Sometimes we ask ourselves why we are in this situation and we wonder why God allows us to be here. It may be going through something tough that we can no longer handle like health issues, financial setbacks, family problems, spiritual battles, and we ask God why? Why does it have to be me? Why do I have to go through this? Will I ever just settle for less? Will there ever be a breakthrough? A miracle perhaps?

Beloved, remember that whatever you’re going through, God is with you. You don’t have to fight these battles alone because His promise is to never forsake you. He is just preparing you for something big, a breakthrough that you could have never imagined only HE knows. He can turn every setback to a breakthrough! Just believe, stand firm in faith!

Someday you will know the reason why you have to go through that. Remember that He is using you for His glory. We experience the fall so that we can be dependent on our God, so that when the time comes when He lifts you up, you would know that it is with His help that you have overcome.



this is the second part of our financing series. part 1 is here

Making a budget can be difficult and confusing and might be the hardest part of staying on top of your personal finance. Here at coffeeplanner, we’ve broken this down into 7(ish) easy steps.


will you be using pen and paper? the notes app on your phone? or a fancy personal finance app on your phone/tablet/computer? Choose whatever you think is easiest and most accessible for you. As a student you’re almost always on the go and it’d be pretty handy to have your budget with you.


do you have a job? are you relying on the student loan gods? Understand where your money is coming from. This means not just knowing whose money it is, but how often you get more money and how much. When/how you get your money is the foundation of any budget.


when first creating a budget, it can be hard to estimate how much money you need per category. For a week or two, spend as you normally would and track those expenses. This will be the basis for your budget. Avoid modifying your spending habits because this will skew the results.


where do you usually spend money? meals? snacks? transportation? create a list of categories where you usually spend money. Try to be a little specific because categories like “food” can get out of hand pretty quickly when you’re a student. So try something like “meals,” “coffee/tea,” “snacks” instead, so you can know more accurately where your money is going!


now that you know what you’re spending, add up the totals for all your categories and see where cuts can be made. Are you spending $5 a day on coffee? cut that down with a coffeemaker and instant coffee. This is the true “budgeting” part. Try to keep limits/goals realistic, but absolutely within your spending capabilities. Even if you only save a couple dollars a week, it will definitely add up!


we all know those days/weeks when you just can’t with life anymore, and for those days sometimes the only thing that can help is a tub of ice cream and/or a movie with friends. This is what your buffer zone is for. Set aside a small amount of money each cycle for emergencies like self-care or a late night taxi ride. Whether the money leftover is transferrable between cycles is up to you, do what works for you.


a budget only works if you stick with it. Using the money you save, you can treat yourself to something small each cycle to keep up the work! Staying in budget is hard, but totally do-able. You got this!

// budgeting apps

wally - free - iOS/android - an easy-to-use expense tracker. keep track of what you’re spending in different categories and save pictures of receipts so you don’t have to carry them around!

mint - free - iOS/android - the heavy-duty personal finance app. American based, but works for many different countries.


Brexit is going to have a dangerous effect on the environment

Britain is leaving the European Union, and that’s terrible news for the environment — as well as anyone who cares about protecting it. The powers-to-be in the U.K. have turned the nation’s exit into a platform you might as well call “make environmental destruction for monetary gain great again.” Researchers have predicted that beyond the economic ramifications, Brexit also means the environment will now face disastrous consequences.

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Money Makes Her Smile and So Does Knowing What to Do With It: What To Do With Your Allowance, Tips, Or Donations

Become a New Money Girls Art Collector

I made more money in a weekend than I had in a month. Then I did it again the next weekend and the weekend after that. As I counted my cash and tried to figure out where to stash it, I wondered why i hadn’t considered sex work sooner. I was giddy with excitement. I went wild. I bought anything I wanted and a few things I didn’t even like. Who cared? I could do what I wanted. More money was coming.

I didn’t realize that money in this life doesn’t come in a constant stream. It comes in tides: high and low. It’s the smart woman that can handle both with aplomb.

I wasn’t always smart. There came a time when I had a closet full of designer goods, thousands of Instagram likes and comments, and no idea how I was going to pay my rent or buy food. I only needed to experience the panic inducing feelings associated with scarcity once to decided that I needed to make a plan and stick to it. I’d prefer that you never know the feeling of scarcity so I’m going to share my plan with you.

