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Trump signs executive order that could make it harder to get trustworthy financial advice

  • Trump signed an executive order Friday to delay, by 180 days, the implementation of the labor department’s “fiduciary rule." 
  • The fiduciary rule, which could potentially be rescinded altogether, was originally expected to go into effect in April. 
  • It would legally require financial advisors to act in retirement savers’ "best interest,” including disclosing any conflicts of interest and being transparent about fees.
  • In other words, the rule would make advisors more like doctors, who are obligated to protect you. Read more

honestly, this is a post for me to collect all the ideas i’ve generated over time concerning how i plan to save at least some money ($$). anyways, as young adults or teenagers, SAVING MONEY IS HARD !! especially if you no source of income, aren’t in a position where you can make money, or just need some cash for outings with friends.

⇢ budget!
use an app (there are many!) or just writing all your purchases down in a notebook, record all the money going in and going out. it’ll put into perspective how much you’re actually spending and how much you’re actually saving

⇢ save a percentage of your allowance or income
for those with a job, save a percentage of your wage (around 40%?) and put that into a ‘savings’ account w/ interest on it. the longer you don’t withdraw money from that account, the more interest you accumulate.

⇢ save your spare change
after going out with friends or after a long day of work or school, put all of your loose change or coins into a piggybank. at the end of the month, crack it open, exchange the coins into the notes and voila! savings (:

⇢ be frugal
not saying that you have to starve yourself and not eat ANYTHING, but think twice before you buy something! do you reALLY need it?? really ?? ? ?
i’ve recently discovering this rule when it comes to buying items: if you can’t buy two of it, don’t buy one of it. if you don’t have enough money to buy two of that $99.95 jacket, DON’T BUY IT.

⇢ coupons!
search your local newspapers + any business ads for useful coupons to snatch up! domino’s always has coupons for their pizzas, and for all those australians out there, the back of your ‘woolworths’ receipts has a huge list of coupons that can be redeemed. 

⇢ make your own food
don’t spend money on food at the canteen or store, when you can make it at home for half the price!!! and amping up those cooking skills is good (:


The Worst Hyperinflation in History and the Death of the Hungarian Pengo,

Inflation is when money loses value over time causing prices to rise. Money is just like any other commodity; it’s value is derived from it’s rarity.  When it comes to fiat currency (paper money that is backed by nothing but trust), money tends to lose value when governments print more of it, the price of goods rises, and thus inflation sets in. When governments print a lot of it at once and money loses value very quickly, hyperinflation sets in.

For most of World War II, Hungary was a member of the Axis Powers.  After suffering severe defeats on the Eastern Front, the Hungarian Government quickly went broke, and being an Axis Power, there weren’t many countries it could burrow money from.  In order to fund the war, the Hungarian Government desperately began to print money to pay for expenses.  In 1944 the largest denomination bill was the 1,000 Pengo note. As the war came to a close, expenses only grew as the Hungarian Government had to fund projects to repair and rebuild the war torn country, provide employment for returning soldiers, and fund many new social programs. Government printing accelerated in order to meet the demand for cash.  As a result, the largest denomination bill at the end of 1945 was the 10,000,000 Pengo bill.

By this point, hyperinflation was seriously disrupting the Hungarian economy. People saw their life savings instantly made worthless. In order to buy basic supplies like food and groceries, people had to go to stores with wheelbarrows full of bricks of cash. Prices doubled on a weekly basis. By July 1946, Hungarian hyperinflation had reached it’s worst. By then the price of goods doubled every 15 hours and the daily rate of inflation was 195%, making an annual rate of inflation of 41.9 quadrillion percent. During this month, the Hungarian government began printing the largest banknote in history, the 100 million billion Pengo bill, or the 100 Quintilian pengo bill (100,000,000,000,000,000,000 (10^20).

In August of 1946, the Pengo had become so worthless that the entire Hungarian money supply of 400 quadrilliard Pengo ( 4×1029 ) had the buying power of 1/100th of an American dollar. On August 1st, the Pengo was declared defunct by the Hungarian government and replaced by the Forint, which was to be exchanged at the rate of 400 octillion Pengo. By then the Pengo had become so worthless that government workers had to be hired to sweep up piles of money from the streets.

57 / 100 Days of Productivity
25 Dec 2016
Merry Christmas😊

Working on my notes. It’s about Deposits (Bank Liabilities) Journal.
I love orange-blue color coding. I call it InooDai combi😄

SEC Chair Mary Jo White is resigning, clearing path for Donald Trump to dismantle reforms

Mary Jo White, chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission — the government’s most important Wall Street regulator, tasked with protecting investors and retirement savers from fraud and increasing transparency — announced her resignation on Monday. A big shift is likely coming.

Activism & Awareness: A Reading List For The Holidays

It’s been a tough year, and many of us are trying to figure out where to go next. But education is essential before we take informed action, so do a deep dive into some of the issues we face in America with these books.

Robo-signing is a process by which bank employees signed tens of thousands of foreclosure documents without actually reading them. Being a foreclosure specialist isn’t like being in Congress: you’re legally required to read this stuff. JP Morgan Chase, probably the giant bank that was least criminally irresponsible with this sort of thing, still paid the Justice Department a $50 million settlement and admitted to having employees robosign “tens of thousands” of documents. 25,000 documents were signed by employees “who either had no familiarity with the proceedings or no longer worked at the bank.”

Sarah saw evidence of robo-signing all around her, and once she was promoted to foreclosure specialist she gained some insight into exactly why it happened:

“When I was provided over to trustee I was getting stacks and stacks of folders.” She was handling a thousand foreclosure packets per day, on the worst days. Sarah insists she never robo-signed, but she does recall thinking, “Oh shit, what did I get myself into?” when the first stacks of folders landed on her desk.

5 Things You Only Learn About America Foreclosing On Homes


So far I’m done reviewing two chapters for Finance. I didn’t get enough sleep last night. My goodness I am exhausted! My friend slept over last night because she had no wifi at her house at the moment and I didn’t want her sleeping at the library. So she did all of her work at my place and it took her until 6:00 Am to finish. I was reviewing all of my finance terms and making sure she had everything she needed and I tried to help her as much as I could. I didn’t want her to suffer alone so I stayed up with her hehe.. Alright! Time to go eat some chicken wings with the girls!  

I’m sorry I’m asking for help!!
We are $80 short on utilities and Spencer doesn’t start his new job until after thanksgiving. I’ve been consigning the baby’s old stuff like crazy but nobody buys clothes and we don’t have a lot of big ticket sellers that aren’t stained and beaten because we got them secondhand already…
Our new place is cheaper and we have roommates but we had to scrap one of our two cars after finding out the person we bought it from lied about it being in good condition(second time that’s happened…)so Spencer couldn’t work at his old job anymore because of distance and travel time after his tech school classes which are 7-3 weekdays and an hour away from home.
I just got a referral for 60 days of free daycare for Oliver, so I have also been applying for work and I have an interview today for amazon because they are 3 miles away and I can bike there…
but the GI BILL goes off of school days and it was a couple hundred short this month because of hurricane days last month.
PLEASE if y'all could help until we get working and have more income that would be amazing 😢
PayPal is
Please signal boost. All the utilities are in my name because everyone else didn’t wanna make the phone calls. 😓 my credit is tanked already and we have been trying hard to bring it back up.