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Axl Rose imagine (requested)

“That’s it?! You simply don’t want to be with me anymore? You’re not… you… it’s not the right time to be in a relationship?” You glared at Axl, who had still been you boyfriend a few moments ago. You were used to such lame excuses. It’s been a few weeks since you suspected that something was going on but you’ve tried to reassure yourself that everything was fine. The lack of phone calls, the lack of kisses and sweet words. You’ve tried to convince yourself that Axl was busy with his band and that there was nothing more to it. But now that he had told you out of the blue he didn’t have time for a relationship anymore you knew he wanted to leave you for someone else.

“Just tell me, Axl” you spoke under your breath. “If there’s someone else, let me know. That’s the last thing I’ll ask from you - to tell me the truth.” “(Y/N)… I’m sorry. I know I’m an asshole and you deserve better.” “Don’t play the remorseful victim now, Axl” you spat as you got up, ready to leave his house. Axl grabbed your wrist to make you stop. “You’re right” he admitted. “There’s someone else.” You looked at him, he kept avoiding eye contact with you. The anger inside of you slowly turned to sadness and your eyes got watery as you broke free from Axl’s grip. You left and the fact that he did not try to stop you once more made you tear up. The second you got into your car you couldn’t help the tears running down your cheeks as sobs escaped your mouth. Why would he leave you for another girl? You have done everything for him. You have always been there for him, no matter what, you’ve always understood his mood swings even if you’ve been the only one to get it. Now he had left you for some other girl.

You couldn’t stop crying but you didn’t want to wait until you would’ve calmed down, you needed to get away from him as far and as fast as possible.

As you drove along the street you put on your radio, in the hope that some music would make you feel better. When you realized that ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ was playing you would have almost smashed the radio with your bare fist though. You cried the whole way back home and even more when you had reached your own apartment. You were too exhausted to even reach your bedroom - as soon as you had locked the door behind you, you slid down the wall and buried your face in your hands. By now you were crying hysterically, your head hurt and you were unable to control your thoughts.

I’m not good enough for him… I’m not beautiful enough. He tried to get rid of me and now he finally found a way to do so…

After almost half an hour you got up, feeling completely empty. You slogged along to your room and collapsed into your bed. You had no idea how to ever get over him. Axl and you had been together for almost four years and you had imagined your whole life with him. You thought he would someday ask you to marry him. You felt like you were nothing without him.

Of course you couldn’t sleep tonight. Instead you kept tossing and turning while analyzing the situation over and over again but you couldn’t figure out why he left you for someone else. You did not even know who she was but you were sure you would find out sooner or later. After all he was Axl fucking Rose and if Axl Rose had a new girlfriend, the press would publish pictures of them in the next few days anyways…

This whole week has been like hell for you. You had to tell all your friends that Axl and you were no longer together and you had to explain to them why and everybody kept asking the same questions: who is she? You still had no clue and you did not want to know.

One day you got a call from Izzy and you were surprised when you heard his voice at the other end of the line.

“(Y/N)? It’s Izzy. Sorry it took me so long to call you.”

“Izzy? Why’d you even call me? Did Axl leave something at my apartment and someone needs to get it for him?”

“No, silly. I’m worried about you.”

“Really?” you asked in confusion. “Yes, princess. So how are you doing?” You gulped. “Not sure… uh, I’ve been better. It’s so sweet that you’re calling me though, this lightens up my day a lot.” “Glad to hear that. Hey, do you wanna hang out today?” “Hang out? You wanna hang out with me?” “We’re still friends, after all.” A smile crept onto your lips. “Sure. I’d love to.” “Great. Just come over.” Izzy hesitated before he added: “He won’t be here today.”

You hung up, still smiling. It’s been some days since you actually felt good. You didn’t expect any of the guys to even think of you anymore. You thought they had always just accepted you as Axl’s girlfriend but it seemed as if at least one of them actually liked you and still wanted to be friends.

After you had taken a shower to avoid looking like a zombie you made your way to the band’s rehearsal room where you were greeted with a hug and a happy smile.