Money is a tool. Know how you plan to use it. What are the things that your money absolutely has to do for you? Rent, groceries, utilities, car payments, insurance, and gas? Write it all down and don’t try to budget or dream here. You spend $100 on food a week but wish it was $50? That’s great, muffin. Wishes are fantastic things and I never want you to stop collecting them. But they have no place in a working budget. Be realistic about the places where you have to spend money and how much you’ll be spending.

Save. You knew this one was coming, yes? I’d like you to be able to quit sex work and have a year to figure out what you want to do next without seeing a change in your style of living. That’s right. A year of bills and indulgences put aside. Is this easy? Absolutely not. It requires you to hustle and avoid the temptation to ball out. But you can do it. At the bare minimum, you should have enough money to cover the slow season. Know your industry. Know when the money doesn’t flow in as quickly and get ready for it. For me, the slow season starts around the holidays and ends at the beginning of March. I put aside money all year to make sure I’m ready for it.

Pay more than they’re asking. I’m three months ahead on my rent. I’m 6 months ahead on my phone bill and a few other utilities. Every credit card is paid off at the end of the month. If you know that you can’t have cash around without spending it, this is a great way to “save”. My rule of thumb is to always pay 1.5-2 times the amount due for recurring expenses when possible. If your phone bill is $125 and it’s been a good month give them at least $188.

Pay down your debt aggressively. Your credit score is important. You won’t always be able to or want to pay cash for everything. Protect your credit at all costs.

Don’t deny yourself. We don’t do things that don’t feel good. Most budgets are about denial and scarcity. Is it any wonder that most of us can’t stick to them? What do you love? What things are an ingrained part of you daily routines and habits? What makes you happy? For me, it’s documentaries, new books, flowers, shoes, brunch and going to the movies alone. These things are included in my monthly expenses. My budget covers Netflix and Hulu, 2 new books a week, fresh flowers twice a week, at least 2 new pairs of shoes a month, weekly brunch, and solo movie dates. These are things that I save for so that I can enjoy them year round, even during the slow season.

Cut the unnecessary. Confused? It’s okay. I did just say not to deny yourself. However, there are things we buy that we know we don’t need and will probably never use. Do you have clothing you haven’t worn in six months but you’re constantly introducing more clothes into your closet? Shopping constantly isn’t a necessity for you. At least, not on your dime. Learning to curate and build outfits from what you have may be what you need to focus on instead. Are you constantly buying groceries and promising yourself that you’re going to cook only to throw away spoiled food at the end of the week? Either find meals that you’re excited to cook or change your purchasing habits. I hate cooking every night for one so I cook all of my meals for the week in one day and I choose recipes that are simply and quick. Find the unnecessary excess in your life and replace or eliminate it.

Get health insurance. I don’t know about you but I have no intention of saving a year’s worth of living expenses only to watch it all go to unexpected medical bills accumulated in a matter of weeks. Protect your savings and health. Get insurance. Ignore the voice in your head saying you’re healthy and won’t get sick. No one thinks they’re going to suddenly be ill or break a bone. Get insurance. It’s far easier to pay a few hundred a month for insurance than it is to suddenly have to fork over a few thousand.

Get professional help. It’s easier than ever to get access to legal and accounting professionals. Businesses like Legal Resources offer almost unlimited access to an attorney in your area for $20 a month. And the peace of mind that tomes with knowing you have a lawyer to answer your questions or represent you if need be is worth its weight in god. The same goes for having an accountant.

Invest in yourself. Money is a tool. How will you use it on your path to success? What are your dreams, goals, and passions? If you’ll be paying for them with your own money, do you know how much money you’ll need? This includes everything from gym memberships to continual education classes and materials and equipment if you’re a creative. Also think about the things you need in your current profession. Do you need more or different clothing? Regular personal upkeep? Tools? Budget for all of this.

Live within your means. This is perhaps the most important thing we’ll discuss. You don’t need anyone’s approval but your own. You don’t need to measure your success by anyone’s standards but your own. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to prove you’re a success by amassing a collection of objects. Financial security is more important than a strangers fleeting approval or admiration. Keep your eyes on your path and turn a deaf ear to those who would want you to stray from it.

