from the newly increased Universal Child Care Benefit are in suburban Alberta and the all-important ridings that surround Toronto — and they usually have a history of tilting Tory.

Only two of the top 20 destinations for the enriched UCCB payments landing on July 20 are locations where the opposition NDP would be considered the favourite; and one more in the top 20 would be considered a Liberal seat.

That leaves 17 seats that could be considered Conservative-leaning, home to the voters who could receive the biggest financial windfall when almost $3 billion in child care benefit payments are mailed on Monday — three months before election day in October.The majority of spending continues to go to Conservative ridings — 15 of the top 20 — even after adjusting the payments to take into account the estimated percentage of families who haven’t signed up for the enhanced benefit.

Opposition parties have criticized the government for giving out the increased benefit payment, backdated to the start of the year, as an election ploy to buy votes.

Important to note: 

These “benefits” are taxable and don’t really benefit folks to the extent that we are led to believe. 

Step-By-Step Guide: How To Pay Off Debt For Good

If you live with consumer debt, you are not alone. According to U.S. Federal Reserve data U.S. households have on average $15,863 in credit card debt and $33,090 in student loans. The upside to the personal debt crisis is that there are tried and true methods for getting rid of it. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting out of debt, once and for all:

1) Get real and collect statements for each and every one of your debts.

2) Get your free credit report to double-check the accuracy of your debts, including notes of missed payments and credit limits.

3)  Create a list of all your debt, including interest rates, monthly minimum payments and any deadlines.

4) Create a monthly budget, and figure out how much you can afford to pay towards your debt.

5) Research lower rates. Depending on your credit score, you may qualify for credit cards with lower rates.

6) Call the holder of any outstanding medical bills and negotiate.

7) If you’re totally overwhelmed with this process, or truly believe that you cannot dig out of debt on your current income, get professional advice.

More tips here.

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Sea family, I need advice! Im 14, turning 15 in November, and I want to be emancipated when I'm 16. I know it won't be easy but I need to get out. My dad is verbally abusive, and we have such different views that I feel as though I need to constantly tipetoe around him. Anything I say can set him off. I know with hard work I can do this, but I need advice. I don't even know where to start- not the legal stuff, but the financial stuff. Help?

Well, it might be easier to get out when you’re younger. You could always call child services since you’re under 18.

 As for finances, try getting a job, or maybe tell some relatives you trust about your situation.

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I was promoted at my workplace on July 1st. When applying for a credit card, how do I figure out my total annual income?

Math time!

Multiply your hourly rate by the number of hours you work weekly, then multiply that number by 52.

[Pay] X [Hours] X 52 = Annual Income

To figure out your monthly income, divide your annual income by 12. A lot of people make the mistake of taking their weekly and multiplying it by 4, but not every month has 4 weeks and you’ll end up short at the end of the year.

([Pay] X [Hours] X 52) / 12 = Monthly Income

All of this is pre-taxes, though, but that’s okay for a credit card statement. It’s just going to be off slightly for budgeting purposes.

so this POT

just told me he can only do $500 a month. we have been on 2 dates so far which were both very nice and he’s so sweet so it’s actually a shame and he really didn’t seem salty. i told him that didn’t even cover my rent but no use, he says that’s the most he can do. he asked me to meet him next week for drinks and said he would give me my “allowance” then. should i just take it and stop talking to him and consider it $500 for the 3 dates? or is that just too mean even for a gold digger?