“This is way better than wallowing in self-pity” you stated. “It’s good to see you again, (Y/N). I missed you” Izzy said. “It wasn’t easy to be at this place without a certain someone around.” “You can say his name. It’s okay.” “I still don’t get it, you know?” You shook your head with an uneasy smile. “Me neither.” Izzy noticed your watery eyes and sighed. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything.” “Don’t worry… I’m just over-sensitive. Why don’t you play something on the guitar for me?” Izzy smiled. “Good idea. I’m writing on some new music anyways.” “Some new tunes for Guns N’ Roses?” Izzy shook his head. “Not really.” “What does that mean?” Izzy bit bis bottom lip. “I’m not sure. Maybe it’s time to do something else.”

It’s been two years since the fateful day that Axl had broken up with you. It had taken you almost a year to get over him and you still couldn’t help but hate Stephanie more than any other human being on this planet. The second place on your list was reserved for Axl. You still had no idea if she had pinched your boyfriend or if it has been Axl who started it. It actually didn’t matter to you anymore, you were happy with the way you lived your life. When Izzy had told you that he would leave Guns N’ Roses, you weren’t really surprised. He had made more and more comments about doing something else and the fact that he wrote his own music now made it even more obvious. You were sad to hear how the guys started to split up though but Izzy made sure to keep in touch with you from time to time.

You had moved into the center of the city where you worked for a magazine as a journalist now. Since your whole life revolved around music, it was only natural that you’d undertake the arts and music section.

One day the chief editor asked you to write a short announcement about a famous couple breaking up. You thought nothing of it but when you read the names of the two people who had just ended their relationship your heart started beating faster and you coudln’t believe your eyes at first.

Axl Rose and Stephanie Seymour broke up.

Your eyes were glued to those words and you had to read it over and over again. You had never felt so many different things at once and you weren’t sure if it made you happy or if you didn’t care at all. No matter what you actually felt at this very moment, you knew you couldn’t write this announcement. You couldn’t do any research about them, you didn’t want to see the pictures which was exactly what you told your chief editor.

“No problem, I’ll find someone else to write it.” He gave me a concerned look. “Are you alright? You’re as white as a ghost.” You shook your head. “I’m feeling sick.” “There’s not much going on today anyways, you can take your day off if you want to.”

After a short while you were back home and whilst you still tried to figure out how you felt about the news, someone rang your doorbell. You got up with a sigh, expecting a young student who would try to sell you some magazine to finance their college education. You opened the door and the second you saw a strand of strawberry blond hair you slammed the door into his face immediately. You took a step back, your heart in your mouth.

“(Y/N), I know you don’t want to see me and you have every right to be mad at me… but… please, talk to me.”

You stared at the door, still unable to believe that Axl actually stood at the other side and tried to talk to you. You didn’t think that you’d ever see him again or that you would ever hear him say your name again. You didn’t want to talk to him though. You had counted him out and the time in which you would have taken him back was over.

“I know it was wrong. It was wrong to leave you for Steph. It was wrong to leave you at all but I’ve done it in the most possible stupid way… I hurt you so much when all I ever wanted was you.”

Although you didn’t say a word you stayed at the door to listen to him. You were curious. Why did he think that it was a good way to win someone back by simply coming back to them when the other relationship failed? You’d love nothing better than to slap his perfect face and tell him to go away and leave you alone. But you were afraid of opening that door.

“You probably think that I come back to you because Steph and I broke up and I don’t wanna be alone but it’s not like that. I broke up with her ‘cause I finally realized that you’re the only one for me, (Y/N). I’m not trying to win you back by sweet-talking you, this is the whole truth. I’ve made many mistakes in my life but leaving you for someone else was the biggest mistake I ever made. I mean it… my band is falling apart and I think I’m starting to fall apart too. I need you, (Y/N). I’ve always needed you. Please, open the door. Say something.”

Tears ran down your face as you reached out for the doorknob but then you pulled back again. How could you ever trust him again after all he had done to you? Did he actually think it’d be that easy to win you back? You forced yourself to turn your back on the door. If he meant it like he said he would try again and again and again. You were not sure if you actually planned on forgiving him yet.

You could still hear his muffled voice and it hurt you so much. You couldn’t believe that he broke up with Stephanie to be with you again. It sounded made-up and he probably just wanted some company now that he was alone again.