You are going to be successful. We both know it. You cannot help but succeed when you commit to your path. I want you to be ready for it. I want you to use your money as a tool to propel you forward. You can do this. You deserve this. I believe in you.

My name is Zoe and I am a New Money Girl.

I may have needed this more than you did. I’m guilty of going a little wild when money hits my hand. Thankfully, I’ve made a plan following the outline Zoe gave and I’m on my way to using money as the tool that it is. Tomorrow, we’ll meet Janine. I think you’re going to like her.

Don’t care because you’re in love with Zoe and everything she represents? Don’t let the love die. Bring her home. Become a New Money Girls Art Collector

Contained within is a list of career path choices for each Zodiac sign.  This list pertains to having the zodiac sign on the 10th house cusp (midheaven) of your birth chart.  These can also work for overall sign dominance in a chart.  Your 2nd house cusp sign can also show areas where you can gain income with these signs for alternate possibilities.

Careers involving the military, protecting and serving
military, soldier. defense department, security
law enforcement, firefighter, emergency medical technician

Careers centering around sports and athletics
sports, competitive sports, coaching, training
athletic director

Careers involving physical force
industrial, construction, factory work, hunting, general labor

Careers involving working with metals
weapon making including design, manufacturing and testing,
engineering, mechanic, butcher (knives), steel worker,
iron worker, machinist, millwright, sheet-metal, welding,

Careers that involve initiative
Generally competitive careers, pioneering careers, business owner, sales

Careers that involve art and creativity
painting, drawing, sculpting, creative writing
advertising design, typographer, book and magazine layout coordinator
website design, blog design, prop design (for plays)
working with stage design, set director, urban planner, architect
floral design, florist, art therapist, glass blowing, mosaics, tattoo artist
working in art gallery or being an art dealer, art auctioneer, art professor
interior decoration

Careers that involve visual arts
digital design, animation, 3d modeler, video game design, special effects design
photographer, nature photographer, aerial photographer, wedding photographer

Careers that working with fashion
designing clothes, Jeweler, hair stylist, make up or modeling
buying and selling clothes, jewels, wigs, manacurest

Careers and jobs that involve working with music
dance, singing, opera, music composition
buying, selling, distributing music

Careers dealing with finance and money
banking, loan officer, title officer
administration, accounting

Careers working with sensual pleasure goods
clothes, shoes, seating, bedding, luxuries, perfumes
buying, selling, auctioning, or trading these goods

Careers involving home and gardening
landscape design, grounds keeping, gardening, green houses, flower shops, planet nurseries
interior design, home renovation, home design

Careers involving working with food
chef, pastry chef, pastry design, cupcake designer, restaurant management

Careers involving communication
Mass media, journalism, broadcasting,
radio, TV, telecommunications, announcing
sales, advertising, marketing, public relations,
teaching, acting, stenography
diplomats, politics, advisers

Career involving writing
writing, editing, blogging
copy-writing, secretary work

Career involving language
linguist, speaking, interpreting

Careers involving short distance travel, delivery and transportation
truck driver, cab driver, bus driver
post office, post man, courier

Dealing with the general public and nurturing others
social work , occupational therapist, Human resources, CEO, directors
careers involving medical nurturing at the forefront
being a nurse, therapist, hospital worker or doctor

Working with children, child care, teaching, preschool
nurturing children and taking care of them through pediatrics, babysitter or nanny

Careers with women in mind or feminine products or hygiene
being a midwife, OBGYN, working with and protecting abused women

Career dealing with water or working in a water environment
maritime industry, oceanographer
buying and selling boats, repairing boats, working on a dock, fishing
being in the navy, working in marine or navy engineering

Dealing with cooking and food
like a chef, short order cook, or working in a restaurant in general
catering and setting up social food engagements
working with baking or pastry design
may like to nature others’ lives by being involved with food
dietitian or a clinical dietitian who helps people in hospitals meet their needs

Working with things revolving around history
buying, Selling or Refurbishing Antiques
working as a historian, advocate, researcher, educator

Working with details relating to Home
buying and flipping real estate, selling real estate as an agent
homemaker, maid, butler
home based business

