Alright guys here it is the post you have waited a really long time for. ITS OFFICIAL!!!!

Final Stage stickers are officially going to be in production soon but as of now i only have the money to make one design a reality so this is where i need you all to come in. Reblog, like and reply your choice of sticker that you want made. I will tally them up by the end of this week and pick a winner! Just use the numbers 1 through 4 as a response or link one that you want to see be made, just check out my stickers link on the page. Thanks guys and i hope you will enjoy the stickers.


Final Stage’s EVA Racing’s own Unit 02 (Asuka) Livery on a Gallardo Super Trofeo.

Special thanks to milliardo-peacecraft for the genius idea of using this car and for doing all the rendering, couldnt have done it with out you man so thank you! Check his flickr here for cool renders!

later in the week i’ll drop the NSFW version depending on response.


Ethan’s 1JZ 240sx (Sinon vers.)

Some weird rendering issues took place so there’s that. Anything white on the car will be replaced with chrome, and the hood part actually extends onto the lights not just the hood itself. Other than that this is exactly what it will look like in the coming months. Very excited to see this come to life very soon.

that911’s Porsche 911 with the official Final Stage x Grip Whisperers x Rei Ayanami Itasha.

This was truly a lot of fun to work on and man i really hope you like the photo. I knew you were really excited to see it done. I tried keeping that ‘dirty’ look you have on the 911 since it adds a bit of charm to the car. Unfortunately i had to crop the water mark so i apologize the80sareforever in advance but beautiful picture might i add. I hope you guys enjoy. Later down the road im going to try a full Grip Whisperers racing livery on another angle. Enjoy Amir!