The rest of the day went by painfully slow and you tried to keep yourself distracted with watching your favorite TV-show until you eventually decided to go to bed.

The next day you got up earlier than usual since you couldn’t sleep anyways. When you realized that you were running out of coffee beans you grabbed your keys and some money. It was saturday morning and you needed to do some grocery shopping anyways. When you thought about what had happened yesterday your eyes got watery again. Maybe you should have talked to Axl after all. You opened the door and when you took a step outside you would’ve almost tripped over something. Puzzled, you looked down and realized that it was Axl who had fallen asleep right at your door while sitting on the floor with his back to the frame. The sudden run-in had startled him and he quickly got to his feet.

“Axl? Why are you still here?” you said in a low voice. “I’ve been waiting for you to open the door.” An awkward silence descended over the two of you. “Whatever. I need to go.” You walked towards the staircase and soon Axl caught up with you. “At least you’re talking to me” he mumbled. You kept walking without even glancing at him. “I’m not trying to be creepy and stalk you or something… I just don’t know how I can prove to you that I meant every word I said. Do you believe me?” “What if I did?” you asked coldly. “Does that mean you do believe me?” “I can’t trust you anymore, Axl. I don’t know why or how this should ever work again. What am I to you? Some kinda toy you can throw into a dark corner when it gets boring?” Axl gulped. He had no idea how unapproachable and cold you could be if someone hurt you the way he had done. “I’ll do whatever I can to win your trust back, (Y/N).” “Yeah, whatever” you muttered “I don’t have time to talk now.”

At first you felt bad for rejecting Axl like that but after a while you were glad you showed him that it wouldn’t be as easy as he probably thought it would be. He called you almost daily and you never picked up the phone so he left you lots of messages. You still debated whether you should trust him or not. One day you got a call from Izzy and you were surprised when he mentioned Axl.

“You know, Axl… he called me today.”

“Okay? Why do you tell me that?”

“He asked me for help. He said he had no idea what he could do to win you back anymore… (Y/N), I know him better than most people and you can trust me when I tell you that he never sounded that desperate before. He’s one nervous wreck right now and maybe you should talk to him. You don’t need to forgive him or anything, just talk to him.”

“If you knew how hard it is not to talk to him, Izzy. I’m not sure if it’s the right thing to do.”

“Maybe you should listen to your heart, (Y/N). I can’t tell you if it’s the right thing to do but I can tell you that Axl broke up with Steph because of you. He wants you back and I don’t think it’d be wrong to give him one more chance.”

You sighed. “Alright. I’ll talk to him. Thanks, Izzy.”

“Hang in there, princess.”

You hung up and listened to every single voice mail Axl had left for you and you knew that Izzy told the truth. Eventually you dialed his number and it didn’t even take one second for him to answer the phone.


“Axl… let’s talk. Just come over.”

Before he could’ve said another word you already put away your phone. You took a deep breath and waited for Axl to knock at your door. It didn’t take very long until you heard your doorbell. You have never been this nervous before, not even during your first date. You opened the door for him with tears in your eyes; Axl looked tired and exhausted but the second he saw you he was all smiles. “(Y/N)…” “Axl” you whispered. Although you didn’t want to show him right away that you were ready to forgive him you took a step towards Axl and hugged him tightly. He wrapped his arms around you immediately and pulled you closer to him. Now you couldn’t hold back your tears anymore. Axl soothingly rubbed your back. “I missed you so much” he whispered “I don’t know how I survived for such a long time without you.” “I hate you” you mumbled. Eventually you let go of each other. Axl gave you an uncertain smile. “Are you actually willing to forgive me?” You dropped your gaze but you had to smile as well. “I think we can make it.” Axl placed a kiss on your forehead. “And no matter how long it takes, (Y/N), I’ll be waiting. You’re my one and only.”

aesthetlcs  asked:

Hello, I was wondering about an Economics major (Business) and if you know any insight about majoring in it? Is it worth it? Jobs out there for Economics major? Thanks!