Careers centering around leadership
administration, government and politics, employees of a government service
management of various kinds, motivational speaker, CEO

Careers involving children
teach children, day care, nursery, preschool teacher, baby sitting, pediatrics

Careers involving hobbies, or fun
bring a hobby to their career
work with creative self expression professionally
being a consultant to some capacity

Careers involving Self Expression
art, acting, singing, music,
hairstylist, jeweler, clothes
movies, TV, radio, public personality, publicist

Careers centering gambling and speculation
Gamble professionally, Work in stock/day-trading, forecasting

Careers dealing with sports
play sports for a living, Work with sports in some capacity
be a sports manager, teaching sports

Careers involving detail oriented work
system analyst, archivist, statistician,
tax auditing, research, book keeping, librarian
auditor, financial planing, loan officer
executive assistance, executive director
mathematics, physics, surveying
public education, human resources

Careers involving critique
Film reviewer, music reviewer, art critic

Careers involving writing or use of the hands
editor, graphic design, welding, engineering

Careers centering around health and fitness
nutritionist, natruopathic, education and health research
health care worker, nurse, doctor, dentist, disease control,
environmental health, health advocacy, health education, community health organization
occupational therapist, fitness instructor, personal trainer,

Career working with animals and small pets
vet, vet technician, animal breeder, dog trainer, groomer

Careers that involve art and creativity
painting, drawing, sculpting, creative writing
advertising design, typographer, book and magazine layout coordinator
website design, blog design, prop design (for plays)
working with stage design, set director, urban planner, architect
floral design, florist, art therapist, glass blowing, mosaics, tattoo artist
working in art gallery or being an art dealer, art auctioneer, art professor
interior decoration

Careers that involve visual arts
digital design, animation, 3d modeler, video game design, special effects design
photographer, nature photographer, aerial photographer, wedding photographer
desktop publisher,

Careers that working with fashion
designing clothes, Jeweler, hair stylist, make up or Modeling
buying and selling clothes, jewels, wigs

Careers and jobs that involve working with music
dance, singing, opera, music composition
Buying, selling, distributing music

Negotiations, diplomacy, mediation and law career fields
working in public relations, being a go-between, escrow, arbitrator
working in human resources, supervision, moderating
diplomats, consultant
being a Court room specialist, Paralegal who works with clients directly, court writer, A judge

Careers involving customer relations
customer Service, retail specialist, retail management

Working with marriage or relationships couples, or guidance in general
marriage counselor, relationship counselor
wedding design, planning, wedding photographer
guidance counselor, occupation or career therapist

Careers involving digging deep and research
police work, detective, private eye, criminal investigator
chemist, engineer, archaeology, paleontology
pharmacology, science research, military intelligence
information broker, technical writer, recycling researcher

Careers that involve water
fishing, boating, oceanographer, maritime industry, marine biology,
marine scientist, shipping, dock worker

Careers that involve healing
doctor, surgeon, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist

careers involving positions of power or control
politics, presidency, prime minister

Careers involving intensity or protecting
security, firefighting, homeland security

Careers involving death
funeral director, coroner, mortician, embalmer, forensics

Careers involving transformation
recycling, Fixing up distressed properties, recycling product designer

Careers involving the taboo
occultist, secret society, astrology, witch, tarot reader
palm reader, alternative healer, psychic

Careers that involve sex
sex therapist, sexual educator, adult film industry

Careers that involve others resources
tax industry, tax collector, auditor
insurance, life insurance, inheritances
bill collection, economist, risk management

Careers involving higher education
teacher, college professor, tutoring

Careers involving long distance travel
travel industry, pilot, flight attendant, travel agent
tour guide,

Careers involving foreign culture
diplomat, foreign affairs, international commerce
imports and exports

Careers involving expansive communication
radio broadcasting, television host, salesman,
motivational speaking, promoter, marketing, advertising
interpreter, public relations, administration, comedian

Careers involving religion
theology, priest, preacher, clergy
missionary, minister

Careers involving philosophy
philosopher, working for non-profit organizations, public policy

Careers involving law
Lawyer, judge, paralegal

Careers involving the military
soldier, sniper, general

Careers involving publishing
writer, author, publisher

Careers involving animals and nature
animal husbandry, horse jockey
forest ranger, nature

