Greece enters uncharted phase in death spiral as government cuts citizens off from funds

Grim uncertainty reigned in the Greek capital Sunday as Athenians quietly trudged from bank to bank searching for ATMs that were still dispensing euros.

The country’s banks and stock markets will be closed for at least several days and strict capital controls are to be introduced, the government said, after a weekend of high drama here and at the European Union’s headquarters in Brussels that began when talks regarding the country’s bailout package stalled on Friday.

European bank shares fell sharply on Monday. Top banks in Spain, France and Germany were down more than 6 per cent as the risk of a spillover to banks in other peripheral euro zone countries spooked investors.

Police riot officers stood on guard outside the Greek parliament at Syntagma Square during an anti-European Union demonstration in Athens, Greece, on Sunday. 

PHOTO: ARIS MESSINIS/AFP/Getty Images & Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

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Greece: A Financial Zombie State

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It’s not the Walking Dead, but with banks so wounded, Greece is destined to become a financial zombie state. 

Today, banks in Greece did not open their doors. Greece has been moving towards this dramatic final act ever since it was allowed to enter the Eurozone with cooked fiscal accounts in January 2001 – two years after the euro was launched. One Greek government after another embraced the idea that it did not have to rein in fiscal expenditures to match revenues because Brussels would cover any shortfalls.

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Alexis Tsipras : "un vote 'non' au référendum est nécessaire pour que la Grèce obtienne un meilleur accord"

Alexis Tsipras : “un vote ‘non’ au référendum est nécessaire pour que la Grèce obtienne un meilleur accord”
By Alexandre Jeziorski

Dans une allocution télévisée ce mercredi après-midi, le Premier ministre indique qu'il maintient le référendum de dimanche.

July 1, 2015 at 04:52PM
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Vacation Checklist: 7 Ways To Prep Your Money Before A Trip

Before you hit the highway or take to the tarmac, it pays to get your money matters in order, too. Here’s a checklist of money to-dos that will ensure your next trip goes off without a hitch:

1)  Contact your credit card company.

2)  Research transit options from the airport.

3)  Know your ATM options before heading overseas.

4)  Get the 411 on foreign tipping.

5)  Come up with a plan for data usage.

6)  Look into claiming VAT refunds overseas.

7)  Consider purchasing travel insurance.

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Trade Idea: USD/CAD - Buy at 1.2470

The greenback has rallied after finding renewed buying interest at 1.2304 earlier this week and current break of previous resistance at 1.2563 adds credence to our view that wave ii correction has ended at 1.2128 and bullishness remains for the rise from 1.1920 (wave c and probably entire wave iv)

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Trade Idea Update: EUR/USD - Target met and stand aside

The single currency has fallen again after meeting renewed selling interest at 1.1171 earlier today, justifying our bearish view and our short position entered at 1.1170 reached indicated downside target at 1.1070, this anticipated decline add credence to our view that top has been formed at 1.1278 and consolidation with

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