Related Careers include:

  • Economists
  • Financial Analysts
  • Financial Managers
  • Management Accountants and Internal Auditors
  • Management Consultants
  • Top Executives
  • Market and Survey Researchers
  • Mathematicians
  • News Analysts, Reporters, and Correspondents
  • Sales Agents and Supervisors
  • Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents
  • Consultant
  • Market Analysts
  • Public Policy Analysts
  • Research Assistant
  • Teachers, Professors, and Tutors
  • Journalist (for an economics/finance magazine or journal)
  • Systems, Strategy, or Operations Consultants
  • Political Campaign Representatives, Organizers, and Directors

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average Median Pay for an economist is about $91,860 per year. And the job outlook has an as fast as average growth rate.

For some more insight, check out these links:


anonymous asked:

Hi! Great blog! Anyways, I live in the USA but in a state where the age of consent is 16. I've known for a couple of years that I want to sugar in the future, but Seeking Arrangment's guidelines are very clear that you have to be 18 before joining. I'm guessing this still applies to areas where the age of consent is 16. Do you have any advice for an aspiring SB stuck in the wrong age?

You have two years. If you can wait til 18, you have time to prepare. I really recommend waiting until 18, so you’ll be more prepared, matured, powerful.

You need to research, research, research. Memorize as much sugaring advice, tips, tutorials as you can. Read testimonies, follow sugar babies on tumblr and observe their experiences. Learn the laws of your state, learn how sugaring and sex work in general affects society, why it happens, how it happens. The more you know about sugaring as an ‘industry’, the more familiar you are. Learn arguments for and against sex work, so you can prepare to defend yourself, shut down people who try to tear you down.

Read up on psychology of men, of persuasion, of manipulation, of love and seduction. Read up on observing people, on human behavior, on body language. Learn how to lie perfectly. Learn how to do some acting. Learn how to improvise. Learn how to analyze people and create strategies. Learn how to do emotional work, how to comfort people, how to listen and offer advice.

Learn etiquette and manners, learn the lifestyles of the rich. Learn small talk. Learn how to imply things subtly, and be witty. Learn to speak, always speak steadily, clear, loud and soft, aloof and sexy. Learn your SAT words and create a large, sophisticated vocabulary. Learn what made Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and famous female actresses and sex symbols so beloved.

Study history, fashion, art, music. Recognize brand names and styles, recognized art movements and art techniques. Learn some classical music or jazz. Try to learn something from every subject, or know general information about them.

Learn how to put on makeup. Be creative, unique! Be inspired by haute couture, and create your own style. How to dress, modestly, or sexily, causal and formal. How to walk in heels. What you look best in, what you should avoid, how to mimic brand names. Keep your skin clear and healthy!! Exercise.

Learn anxiety management techniques. You’re going to need this. How to recognize distorted thoughts, think rationally, calm yourself down, breathe, relax.

Learn a hobby. Can be feminine, can be not. Learn French or Italian, or another language. Learn how to play an instrument. Learn how to paint. Learn flower arranging. Learn calligraphy. Go bird watching. Do sports. Find something you love and keep at it. Learn how to dance.

Start reading books. A lot of books. Classic novels, New York Times Bestseller list, award-winning books. Read both fiction and non-fiction. Observe how writers write, the way they organize words and stye their sentences (word choice, sentence structure, etc), they way sentences flow smoothly and convey their messages. Start writing. This will make your thoughts clearer, think better, learn to speak eloquently, sound smart, basically.

Keep up with the news. Read analysis of the news. Learn how things became the way they are, what people are predicting. Learn some politics, see the points on both the right and the left. Read business magazines, understand finances and basic economics.

Learn about technology. Learn computer security. How to protect your computer, use Tor or a Virtual Private Network. Learn how people can find your IP, your address, information about you; then use that knowledge to guard against that.

Learn safe sex!!! Birth control, how to use a condom, what method is best for you. Recognize and learn how to prevent STD. Locate health clinics and planned parenthood. Learn self-defense and first aid.

Learn how to become the Maniac Pixie Dream Girl to boys, girls, people you date. You are selling a fantasy, after all. 

You want to show the sugar daddies that you can be anything to them. You are their fantasy. You want to be smart, charming, sophisticated, and interesting so they always want to keep talking to you. You want to show them you can glide effortlessly into high class society - how to dress, how to eat, etc. You want to be beautiful, pretty, hot, sexy. You want to learn how to read them, figure out what they are thinking, what type of men they are, how much affection they need, how to make them feel better. You want to be confident, challenge them, make them want to impress you, keep you. 