Careers involving sports
athlete, coach, trainer, PE teacher
racing, broadcaster, reporter

Careers of being an authority
boss, management, ceo, chief executive, chairmen
chief economist, adminstrator, team management
entrepreneur, supervisor

Career involving government and politics
government officials, president, mayor
smithsonian instuation, national security agency
central intelligence agency, government accountability office
center for disease control, homeland security, parliament
public defense, criminal prosecution

Careers involving business
business owner, property management, landlords
market research analyst, business operations manager,
bookkeeping, marketing, compliance officer, management anaylst

Careers involving finance
dinancial planing, resource director, accounting
economnist, banking, appraisal, stockbroker

Careers involving history and time
historian, antique dealer, genealogist

Careers involving science and technology
IT, computer consultant, coding
science, researcher, analyst

Careers involving building structure
architect, real estate developer, engineer, contractor
masonry, construction, foreman, site manager, building inspector

Careers involving the Earth
mining, farming, agriculture, horticulture, forest and timber industry
earth science, geology, paleontology, space science, astronomer, geophysics

Careers involving science and technology
computers, IT fields, robotics, technical writer
astronomy, esoteric science, astrology,
physicist, rocket scientist, aeronautics
research scientist, architectural design,
communications, electrician

Careers in innovation and engineering
bio engineering, civil engineering, cryo engineering
material engineer, industrial engineer, safety engineer
environmental engineer, electrical engineer

Careers in politics
congress, government representative, political activist
entrepreneur, political commentator, state legislator
campaign worker, congressional research, public opinion analyst
city manager

Careers in humanitarianism and social reform
social worker, civil rights activist, mediator
aid worker, make a wish foundation, volunteer work
environmental activist, labor relations specialist
consumer advocate

Careers involving groups or teams
consultant work, advisory, performing in a music band, sports team, group project

Careers in creativity
art, music, actor, directing, creative writing
photography, digital art, digital business
Urban development, strategic planning

Careers dealing with creativity
artist, painter, photography, graphic editor
music, writing songs, music industry
creative writing, fantasy novelist, poet
acting, dancing, performing, choreographer
graphic design, video production, video game design
beautician, designer, decorator, stylist

Careers that involve computer visual arts
Digital design, animation, 3d modeler, video game design, special effects design

Careers in hidden places of society and retreat
prisons, hospitals, monasteries, jails, penitentiaries
asylums, mental hospitals, rehabilitation clinics

Careers in spirituality and religion
theology, astrologer, mystic
priest, monk, minister, spiritual counselor

Careers in holistic healing
holistic healer, shaman, energy healer
acupuncture, aromatherapy, homeopathy, naturopathy
herbalist, art therapist, music therapist

Careers that involve working with chemical substance
chemical engineer, chemist, pharmaceuticals,
alcohol, bar-tending

Careers that involve water
fishing, boating, oceanographer, maritime industry, marine biology,
marine scientist, shipping, dock worker

Careers involving helping and serving others
psychologist, therapist, counselor, social work
Masseuse, caretaker, nurse, aid worker, non-profit career

MAKE A BUDGET: and stick to it. making a budget can be confusing and difficult, but what we’ve found is that understanding where your cash flow is coming from is absolutely key. be realistic about the goals you set, and set aside a small buffer amount each week in case something comes up. budgets don’t have to be the same every week, because what you do in a week can change.

check out our second post in the finance series: how to budget

USE CASH: and leave your bank card at home. studies have shown that people are more likely to spend less when using cash because there’s a better sense of how much money they’re spending/saving. besides, using cash will force you to stick to a budget!

BRING YOUR OWN FOOD: we love food but food is expensive. buying groceries every week or two and making your own lunches/snacks can save you a lot of money in the long run. (see this buzzfeed article for some recipes)

BUY GENERIC BRAND: because most of the time, generic brand is just as good as name brand. don’t let prejudice keep you from saving money!

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FREE THINGS: if you want to hang out with your friends, consider free events happening around you. there’s usually always something happening on campus. at the very least, you can always get the free swag from those events!

APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS: yes essay writing can be a pain and it may seem like a snowball’s chance in hell that you’ll get it, but just do it. a lot of scholarships don’t get as many applicants as they make it seem so you have a better chance than you think you do!

TEXTBOOKS: borrow them from a library if you can and take pictures of the pages you need (or just do your work at the library.) failing that, see if your school bookstore lets you rent textbooks instead of buying them! If you absolutely have to buy your textbooks, buy used whenever possible. don’t be afraid to scrounge the internet for a cheap(er) copy.

EVERY CENT COUNTS: even though Canada has discontinued the penny, this still holds true. as broke students, we all know that sometimes that nickel can make or break your day. so save what you can, even if it doesn’t feel like much!

this is by no means an exhaustive list. if you have more tips, send us a message and we might make a follow up post!


People are making bank on Patreon — and conservatives are pissed

Patreon is like Kickstarter, only instead of paying for projects, you pay a small amount of cash monthly to support a show or person. So no matter what you’re making, you can get the money to create work that a gatekeeper would never put money behind. And apparently some on the right are annoyed as hell.

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The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu’s classic text, The Art of War is a universal rite of passage in the world of conflict instilled with wisdom. Encompassing conflict on the battle field, at work and interpersonally, Sun Tzu’s over two thousand year-old book still proves to be masterfully useful for strategy and planning today. The Art of War’s purpose is to achieve a victory without a battle in any realm of life.

Tzu proves to have a deeply philosophical awareness on the human mind. An easy read, The Art of War’s elegance is found within its aphorisms and proverbs.

Get the book here!

Read excerpts from the book here!

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Humanitarian Raid

Victo Ngai

My first for Mother Jones. This full page illustration accompanies a story about how the International Finance Corporation—a branch of the World Bank — has strayed from its mission of alleviating poverty in developing countries. 

Increasingly the IFC is supporting projects like luxury hotels and private health care companies that have seemingly done little to improve the lives of the populace. At times, the IFC has partnered with controversial oligarchs and bankrolled projects that have left the locals worse off. 

Over the past few years, the IFC appears to be morphing into any old hedge fund or investment bank—as if it has its place on Wall Street among the Goldman’s of the world. 

Many thanks to AD Carolyn!
Adele, Ed Sheeran, 1D, Coldplay and Sam Smith sold half of world's top albums
They sold 28 million, with Adele’s 25 top worldwide with 17.4 million and Ed’s X second at 3.5 million
By Ian Jones

UK pop’s Big Five – Adele, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Coldplay and Sam Smith – made half the world’s 10 best-seller albums last year.

They sold 28 million, with Adele’s 25 top worldwide with 17.4 million and Ed’s X second at 3.5 million. Sam’s In The Lonely Hour was fifth at 2.6 million, 1D’s Made In The AM sixth with 2.4 million and A Head Full Of Dreams by Coldplay eighth at 1.9 million.

Mark Ronson, Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding and Adele were in the top 10 singles.

International Federation of the Phonographic Industry figures also showed digital beat physical sales for the first time and revenue had its first significant rise, 3.2% to £10.5billion, in 20 years.

IFPI’s Frances Moore said: “Key milestones reflect an industry that has adapted to the digital age and emerged stronger and smarter.”

The UK’s “big five” - Adele, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Coldplay and Sam Smith - between them sold almost 28 million albums last year, new figures show.

Their combined efforts helped the global music industry to report its first significant year-on-year growth for two decades.

2015 also saw the amount of money from digital sales overtake revenues from physical formats for the first time in history.

The findings have been compiled by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), which represents the interests of the international recording industry.

They show that Adele had the biggest selling album in the world in 2015, with 25 notching up sales of 17.4 million.

Sam Smith’s In The Lonely Hour was fifth (2.6 million), One Direction’s Made In The AM was sixth (2.4 million) while A Head Full Of Dreams by Coldplay was eighth (1.9 million).

See You Again by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth was the biggest selling single of the year, reporting global sales of 20.9 million.

Revenues for the worldwide music industry grew by 3.2% in 2015 - the first significant increase since 1995 - to 15 billion US dollars (£10.5 billion).

Sales of digital music, including streaming and downloads, accounted for 45% of this total, compared to 39% for physical sales.

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