It’s a lot, it’s hard work, but if you are intending to be a sugar baby, you have to be the best. This is my strategy, everything I’m putting to work, everything I feel has been needed right now as a sugar baby. My suggestions and observations. So decide if this is right for you, modify it for your needs.

Never stop learning

If you want to keep these men attention, you need to be interesting. Learn whatever you can, however you can. The internet is full of FREE education and resources. You just have to apply yourself and if you’re in the bowl that should come naturally. Lazy girls get the bottom of the barrel men.

You’re not lazy. You’re a fucking rock star! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to think quick on my feet when talking to these guys. Or how something I had learned a few months prior came in handy when conversing with these men.

Read books, attend workshops, YouTube, Google, CNN, finance/business magazines. Whatever! Just continue feeding that mind of yours. I get complimented on my mentality more than my looks. The looks get them in the door, your mentality keeps them wanting more. 💫

Earn or learn ladies 🤑

birbwin  asked:

eruri fluff exploring all the various scenarios in which levi likes to sit in erwins lap :3

The first time it happens he’s on the phone, hand pressed to his temple, glasses pushed up into his hair.

“Then you need to recrunch those numbers, Tom. I made my report very clear–I don’t care if you have to crunch the numbers sixty fucking times in the next forty-five minutes, just make it happen.”

The vein in his forehead is throbbing, his eye slightly twitching the way it does whenever he gets into it with the lenders. It’s so predictable, so ritual, that he wonders why he still lets it rile him up, but he’s always been a fairly passionate person, most particularly when it comes to the well-being of his company. His leg is bouncing now, heel hammering into the floor as he massages his fingers aggressively into the bridge of his nose.

He’s so engrossed with his phone call that he doesn’t even hear the door to his office slide open, nor the padding of soft feet against the hardwood. He doesn’t notice Levi at all until the man is quite literally standing beside him, blanket draped over his narrow shoulders, sleep crusted in his eyes. Erwin raises his brows, cradling the phone in the crook of his shoulder.

“Loud,” Levi explains, tone gruff. Erwin pulls the phone away from his cheek, covering the mouthpiece with his hand, intending to apologize quickly for waking Levi up. Instead, he grunts, blinking as the man’s entire body clambers into his lap. Levi doesn’t look at him, or even talk. He curls up like a kitten, nose buried instantly in Erwin’s armpit.

The effect is immediate–Erwin can practically feel his blood pressure dropping. His heart begins to beat a little slower, the tension in his head lessens. 

“Tom, I have to call you back.”

The second time it happens, he almost doesn’t notice it at all. He is home extra late from work, irritable and hungry after twelve hours in the office. He strips off his clothes and showers before he does anything else, and when he walks back out into the living room after, clad in nothing but his boxers and a soft t-shirt, he finds Levi on the sofa, book propped open on the arm and a cup of tea in his hand.

“Your hair is dripping on the floor,” Levi says without looking up. Erwin grunts his reply, strolling past to the kitchen. He throws open the pantry, tearing into a bag of salad croutons, too tired to actually put them on anything.

When he comes back to the sofa, Levi is in the same spot, reading glasses perched on his small nose as his eyes scan the page in front of him.

Erwin sighs, sinking down on the empty cushion that Levi’s feet don’t touch, tilting back his head and closing his eyes. Just as he’s rehashing the irritating details of his inordinately long day, he feels a shift on the small sofa, and when he opens his eyes Levi has plopped right on top of his thighs, head resting against the armrest now and book propped up on his bent knees. His shoulders and back are warm against the tops of Erwin’s legs, and he hmms, reaching up to stroke a strand of dark hair off of Levi’s forehead.

The third time it happens, Erwin more than notices. The pattern is blaringly obvious, so blunt that he has to marvel at how dense he can be.

He’s sitting in the backyard on a chaise lounge, finance magazine folded open in his lap, cigarette burning between his fingers. It’s been a long day, made longer by the constant nagging of the anniversary of his father’s death. Five years. It seems strange that he could be gone so long. It seems only yesterday they were eating lunch on this very patio, talking politics over stiff drinks. 

Erwin is not the sort of person who divulges these sorts of feelings, or enjoys discussing them at any length. He’s simply never learned the skill, and although it can at times make him seem harsh, he’s unsure how to go about changing it. He’s grateful, he supposes, that Levi either understands without him saying or doesn’t feel the need to pry.

He looks up when the sliding door opens, tapping the butt of his cigarette with a lazy finger. Levi is dressed in his running clothes, face glistening with sweat, hair pulled back into a loose knot at the top of his head. He surveys Erwin for a moment with extracting gray eyes, and then tosses his phone and headset onto the patio table.

“Run far?” Erwin asks, returning his attention to the article he’d been reading about investment brokers. He tries to shake off the defeated drooping of his shoulders, the tinge of sadness in his tone.

Levi doesn’t answer, and before Erwin can look up again he feels the magazine tugged from his grasp, and Levi’s weight once again in his lap. He frowns for a moment, taking in the way that Levi’s cheek presses gently to his chest, head just under his chin, eyes closed as if he’s about to drift off to sleep.

Its as if someone has turned on a light in a very dark room. Erwin’s lips turn upwards then, his blue eyes full of another feeling he worries he may never be able to properly express or explain.

Secrets From An Ex-Banker: How To Crush Credit Card Debt

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Yo my name is Nicholas and this is Ridiculous

Got mad gummy money and it is deliciousness


Open up your eyes, Im a full blown freak.

Mouth deep when I speak

To the vine from the leaf

No time to sleep, I’m a creep.

Best believe, I’m on the gummy throne-all alone- reign royally.

Life is stupendous, I’m tremendously golden

Money smells nice and it's money that I’m holding

Little do people know I got preposterous flow

I got a wallet full of gummies and Im ready to go

About 900 bucks of that gummy,

Doing bullet ducks

Roladex filled with the mother loving cold cuts

Sho’ nuff, some of us rack em up, stack em up

It’s like the Gold Rush

Nuff to make yo girl blush

Life is delicious

Believe me cuz I said so,

all I hear is chocolate chips on my cookie head phones

Freaks of the world I command you to rise!

Lift up your gummies, say it to the skies-


Yo my name is Nicholas and this is Ridiculous

Got mad gummy money and it is deliciousness

Yo my name is Nicholas and this is Ridiculous

Got mad gummy money and it is deliciousness

We livin it, we runnin it,

It's gummy money

They screaming it, they loving it

Its gummy money

We livin it, we runnin it,

It's gummy money

They screaming it, they loving it

Its gummy money


So step back!

That’s right, I got gummies!

Gummy trillionaire on a yacht with the honeys

Sipping bottled water in a 99 Honda Civic

Dig it- we live underwater.

Did vine make the man or did man make the vine?

Is God an animal or a plant, I cant decide

Watching Netflix, dat chick putting on some chapstick

“I lost the cap, can you locate the cap, Nick?”

Will the ladies in the back say “NICHOLAS!”

Gold teeth, fat beat, lots of “NECKLACES!”

Made of General Tsos, way low

Dippin on that shrimp, tho

Large pork fried rice coupled with an egg roll

Wonton soup and a fridge full of mayo

Duck sauce, soy sauce, thats the way that I-


Yo my name is Nicholas and this is Ridiculous

Got mad gummy money and it is deliciousness

Yo my name is Nicholas and this is Ridiculous

Got mad gummy money and it is deliciousness

We livin it, we runnin it,

It's gummy money

They screaming it, they loving it

Its gummy money


Im broke on paper but I got gummy for days

Gummy Lambo pullin up in front of your place

Gummy whip with the yummy gummy 3 color drop top

Eating whip cream on the top in my flip flops

Girl does my laundry, I smell like diamonds

Run the gummy game but she thinks Im in finance

Time magazine calls me up like, “Yo Nick, can we bother you to

get an interview real quick?”

I’m like “Heck nope!” Cuz Im counting mad stacks

And they’re all real sticky, cuz gummies be like that


Yo my name is Nicholas and this is Ridiculous

Got mad gummy money and it is deliciousness

Yo my name is Nicholas and this is Ridiculous

Got mad gummy money and it is deliciousness

We livin it, we runnin it,

It's gummy money

They screaming it, they loving it

Its gummy money